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Successful product management isn’t just about training the product managers who work side by side with developers everyday to build better products. It’s about taking a step back, approaching the systems within organizations as a whole, and leveling up product leadership to improve these systems. This is the Product Thinking Podcast, where Melissa Perri will connect with industry leading experts in the product management space, AND answer your most pressing questions about everything product. Join us each week to level up your skillset and invest in yourself as a product leader.

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  • En2PT
    A must listen! This is one of the very few podcasts that I haven’t lost interest in list. Really enjoy how easy it is to digest the information and the variety of guests that are showcased.
  • Thoyt
    One of my go to Product Management podcasts
    Great actionable product management advice and interviews in an easy to listen to format. Melissa Perri brings her fresh perspective and wealth of experience to every episode.
  • KaylaRayla14
    Offers key insights to both new and old product managers
    This podcast has really helped me develop solutions within my team and find answers to what I need to do as a product manager
  • mikey smithston
    One of my favorite product podcasts
    I lead product at a small start up and this podcast has been a gem for me! Such useful advice.
  • 3ofakind
    Level up you Product and business skills
    This is a podcast for all levels of Product Management whether you are new to the craft or an experienced practitioner. Every episode gives insight into ways to improve the way you deliver value to customers, expand into new markets, or view product management through different lenses.
  • Name, Nicholas
    Excellent podcast, not just for Product Managers
    Product Thinking is on my weekly listen list due entirely to Melissa's enegy and expertise in building successful products. I'm an Engineering Lead and I frequently find myself sharing episodes with my team to better help them understand how to deliver value to customers and grow in their careers. I can't think of anyone working in tech that would not benefit from listening: get the entire org on board!
  • itskgsmvzkg
    Great podcast
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. Accessible, professional, usable, and always interesting. Great guests and I love the Ask Melissa episodes. Keep up the great work!
  • itzEG
    My go to
    Hands down my favorite podcast on product. My go to for the latest, actionable info to help me strive at my job.
  • CanMich
    Great resource!
    Great resource for folks in the product world.
  • gabimoore
    Great guests, relevant topics, and a true expertise in product management (and not just adjacent areas)
  • Realistic view of product
    Practical advice on how individuals and companies can improve
    Melissa Perri is my favorite product management thought-leader. Her advice on how to think about managing products and aligning an organization around a product strategy are practical and she’s great at explaining why her approach will make a difference. Her why isn’t just “because all the best tech companies work this way”. She explains how boards and leadership teams think about their business and how product teams need to address their concerns with in their work. Her podcast is wonderful in part because she provides advice on specific situations and acknowledges that we need to be flexible and not too preachy if we want to make progress and that it can’t always happen overnight.
  • UX ♡ Product
    Practical, usable, real-world advice
    A tremendous source of product advice and expert perspectives. I always find a nugget to take away.
  • TechnoGuy_77
    One of the Best
    The Product Thinking podcast is valuable for PMs of all levels. I recommend this podcast to everyone looking to grow in product.
  • jnjc
    Best product podcast
    Found Melissa through her book, but the podcast is just as good. I subscribe to several product podcasts but this is the only must-listen-to product podcast in my feed.
  • Corky44
    Great product resource
    This is a great resource for Product Managers. Great guests. Great questions. Great guests.
  • DF89!
    Great Answers to Product Questions
    Melissa does a great job of answering very specific questions about all unimaginable topics of Product. The podcast has some great guests with a huge involvement and experience in the product industry. Great resource to learn more about product!
  • Louise Ellen
    Fab product podcast for any level
    This is such a great podcast to follow if you are already part of a product team or looking to expand into this industry. Melissa keeps you on your toes each week with great new speakers and topics that you can really relate to as real life stories are shared and discussed. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wants to be on top of their game in the product space!
  • Benny Betrayed
    Top-tier product leadership content
    This quickly became a must listen podcast for product leaders. I’ve been a dedicated listener since episode 2 but given Melissa’s track record for excellent content, I’m not at all surprised. This is one of only 3 podcasts I listen to regularly!
  • Evevysc
    Strategic foundation for all PMs
    I’ve been following Melissa over the past year and her content about product management is such an inspiration for my day-to-day as a PM!
  • Pidgin horn
    Great Niche Style of Product Cast
    Most product focused podcasts are all about interviews and case studies (which can be great). What I really enjoy about Melissa Perri’s format are the “Dear Abbey” style episodes which allows us to better see into the mind of an accomplished product leader. It’s not only insightful, but also, it’s nice to know that even prominent product people don’t always have all of the answers. You really get a good sense of how product thinking is both practical and exploratory.
  • mallorywaldenklenda
    My Go To Profesional Development Pod
    This is a great podcast for any product manager, aspiring product manager, or really anyone working with PMs. I value Melissa’s insight and advice. I love the guests she brings on and the conversations they have. It’s a great way to inspire and take actions at work to be a better PM.
  • Bad-app-hater
    No politics in my business podcasts please.
  • avocado1196
    Great learning resource for any level of product manager
    As indicated by the review title, I can only say this is the best PM resource I have. I even recommend to my teammates and team as I believe my team can hugely benefit from Melissa and other speakers insight, experience, and practical advice. Product manager is hard because the concepts can be easy to understand but they are abstract. Melissa’s podcast translates abstract idea into something concrete and executable that we as PM can practice in our day to day job!
  • PM Terra
    The best product podcast
    I’ve listened to just about all of them and this is by far my favorite. I’m a PM with about four years of experience and find this podcast highly relatable, relevant, and insightful. I’ve listened to multiple episodes twice, jot down notes, and then apply learnings in my day-to-day. I find other podcasts are either very specific to a domain or more conceptual and c-suite strategy level. Melissa talks about it all and asks questions across so many challenging product areas, and doesn’t shy away from the “ok but how does that actually work in reality”. No fluff and tons of insight. Highly recommend.
  • Chan Work Comp
    BEST product podcast
    I have listened to a lot of PM focused podcast and this is by far the best. I love the mix of in depth interviews and product Q&A. I always come away with a few nuggets of knowledge I scribble down in my notes app, a new product influencer to follow or book to read. Multiple times I have taken what I have heard and applied it to my work directly. 👏🏻
  • Arlie K
    Dear Melissa... thank you! 🙌
    Product Thinking is truly an invaluable resource for product professionals! Great content, delivered in an easy to consume format - no matter the topic, you're bound to gain something from every episode! Highly recommend.
  • Chess KingT
    In the conversation of product
    If you touch the life cycle of a product this podcast is literally the best on planet.
  • Arunav4u
    Practical PM insights
    This is a PM podcast by someone who has actually done product management at scale. It shows up in the insights Melissa shares. With the field exploding, there are too many ‘experts’. Melissa is truly an expert & a thought leader in the PM space. Quality content at just the right frequency to consume & process. Highly recommended.
  • lbmedtech
    Learn something new every week!
    I found Melissa from another podcast and really enjoy every episode she releases! I’ve picked up her book and it is awesome as well and this is a must listen in my weekly podcast rotation!
  • magreen03
    Required listening for product people who want to excel
    Product thinking distill product advice in easily digestible and immediately executable chunks that a product person at every level would find valuable.
  • Allanious
    Product Management 101
    Whether you’re a newb or a vet, Melissa Perri’s book, “Escaping the Build Trap,” will make you a better product thinker and organizational changer. This podcast expands on many of the book’s ideas and brings in other insightful product people to talk shop. Just listen already!!
  • RomrDrumr
    One of the Great Product Thought Leaders Sharing Crucial Insights
    Melissa Perri established herself with “Escaping the Build Trap,” and has continued to broaden her impact on the world of software development with her forays into Product Leadership and Product Operations. In conversation with other great thought leaders, her podcast takes these disparate product themes and weaves them into cohesive examinations of topics affecting how teams deliver value in collaborative software development. Highly recommended!
  • Bob Blackburn
    Insightful topics with great interviews
    Product Thinking threads the needle between strategic insights and practical advice in the Dear Melissa segments. This is now a must listen in my weekly rotation.
  • JC10011
    Insightful in bite sized nuggets!
    Product teams that utilize frameworks when planning & prioritizing will have more predictive outcomes. Melissa explains these best practices in a really simple way. I loved her Dear Melissa podcast on organizing around JTBD –– PMs overseeing a job to create long lasting customer value.
  • Linsley1
    A must-listen!
    The content so far has been top notch and offers practical advice for both junior and senior product leaders. It’s also just real talk and she has the network to bring in some major players in the product space to hear from. I’ve seen both product people as well as senior level execs in corporate America listen to what she has to say even if via “The Build Trap”.
  • amberorenstein
    Weekly therapy for product leaders
    Melissa’s book, Escaping the Build Trap was my favorite read of 2020. I laughed, I cried, I cringed, and most importantly I learned a ton of practical things and was able to operationalize them. I am so glad to have this podcast in my rotation to hear from MP and other great thinkers in this space.
  • Leothegrey
    Real talk. As real as it gets.
    Melissa Perri speaks truth. The q&a are especially excellent. It’s like you know my company and how we need to transform. Must listen for any product person.
  • ZachT019
    Great insights!
    Melissa’s advice is relatable and, most importantly, practical enough to be implemented in your day to day work. I appreciate the real world examples she brings to the table to illustrate her points. I will be listening often as I transition to a career in product management!
  • 2NMags
    So good!
    I love Melissa’s perspective and insight into product management. So often when I dive into product blogs and articles, I feel like I’m just reading catchphrases and doublespeak. Melissa gives you a way to see the big picture while breaking it all down into real examples. Can’t wait for the next episode!
  • JDraschil
    And we're getting this content for FREE?!
    Melissa Perri is one of the top voices in the product space for product leaders, and her stuff is always incredible and spot on. But the interviews and content in this podcast are so valuable for me as a product leader that I kind of feel like we're getting away with something here. It's like, "Shh. Don't say anything. But does she know she's giving away this content for free?"
  • Delpistan
    Future thinking product leadership
    Very excited to see how this podcast builds upon Melissa’s impressive experience, and her work on “The build trap.”
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