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Medicine #86

GuardianMD and Guardian Test Prep are dedicated to helping students prepare for and pass the NREMT. Our Back to Basics podcast was created to make what are sometimes complex medical topics easy to understand and retain for students of emergency medicine. Learn more about GuardianMD at Support this podcast:

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  • PufferPoints
    Good To Go
    I got my AEMT a year ago. I wish I knew about them then, I might of understood things a lot better. Now I have a better understanding of of subjects that confused me then, after listening to all the podcasts.
  • hgtrgjjdsfbj
    Fun Way to Continue Education
    I am a dog walker and love binging these on my walk. They are done in a conversational manor witch makes them interesting to listen to and fun to learn about.
  • Chayz211
    Such a valuable podcast
    These guys keep things lighthearted yet they are so informative. Difficult concepts become easy to digest. Even if I wasn’t in emt school this would still be an entertaining and insightful podcast.
  • jesi :))
    there is a reason this show has a 5 star rating. its a really easy podcast to help learn about ems and reduce topics back to their basics. ive learned so much from this podcast and im js a silly little high school student who wants to go into ems as a career. overall its a real 11/10
  • Annie BOMB💚😎
    This podcast helps me understand so much. Lightbulbs finally click on and it makes so much more sense. It has been so helpful in the field even as a basic EMT. Thanks guys for all you do!
  • chesksyekene
    Love your guys sense of humor
    And spot on knowledge and wisdom I keep coming back. Currently in emt school
  • Jawznrok
    Current Emt
    I’m a current Emt and I throughly enjoy listening to these podcasts! Great commentary and information from both of you!
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