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Kurt Angle is a 14-time professional wrestling world champion, with titles collected in WWE, TNA and Japan. He is in both the WWE and TNA/Impact Hall of Fames, a two-time NCAA Division 1 National Champion, and has also won a gold medal in free style wrestling at the 1996 Summer Games with, as he likes to say, ‘a broken freaking neck.’ At every stop in his career, Angle has reached the top of the mountain and now he’s taking his Three I’s; Intensity, Intelligence and Integrity, to the podcast world as he joins host Conrad Thompson to take a look back at some of the matches, feuds and moments that turned an Olympic gold medalist into one of the greatest sports entertainers of all time. It’s True. It’s damn true.

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  • Dgs6913
    Check this out!
    I did NOT like Kurt Angle the wrestler back in the day. However, I LOVE listening to this podcast. Kurt has an interesting origin story, and many great stories of his journey. His continued perseverance through the many challenges of his life is truly inspiring and an outstanding example to all. He seems like a good dude 👍🏻👍🏻 And that theme song 😆😆❤️❤️
  • TonyL15
    This is the best Podcast
    Honestly listening to these old stories about the matches and the career of Kurt angle is awesome. Don’t stop podcasting
  • Keith Braswell
    Great podcast. Far too many ads
    Love the podcast and Kurt Angle. I unsubscribed from this podcast and all Conrad Thompson podcast because tue the ridiculous amount of ads. At one point. I was listening to all of his podcasts. But not any longer. I get he’s trying to drive the listeners to his paid, ad free service but no thanks.
  • Whiskey Hank
    Great podcast, way too many ads
  • kinggtonii
    Conrad does it again!
    If you follow Conrad Thompson, you know pretty much all his podcasts are gold. “Something to wrestle with” was by far my favorite; but I’m surprised how much I enjoy the Kurt Angle show. Kurt is 100% honest and seems like a pretty cool guy to hangout with. Five stars!
  • GunnerKnowsBest
    Least favorite among all Conrad’s podcasts.
    Least favorite of all of Conrad’s podcasts. Kurt just doesn’t seem capable of letting Conrad take the lead and it hurts the show. Kurt is also just way too serious and not entertaining. The shows are way too short, but I don’t know what would happen if they were longer. Kurt just seems more interested in his chicken snacks than telling great stories. Don’t really care for the interview format either, especially since Kurt runs the show there too. As far as ads go, just hit the forward 30 seconds button people.
  • xxDarkhorse06xx
    too many ads Conrad!
    like all your other podcasts. cmon dude!
  • Skyguy2000sb
    Way too many ads
    I love Angle’s stories, but the 5-8 minutes of ads in the beginning is unnecessary. It really made me mad when on episode 12, 6 minutes of ads played in the beginning, then the podcast plays for 4 minutes, then ads come back on for another two minutes. Why? Let the podcast actually play out longer than what the ads were, you guys should know how this works. I try to leave a private review to be polite but all I’m told is “Go to adfreeshows and go to our Patreon” so it’s all about money to Conrad, being married to a Fliehr, you’d think he has plenty, but he goes milking every last cent out of these legends and their stories and it’s sad.
  • DinoDefino
    Conrad Jumped the Shark
    Too many Ads, Conrad’s shows have more ADs than 5 minute YouTube video.I predict right after this post a Conrad stooge will post five star generic review.
  • Zlenny Kravit
    Changed my perspective
    Usually I don’t listen to wrestler podcasts because they usually know only one side of the creative process. I listen to Something to Wrestle (Bruce Prichard), 83 Weeks (Eric Bischoff) and Grillin JR (Jim Ross) because they usually know more than anyone else about the creative reasons and process and I enjoy that but I really enjoyed The Kurt Angle show and his knowledge of not just the business but even his humility and perspective. I even recommended this to a few of my friends and they are also enjoying it.
  • Graveyardgamers047
    My favorite wrestler
    I can listen to this man talk tall day. Dope show but all the ad make it hard to listen to.
  • BigCeez07
    Too many ads
    Love Kurt but Conrad ruins this show and any show he’s on with so many ads it’s ridiculous every show he produces is trash..
  • Jimmie Lee II
    Good .... but
    I enjoy hearing Kurt’s perspective but I am tired of Conrad’s commercials. It’s too many which makes me not want to listen. Overall good wrestling podcast.
  • RogersMane
    Awesome podcast
    This podcast brings back so many memories from my childhood when Kurt was on top of WWE, and the best wrestler in the world. I look forward to listening anytime I get a chance to, and I also placed me an order for some CHXN-SNX! You guys are great, keep up the great work!
  • Relocateusa
    Not bad but not great
    Unfortunately Angle just repeats a lot of the things Conrad says. Doesn’t really add a lot to the stories behind the matches or time at WWE. Lots of ads. They cut in so you have no idea it’s an ad right away. A lot is just reading Meltzers summary and Angle agreeing with Conrad.
    This Show has WAY MORE Potential. CONRAD what makes youR pods really good IS your ability to ADAPT. ANGLE is very straightforward and honest. He’s NOT a storyteller like BRUCE oR an DEEP/OVER ANALYZING person like ERIC. YOU changed WHW w/TONY by fitting the format into what his strengths were. I’m Just a Dude like YOU, But a Fan. It’s MY Suggestion: YOU MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT.
  • 345fty
    I love this podcast been listening since day one keep up the good job and thank you for this podcast ❤️☺️🙌
  • @Joe Negron
    I’ve been doing podcast literally forever do you want to help me out I have the best podcast ever , I and my ( partner) talk and talk about how awesome AEW is , for for all you guys wondering if I Joe Negron get lockjaw , the answer is no , ( obviously ) Please send me $$ I really need it Smart wrestling fan .com
  • frankie marino
    Do you rent or own your home?
    Kurt has a great way of telling [Do you rent or own your home?] stories and Conrad is really Do you rent or own your home?good at asking the right questions [Do you rent or own your home?] to lead the discussions and keep the [Do you rent or own your home?] conversation flowing. If I had any issues [Do you rent or own your home?] with the [Do you rent or own your home?] podcast is that it doesn’t talk enough about [Do you rent or own your home?] home mortgage loans.
  • b.d.kold
    The best there is , best there was, best there ever will be, oh it’s true...
    Love this show, aswell as Conrad’s other 5, was very excited when I heard about this one coming at it very easily moved its was to being something I listen to asap when it drops , keep up the good work guys
  • coltsfan330
    Ads ruin a great pod
    I understand how these shows make revenue but good god are there tons of ads. It becomes particularly annoying when driving because it’s hard to tell when the ads end. Otherwise, this is a fantastic formula. Kurt is humble for someone who doesn’t need to be. Good stuff!
  • BrooklynSoul33
    I enjoy hearing the WWE stories but I’m more interested in hearing about his time in TNA
  • dman4227
    Least Fave
    This is my least favorite on Conrad’s programs. Kurt can only give his insight as a wrestler, so it adds little to the stories. There are so many ads in these short episodes.
  • Shakes11
    Angle is amazing
    Angle is so grateful, honest and entertaining this is another Conrad home run. I feel like Angle can’t believe that people want to hear his stories but all are amazing
  • King_Grizzly
    Love The Podcast...Oh It's True
    I love the honesty & chemistry between Conrad & Kurt. Please keep up the awesome stories & great insight on the business.
  • Erocsit
    The best
    Best wrestling podcast
  • CreamyBananna337
    Love Love Love !!!!
    This podcast is amazing!!! I love listening to his stories from those great days of the attitude and ruthless aggression era. Thank You Kurt Angle for all the memories and sharing them on your new Podcast. Also thank you for representing our great country in The 1996 Olympics. Congratulations for this show being The #1 Ranked Wresting Podcast. I look forward to this every Sunday. It’s True It’s True From one of your fans, Marcus
  • JasonSulli
    Fun Show
    Kurt is getting better and better every week. Digging the show guys, keep it up and thank you.
  • Ommaaarrrr!
    Too many ads
    Love the show! But hearing an ad every 10 minutes kinda waters down the stories.
  • @kac443
    Meltzer this, meltzer that.
    Who cares about meltzer’s rating. It’s irrelevant. Just go over the topic and have Kurt talk about it. Who cares what the wrestling observer says.
  • splow07
    So excited that this exists.
    I am loving this podcast so far! Kurt is such a professional in seemingly everything that he does, and he is highly charismatic as well. He has a refreshing ability to talk about himself and his accomplishments without much ego. It’s almost like he can look at it objectively. I really like him. He has been a favorite since his Olympic days and especially since his debut in the WWE. It’s unfortunate I cannot watch him on TV now but the fact that I can listen to this podcast really satisfies my Olympic hero fix. Thank you Kurt, Conrad and team that bring this excellent podcast to us. I hope it continues to grow and evolve, and is as rewarding for you all as it is for me.
  • Sean of the deli
    Audio is horrible
    Take some of that ad money and buy Kurt and better mike He be better off recording on his iPhone sounds horrible
  • TheFish32
    Oh it’s great real great
    Angle is the man. If you are burnt out on wrastlin podcasts don’t worry, listening to the Olympian makes it fresh
  • Jimmy j boomer carton
    Great stories
    Angle, Angle, Angle, de de de
  • jackmehoff7777
    One of the best ever. In the ring and on the mic.
  • FLA-Z
    Kurt=Awesome. Conrad=TOOL
    Love Kurt but this dope Conrad makes yet another podcast UNlistenable for me.
  • kodc2013
    Brain damage? Forgetting questions
    Why is Kurt forgetting the questions
  • Gageman1728
    Great Show
    Kurt is great at everything he does. Thanks Conrad for bringing us another great podcast.
  • Anthony NorCal
    Sexy Kurt 5 Stars
    The sexy Kurt made me laugh out loud!! Thank you all for the entertainment!!! Anthony Nor Cal
  • no-nickname-since-it-is-taken
    Freaking Conrad did it again
  • Narbies
    Another home run
    Just when I thought I didn’t have enough Conrad Thompson podcasts in my life, he throws me one with my favorite of all time, Kurt Angle! An outstanding show and a great look at the past from Kurts perspective. Absolutely love it
  • Jane says I'm done with...
    I was excited..
    Until I heard Conrad’s voice.. is their no one else? I can’t handle him in another podcast.
  • Jeff D. Loomis
    IT’S TRUE!!!
    KURT ANGLE KILLED MY FATHER!!! Just kidding... that was Brian Last. LOVE THE POD!
  • Oneraidernation
    The best 🥇
    I like all of Conrad’s shows but this is my favorite. Kurt seems to tell it like it was, but without the sourness or bitterness that you’ve come to expect from some wrestlers. His ego doesn’t seem to exist, he seems like a great dude, and I’m glad to say that about one of my all time favorites. Try his chicken snacks, they’re great, it’s true. 🥇🥇
  • bbruiser8989
    The “You Know Show”
    I can get past Kurt calling it the “duba dub ee”, but man does he say “you know” more than Vince Russo says “bro”. It is all I can concentrate on. Every sentence or pause: “you know”. I don’t know if I can get past it. EDIT* gave episode 2 a shot. Nope. Can’t do it anymore. Can’t get past YOU KNOW YOU KNOW YOU KNOW. Plus it just seems like a Conrad podcast with Kurt as guest. Very unlike 83 Weeks, WHW, etc...
  • jaimejag
    Loving it.
    One of my favorite wrestling podcasts at the moment. Thank you.
  • Latino Heat 2000
    Promising start
    Have very much enjoyed the first few episodes, and expect it to get better as Kurt grows more comfortable in this new role. Good choice of topics thus far and Angle seems like is willing to open up. I’m curious and hope to hear them cover matches and storylines Kurt wasn’t in just to hear his insight there too.
  • wildcat wayne x
    Another Great Podcast
    All of Conrad’s podcasts are great, but I especially love this one because of Kurt. He is a great story teller and because he is a Christian ( as am I) the profanity is minimal , especially compared to Bruce. Also this one is told from a wrestler’s perspective so it is unique ( yes I know Arn wrestled as well). Kurt is not as angry as the other hosts in this family and he is vulnerable and sincere. If I could only listen to one wrestling podcast, this would be it.
  • Jimmylewis89
    Love the new show. Some audio issues tho
    Love the show guys. It’s awesome hearing Kurt’s stories on Conrad’s platform. Only critique for what it’s worth, I would like for Kurt’s audio to be better. Kinda sounds like he’s speaking into a webcam microphone. And there’s some lag interruptions. I know they’re recording over the internet. But maybe a set up closer to Conrad’s. Either way tho, I’m still gonna listen. Love Conrad’s footprint in the world of rasslin. Good stuff. Cant wait for more
  • CJR141
    Excellent. Great enjoyable story telling.
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