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There's fantasy football and then there's dynasty fantasy football. This isn't your run-of-the-mill show that just lightly touches on the topic, this is the FantasyPros DYNASTY Football Podcast and Scott Bogman along with Pat Fitzmaurice are here to get your squad built to win for years to come. Whether you're just starting or diving deep into devy leagues, we've got your back with deep player analysis, a strong understanding of dynasty strategies, and league-winning advice that you'll only find here.

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  • Jr5889
    Thor and Saints own Dbro, funny but really detailed. Watch your comps Dbro & thoughts on Rattler & Means?
  • Billy goat marlins
    No one else i would have rather followed throughout this process than Thor and DBro.
  • Hugh Beauxner
    Thor is a human thesaurus and uses a lot of big words. Very smart! D-Bro(cool and creative nickname!) is very hip and uses a lot of buzzwords! Super smart and definitely modest! Especially when they are so much smarter than everyone else.
  • E. Stew
    I love this show! Great stuff all year round for dynasty.
  • Boskoweezzy
    Draft Show is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Thank you Thor and Dbro for everything you’ll have done on this show. Literally hit every aspect of what we need to know and down to the nitty gritty. Appreciate everything and I’ll be looking forward to this next season as well. I wanna also say to the reg dynasty podcast thank you guys for everything. Love the show and love all the content you guys go over. This offseason this pod has been one of my favorites and I also appreciate everything you guys do for the community!
  • angry365@
    Hands down BEST dynasty podcast
    Simply put, I did my first rookie draft last year and had the first pick in each of the 4 rounds. Bijan was easy, but because of you guys insights I took Laporta, Reed and Puka. Total domination!! You guys are freaking awesome. Respect their game.💪
  • bp1015
    The Best!
    Hands down the BEST dynasty podcast in the universe, this crew rocks
  • Benjo1997
    My go to dynasty pod!
    These guys do their homework, great in-depth analysis and perspective’! My go to for all things dynasty
  • Fizzle Dolla'$
    THE BEST !
    S/O the entire Fantasy Pros team ! I’ve been tappin in since 2020 and it’s only gotten better and better each year ! I remember Kyle Yates kicking off this dynasty show and that’s where I found other guys like Ray G etc. Now we are here ! 2024 ! This new lineup up is incredible and I hate when the dynasty pod takes its seasonal break. I really want to give a special S/O to these guys … DBro and Thor for really changing the game and making me see things / players differently this offseason. My boys are killing it ! Really in there Bag right now Salute the whole team and I appreciate the work being out in. If your not tapped in, your tapped out. - Love (@FizzleDollas)
  • ThatGoofyFella
    There is no comp for this content
    My go-to source for dynasty content and different stuff like that.
  • Guyzzies
    The draft shows have been absolutely amazing content not just for fantasy purposes but also for any football fan in general. These have been some of the best breakdowns of guys I have seen all season. I love the draft ever y year and feel more knowledgeable about it this year than any other year. Thanks for all the awesome content guys
  • Alec0832
    Informative but that’s it.
    While this show shows us a ton of different sides of each player and stats, however most times they both get long winded and break down each play they ever made to make their case. I find that more annoying that anything, you can share what kind of player they are without a breakdown that far in.
  • ryammons
    Amazing Dynasty Podcast
    These guys have been awesome to listen to and know their stuff. If you need some sleepers or stashes for your Dynasty league they are it. Give them a listen. As long as you aren’t in my leagues. 😂
  • phikbott
    Put some respect on these guys name.
    They clearly know their stuff and have consistently brought quality football information to the table.
  • fantasyrayg
    Best Show
    My favorite show with one of the best analysts, Derek and Thorku. Keep it going!
  • donjohn
    Great Listen
    Thor and Dbro are great and share some great knowledge about the rookies. Gonna be gutted for Thor if the vikes don't draft JJ McCarthy
  • Locarlso
    Love the analysis, experience and perspectives
    I’ve come to trust Thor and DBro more than any other draft analysts and eagerly await their podcasts. By far my favorite to listen to. Hoping to continue this love affair into the fantasy season!!
  • 1912fantasy
    Like peanut butter and jelly
    Thor and Derek are a perfect match when it comes to discussing the nfl’s future stars. Great passion, great knowledge = a great show. Fantasy pro’s give these guys a raise.
  • sjjackso2
    You’re my boy! Go Blue!
  • Big boy 56789
    Love it
    These guys are very impressive with their knowledge on the 2024 rookie class. I tune in each week. Keep up the good work.
  • nsbenjam
    Great Pod
    Great show and solid analysis, especially in the offseason before the NFL Draft and before dynasty rookie drafts. These guys back up their takes with tons of great stats.
  • Garrett0791
    Amazing Podcast!
    This podcast is great! If you love fantasy football you’ve got to give this a listen. I can attribute a lot of my success in dynasty leagues to Thor and D Bro’s analysis.
  • Chaboy32
    DBro and Thor
    These two are a perfect pairing. I consume 20+ hours of dynasty/draft content a week, and this is my favorite hour each week!
  • Eck81
    Love it
    It’s so nice to have this show available a few months out from the draft. Once the Super Bowl ended I was ready to start thinking about the draft, and it’s hard to find quality pods. Thank you fellas.
  • xoomsuxbigD
    Great tandem
    Good information. Great show.
  • Tater the album rater
    NFL Draft Show
    Dbro & Thor are both fantastic at what they do and it shows on the NFL Draft Show. 10/10 show & I’ll be tuning into every episode.
  • Ron Burgundy from San Diago
    Love the work y’all do—would appreciate input on a questionable trade
    12-team, Dynasty Superflex PPR league starting 3 WR + 2 other flex. Team A receives Burrow and Kupp. Team B receives Stroud, Jimmy G, and Zay Jones. Can keep my personal feelings out of it as to not put a thumb on the scale, but this seems way too lopsided—unfortunately, most of the league is pretty inactive and indifferent. While Team B could use depth, Jimmy G and Jones are replacement-level players and Stroud is unproven. You don’t give up 2 studs of this level for that even with current injury and age considerations, and trade calculators obviously bear that out. Would love to hear y’all’s opinions, please.
  • Nimrod92490
    Pat Fitz IS the show
    In the most respectful way possible, this show needs a new host. Pat is great. The other guy is a redraft player in his approach to dynasty. And valuing veterans on the edge of the cliff in the same tier as productive 25 year olds simply because they project well in the coming season isn’t helpful to the dynasty community.
  • njaudette
    Need a third person
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a long time and like it a lot, but I have been getting pretty frustrated lately. It really bothers me that Bogs is so devoted to his stance of playing in short windows based on the rationale that dynasty leagues often don’t last. Every time Pat describes himself as an ‘age-ist’ or a ranking debate comes down to Boggs not caring about age, I want to pull my hair out. Age-ism is basically a principal component of competent dynasty analysis. First of all, not all dynasty leagues fold, and people listening to this podcast in some random offseason month are probably likely to be in real committed dynasty leagues. Talking about (and borderline advocating) the win immediately bc the league will fold approach so much is probably putting ideas in peoples heads! Get that bad juju out of the universe! Second, it’s a total black hole for actual dynasty analysis. Imagine if you followed a podcast about hydrogen vehicles, and one of the hosts was an expert who talked about emerging car technologies and the other cohost spent their time talking about gas vehicles because hydrogen vehicles aren’t guaranteed to reach the market. It ensures that a large number of rankings differences and player perspectives are differentiated by this one thing, which makes it come up all the time and hinders having substantive debate that take dynasty discussions honestly. I’m not saying Bogs is completely wrong - many dynasty leagues do fold. But i bet most of your listeners would like to spend more of their time hearing about what to do in an actual dynasty league rather than a 3 year and fold league. I’m not just going to complain… I have a few proposals. 1. Bogs, I bet you are in at least a few dynasty leagues that have been going on for a long time and have no chance of folding. Could you maybe pretend that you’re making rankings/decisions/opinions based solely on those leagues? You could even mention at the top of every show (if you feel the need) that it can be wise in startups to sort of average dynasty rankings and redraft rankings if its not clear the league will hold. 2. Get a third person or have a guest on more episodes, that way the ‘leagues fold, you should mostly play like it’s redraft’ perspective is only a third of the content. Been listening to the show for a long time and really like/respect both of you, but hoping this one important aspect can change a bit.
  • Nkwalker766
    Free tip
    Nobody wants to play dynasty with someone that constantly talks about how most leagues don’t make it past 3 years.
  • DynastyGuru
    Not great for dynasty content
    Scott needs to go. How he is the host of a dynasty podcast baffles me. He clearly doesn’t understand the concept of a true dynasty league and speaks about players as if it’s a redraft/keeper league. Had to turn this weeks pod off due to his idiotic nonsense takes. #unsubscribe
  • Powerman29
    Problem with your mock draft
    I get wanting to promote your product but it’s honestly pointless for you guys to use the mock draft wizard. No real Sf start up has Kirk cousins going in the 11th round or whatever. If your doing a mock draft episode it should probably be realistic. Love the show overall because there’s no Joey P here but surely you guys know these mocks are nonsense
  • Vegaskid21
    So not controversial
    All this podcast does is spout nonsense about players and then agree with each other. Really? No one has any disagreements? No one defends players? What kind of podcast is that? You should give more information for the pro’s and con’s of players and let your listeners decide. But you guys are probably Socialists or something and believe that what you say shouldn’t be questioned. I wish these guys were in my leagues. They would be easy to crush in trades and in a draft.
  • D. Cincy
    Ding…. Ding…ding
    That is the sound that will eventually make you turn this podcast off. Someone on this podcast needs to learn how to put his phone on “silent.”
  • Phinsup17
    Silence your phone!!!
    Someone on the show refuses to put their phone on silent so while you listen with your AirPods in, you get a constant dinging in your ear. It’s happened multiple episodes and I will not listen to another one for that simple fact.
  • Bentley2366
    Turn of the iPhone ringer
    The iPhone ringer in the most recent episode is super annoying hard to listen when it keeps dinging.
  • Vegeta love
    Love this podcast very informative.
  • Nick Janasik
    5 Star
    The best dynasty fantasy football show out there!
  • Bishop Sandoval
    Strategy = Dynasty
    So many people love the fantasy re-draft format as it allows you to reset your team every year. This show is for the quirky die hard football fans who can’t get enough of college football hype and actual NFL production. I’m a weekly listener and feel calm in a sea of tumultuous dynasty storms.
  • adelgadillo77
    Great info and awesome show!
    Bogman and Pat are amazing hosts! Just joined my first dynasty league this year and this show has helped me build an awesome team!! Thanks!!!
  • ScottKannen
    Great show!
    Just joined a dynasty league this year and this podcast has helped make some roster changing decisions and how to value players.
  • ztwice
    Decent show
    The show has a good layout and I understand all the transition the show is gone through has made it tough. Fitz is great and provides great insight. My only real critique is that Scott ALWAYS brings up how he’s a Steelers and UT fan and let’s that impact his analysis. Please stop mentioning that and have unbiased advice. Fitz, keep the great work!
  • Dale Crawford
    Pat Fitzmaurice is saving another podcast
    This show has had a high turnover of hosts and it has now settled on Scott Bogman and Pat Fitzmaurice. I really like Pat’s analysis and approach, but honestly I would just recommend his main podcast Fitz on Fantasy where he gets to drive each episode.
  • The Fantasy Fiend
    Exactly what I need!
    This show is great! Just what I need in the summer when I have the dynasty football itch. I wish they were on the Overcast app though because listening to podcasts on Apple podcasts is annoying/clunky. They’re the only thing I listen to on Apple Podcasts but I listen to everything else on Overcast
  • ponyboy1025
    Like the show, BUT
    Bogman, we get it. You’re a Steelers and Longhorns fan. You don’t need to mention it EVERY SINGLE PODCAST. Whether it’s your schtick or not, it’s obnoxious.
  • SincityGMoney
    HOw is it possible the NFL draft just ended and there’s NOTHING in dynasty impact/landing places/rookie draft impact?!
  • Coldsmoke16
    Awesome Show
    Getting Pat Fitzmaurice was a huge move! Now someone who routinely is a top expert is on the show.
  • Shaunn C
    Fantasy Football
    Great podcast. Tons of great insight and valuable fantasy advice to help compete for a fantasy championship!
  • The better Nate
    Good discussion of rankings
    Good show, and Pat Fitzmaurice is my favorite FF ranker so I try to listen to all of his podcasts, which has netted me a couple ships. One piece of unsolicited criticism is that I wish Scott Bogman would allow the other people on the podcast to have a little more airtime. He tends to take up a lot of audio space (it might be be his recording equipment is a little more hi-fi) but the interruptions and commentary are a little heavy handed.
  • This studly guy
    I really hope yates doesn’t try and go the JJ Zachariason route and create his own company.. Yates seems like a cool guy and all but doesn’t seem to have the drive to really make this fantasy thing work.. all he does is talk about how much time he doesn’t have and how he can’t watch college football cuz he’s so busy.. he’s not.. no one is that busy.. watch film for 8 hours a day 5 days a week.. that’s 40 hours.. a normal work week.. and I can’t almost guarantee no analyst watches that much film or does that much fantasy work.. it’s just a bunch of people who are good guessers and love to tell you how busy they are.. I just hope the next host just talks about dynasty and not about how much work they have done to talk about dynasty..
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