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Anthony Padilla takes his popular YouTube series “I Spent A Day With...” and brings it to the podcast world. Join him as he sits down with a range of guests to discover the truth about often misunderstood and misrepresented groups of people and the human condition.

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  • 76)ffjutfbjgg**
    Love Listening and I’ve seen the actual videos
    I really like this but sometimes I’ll not were my headphones and my parents are around and I think they hear it and ignore the swearing or they just don’t really care or there busy on something else also I wanna know if there will be one with Aphmau or someone I reallly like watching a lot anyway love it.
  • Lizzykitty11
    Love love love!
    I already live his YouTube vids but I love his podcasts when I am in the car or something, I just love these.
  • Awidferd
    Voices to the Confused
    I love his LGBTQ+ series, because it actually helped me find out who I am! I also love the Series where he interviews people with people that have mental or physical illnesses that are often misconceptions of what they really are. Thank you Anthony!
  • Quack.999
    Bringing Voices
    Thank you so much for giving creators and others a voice regarding more sensitive topics that they might not want to talk about elsewhere!
  • greek god 101
    If only you could have done a technoblade, he really help me and so many others. Sadly he passed but you could get Phil, dream, Karl, tommy, and his other friends to reflect on him. After abolishing all governments of men and know I will move on to the kingdom of heaven-technoblade🐷👑🥇💪
  • i play games that look good
    Thank you
    This podcast is the best thing I’ve ever listened to its so relatable and not obnoxious
  • uryejbtbf
    Amazing podcast
    I love the podcast it has helped me learn so much about my favorite youtubers such as dream and Karl and corpse husband
  • DracoMalfog
    Love it!
    I love your podcast! It helps me learn about my favourite celebrities and content creators. Could you maybe have Minx or Hannah on?
  • pog is chad
    Next interview
    Can you spend a day with rekrap2? I think that would be a pretty interesting interview tbh
  • the END end end
    I like it! GeminiDragon240
  • GalaxyDog72
    These shows are so interesting!!!!!! I always look forward to listening to the newest episode that has a title that sparks an interest in me!
  • Quackity-networks
    I LOVE THESE PODCASTS I would love to spend a day with non binary’s and learn how to know if I really am non binary and make myself feel comfortable like I love this lol
  • bruh moment 😬😬👌👌
    I totally agree with bubbleey
    I’d love a spend a day with autistic people, or those on the spectrum. I myself is on the spectrum and want to see if I can relate. It would be nice!
  • cat in a bath
    Honestly amazing
    Anthony’s content never gets old, his amazing astonishing interviewing skills and great questions end up leaving a great idea of what it’s like to be the people he interviews. Keep up the great content.
  • bubbleey
    I love this but I recommend doing a podcast called “spending a day with people with autism” PLEASE
  • JustAFanWhoLikesPeople
    Love this
    I love Anthony :DDD I love to listen to this podcast when I can’t watch him on YouTube ^^ He is always so kind and funny :) 5 stars for my favorite Podcaster!! :DDDDDD
  • Mimi loves sushi
    Good podcast
    I like this podcast and I like to listen to it when I’m bored. The only problem is that I can’t find the episode of “I spent a day with conjoined twins”. If anyone can help I would be really happy. It is fine sincerely I can just watch it on YouTube. I love the stories and the topics. It is so amazing to learn about all these different things.
  • Peggy.The.Potter
    i love you
    i said what i said
  • SweetAffliction
    Interesting, Different, Respectful
    If I had to use three words to describe Anthony it would be those. He brings different topics to the series that maybe people wouldn’t have thought of. Each topic is interesting in its own way and Anthony is always respectful with his questions and making his guests comfortable.
  • Torinotfound
    Watching the Minecraft podcast are the best I am at the airport and I can’t go on YouTube but I have this and this has been the best thing to keep me from boredom
  • The Mighty Toothpick
    Very good🤌
    I love the podcast so much! If there isn’t already could you do an episode with ARPHID? I’ve been diagnosed but I can’t go on the show since -cough- I’m a child✨ good show though 11/10
  • Ethan_Listens
    This is absolutely amazing!
    This podcast is one of the best. It tells about interesting things that nobody really talks about, while seeing the perspective of the person who is being interviewed.
  • Carmella :D
    Anthony Padilla is great!
    Love ya man! My fave episodes are, Odd1sOut, RANBOO,mcyt,tubbo,corpse,JaidenAnimation,animators, and Wilbur soot.
  • Discolore:
    Bro I love your YouTube and this. Keep up the work.
  • mcfliffer
    Anthony I love you bro
    Your content is soooo good!!
  • Adamhaze1020
    Keep up the great work Anthony ! I love this podcast even the YouTube videos. There so. Yk? Good.
  • rangerlover12
    Love it so much
    I First saw the I spent a day with… on YouTube and liked it and when I heard there was a podcast I search it up and now I listen to it all the time when I’m doing school. Getting to know all my favorite YouTubers and just how much I feel for there hardships I I don’t know what to say but Anthony you’re gonna go far with this and whoever is reading this have a good day 😊
  • Sharks287
    🦾🗿Good stuff🅱️👍
  • sans faunt
    Best podcast I ever listened to
  • Epicganer3
    This is my favorite podcast!!!
  • owo$10000000000000
    I’m Bisexual 💖💜💙
  • emmalimelightjacobs
    I love how Anthony always tries to see where these people are coming from whether it be a content creator or somebody with an alternative lifestyle. He’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever listened to, I enjoy being able to understand people who have different ideas or disabilities. I also love being able to see into the loves just a lil more of my favorite content creators. I really enjoyed the one with ranboo because of a few things he’s shared especially with struggles I’ve been through or am going through them also and it’s nice to be seen he’s by far one of the most comforting people, can’t wait for Wilbur. THANK YOU ANTHONY YOURE THE BEST!!!! -a thankful fan <3
  • chlobot123
    Amazing podcast
    Love the podcast never fails to keep me entertained
  • Huan1971$
    Huan Tran 18082321974
    Google maps inc.com 18082321074
  • Lauren Margeret
    one of my fav podcasts
    this never fails to keep me entertained
  • ushhshdgtd
    Love all the podcasts
  • 🌟🥀🌟🥀
    Yes it’s good I just like it honestly
  • Haha.ka
    Anthony is such a great interviewer always with interesting questions and it’s always a delight to listen.
  • galaxy pineapples 52
    Love it
    I honestly just love it.
  • Spirit1624
    love it!
    Absolutely love it!
  • PodcastTween
    What a coincidence!
    I had just started rewatching the series, and was thinking to myself, “it would be cool if this series were a podcast!” And then, a few seconds later, BOOM! announcement of the podcast! I immediately hopped on my podcasts app and looked it up. Epic podcast! Keep it up!
  • my name is killyan ig
    no title
    podcast lowkey fire
  • bellahendry16
    Love the podcast
    Love the podcast! Excited to hear more ! 💙
  • hsnzudnanzixj.com
    This Podcast Is Very Good! 5/5 Good Podcast!
    This podcast is really good and very insightful I came here from YouTube and now I can hear it while doing something else is great!! I really love this podcast! It’s amazing! Listen to the podcast if you haven’t! Have a nice day to anyone who is seeing the reviews to this podcast! <3 -Arc
  • pokereeeeeereeeer
    Best guy
    Great and helps understand about different thing
  • EliGates182
    Awesome dude
    I watched this originally on you tube and now I can just listen with my screen off
  • sushi_xoxo
    really good
    would recommend
  • IPodaddictforebbers
    I love this series. It’s so insightful, and Anthony asks great questions, and his empathetic, open minded personality fits this series so well. Great quality show and definitely worth subscribing to.
  • eeirdo with a beardo
    Love this!!😍
    I absolutely love this podcast and series on YouTube and I love listening to this while I grocery shop or while I do online schoolwork or online tests this is also my favorite episode that I have watched.Thank you so so much Anthony for creating this series on YouTube and for making it a podcast I enjoy it so so so so so much.While I am doing a test or doing something that’s in a quiet environment I need some kind of noise to keep me concentrated this is perfect just to hear someone else’s voice.Again thank you.
  • mscorbynbesson
    Love it!
    I watch Anthony on YouTube and love his videos so this is really nice to be able to listen to his podcast!
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