The Jordy Culotta Show


A daily podcast brought to you by Jordy Culotta. Laughs, good conversation, and luke-warm takes included.

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Recent Reviews
  • ttrepa2
    Jordy is the 🐐
    Love a free jordy!!
  • Fire flame app
    Big trap jordy
    Glade to hear jordy back on the radio. Enthusiasm is unmatched for LSU sports.
  • TBGoat1
    Cut ups
    I really like Jordy and the new show. But it is very hard to digest the whole show in one podcast. Please cut up the show into guests, segments, or topics so that it is more easily digested without having to scroll through the whole pod. Great job otherwise.
  • WAGautreau
    Live Guests!
    Coach Brady and Coach Wade interviews 👍
  • Coach O's Conscience
    All I ask is have a segment where Lloyd gives his 2 cents about something, and the intro is Ari Gold yelling “LLOYD” about 5 different ways. Y’all will reach the Gold standard when we make this happen
  • bayoubengal88
    Great show
    Looking for a great show with awesome guests, look no further than show
  • Trichter101
    Best Baton Rouge Sports Show
    Jordy, Rivs and the team are the best and always have the best guests on the show!
    Welcome back!
    Jordy is crushing it like usual. Glad you guys are back doing what you do best.
  • smitty4668
    Love it
    Glad to have Jordy and Rivers back, its like a morning family
  • mderbes13
    Love the show
    Great to have the gang back. Looking forward to seeing this thing progress. Good luck.
  • lonehowl1
    Great Show
    Jordy, Rivers and team always do such a professional job and enjoy listening to their interviews. Congrats guys on the new gig!
  • Duke 123455
    Welcome Back!!
    Love the show and the format! Keep up the great work...getting better every day!
  • LSU Tiger Menz
    Best in the biz right here
    I’ve enjoyed my friend Jordy Cullotta for years on the radio. It is outstanding to see him in an uninterrupted open platform speaking the truth and laying down all the goodness that only the Paisan can do.
  • mpittm
    Best LSU morning show
    Jordy is a pro. Simple as that. This is the best morning show around. Best guests, great takes, honest opinions. Rivers is great too.
  • Tryonpaul
    Love the new Show
    Jody and Rivers together have a great chemistry! Can’t wait to see this show grow become the #1 sports show in Baton Rouge. For the powers that we can’t say the name, I don’t care what the host of the other show thinks about chicken and Star Wars.
  • Smurph_2087
    The GOAT is back!
    Jordy was my favorite 104.5 ESPN personality and love what he’s doing with the new show! Keep up the great work!
  • Sdcdew
    Great sports talk pod
    I loved Jordy on the radio and now love his show here. Great interviewer and just a fun show. Glad to have you back!
  • WhoDat#41
    Great Way to Start Your Day
    This team is fantastic! Hard-working while taking the day in stride with a comfortable, laid-back approach. How else would you want to start your day than by listening to this group? Thanks Jordy Culotta Show!
  • wbreau1
    The best to ever do it!!
    Quality content with exceptional access to the newsmakers and news breakers! I start every morning with eggs whites, avocado and the Jordy Culotta Show!!
  • drop3
    Best sports podcast!
    If you miss the show live on YouTube you can catch this podcast on the go. This is an hour and a half of straight talk that is non-stop entertainment. They feature special guests and topics covered are sports and all things surrounding sports. To put it best, it is Sports Laginappe!
  • Caleb_F
    Same ol’ Jordy (& I love it!)
    Wherever Jordy goes, I’ll follow. Love his commentary & takes on all things LSU, Saints, Pels & just sports in general. Congrats on the big move & I’ll be along for the ride the whole way in Hattiesburg, MS. So far so good!
  • G-Shook
    Exciting Even in CO
    Super excited for this new show. Have listened for Jordy for a while and stoked for everyone else on the show as well. All the way from Colorado
  • UncleKlieb
    Morning ZEN
    This show is the perfect way to start your morning with a positive vibe. From Sports to whatever else comes to mind it’s all REAL! Jordy, Rivers and the gang are like talking with the family over breakfast.
  • Mason12793
    I have listened to Jordy for years and always love his LSU takes along with the talent he can recruit on his show. Looking forward to the future with him and Rivers taking over the Louisiana sports media world.
  • yatty87
    Getting the band back together!
    I love the dynamic between Jordy and Rivers.
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