The Naruto Virgin


Follow along as a grown man reads Naruto for the very first time, one week at a time! If you're a fan of Naruto, you can relive the excitement of the series from the beginning. If you haven't read Naruto yet, you can read along with us!

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  • The One Piece Virgins rival
    WOW SO SAD!!!
    Give Sasuke a break. You guys are complaining about sasuke planning on killing innocent civilians including his friends for his revenge against konoha when that's the exact sane thing itachi did. There were innocent civilians in the Uchiha clan massacre including children, his family, and even his potential girlfriend. why is it ok for itachi to do it and not sasuke? Not to mention that if it wasn't for itachi threatnibg danzo, he would have killed sasuke anyway, completely breaking his promise. Oh yeah lets forgive the people who put itachi through this ordeal just because itachi wants peace. Id like to see you go through wats sasuke's going through and pick peace.
  • Rusty1342
    Whelp due to Nux we will see if I finish
    Between the lack of structure and Nux talking over everyone and being completely wrong about facts it’s a hard listen. I’m a couple episodes in and plan on catching up, praying that things get better as they go along.
  • Vito16PR
    Itachi best naruto character
    Love your podcast i am following every single podcast you guys have i love it cause it gets me trough the day at work keep up god work
  • Will Magnus
    This Is Not One Piece
    This review podcast is not even half as good as when Animak reviewed One Piece. The off-topic bickering is not only more frequent but harder to ignore. These reviews seem short and without any information. Is anyone taking notes? Is anyone reading along or is this just “Animak reads, the rest of you guess what is going on based on your memories?” If you like One Piece, go listen to THAT podcast, if you like Naruto, do not listen to this podcast. No one sounds like they are attempting to care.
  • mah balzitch
    Love the podcast so far (not Briggs tho)
    J a heads up when u guys give negative feedback for something can u explain why u feel that way cause it sounds more like bashing than criticism. Also gozen says sasuke not excepting love is a flaw when it isn’t, once again tho if only he would explain I can see what he means.
  • Alexander_is_a_nerd
    A roast of the review section.
    The review section looks like the YouTube comment section. I honestly don’t mind the bickering. I get it. Nux talks like he’s running out of time or as if he’ll never get a chance to talk. You just have to bare with him. I think at this point Animak has become numb to it and will only tell Nux to knock it off when it’s needed. I hope you have a good day and treat others with kindness and respect. 🦄
  • illxsion
    No Structure
    Used to listen to rant cafe but stopped because it’s nothing but people talking over each other and screaming. How have you all been podcasting for this long and are still terrible at it?
  • samanthajoadair
    Interesting how much grown men bicker
    For this to be all men, they sure bicker a lot. The one knucks or whatever, is obnoxious. I ADORED the dragon ball podcast so I wanted to listen to this one too..... just no. Too much bickering, the guy off in the distance is just awful, and if you remove him, this would be much more enjoyable. Unsubscribing. Nobody wants to listen to bickering - I can just turn on the news for that.
  • cory bricks
    Still dope
    It’d be cool if nux didn’t try to force his opinion on everything animak said. I thought this was the naruto virgin not the “look I’m nux and I’m not a virgin” podcast
  • hammers779
    Dude this is sooooooooo good
    This is the best podcast I’ve ever known!!!
  • Blueberry Fathead
    Nux Taku
    Nux ruined episode 1, Animak didn’t care, honestly a Hajime No Ippo podcast would probably be better. Even Never Believe It is a better Naruto podcast and they purposely make it as awful and unlistenable as possible. 0/10
  • nycwillbethehokage
    I rlly would like animak to have more reactions. It seems like he’s not fully interested which I understand he might not like it yet. But he’s forgetting hype moments and jus doesn’t seem like he cares :/
  • Graphic buster1
    Animac is gonna love a white haired pervert.
    Here is my theory, after animac(with a c) finish’s NaRUTOO, he will pay kishimoto all of his and gozens money to get a make out paradise IRL.
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