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Dive into the minds of some of the world's funniest people with Kevin Hart in his show, Comedy Gold Minds. From rising stars to comedy legends, Kevin pairs with comedic tastemakers for “ear-opening” dialogue that takes listeners on a wild and crazy ride through some of the world's top comedic minds. From the chronicling their comedy club experiences to a sneak peek of their latest material, each episode is packed with punchlines, anecdotes, and inside jokes.

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  • Slagum
    Jo koy
    Loved this conversation, going to watch his Netflix specials right now!
  • dariel11
    That Mo’Nique Episode!!!
    That Mo’Nique episode was AMAZING! Please bring that wonderful woman back to the spotlight! She is AMAZING! Love her story and she needs REDEMPTION!
  • kxttykat
    So good
    I really am loving this. I need you to interview Will Ferrell!!!!!
  • mfmerrim79
    Nobody knew Kevin more than Big Jay. Did hundreds of shows together as Lil Kev The Bastard.
  • Angel X Santana
    U need Aries Spears
  • Godzs Angel
    This is brilliant❣️
    I haven’t heard all the episodes but the one with Tiffany Haddish won me over, I adore her philanthropy work for her (our) community. 🤎
  • TL Ohio
    More listening, less talk please
    Love the guests but wish Kevin would let them talk more while he talks less. He’s should be the interviewer on his podcast, not the interviewee! He way too frequently turns it back to telling stories about himself and strikes me as his primary motivation for hosting a podcast. If one could measure host/guest % of convo, I believe it would be 75% Kevin / 25% Guest. :-(
  • miriamliz
    Tiffany Haddish !!!!
    My goodness the humbleness and giving spirit of Tiffany Haddish is absolutely inspiring. On the blackout date when we were all supposed to “buy black” it was sooooooo hard to buy BLACK. She is amazing for doing what she’s doing and Kevin you supporting her is everything !!!!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
  • Spell Check Queen!
    Monique Interview
    Gratitude for this truthful’re valued and appreciated Mr. Hart. Looking forward to following your podcast💜
  • Lorilynn114
    Even more love…
    And respect for Tiffany Haddish
  • C.kugler
    In love💜
    This show is 🔥 legit people need to see what goes behind the scenes and how much work it takes to be in the Business and to keep going.
  • Capt. Payne
    I love the show but………
    Great show and the idea. Kevin let’s us hear the real when it comes to the behind the mic. Like most of the stores we would have never known about or even heard. I love his guest but I wish he would have more people on there that I knew.
  • Cambria Ehrig
    9 year old listener
    I’m nine years old almost ten, and I love listening to this! I love the sayings and the episodes of other people :) and plus, Kevin hart makes me more independent about my acting and my comedy actions!
  • MrMiyagi313
    So inspirational
    Hands down the best podcast out there !
  • 1019&$;$48838
    Real conversations!!
    As a big comedy nerd, I love this podcast! I am so impressed it’s real human conversations more than promotion of latest projects etc! Seems every podcast is selling or promoting! It’s awesome to hear about the comedic journey and hear the relationships Kevin has with everyone! Have loved all but one! ❤️
  • Bernieforprez
    LOVE his new podcast.I will be honest I have purposely moved away from Kevin Hart in the last year and a half.He seem to be morphing into very one dimensional always the same thing as of the last year and a half.I have gone to his concert, and followed him for years. He used to make me laugh so hard I would cry. The last year and a half he just seemed different. I’m so happy to have found this. His intelligence, humility and humor is on point here!!! Always have been a fan and I am thrilled to be back! He asks great questions, lets his guest speak and is kind as well as hilarious!!!!!I find myself actually looking forward to the day the podcast comes up. Excellent job Mr. heart!!
  • Knowmeluveme
    I like it!
    I only listen to episodes of the comedians I’m a fan of. I love the interviews. Steve Harvey, Eddie Murphy/Arsenio Hall’s and Cedric the Entertainer’s interviews had me in tears!! I love learning things about these amazing talents that I would not have otherwise known. Thank you for giving them a platform to be heard and valued as individuals. My only con is Kevin will not shut up when asking a question lol. Why does he have to explain why he’s asking a question for 5 minutes? I’m sure the guests barely remember what the original question was. He is a great guy, but definitely self centered. It’s like “look at me, I’m doing this for you.”
  • Yankeyfan013
    Real talk
    I’m going to just say I legit watched you grow in your career starting from what I know was the scary movie franchise to prob almost everything you’ve ever done I’ve seen you live twice and one my girl and I got real lucky and won tickets to ur show both at uri. Anyways I love your podcast and this past one with Mo “mama” I love everything she has done and what she represents and I would love love to hear a follow up podcast to this and I truly hope and pray she gets what she deserve and everything you said was facts keep doing what your doing Kevin I really hope and pray she comes back to where she deserves to be
  • I.N Fleming
    One of the best!
    This is interview is much bigger than what people may understand. It's an example of so many big-timers (Tyler, Lee) claiming to be for the people while having this huge platform but treating black women like we are the lowest of the low. I wanted her to bring up the disrespect from people like Charlemagne. It's such a contradiction for so many to act like they care about mental health etc., but bash is and don't protect us! Thank you, Monique, for being so brave and beautiful. (we, as black women, end up having to be no matter what). Kevin lets get this done asap!!!!!!!!
  • LemonBloo
    Love this !!!!!
    Kevin knows how to give people their flowers while they are here. My favorite so far because I’m trying to catch up and I wanted to listen to my favorites first Monique and Earthquake. Your conversation with Monique was heartfelt I am so glad you listened and wanted to understand and help instead of try to tell her where she is wrong, like the others did. I love me some Earthquake this interview made my heart smile. Now I’m listening to the rest while I cook. 💙💙💙💙
  • Ccakes08
    I love the in-dept convos
    I love Kevin Hart!
  • MandaPants415
    This episode made me so sad for her. I’m late to the party but I had no idea all that went down. This is a great podcast that I look forward to every week. Thanks, Kevin!
  • Jody my jody
    Monique is such an inspiration, you do t need them the gift that his gave you is unmatched. I pray you and your family is covered and may gif give you an overflow of blessings love you Mo!
  • Bizzzzzzzzy B
    The Truth
    I am truly a Kevin Hart fan, not just because but because he’s has been what we were waiting for. He’s himself an open chapter of realism and compassion. His platform allows us to hear the real you as you share your journey and the wisdom of your success. His unconditional love for his guest is so humbling and genuine I can’t focus on anything but the words. He share complete understanding and gives the torch to his guest. Totally worth listening too, so much I can’t wait for the next one. Kevin I’m so proud of you and I love what you continue to do!!! U rock!!!
  • Shaggarott
    90% barf guests
    Pick better guests
  • gfrtccdyh
    Kevin Hart is hilarious, but he gushes over his guests too much. Calm down Kevin. We just want to hear what they have to say.
  • SmarterthanGavin
    Enough already
    Ok Kevin. Huge fan of your comedy, but the podcast lacks substance. It’s basically an hour or so of you and the guest praising each other for being great comedians. Can we get some substance?
  • ppokijbgfctvh
    I always thought that Kevin is super funny and he works very hard on everything he does but this is just mind blowing to me. His conversations with others inspire me to start doing what I love with the mind set that Kevin and his guests have. Can’t wait for more episodes.
  • Mountain Shaman
    Thank you Kevin !!!!
    I don’t know how much of a review this is...but it’s more of a praise.Just got done listening to Kevin interviewing Sarah Silverman . ... I didn’t want it to end ...... very real ....very genuine ..... great , great Stuff ... truth !!!!!!
  • Trenton Charles
    Great show!
    Always great to see two brothers congratulating one another on their success.
  • Tennessee realist
    Mr Cool
    Kevin is the cool kid who knows everyone is interesting and loves to talk to them
  • youlovepaper
    Pure Gold
    I love this show!
  • mk2alexz
    It’s ehhh...
    In my opinion Kevin is to young and wasn’t there for any of these comedians start up... Kevin can fake laugh all he wants and fake know people but it all comes thru .... I’m comparing this podcast to drink champs... real laughs real people real conversations..
  • Lucy0390
    Steve and Harvey
    I cried! The bond you guys have and with God as well. It hit me in all my feels. It open my eyes and heart . Thank you!❤️ Great work Kevin huge fan!
  • Polodastar
    Masterpiece ! ! !
    This podcast hits the spot soulfully! The conversations with Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer were the best ever. Keep being great, Kevin.
  • mglaze33
    The interview with Steve Harvey
    Is one of the most important comedy interviews of the twenty first century. Will listen to it a few times a year for the rest of my life. Thank you Kevin and Steve.🚫🧢
  • jspeyton
    That was delightful!
    I just finished the interview with Steve Harvey and listeeeeeen, that was great Kev! ❤️ I felt truly privileged to listen to this conversation between two great comedy ICONS. This was the first episode I’ve ever listened to but it won’t be the last for sure. Great work. 💎💎💎 Flowers to both of you. 💐🌺🌹
  • Armchair_lover
    Steve Harvey interview
    I was in of the best interviews and comeback story that I’ve heard in a long time. I knew a little about Steve, but loved how personal this was and that Steve made such a rare podcast appearance for his friend Kevin. The incredible bond between these two was so touching to witness. Love love love!
  • Jones8503abc123
    Steve Harvey episode ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Hands down the BEST episode yet! I laughed and cried and was just blown away by Kevin and Steve! Such a great podcast!
  • Calvin A Hobbes
    a new Go To podcast
    Kevin Hart is an excellent host. The conversation flows, untold stories are told, and there’s a lot of funny. Nice job Kevin - when does Chappell come on 😉
  • _jdizzle
  • funny-haha
    If you’re taking requests...
    Issa Rae
  • krittlej
    Keep going
    I’m really excited to see where this podcast goes. I love being able to hear the conversation and just natural humor from some of the greatest comedic minds. As someone else mentioned I do hope we see some female comedians as well, but I will give time for this to keep rolling but we BETTER see it. The Eddie episode was so phenomenal. Now I know Eddie has all that money but don’t oil his bowling lanes. No one is perfect.
  • un-p3rfected
    It's a ball-fest
    When will the world of comedy recognize the value and talent of women comedians and interests of female comedy fans? Shmh, apparently we are still waiting. Scrolling through list of episodes I was very disappointed in the lack of female representation. Putting my power as a subscriber on hold until things change. Rated one stars only because 1 star is not an option. My actual rating is 0/10, do not recommend.
  • SingularGirl
    Seriously only one female comedian so far?
    I’m a big fan of comedy but I’m really tired of male gatekeepers who take up all the air in the room. Interview more women! They are way more interesting, innovative, and funny than many male comedians who trot out the same old tired jokes decade after decade. Also, while I give props for exploring some comedians outside of the U.S. there are a TON of excellent comics in India, South Africa, and across Southeast Asia that should be featured.
  • bsidetrae
    Kevin Hart is an Iconoclast
    Firstly I must start by stating that Kevin Hart is a household name. As a black man, I grew up commiserating with Kevin Hart. He is a legend, but at some point I lost my connection with him as a stand up and as an artist. Kevin Hart became so famous that my white friends were upset when I was not checking for him. I have not been a fan of his recent films; although my wife and I loved “Real Husbands of Hollywood”, but I have to say that this gentleman has been nothing but an inspiration for me during these trying times. I now understand how important Kevin and his journey is for the WORLD. This man has made me a fan for life of not only his comedy, but his altruistic perspective of the human experience. Thank you so much Kevin, I see you as a human and I feel so good when I tune in to your podcast. Thank you for inspiring me as an artist and a human being! Thank you for being honest about the relationships you have with colleagues in the industry, and aiding in documenting their narratives. You broke the code and the atrocious self deprecating cycle we all no longer need to endure! Keep it up, I love it and thank you sir! PS. You keep saying “In death conversation - I think you mean “In depth” Peace and Love - Trae Malone
  • MamaJayGee
    You tell me if Eddie Murphy.....😂
    Love the conversations with the most brilliant minds, in comedy! It’s fascinating to hear how the journeys, to success , came about. My favorite show/line, thus far, Eddie Murphy, “You tell me if Eddie Murphy is going to a drive in movie theater and talk!” Then sprinkle in the dry bowling alley lane convo between Eddie & Kevin. Hilarious!
  • elhokay
    Why listen?
    Why would anyone listen to a homophobic person who isn’t funny? No thanks. Where is cancel culture with him?
  • Tbetts97
    If I may
    Martin Short David Spade Nate Bergatze Sam Morrill
  • BrittanyNCole
    My sincerest thanks
    Dear Kevin Hart, Thank you for this podcast. Sincerely, Comedian Fangirl
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