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Kurt Angle is a 14-time professional wrestling world champion, with titles collected in WWE, TNA and Japan. He is in both the WWE and TNA/Impact Hall of Fames, a two-time NCAA Division 1 National Champion, and has also won a gold medal in free style wrestling at the 1996 Summer Games with, as he likes to say, ‘a broken freaking neck.’ At every stop in his career, Angle has reached the top of the mountain and now he’s taking his Three I’s; Intensity, Intelligence and Integrity, to the podcast world as he joins host Conrad Thompson to take a look back at some of the matches, feuds and moments that turned an Olympic gold medalist into one of the greatest sports entertainers of all time. It’s True. It’s damn true.

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Recent Reviews
  • Anthony NorCal
    Sexy Kurt 5 Stars
    The sexy Kurt made me laugh out loud!! Thank you all for the entertainment!!! Anthony Nor Cal
  • no-nickname-since-it-is-taken
    Freaking Conrad did it again
  • Narbies
    Another home run
    Just when I thought I didn’t have enough Conrad Thompson podcasts in my life, he throws me one with my favorite of all time, Kurt Angle! An outstanding show and a great look at the past from Kurts perspective. Absolutely love it
  • Jane says I'm done with...
    I was excited..
    Until I heard Conrad’s voice.. is their no one else? I can’t handle him in another podcast.
  • Jeff D. Loomis
    IT’S TRUE!!!
    KURT ANGLE KILLED MY FATHER!!! Just kidding... that was Brian Last. LOVE THE POD!
  • Oneraidernation
    The best 🥇
    I like all of Conrad’s shows but this is my favorite. Kurt seems to tell it like it was, but without the sourness or bitterness that you’ve come to expect from some wrestlers. His ego doesn’t seem to exist, he seems like a great dude, and I’m glad to say that about one of my all time favorites. Try his chicken snacks, they’re great, it’s true. 🥇🥇
  • bbruiser8989
    The “You Know Show”
    I can get past Kurt calling it the “duba dub ee”, but man does he say “you know” more than Vince Russo says “bro”. It is all I can concentrate on. Every sentence or pause: “you know”. I don’t know if I can get past it. EDIT* gave episode 2 a shot. Nope. Can’t do it anymore. Can’t get past YOU KNOW YOU KNOW YOU KNOW. Plus it just seems like a Conrad podcast with Kurt as guest. Very unlike 83 Weeks, WHW, etc...
  • jaimejag
    Loving it.
    One of my favorite wrestling podcasts at the moment. Thank you.
  • Latino Heat 2000
    Promising start
    Have very much enjoyed the first few episodes, and expect it to get better as Kurt grows more comfortable in this new role. Good choice of topics thus far and Angle seems like is willing to open up. I’m curious and hope to hear them cover matches and storylines Kurt wasn’t in just to hear his insight there too.
  • wildcat wayne x
    Another Great Podcast
    All of Conrad’s podcasts are great, but I especially love this one because of Kurt. He is a great story teller and because he is a Christian ( as am I) the profanity is minimal , especially compared to Bruce. Also this one is told from a wrestler’s perspective so it is unique ( yes I know Arn wrestled as well). Kurt is not as angry as the other hosts in this family and he is vulnerable and sincere. If I could only listen to one wrestling podcast, this would be it.
  • Jimmylewis89
    Love the new show. Some audio issues tho
    Love the show guys. It’s awesome hearing Kurt’s stories on Conrad’s platform. Only critique for what it’s worth, I would like for Kurt’s audio to be better. Kinda sounds like he’s speaking into a webcam microphone. And there’s some lag interruptions. I know they’re recording over the internet. But maybe a set up closer to Conrad’s. Either way tho, I’m still gonna listen. Love Conrad’s footprint in the world of rasslin. Good stuff. Cant wait for more
  • CJR141
    Excellent. Great enjoyable story telling.
  • ApeironD
    Conrad does it AGAIN
    I’ve been an avid listener since Something to Wrestle launched. It’s amazing how much Conrad has grown this network and now he’s got the Kurt Angle show. First two episodes, I can’t wait for more. Conrad is able to let Kurt open up, I think Kurt is slowly feeling more comfortable, but as always... holy crap, the content. If you want a candid talk with Kurt or are just a fan of his career, don’t miss this podcast. I always wish the episodes were longer but well, you know... huhhhhhh
  • matthewbarker8
    Conrad Thompson is the pod father for a reason
    Conrad found the perfect formula and format for wrestling podcasts. Anything with his name attached to it is worth a listen.
  • masonmatthew
    Home Run
    Conrad did it again. Another great perspective of the wrestling industry.
  • woolly mammoth 317
    It’s great to get a peek inside the genius of Kurt angle’s wrestling mine
  • Thebadguy127
    Oh it’s true!
    It turns out Kurt is good at everything!
  • Bketcham
    The PodFather does it again !
    It’s true, it’s TRUE, this is a gold medal winner of a show ! Kurt does a tremendous job telling his story with Conrad Thompson asking him great questions.
  • BasedBoi Lui
    Been waiting for Kurt to join the podcast world woooooo
  • helctour
    More than you think it would be
    At first i thought it would be dry, but it was actually a great listen. It’s wants me to listen to it more and more, cant wait for more episodes
  • Dartmonster
    It’s true its true
    This was an awesome podcast and I’m looking forward to many more stories from hands down the greatest in ring preformer ever !!!!
  • CJT 76
    I love Kurt, the story telling is great. The mortgage pimping & hearing Conrad host another pod is ... well 🙄
  • christigasp
    Fantastic Show!!
    Conrad, thank you for each and every one of your podcasts!!! Kurt is one of my all time favorite super hero heels! Fantastic show guys, you made this girls whole week! 😀
    It’s true
    Kurt Angle is one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. So cool to hear he has a podcast with the Podfather, Conrad Thompson.
  • jimmyolsen
    Awesome Podcast!
    I’m a big fan of Kurt Angle’s, and it’s exciting to hear his take on some of his most memorable moments!
  • Barry Mccocknerr
    Great opening episode
    Enjoyed the down to earth conversation from Kurt today in the first episode. Digging the vibe so far. Of course as with all of Conrad’s pods there’s a ton of ads so I take a star away.
  • Nigguhfaggot
    Better than expected!
    Kurt is much sharper than I thought he would be after the decades of punishment he endured. Looking forward to more!
  • Rlara1018
    Great pod!
    Broken freakin neck!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • AIIJay
    Conrad the Pod GOAT Angle the GOAT
    Must listen for all wrestling fans, Kurt was my favorite wrestler growing up and been listening to Conrad for a while
  • Mike Parker35
    The Podfather does it again. As always, I appreciate the lack of inane political talk that no one gives a f&$% about.
  • djones52
    The podfather strikes again
    My favorite wrestler of all time has a podcast with Conrad? Absolutely a must listen
  • Kyle J J
    Really enjoyable!
    Listening to Kurt tell stories, recalling events as well as being pretty open about every thing was a great listen. Cannot wait for more!
  • CharlieWalden
    It’s true. It’s true.
    Listening to Kurt is the same as watching one of his matches: an absolute joy. I’m really glad he was able to start a podcast along with Conrad who at this point is the best at what he does. I remember a lot of early Kurt Angle matches and while I did not watch his later stuff in wwe, this will sort of help fill that gap. This is a great episode and I can’t wait to hear more. Great job Kurt and Conrad!
  • Chase Tallent
    Would sit and listen Kurt tell stories for hours! Thank you for doing this!
  • Cordogg77
    The Show Hasn’t Even Started Yet
    ...... and it’s already amazing!
  • smakdave
    Audio Gold
    Kurt’s openness and honesty is refreshing and this show is a must listen
  • MattyIce4Real
    CANT WAIT FOR THIS TO DROP! All of Conrad’s podcasts are gold, so naturally this podcast will be right up there with the rest of them. Can’t wait to hear Kurt’s stories and experiences!
  • Jobber4Hire
    Should be good
    Unless he’s overly sexual like JR
  • RageTheF'nLunatic
    Waiting no stars yet,oh its true
  • Jferguson0110
    If it’s anything like Conrad’s other shows, it’s going to be amazing!
  • nightmare king nwo
    Oh it’s true it’s dam true
    Kurt angle is one my all time favorite wrestlers I hope the show follows his 3 I’s
    Perc Angle the GOAT
  • Jjjjjoooooosssssshhhhh
    Hey hey
    It’s Conrad! Just heard about this podcast from whatculture and had to come subscribe!
  • PhilipJoseph43
  • winter772
    Angle’s angle
  • JBurlingame00
    The greatest of all time now in podcast form. So excited!
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