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Nekias Duncan and former NBA video coordinator and assistant coach Steve Jones break down teams, players, and rumors around the NBA every week.

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  • Nude collector
    only during the actual season
    great pod during the actual nba season but i’m just not interested in the wnba at all.
  • jimmyschmits
    Great podcast
    My favorite basketball podcast. Great analysis and personalities. Encouraging people to think about the games instead of narratives
  • Slow Down Primack
    No one cares about WNBA
    So stop talking about it
  • Nickname20858595
    I love it
    Great conduction by Nekias, excellent analysis by Steve. Chemistry is perfect. Sometimes I just have past episodes as background as it is so pleasant to hear them vibe.
  • DylanKThompson
    For the hoopers!
    Elite X’s and O’s analysis, but nothing beats these two scheming up free throw questions for the opposition.
  • Nuggets Dunker
    Ball Knowers
    Special basketball podcast— knowledgeable, informative, direct, familiar and funny with how well Nekias and Steve vibe off of each other.
  • Prof. LeBel
    LOLed out loud
    The holiday mailbag episode was so good. I laughed out loud hard multiple times. Steve being hangry makes the pod great.
  • Dachoseone34
    Love your podcast 🔥
  • Midwest Chris
    Great NBA and WNBA Podcast!
    Great podcast for hardcore professional basketball fans. Great guests and very detailed look at the various going’s on of an NBA or WNBA season.
  • Dj Yogi in Atlanta
    Let Me Check The Age
    These guys are so knowledgeable. Love the conversations. Embrace your bounce
  • Elijah 3829472
    I love y’all
    Chemistry on point. Informative. Funny. Natural. Petty. Thank you.
  • Mama31012
    Bad takes and misinformation
    Facts are important. Covered topics honestly or don’t cover them at all
  • Wilfredo284936
    A basketball podcast that actually covers basketball. Love it
  • RyanP from Iowa
    Best NBA podcast
    If you want excellent NBA analysis and not just hot takes, then this is the show for you. I am a smarter and more educated fan for having listened to this show. This is a must listen for anybody that is an NBA fan!
  • Yeah29
    Really good
    This podcast is really good. For real
  • holdthepickles
    Perfect Podcast for basketball Junkies
    My basketball brain only grows stronger and larger with each passing episode. Nekias and Steve do a fantastic job of discussing the X and Os and opening your third basketball eye. You’ll be floating and chanting basketball plays before you know it.
  • Bballfan75
    Not good
    Audio quality not very good. Too many categorical this or that discussions.
  • NateBen16
    Dunker Spot is Fantastic!!
    Tune in every episode, will always #EmbraceMyBounce, keep up the great work!
  • ChaseBDatBoi
    Just Showin Some Love!
    Appreciate y’all’s vibe - got me embracing my bounce! For real tho, I learn something from y’all every time I tune in.
  • Genodwm
    5 stars is 1 too few
    Must have in your NBA podcast rotation. Stick around for the free throws. Please reveal a full list of [redacted] names.
  • psusports7
    Best In-depth hoop talk out there
    These guys actually talk about the ins and outs of the game and each team’s strengths and weaknesses. Not about hot takes (other than big agendas) just hoops. Crazy no teams have hired these guys yet.
  • excessivereason
    Greatest Basketball Podcast of All-Time
    I listen to all the NBA podcasts. All of them, the good, the bad, the ugly. If you are looking for a nuanced discussion of X’s and O’s, this is the one for you. Both Nekias and Steve are brilliant basketball minds that don’t just throw out hot takes, but have substance and evidence behind them. It’s a complete joy to listen to them. And my god, Steve is hilarious. The dude should be a stand up basketball comedian. Here’s my power ranking of NBA podcasts: 1) The Dunker’s Spot, 2) Most everything else, 3) <redacted>. Keep up the good work!
  • Kris B 🤘🏾
    Nekias “We got Sabonis at home” (Re: Porzingis) was *chefs kiss*… You boys keep doing good work. Keep setting the standard!
  • Dareka of the Wind
    An exciting, measured rim-runner
    Some days I wish Nekias more resembled Barkley so that Steve could facetiously compare Nekias's opinions to Chuck's instead of Perk's.
  • Raevenseas
    I listen to several NBA podcasts but I was late to this one and now I feel guilty as that I owe the guys an apology. Outstanding content, chemistry, and cadence on this podcast. A must listen for any NBA fan
  • asgrehbdheh
    One of the best NBA pods in existence.
  • Pistons12354
    Must listen for NBA fans!
    Awesome pod from two of the smartest in the business, who actually spend the time to do the work and provide great analysis.
  • MTS move move
    The best!
    Two of the smartest in the biz!
  • realnbacontent
    Rui Hachimura
    Is he the next Giannis?
  • ryaan smythe
    Big Grinch
    I’ve not graduated to Dunker Dad yet, still only a Dunker Husband, but I still sympathize with Steve’s point on Christmas Day game watching. Love the pod y’all, always an easy and interesting listen between two people who have wonderful chemistry.
  • Bunker Weiss
    Great basketball podcast
    I started listening to this podcast a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier. One of the best basketball pods out there for both the die hard and casual NBA fan.
  • Aàå
    Good basketball minds
    The basketball analysis on this show is some of the best out there. Unfortunately it is interrupted far too often by forced “running jokes.” What realistically happens in a standard episode is 2-3 minutes of a fascinating dialogue before we get in interjection. Usually, “can I get an age check?” or “is that -insert player- slander?” These are the types of jokes that would be funny if they occurred once an episode or less, but as is they just get in the way. I sympathize with the concern that the basketball content on its own could be dry, but that is not the case. It’s entertaining enough to survive without the obnoxious gags.
  • Mdoz1
    The Best pod
    Make sure you check the ages real quick
  • TheKid_Steph
    5/5 would recommend
    I really like these two put out. Each member of the duo brings their best to make the overall product strong. Nekias is a journo who does his best to be objective with the analysis that he provides with the context of watching games with a critical eye. If he does not know, or has missed something, he leans on the coaching experience of Steve Jones and his familiarity with the league as a whole. Steve is always coaching and his analysis is always provided in a palatable way to teach and cue what we as basketball consumers should be for looking in game. My only critique would be maybe to provide short breaks in between topics to give the pod a better flow, but this doesn’t take away from the product at all. Great job y’all.
  • dadnit
    Nekias better than Woj?
  • Ugh..Smh
    Steve Relax
    Steve COMPLETELY dropped the ball on the Sunday June 7th episode. Please do a better job of NOT cutting Nekias off and playing empty devil's advocate. Also what championship team routinely plays an all bench lineup in the playoffs. Total rim stuff smh
  • Michelangelo94
    Required Listening for Basketball Fans
    One of the few NBA podcasts that makes you a smarter consumer of basketball. Steve and Nekias are a great pairing.
  • Impala '95
    Five Stars
    Awesome show
  • gjkerk
    The best
    Both smart, great dynamic between them, can tell they put in the work
  • chilmsington-frederique xiv
    Really good
    As good as any NBA podcast. Great attention to detail, very entertaining
  • Liangshu23
    Incredible & Insightful
    Man idek where to start... Nekias Duncan and Steve Jones Jr., a writer and a former NBA coach - their love and interest for the game is unrivaled! Weekly episodes to help stay up to date with what’s going on around the league, and they really go into the details of each team and player. Probably my favorite NBA podcast right now, and I simply cant stress enough how good they are. Also, congratulations on the new sponsor! Must listen if you’re an NBA fan, incredible analysis with a dose (or OD level dose) of puns Awesome stuff guys👐
  • BlazersAxe
    High-Level Analysis with Fun Sass!
    I’m really enjoying this pod for a level of on-court analysis missing on most pods. Also great chemistry between these guys!
  • Steve Kaneb
    Great every week
    Nekias and Steve ask each other interesting questions, and acknowledge their own biases when they judge players and teams. The puns are great and terrible. #bigglad each time it shows up in my feed!
  • Mackers and Crackers
    Must listen
    Two informative, insightful basketball minds. Learn something every podcast
  • Fro👻
    Funny and informative
    Loving the puns
  • Justin Beiber 101
    The Best out there.
    As someone who listens to it all, Lowe, Mismatch, etc. This is the best there is. Trust me
  • gruejshd
    Awesome podcast they know their stuff
    Highly recommended if you love the NBA and would love to learn more about the NBA!
  • Jordan Ribelin
    Hottest NBA Pod minus the hot takes
    I have known Nekias since we were 6 years old and religiously debated sports every day with him through the 6th grade. He turned a childhood dream of becoming a renown sports reporter (a dream that we shared) into a bright career. The Dunker Spot gives him the platform to prove that he I s as dedicated to studying the game of basketball as any reporter out there. Tired of hot takes and base-level analysis from ESPN? Nekias is your guy. The Dunker Spot dives into granular detail i.e. the number of times the Suns are switching screens and how that is a league-wide phenomenon this season. Congratulations on the success!
  • TristanT1
    Incredible basketball brains who make a great show
    Steve and Nekias are two brilliant basketball minds who make a great show. Definitely an essentially listen for NBA fans of all levels.
  • mschin3
    Great Pod
    Steve and Nekias are awesome basketball minds with great chemistry. Even better people. Wish the pod was daily
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