The Food That Built America

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It takes bold visionaries risking everything to create some of the most recognizable brands on the planet. The Food That Built America, based on the hit documentary series from The HISTORY® Channel, tells the extraordinary true stories of industry titans like Henry Heinz, Milton Hershey, the Kellogg brothers and Ray Kroc, who revolutionized the food industry and transformed American life and culture in the process.

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Recent Reviews
  • tiffcrown
    a fav
    Just as interesting as the show, cool things to learn about, & now i can learn w/ my eyes closed on the go
  • jessphotographsparis
    Temporary unavailable ?
    I keep trying to listen the the last two episodes and it just says temporarily unavailable 😭. I live in Paris France but I can access all my other American podcasts. I don’t get it
  • Frannyglassss
    So fun!
    Fantastic companion to the TV show, I learn even more and it’s a fun, “snackable” podcast I can listen to with my kids. Excited to see what comes next!
  • TopangaSunrise
    Episodes don’t play anymore
    I loved the TV show and looked forward to the podcast. I had no trouble playing the intro and first episode, but now no matter which device or OS I try I just get errors, the episodes won’t play. All my other podcasts play so I believe it’s a feed issue. I do hope they fix it soon as I would love to listen.
    Love the podcast!
    My son wrote research paper on Coca Cola in the 8th grade. Listening to this podcast takes me back a few years. I really enjoyed the few more details the podcast provides.
  • MarceloGomez
    Food and history
    Looking forward to future episodes
  • -m-a-k-i-
    Who knew
    Who knew food could be so captivating?! A great podcast - now I’m hungry.
  • Poopiebutt247
    Ok but too many distracting noises
    I like the subject matter but the foley sound work is totally unnecessary, distracting, and annoying. The tone throughout the show is inconsistent. I tried to listen while going to bed and found I had to regularly turn the volume up or down for comfortable levels.
  • GoHeels17
    Who knew 19th century Americans had such terrible diets? Love the cereal episode
  • addidas👡
  • Neempu
    So far so good
    Excellent narration, sound, and thorough, entertaining coverage of topic. I love learning about the food system and barons who shaped it!
  • dakotaccc4
    Very interesting
    This is a very interesting series. It’s pace is a little too slow and the listener has to put up with annoying music regularly. It often feels like they are trying to stretch twenty minutes of information into a thirty minute show. Needs some editing.
  • %%**""
    Amazingly well told!
    Especially interesting that Coca Cola was a moral booster for the military!
  • Learning can be fun 4 U 2
    Tasty, Delicious and Addictive
    OZY’s done it AGAIN! I’m a fan for life!! What a tantalizingly scrumptious podcast. The way all the juicy bits of facts from the past are interwoven— create a tapestry of history that’s not been explored before. This is the way to learn history, being entertained while simultaneously being enlightened. Double bang for your buck!
  • CWGriswold
    Content is good, host is tough to listen to
    I really enjoyed the content and style of the episode, but the host is too monotone. For a light hearted topic, the host takes a serious tone with little excitement making for a difficult listen.
  • booitsbecky
    10/10 show!
    I love everything that comes out of the history channel team. This show is no exception!
  • Leilani Little
    Food for thinking!
    This is such a great topic. Leave it to Sean Braswell to come up with it! His podcasts are awesome!
  • Derp Bean
    The first episode abt Coke is cool! I knew it was originally made with cocaine but I had no idea how. It was informative but not overly long. It was interesting but not drawn out. I like it!
  • Nick Dresky
    Another great podcast from OZY
    I’ve loved all of OZY’s podcasts in the past, especially The Carlos Watson Show, and they’ve done it again with this fun new collaboration with History!
  • 123_sylvia_123
    The best podcast!
    Amazing content, I love this podcast!
  • ksandya
    Love it!!
    Really enjoyed the show and love the podcast just as much!
  • zmatthewl
    Looking forward to more
  • Eva Gabrielle
    The world needed a new Sean Braswell podcast 👏🏼 Cant wait for the other episodes to come out.
  • Eferighe
    Seamless listen
    Was surprised and sad when it ended
  • jimbobw
    OZY + HISTORY = match made in heaven
    These two brands are always on point with smart content. This is gonna be great!!
  • tini:-)
    Sean Braswell is back!
    Every show from the mind of this man is pure gold. Already love this new show!
  • pharris610
    Good content, bad host
    Enjoyed the informative content, but the host made for difficult listening. Dour tone, and every single sentence dropped off at the end, to the point that I missed words he got so quiet and hushed. This isn’t a true crime podcast about super serious matters. The podcast would benefit from a more upbeat, happier tone from its host. And a greater variety of inflection.
  • MG120166
    The Food That Built America by History Channel
    Great stories of the iconic foods that define American culture. The story of Coca-Cola is fascinating. Can’t wait for the rest of the series to drop!
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