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Working Title is a podcast about... well, you see, that's kind of the problem.

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  • Living life with enthusiasm
    This podcast is amazing! I love listening💕
  • bfoxeogoidns
    new fav
    i’ve been looking to find another creator that feels as comforting and authentic as emma chamberlain and this podcast as well as your other content feels like her older sister (in a really good way). i’m 20 and a junior in college. this feels so refreshing and reassuring that life is a work in progress no matter what stage you’re in. there’s no final product and that’s okay. your genuine advice has helped me immensely.
  • angelaxlrt
    Margot curates each episodes filled with elegance and electricity. Whenever I receive a notification of a new ep., I am overjoyed of her new work, and already loving it without having heard it. Her episodes are more of a conversation -with her audience, rather than a q&a, in which we can enjoy and learn from what she gracefully serves (academically, life experiences, career,). If you have the time to listen, I 100% assure you that at the end of the episode you will not regret it, however you will be receiving a new friend.
  • ken_1207
    i have just gotten into listening to podcasts, and this has been my absolute favorite! as a student in undergrad, it is so so so nice to see the reality of life after college. i love margot and she is insanely well spoken. this is definitely my go to podcast to recommend to my friends <3
  • zoe shantery
    i love margot. she got me back into journaling which has helped my physical and mental health a ton, her podcasts and he videos help me stay motivated and productive. she really has helped me a ton. thank you❤️
  • lindsmeredith
    My drug of choice
    This episode on September 8th was so helpful and insightful! Thank you for the tips! I love connecting with people but the pandemic has made it seem hard. These are great ways to catch up with people and meet new friends!
  • Lil ho
    Love the newest episode
    I’m not even halfway done with the episode Drug of Choice and I LOVE IT! I just texted my brother the prompt. I absolutely love the way you speak and the topics on your podcast. Your guests are always such a nice addition!
  • Nadiagrl
    very insightful
    i leave the episodes feeling as if i have gained something to think of or apply in my life. feels like a wholesome and fruitful discussion with a friend. also just luv margot <3
  • Emilyjoyful 15
    love this
    I cannot get enough of this podcast. Every platform you are on, you bring such a unique and comforting energy. I always feel like I am learning from this podcast while also being entertained. Please keep making more, I can tell you put a lot of work into each episode and we appreciate it.
  • Analisaaa
    So glad you’re back Margot :) love love love the podcast, as always!
  • gretapetee
    So Good
    You can tell how much thought and preparation goes into each episode, I love this Podcast!! Such quality information that is super relatable for a recent college grad like me.
  • Wizzywestffff
  • Im so Aweomse
    i love this podcast!!
    margo is so relatable! her podcast sounds like i’m listening to a friend. i look forward to it whenever it is released
  • Gabby Aud
    Love this podcast!!
    I’ve been a long time follower and have always been so inspired by Margot and her journey because she loves the life I dream of having after graduation. I’m currently a college student and advertising major and this podcast is exactly what I need to preview what life after college is like. Every episode is so genuine and I look forward to the next one every time. Thank you for making such a great podcast:) love you!!
  • BridgetKate1997
    Working Title feels like a nice, big hug
    Every episode is so real and relatable - the ‘My Roommate is a Sell-out’ episode was such an awesome conversation to listen to and one I feel like everyone can relate to at least a little bit! I am 2 years post grad and still sometimes juggle with the question of “Was college worth it for me?” It’s great to hear other perspectives and feel a part of the convo.
  • studentCC
    the art school episode
    I liked most of the pod episodes up until this one, which felt more like rambling and ranting about the college a experience for a specific art student. It felt a little all over the place with no specific theme or message, and more like a space for her friend vent. Especially since it goes on about not caring about grades and not being able to do “whatever you want” when we’re all paying to go to universities for some sort of structured learning. It just felt a little out of touch. However, I’m still looking forward to the next episodes!
  • Temple Run Expert
    Forever wishing she could post everyday because Working Title podcast is THAT GOOD. I’m not a big podcast person but let me just say everything everything that Margot talks about is so informative and interesting! I absolutely love hearing about everything Margot thinks about! Keep up the good work!!!!!! 5/5 star podcast🤍✨
  • cassidysbell
    LOVE branding episodes.
    i want to listen to “do as ben & jerry do” every day. i loved this episode so much. so informative and inspiring for a college student wanting to pursue branding. Margot, thank you for being such an amazing role model and resource for me!
  • delia tran
    My favorite podcast
    Margot’s podcast is so well done. I’ve been a huge fan of her YouTube videos and it’s been so fun to grow up with her as I’m only a year younger than her. Especially on the topics of post grad life, I’m so thankful to have a “mentor” like you margot. You give great advice and your podcast is so entertaining and insightful.
  • bknreview
    I have been watching Margot via YouTube since she- and I, were in high school. she is super down to earth and her advice is so insane!! Shes real and I am OBSESSED WITH THIS PODCAST.
  • c'est pas grave
    Good Potential
    While I think Margot is lovely and fun to listen to, the podcast is good but will grow into something great. It is well produced and thoughtfully done, but could use a little work. In my opinion it is easy to tell which parts are scripted and leaves the listener feeling less connected to the information and the information feels a bit disingenuous (even though it is genuine!) I will say I think Margot has tapped into a unique and interesting pool of ideas and with time think she will get her feet under her a bit. I would just say let loose and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You obviously have a lovely following who will support you regardless of what you’re creating! Don’t take yourself too seriously :) Cheers x
  • coffeeinthamorning
    new fav
    I first subscribed to Margot on youtube when I saw one of her nyc vlogs. When I found out she had a pod I knew I would have to listen, and man were my expectations surpassed. She has such a way with words that just makes you feel like you’re at a coffee shop with one of your close friends. I’ve learned so much about life and how much one’s mindset can impact it. definitely recommend <3
  • lesly ❣️
    Went into the podcast so excited to listen to it because it seemed like something I could relate to (especially with it being promoted as a sort of post-grad what do I do now type of thing). But it’s not one episode was really interesting but besides that I found this podcast becoming more and more disappointing. Really just rambling and not even in the typical interesting/ charming podcast way. I’ve tried to listen to it hoping that the next episode would be like the one episode I really liked but as I listen to it more and more I find it coming across as a narrative of very privileged and boring girls life and “brand”. Just typical influencer taking more space than they should type of thing.
  • Urmom183763661929373663
    Great pod
    I’ve listened to the first 2 eps and love to hear more about margots life! I’m especially interested in study abroad in London. Please make an ep specifically about that! Maybe more in depth than your YouTube vids regarding study abroad in London.
  • LyssaChimenti
    This is exactly what I needed
    This Pod is growing to be my favorite right now. As a freshman in college trying to figure out what I want to do with my life has become my biggest stressor to a point where I feel like i’m losing a sense of my identity focusing so hard on it. Struggling with the question of what do I want to decide to do for the rest of my life even though I haven't even lived a quarter of my life yet haunts me everyday. This podcast is really enlightening and is exactly what I need to hear right now. I’ve always supported Margot but i’m really proud of her for this. Its comforting to know not everyone has a picture perfect idea of what their life should be straight out of high school. So real, open and inspiring!
  • v.l.simone
    Refreshing and relatable but too short!!
    I started listening this podcast after stumbling across Margot’s NYC vlog on youtube accidentally. Unlike many here, I didn’t know who Margot was so I didn’t have an already-formed opinion about her work. I was just a young woman who dreams of living in New York. I found this podcast (and her vlog) refreshing and relatable. I really like that every episode is it’s own thing, but that they all still make sense together. Following Margot’s own journey makes me feel as if I’m along for the ride. Perfect for any city girl or wandering soul! My only complaint is that the episodes are quite short and could probably have delved deeper into each storyline.
  • MiriamHPods
    Eloquent, the perfect length, and SO GOOD
    I started watching Margot’s YouTube channel when she moved to the city about a month ago. I just found this podcast and I absolutely love it. The length is great for doing during short tasks and Margot speaks so well. Thank you for this Margot (:
  • lileasdon
    Like listening to a big sister!
    I love Margot’s YouTube channel and this podcast even more... I’m currently in college and I find her podcasts really relatable :)
  • Kiera Ortiz
    Margot is so calm and honest. Listening to this feels like therapy and it is so informative and interesting. This is my favorite podcast and I can’t wait for more episodes!
  • Woahsnow
    Impressive, eloquent, and interesting
    Margot has done an impeccable job creating this podcast thus far. After listening to the 3 episodes that are currently out, it is clear she has been incredibly intentional and paid a lot of attention to detail. The way she addresses topics that affect her as she navigates her post graduate life hits close to home, as I graduated the same time as her, amid the pandemic. The transition from YouTuber to podcaster is not always a smooth one, but Margot has shown her dedication and she has a natural knack for podcasting. On top of it all, she has an incredibly comforting voice to listen to. As someone who is a self-proclaimed podcast junkie, this podcast wins an award for being one of my new favorites and will be a part of my weekly rotation. I strongly suggest listening for anyone who is young and struggling to navigate the world during these unforeseen circumstances.
  • sydney718
    so happy that this pod is FINALLY OUT! I’ve been waiting for yearsssss! Bravo Margot
  • Gracegilbertson21
    Margot is so authentically talented. Can’t wait for more episodes!
  • Emily 🥳🥳🥳🥳
    Somehow Margot touches on so many experiences I’m going through in a way that is extremely calming ! So pumped for more :)
  • nkxo3487
    Truly such an amazing concept
    I’d like to say that I love this podcast. Not much of a surprise since I always love margots content. I really hope to see her slowly become more and more comfortable to create more conversational, casual podcast content, but I absolutely love and admire her attention to detail and creativity. The editing and structure is super cool, but I’m eager to get to know her more personally and almost move away from the more edited, crafted structure. Nonetheless, you are amazing and this is my new favorite podcast!
  • deusnonest1
    Privileged pretty people think they need a podcast
    Just not entertaining, informative, or interesting. I believe Margot is a famous Instagram influencer already. Was really hoping to listen to a podcast where women like myself are navigating life after graduating. This girl already has money, fame, success. I feel scammed.
  • ellllllllaaaaa
    So humble, and such a informational podcast. Her voice is so soothing and she is very authentic. It is a MUST listen.
  • Kenz123222
    This is the BEST audio I have ever heard. Also love your editing style how you have mixed in old clips. I keep thinking I need to watch a screen/like your vlogs! Literally amazing Ive never heard a podcast like this. It is so crisp, clear, soothing.
  • kt_3194
    Missing An Objective
    I don’t really understand this podcast... the episodes are so short and I’m left going ?? after every episode. What was the first episode even about? I know that was “the point” of it, that she didn’t know what to make her podcast about but she really repeated that for 8 minutes and made it into an episode. I love her YouTube videos and think she’s great on that platform but it’s not translating over as well so far.
  • Alex Adames
    this made my day
    Authentic, real, funny and oh so relatable! Currently at the top of my podcast list! I haven’t been able to relate to something so well in a while! As a longtime follower on Youtube
  • mxas__
    omg !
    Podcasts really fits you ive been watching your YouTube and I really enjoy your therapeutic voice I’m proud of you 🖤
  • Leah Kaz
    Hoping it gets better
    I subscribed because I’ve liked Margot on YouTube for many years, but I have to say I’m a little disappointed. Apartment hunting is an extremely visual experience that didn’t really translate to podcast format. I’m hoping once she gets into a groove of content it’ll pick up and be more engaging.
  • Gordon1216
    Sorry but
    episodes are weirdly short and this concept doesn’t really make sense to me ... isn’t the point of having a podcast that you have a specific idea? Why do all influencers think we just want to listen to them talk lol
  • Oliviaaaa1383938
    refreshing youtube pod:)
    as we all know, podcasts seems to be the new starting a youtube channel of 2020/2021. ive been following the college-aged youtube crowd for a while and some of the podcasts that that are “sooo excited to launch!!!” seem like a desperate money grab to stay relevant. but NOT this one. a podcast with meaning and a story to follow that flows and isn’t just two girls bantering.....i needed this. as a gen z-er who is graduating college the first (2nd?) episode about moving was so real! can’t wait to see what else is coming. thank you for a breath of fresh air Margot and for not making it feel like you are just exploiting your subs in every way possible <3
  • Elliezoooooooooooooom
    listen listen listen!
    i’ve been following margot for about three years and i have to say, every project she puts out has the highest quality it possibly could. her casual but also elegant approach is exactly what i need when i am looking for a nice break in my day!
  • kellllllyyyyyyyy9979
    I love how it’s short so you can listen to the whole episode at once on a drive or walk to class! I also love how Margot takes us along with her with sound bites throughout the episode.
  • chloeee🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️
    So relatable
    I am absolute dreading life after graduation!! But Margot is always so relatable and her voice is so calming! Margot makes me feel so much better about emerging into the “real world” and figuring out who I am and where I fit into the world!!!
  • cmg2021
    Love this pod !!
    Well done, Margot :)
  • lovelylace1234
    So excited for the journey
    So happy for you Margot on launching the podcast! I like the inserted voice clips because it’s something unlike any other podcast. Your tone is very informative, which works for you and for this platform. My ONLY only critique is that it sounds a bit like you’re reading a script (which you may be, and thats fine!) but I think you can still pull off the same tone of voice, while sounding a bit more casual and effortless doing it. Regardless, 5 stars :)
  • jstrudell
    Margot is real
    Margot voices the inner conflict inside all our minds. It’s raw and real and relatable. Listening to her is like a conversation with a best friend.
  • mdeanomite
    Well Done!
    Margot is one influencer I trust to never promote a product or take on a venture just because she can make a little money on it - she truly only promotes & creates things she cares about. She knows who she is, what she wants, k what she stands for. I’m thrilled to hear that play out in the form of a podcast.
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