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Marty Smith of Outsider interviews some of the biggest personalities in 90's Country, sharing their stories, music history, and current projects.

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Recent Reviews
  • rhoffner14
    It was pretty awesome to hear y’all talk about social media briefly and Stetson’s flip phone (which may have been false but 🤷🏻‍♂️). I’m a younger guy (25) but have realized the one thing we can’t get back, is what we take for granted. Time. Being able to soak in the moments with friends, family, or at special games has been awesome without having to see it through a screen. LOVE the podcast, Marty & Mcgee and everything y’all stand for being a blue collar, NC guy.
  • MrsHeatherJ
    My Weekly Sanctuary
    My commute isn’t complete without listening to this. I can’t tell you how hard I laugh and how many air high fives I throw Marty, Travis and Wes’s way. I know I may be a bit biased, but since Coach O has a lot of free time on his hands now, I think he’d make a great guest. Thanks for always bringing it guys!
  • Wofojp61
    Greatest Music Podcast
    Marty has away to connect to his guests to get them to open up and tell stories never heard before. One of the greatest music podcasts out right now, can’t wait to hear more. Hopefully one day he gets the Chief on here. Love the 3 man show now, can we add McGee and make it a four man show would be awesome to all four of you on one show together.
  • C'ville Mayor Matt
    Jumbo! Bingo! Nacho!
    Thank you for the deep dive into Wes Blankenship’s Coffetown. As someone who has called Cartersville High School football in Georgia for over twenty years, I don’t know if I should be proud or embarrassed that I worked some of Wes’s phrases into my broadcasts. My favorite was Jumbo, Bingo, Nacho! After a Trevor Lawrence touchdown pass. Love the podcast and the positive and appreciative tone that it brings to the world.
  • outlawed
    Fantastic show
    I really love the variety you guys bring every week. With a solid mixture of life, sports, and music. Everything and everyone is very genuine and I’m so glad I found this. The uplifting topics and examples of real compassion towards your guests and people in general is very inspiring. Thanks and keep the episodes coming!!
  • simplysouthern
    The perfect podcast exists
    Here is a fun topic for y’all…. If Travis meets the girl of his dreams and she checks all the boxes but he finds out she is a Michigan fan. What’s he gonna do? Or better yet what if she isn’t a Michigan fan but her name is Ann Arbor. This is miss right… the one.
  • SQuinn67
    Love the new show
    Blending College Football, Country Music and Drinking into one podcast is brilliant. Could we propose a challenge for one episode where Marty can’t do any name-drops?
  • jimmy brownCLT
    Seinfeld with a Southern Charm
    Never know where the pod will go and the stories recanted over decantered drinks are great! Sounds like 3 regular, hilarious dudes sitting by the fire. The sports insight is also really good (especially college football), and Marty’s interviews are so genuine. Would love to hear him interview Walker Hayes. His songs (“Briefcase, Chapel, Dads Sailboat, Lelas Stars”) have made me a better son and dad…very similar to the way Marty inspires people. If this happens, Marty must listen to his song “Acceptance Speech” and ask Walker what it’s like now to be Grammy nominated.
  • Sprint45
    Great football banter and even better interviews
    Love the addition of Wes to the podcast. The weekly football chatter is great. Would love Marty to do an interview with Zach Bryan.
  • OzarkBoy22
    This an easy listening, good time podcast. I love the interaction between the guys. Just like hanging out with my boys drinking beer and chatting about life.
  • peej_fitz
    Good stuff right there...
    Was just listening to Strawberry Wine yesterday, wondering what Deana Carter is up to….and y’all mention her as a guest. Really like the podcast, addition of Wes adds a nice touch. Rhett Atkins needs to be an annual guest…great story teller. Keep up the good work, and Roll Tide!
  • GoldLoko
    Give it a listen
    Relatable, funny, insightful. Feels like you’re talking ball with the boys
  • g19inny61
    Love the show
    You guys make me laugh how you can pick on each other!
  • Mary Sock
    Mary s
    Love the variety of topics. Plus kinda bias re: TR 😊
  • Nacho Carroll
    Give me all of that Travis Rockhold goodness! Happy to hear he’s back with the man the myth the legend Mary Smith. I’ll be listening!
  • Kennedyd14
    The best
    Marty like you on all the platforms you are on but your podcasting is the best I enjoy everyone and every bit of each even if don’t really k ow the guest. Keep up the great work and the positive attitude.
  • Corley3
    Pure Gold
    Everything Marty touches turns to gold and this is another prime example! Incredible story’s with folks you wouldn’t expect to have such depth. But that’s what Marty does best is get folks to open up on another level. Incredible
  • Hjkil
    Casey Beathard…
    Incredibly powerful
  • soon2run
    Listening to Marty
    Love listening to Marty as I run, trying to come back from open heart surgery several years ago. Always blessed by Marty.
  • LRide89
    Awesome stuff!
    Great Podcast
  • lylejf
    Great podcast
    I love this podcast! As a huge 90’s country fan (and music lover in general), I love listening to the back story of these artist. I am not a huge podcast listener so I’m late to the party with this but catching up very quickly!
  • Lrng2luvlaw
    Authenticity at its finest
    If you’ve listened to Marty Smith on his ESPN podcast, “Marty Smith’s America”, then you know that he does have a passion and love for sports that is pretty close to unrivaled. However, this podcast shows a side of Marty that, if it’s possible, even more sincere and passionate. His heart for people is evident, and it seems like he’s more open on this podcast then he is on “Marty Smith’s America.” This show pulls the curtain back on artists I grew up with and some I’m discovering for the first time. Marty’s authenticity and sincerity and love for country music is evident. His genuine love for humanity is evident. I encourage you to make time to listen and subscribe.
  • Tiger for tomorrow
    Good ole boy
    This is a easy to listen to podcast interviews are great
  • kthiel
    Just started listening
    And I’m completely hooked. I feel like Marty is a friend in my living room, chatting away over a southern sweet tea. Can’t wait to listen to all of the back episodes!
  • CPTurf
    Songwriters save lives
    I had no idea this was even a podcast until yesterday. I put on 800 miles on the car and found this podcast by mistake. I cannot tell you how much you have touched my inner soul! Like everyone else this is the soundtracks to my youth! In 2 episodes you make the comment that Songwriters are lifesavers. Marty you didn’t “save” my life but you brought 9 hours of pure joy to my life as I binged 9 episodes back to back…I loved late 80s and 90s country and the memories that came flooding back as I listened to the episodes were and are priceless. Thank you for your work at ESPN, Marty and McGee but especially for this podcast, I truly believe it’s your finest work! Raw, vulnerable and funny all wrapped into on beautiful package! I’m not sure you’ll read this review but if you do, I needed to tell you thank you!
    Church Choir Outsider
    While listening to each episode I always have my music app open, listen to the artist featured and the songs they talk about during the interview. I’ve really enjoyed each of them so far and they bring back the best memories of my youth. That’s what you get from Marty, the kind of conversation you feel like you would have with the artists if you were lucky enough to be sitting on a bar stool next to them and cracking open a cold can. Keep it up Marty…you are the best!
  • ksuottawa
    I love the interviews with the 90’s country artists. These guys were in their prime when I was a kid, so to hear their story is very cool. Marty, as always, is on point with his questions. Just the right mix of fandom and professionalism. Excellent podcast.
  • flyin' dutchman 42728
    Marty party at his best
    Great podcast, easy listening. In the weeds behind the scenes. Great stuff Marty
    Cant get enough
    I literally cannot get enough of this podcast! Growing up with 90s country music I can relate to a lot of this stuff. It’s nostalgic for me as it was a great connection to my father and grandfather.Marty is amazing at his craft and I look forward to every episode getting released. I only wish that it was more frequently!
  • Tenn Tim
    One of the best podcasts I’ve listen to! Great guests and a wonderful format.
  • Cdillon351
    This is great!
    Thanks for doing this, these country singers wrote the soundtrack to our lives in the 90s. Love learning more about them.
  • The Rollo34
    Marty...great podcast! This 406’er loves it! B&D sang the anthems of my youth!
  • Neb9571
    Fantastic Interview
    Hi Marty. What a wonderful interview you gave with Mark Miller! I’m a big fan of Sawyer Brown and of your work. I was extremely entertained by all of the questions you asked and the indebted answer Mark gave. My father’s whole family is from Nebraska and I loved the story he gave about “The Nebraska Song” and Brook Berringer. I still have the album with that song on cassette tape. Keep up the awesome work. You are the best!
  • kzadel
    Just What We Needed!
    This podcast combines two of the greatest things, 'real' country music and a love for the outdoors. Marty Smith is the perfect host for the show. Can't wait for more episodes!
  • Fsuhoopguy
    Love the Realness
    Marty is a phenomenal storyteller in his own right and does a marvelous job digging into the details as an interviewer. Moreover, he is at his best at just being real. Love the long form interview format and can’t wait to see what’s next, love 90’s country!!
  • LTrain72
    Great listen. Marty does a heck of a job as usual. Mark Miller, man, those stories, thank you for sharing them. I’m looking forward to more.
  • dianeinla
    This needs to be a Televison show.
    Seriously put this in CMT or RFD or anywhere that most folks can get. What a fabulous interview. Mark IS very shy- I’ve been lucky enough to meet him a number of times- and Marty’s so great at getting people to tell their stories that you would have thought they’d been friends for years.
  • SparkyVT25
    5 STARS!!!
    Marty Smith delivers once again! One episode down and already know this podcast will go to the top of the list every time a new one comes out. Great in depth conversation that will keep you engaged and wanting more!
  • Derek in Columbus, OH
    Huge Fan
    Like you Marty I love 90’s country and believe that it was the greatest era of the genre. I was an avid listener of Marty Smith’s America and especially loved the interviews with anyone that was involved in the country music industry. Looking forward to more interviews just like this and best of luck with the podcast!
  • GilDan2021
    Fantastic interview
    This was such a great listen. I wasn’t familiar with the guest at first but listened because Marty is awesome. What a range of emotions - laughing, crying and thinking deeply. Great job! Can’t wait to listen to more of these
  • Shawn Cresap
    Quite a start...
    Marty!! Been a huge fan of your work and you personally and saw this new pod and love country music. What a way to begin this new series. Mark and his genuine nature in the way he describes his past, his story and the music was fantastic! I laughed, I cried and I gasped at his stories. Looking forward to more and congrats on a great beginning!
  • ClaytonEdwards865
    What's Not to Like?
    MArty Smith is a great host. He knows how to get the best out of his guests. On top of that, the 90s were a great era for country music. Marry interviewing the musicians that made that decade great is an absolute treat. Check out the first episode and you'll understand. Can't wait to hear more.
  • nattychamps2017
    A must listen.
    Marty Smith is a beyond talented storyteller. Can tell from episode one that this is gonna be legit.
  • Pioneer (Andy J)
    About time!
    Thank you Outsider for covering 90s country! I’ve always loved the passion and energy Marty Smith brings to journalism.
  • Steve Bierer
    Marty knocks it out of the park as always!
    Marty is the best when it comes to Country Music and Sports!
  • DeweyTyson234
    5 stars
    Top notch!!
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