Fore The People

Golf #14

A podcast of the people, by the people, fore the people. Professional golfers John Peterson and JJ Killeen answer all of your golf and life questions.

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Recent Reviews
  • MembershipDirector
    Matt Every is the best!
    Well done, the man is fantastic
  • Edwards0110
    Can’t believe someone gave this one star!
    Great pod
  • zoverack
    Favorite Podcast by a mile
    Great. On the surface it may seem like two guys just cracking jokes, but there is a lot of very cool information relayed. This is the one podcast that I like show equally that have a guest(cohost) or when they do the podcast without a guest. Podcast is super nails for any golf fan that is a (Wo)Man of the People!!
  • Detroit Dan C
    Country Club Entertainment
    You just finished a round with the boys… The beers were flowing heavy, the swing was pure and you redirected a sizable portion of your friends wealth to your pocket… you had a day… that’s what it feels like listening to this pod.
  • Lockwood97
    The golf content you never knew you needed
    Credit to Matt Eversman for introducing me to WTDRP and the chaos that has since ensued. Credit to you Matt
  • George_Handy3
    #1 Golf Podcast
    John & JJ are head & shoulders better than the other golf podcasts out there. Truly top shelf stuff from two PGA tour pros that are only interviewing the other PGA tour pros or coaches that you’d want to actually get a beer with. They take questions from listeners & don’t ask PG questions that you’ll get everywhere else. Kiz, Boo, Levin, & Perez just in their first couple of episodes. #Nails
  • tg0110
    Great show!
    I’d love a pod where y’all review the 1-star ratings… 😂
  • davidportnoy
    No brainer
    Best podcast golf has to offer
  • tiger616272818
    Simply the best
    These guys are not constantly trying to legitimize their golf skill and knowledge (foreplay), because they are proven tour players. They aren’t pretending to be scratch golfers (no laying up/foreplay) because they are better than scratch golfers. They are also the funniest guys in the golf podcast game . Spittin chiclets of golf- this podcast is awesome.
  • Ryanw83
    Not Meh Anymore
    These guys are going to be the best golf podcast out there
  • GolfDadBoerneKid
    Instant follower after meeting JJ
    Met JJ at the Valero Texas Open. He was on the range on Friday afternoon, and probably the most chill golfer we’ve ever met. He signed my sons flag, and just hung out. Why wouldn’t I listen to his podcast?
  • Haystackz
    A Podcast Like No Other
    A true podcast for the Everyman. Honest opinions and great stories. Rock on, for the people. 🤘
  • TheJohnWalley
    Make an investment in your life, and listen to these two entertain with their tales from both on and off the course.
  • mondayshooterszn
    Best golf podcast
    Finally a golf podcast that is truly Fore The People.
  • Mikedrockport
    These two are really entertaining guys that do not take themselves too seriously. They offer great insight, stories and share their knowledge. Thanks for the entertainment guys!
  • nolanb223
    Best golf podcast out there by far in terms of both entertainment and quality insight into pro golf
  • TW_frogs
    Cool Behind The Scenes Stories
    These guys are great. Love hearing the old stories - US Open holes in one, PGA event leaders staying up late and partying the night before final round... I love it. Keep it up!
  • ohdusty
    Absolute Heat
    These guys are crushing it! Levin episode was legendary! I loved listening to all the stories. Should make him a regular on the show.
  • Every_Name_Is_Taken_69
    You can’t compare other podcast to this because these guys have been there and done that. Fascinating listening to their life stories on and off the course and their experiences. Everybody has always wanted to know the behind the scenes details, and these guys provide that. Hope JP makes it back on tour!!!!! Not taking a shot at the Barstool Foreplay guys but they can get annoying pretty quick.
  • codeman_86
    Better than episode 2’s gas station glory hole.
  • Mark3789
    Best golf podcast around
    Listen to the guys who have actually been there done that instead of a bunch a wannabe hacks. These guys know golf and have stories within the game that’ll keep it entertaining week after week. Excited to hear what’s coming next
  • The Woke 2020
    Two of my favorite follows on Twitter, and now my favorite podcast.
  • jametz75
    total #nails!! thanks
    the best!
  • randymyoung
    So entertaining!
    Loving the stories. JJ is now my life coach. Keep it up!
  • Cjpowersjr128
    Best in the golf pod biz
    This podcast crushes all the other golf pods out there. Two dudes who are in the arena talking w no filter. Let’s goooooo
  • BlakeNom
    Nails pod for the golfing people
  • WillyGPDT
    The Best
    These guys know what it takes because they have actually been there. Telling the truth fore the people!
  • PMac4434
    Fore the People
    Finally a podcast that is gonna give the PEOPLE a look inside the ropes!
  • drew deerstand
    Absolutely perfect
    Two real dudes who have real PGA experience with great takes on everything they cover!
  • Jamie the doc hymie
    If I have to choose between listening to this podcast vs watching 47 leprechauns fall from a rainbow during Ash Wednesday while giving me an ice coffee I choose the podcast.
  • Awestfall71
    The only thing more enjoyable than listening to this nails podcast is showering with DBs on the reg. And if you pull up next to Tiger Woods at the pisser inside the Shady Oaks locker room, let him know that this podcast is going to spread more love across the golf world than his pecker did all of pre-2008.
  • js-bt
    This pod and it’s host arenas real as it gets. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes!
  • BR Weidinger
    Been waiting for this to come out for a while now and so happy to finally get to listen!
  • Bulfrog2004
    The content coming out of God’s country is top notch can not wait for the next episode.
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