Astrology and You


An astrology podcast hosted by Alice Bell and Maxine Luzía, making astrology practical and relevant for you. Each week Alice and Maxine will cover the current transits, dive into a particular astrology topic, and end with a Q&A from listeners.

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  • jkerrs
    My fav way to learn astrology
    I have been interested in astrology for a few year but found it hard to really learn how all the pieces fit together no matter books I looked at etc. Maxine and Alice have done such an a amazingly clear job of making these concepts click! I also love that their personalities are so complementary, it makes for tons of great examples and sort of a “something for everyone” vibe. Can’t wait for new episodes in the fall!!
  • 9fastandthecurious2
    Gave it a shot
    and I loved it! Will def continue listening
  • KatQueen🐱
    Love it
  • tjr1234
    Alice you look JUST like Anya Taylor-joy, so beautiful whaaaaatttttt
  • Mjmull
    One of my favorites
    I love listening to this podcast every week, I’ve learned SO much. I love how both Alice and Maxine make complex themes of astrology easy to process. Highly recommend!
  • fiona pels
    Mixed :/
    I love this podcast and it has taught me a lot, however, I wish that Alice and Maxine understood that majority of the people listening have been listening and they don’t need to constantly go over the basics again in every episode. Trust that your listeners have knowledge. Someone listening to an astrology podcast likely wants more intermediate topics that they can’t learn about on the hosts Instagram in five minutes like what each planet means.
  • Alexis rudddddock
    Fellow Water sign
    I was laughing with a few of these podcasts! Being a Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon, Cancer rising. I just feel bad for us fellow emotional beings. We are slot to handle!! I love your podcasts as I’m really starting to dig into Astrology.
  • angiepablo620
    Like…OMG yussss!
    It’s disappointing with that level of astrology knowledge that BOTH girls speak as if their brain cells all have their feet up while filing their nails and watching their favorite movie Legally Blonde! OMG yusss! I can’t take them seriously, which is unfortunate because they have a lot of great info to share.
  • Sndhldl
    Learning so much!
    I already had a basic knowledge of astrology before listening to this podcast, but now I feel like I can start reading my friends birth charts and give them useful insights!! I’m so glad I found this podcast when I did as I felt it was almost a sign that I should be learning more. I started getting way more into astrology last year (I was 24 and in my Jupiter return..which was in my 9th house!!). I’m so grateful for the free content to learn more and am now starting to re-listen to a few episodes to really soak in the info! Thank you Alice and Maxine!
  • Student Star Gazer
    This podcast just gets better and better! Alice and Maxine are both excellent astrologers with a gift for teaching astrology in a clear and easily understandable manner. They make astrology user friendly. Many thanks!!!
  • akacj18
    Positive and Educational for Newbies
    I appreciate most their positive and educational approach to astrology. As someone who has been trying to learn about astrology I know there is so much information and so many perspectives out there and it’s hard feeling like you can never catch up. Because of their educational and relatable approach this is my go-to podcast. I selfishly wish they’d uploaded more! 😋
  • KristenStarks
    Awesome podcast. Their episode on romantic timing was great and had the right level depth. The way they talk about astrology is personable, accessible and still accurate. They aren’t trying to make to crazy astrology predictions but help contextualize the activities of our lives through astrology
  • annoyed12342322
    So informative!
    I love turning on your podcasts while I’m doing some kind of errand or chore and just learning astrology while taking care of business!
  • kelskeserich
    Astrology Sleepover Vibe!!
    Enjoy listening to knowledgeable opinions :)! thanks for the awesome free content!!
  • Kstonetx86
    Eclipse and relationships
    I just finished the relationships ep and y’all have me scared for this eclipse season lol. I have a Taurus rising, Scorpio moon and Venus. If some big relationship comes my way, I’ll let y’all know when the cycle ends 😂 I really enjoy yalls take on the different subjects and have already had a different point of view in various things that I hadn’t thought of before. Newer listener and I’m going to keep on!
  • MrsBiggs
    gentle criticism
    while i feel like the content is good, the podcast itself is difficult to get through. hosts need to be conscious of their audience. while im sure on some level this podcast is a convo between friends; the hosts should remember that they create their content for listeners & not to showcase personal conversations with each other. in addition, try to use “like” less in your communication.
  • Nae the Vegan
    The best astrology podcast!
    Alice and Maxine present their years of extensive knowledge in astrology in a fun and informative way. Their personalities really balance each other and they’re able to compliment each other as astrologers and people. I’m very grateful for this podcast and thank it for making hour long commute in rush hour traffic something to look forward to.
  • Chrissyd1121
    No Sign Bias!
    Ive found with astrology- more often than not- the narrator’s (be it an author, podcaster, whatever) bias comes thru loud and clear. One sign is spoken of in all positives, most of the rest are skipped over, Scorpio’s are lying and manipulative, and then whatever sign their ex boyfriend is gets slammed pretty hard too. We are all biased one wAy or another but as a listener I shouldn’t be able to tell- and with these two I can’t! I like the set up of the show too- 5 min or so discussing the transits of the upcoming week and then deep diving into the chosen topic. The girls are super relatable-They’re on a spiritual, open, but not complete woo woo level- and they’re young with a really mature awareness….which is a beautiful thing. It’s also great to get two viewpoints, two different opinions, experiences, etc. MORE CONTENT! MORE CONTENT! XOXOXO
  • MonicaLameece
    Awesome Podcast Despite Cusp Denial!
    I’d love to hear y’all define terms like “north node” and “stellium” as you introduce them in conversation! Also, it seems that from the disgust Alice has expressed toward water signs (or acknowledging any water sign qualities in herself), she denies the veracity of cusps in an effort to avoid grappling with being as much a Pisces as she is an Aquarius – but that’s my inexpert take.
  • Claaaaarice.
    A great astrology podcast 🙌
    This podcast is helpful for anyone wanting to get more into astrology & entertaining for anyone who already studies it. Alice and Maxine do such a good job breaking down the basics (and going deep) and making this easy listening for all levels. I LOVE their emphasis on debunking “pop” astrology myths and instead focusing on the high & low roads of each placement. Thank you both!
  • ahshdjld
    So informative and personable
    Alice and Maxine have such a great friendship! I love that they give so many examples when they’re going Into topics. They also don’t make you fearful of 8th and 12 house placements!
  • Brhrnd
  • May0074
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast! The highlight of my day is listening to it, it really helps me to understand myself. Give it a listen!
  • Smonnich
    You two are simply fabulous!! I am in my late 40s and have always been interested in astrology and spirituality. I finally have the time now to learn...and I am addicted!!! I binged all the episodes on Spotify !:) I love the great vibes you girls give!! Keep it coming!!!
  • lokimona
    So informational!
    A & M are such a good team. I’ve learned so much about astrology and always reference these episodes when looking at my chart. Thank you guys so much!
  • Cassandra-EA
    Divine Timing
    Just days before the 2021 Gemini solar eclipse, I’d never spent a moment of consideration to podcasts. In a conversation about astrology a friend mentioned a podcast she heard that talked about “Sun, moon and rising”. It was not this channel, but another. I listened as I had a peeked interest in astrology. It wasn’t for me, BUT it made me curious about what information might be out there! As a business owner myself, I was first drawn to the branding of the Astrology and You podcast. I appreciated the design and found a sense of ….safe practicality perhaps. As I like to educate myself and generally avoid anything that’s too bold or in your face. I started with the episode on the houses! Long story short, many episodes later, and a Gemini solar eclipse in my 9th house, I literally feel like a new person. I was already headed down a spiritual awakening and this podcast helped in my desire for knowledge! Maxine and Alice know their stuff and I love everything about this podcast!
  • laur.shack
    Turned me into an astrology girl. I learned so much about myself and other people. A little tough to understand at times but that just makes me want to learn more.
  • mikkalynnnn
    12/10 Would Recommend
    This podcast is phenomenal. I am kind of known as the astrology girl at work so one of my coworkers turned me onto this podcast and I am in love with it. My sun sign has always been spot on for me and recently I found out about the birth chart and the layers of detail it adds to astrology and kind of making it more relatable and less about pop-culture’s take on astrology. This podcast has really given me some great background on how to read my own birth chart and will be able to assist you in learning about yours as well. The other thing that I absolutely love is that Alice and Maxine are so interested in helping people learn and are willing and able provide resources to help you teach yourself more. Love love love this podcast and love these astrologers. 12 out of 10 would recommend.
  • LadyMelB3
    Just listen!
    These two ladies have opened up a whole new appreciation & interest in astrology! They do such a lovely job of breaking concepts down. If you’re at all curious about the topic of astrology; do yourself a favor and listen.
  • madeline.plucinska
    I love how Maxine
  • Brittyfitz13238
    My Favorite!! 💕✨
    Love this podcast so much!!! I’ve been searching for an astrology podcast that I love for so long, and I have finally found it. Maxine and Alice know their stuff! Can’t wait for more episodes.
  • jordanpruitt
    Already my favorite astrology pod
    I’m only halfway through the 12th House episode and already love this podcast! I have been searching for astrology podcasts that are perfect for beginners yet also give a little deeper insight. This one is perfect! I love the hosts. It feels like I’m listening to two of my friends and I’m learning so much. Thank you for this gem!⚡️
  • Leo Rising 2
    Scott-A new convert
    Recently, I’ve become interested in astrology as a direct result of a reading I received from Alice. I am so happy to learn more through these weekly podcasts. Alice and Maxine are so knowledgeable and upbeat, so I recommend everyone tune in to this great podcast!
  • Ann Astrology wannabe
    This is the astrology podcast I've been needing in my life!
    I've always had an interest in learning more about astrology and my personal birthchart, but felt overwhelmed with all the information out there. I've tried listening to other podcasts on astrology but they were all either too technical and complicated for me to understand, or not informative enough. This podcast is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! I love the weekly astro updates, they are quick and to the point and give you just enough info on the currect going-ons in the sky and how they might relate to your week ahead. Alice and Maxine are both so knowledgable, and have a such a great ability to explain astrology based concepts in a simple and approachable way. I look forward to this podcast coming out each week and highly recommend if you are wanting to explore astrology/horoscope beyond just your sun sign!
  • tio356
    Learned so much
    Honestly so helpful
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