Macrodosing: Arian Foster and PFT Commenter


Macrodosing: Arian Foster and PFT Commenter explore conspiracies, conundrums, and the dark corners of the deep web. Turn on. Tune in. Drop out.

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  • scottE$hmurda
    The tangents are electric
  • yung rit
    BigT mega cringe dude just gets mad at everyone who asked this dude to be on the show
    Still listen to every episode lol
  • Trebonius
    Great Podcast
    Great content with a sense of humor!
  • matthewjustin1
    good not great
    fairly addicitng listen but Arian is borderline insufferable
  • rather hear calebs insight
    Very good
    The podcast is awesome, I love the squad. My only grievance is Foster seems to disagree just to disagree and can’t admit when his point is poorly backed e.g. dogs shooting in the gym
  • iminthisbitchw/PG?
    Fire. Billy-uh
    4.9 stars. Less uhs would make it a 5 peice chicken dinner no 🎩
  • Married my sister TN
    Loved the show but….
    Good lord. Arian is a complete idiot. Racism this and capitalism that. CRT is an actual thing that teaches kids that they are inherently born racist. Do your research Adrian instead of reading headlines from one site. You my friend are ignorant and I’m a VOLS Fan. You have benefited from America and the college exploitation as you call it. Amazing how I learned about slavery and all the facts through history books. Stop being a victim and try to look at other people as equal. Your life would be a lot smoother. But then again, it’s easy to be a victim with a cool million plus in the account! America is great.
  • Machine121994
    Great show except for when Arian brings politics into every single topic
  • Man-imal
    Great show
    5 stars for the crew With exception of coley mick.
  • blase_blase
    This podcast could be great
    This podcast for the most part is really solid. They talk about really interesting topics and are hilarious. But It’s unfortunate that they decide to discuss politics yet have no idea what they’re talking about. They have the most left-leaning biased opinions (besides Big T) and talk with such conviction as if they are the representatives of truth. However, most of the talking point they hit on or points they try to make end up being false/incorrect. It just amazes me that every single bad thing in the world is due to republicans/white people. Extremely annoying and very decisive. I know it won’t change but I really wish they would at the very minimum just be fair. They talk about misinformation, yet they spread it themselves…upsetting.
  • Jayiloni
    My new favorite podcast
    Seriously fantastic. The dynamic between PFT, Arian, and Billy is just incredible. My new favorite podcast. It’s addicting.
  • Clint from Utah
    My body is ready.
    I’ve found a new vice of choice and it’s addicting. Love the natural dialogue and topics that come up, plus the arrival of smart Billy is fascinating to watch unfold.
  • KorbinB2
    Great podcast, it just makes you yawn sometimes.
  • livvvO_o
    So Handsome and Talented
    This has become my favorite podcast in such a short amount of time. I love the banter between everyone and don’t think you could have put a better crew together. Billy’s personality shines through so well — it’s cool to have seen him grow so much from PMT. Also totally feel needing something to hyper-fixate on, same thing happens to me! You’re all v handsome and please never stop doing this pod!!
  • FRESH 515
    Let’s get Mad Dog speech lessons
    Love the insight she brings besides saying “Umm” every 5 words
  • 18$3@3
    Needs improvement
    Was really excited for this pod and think it’s a great idea but it needs improvement. PFT is great but as the lead for this show he has to not let it get completely off topic all the time. The show goes off the rail way too much and for too long. Obviously pods will get off topic and usually it’s funny but this show gets derailed too much.
  • jimbojimmy22
    Great podcast
    You’re all handsome but can you do more about government stuff like project northwoods, operation mongoose, mknaiomi etc? Also Big T don’t listen to the haters you’re handsome too and make the pod even better
  • AVar14
    The ONLY podcast in America
    This is literally the only podcast in America. Listen to the most handsome hosts PFT and Arian discuss some of the most controversial cryptids, and to Big T try and convince us all he hasn’t committed murder.
  • wooden wind
    I love it
    I’ve only seen the first few episodes, but the music, the commentary, information and the comedy is great! I don’t listen to too many podcasts and I found this almost by mistake, but I am really glad I did! I’d love to hear another episode about Alex Jones
  • OGKelly93
    Perfect besides one thing
    The intro music needs to be the X Files theme music
  • brussea1
    How to be more hydrated than Billy
    How to be more hydrated than Billy: drink water every time Arian sniffles in the mic. Love the show 5 stars!
  • ajkimel
    Keep it
    As a day 1 PMT fan, and stoolie, I’m a huge fan of the chemistry you guys have built since the first episode. I laugh out loud at some of the banter/back and forth between you all. Also love the length of the episodes. Keep finding topics, and don’t change! You are all entirely too handsome for that.
  • shredderman18
    Good, but digress from topic so often.
    I wanna give this 5 stars but when Arian and Billy go down their rabbit holes and are saying umm and like every two seconds it becomes pretty unbearable. There’s times when I feel like 5 minutes go by and nothing is even being discussed. Just gotta clean it up a little bit
  • BlockStickMud
    Great pod
    Love this podcast. Only one flaw in the show and it’s Arian’s hatred of dogs. Can’t trust a guy who despises dogs.
  • pilespetko
    Needs Midweek Ep.
    Love the pod. The boys are handsome. However, the off topic banter before and after the content has become too much. Topical banter is electric, but I don't need to be behind the scenes.
  • greatgreatergreaterer
    No Big T
    He is such a baby with the “aww no you’re fake news” shut up dude they’re just joking with you
  • jjjjuvv
    Jumped off the fence
    I always looked forward to listening to the episodes, but this past episode Arian’s rant about hating dogs so much really turned me off. Also his arrogance is really annoying. This podcast will be fine without him. Love PFT, Big T and Billy! I wish another Barstool personality would replace Arian.
  • Hoosiers53
    Great Podcast
    I love the podcast. But tell everyone to speak into their mics and not mumble off.. I always gotta change the volume depending on who is talking but it could be my car speakers. Also you gotta do a Q-Anon/antivaxxer episode or segment
  • patmcafan
    Roast / Review
    A dog-hating former vegan, a blind man who outgrows his hair to compensate for his height, a deep-south Georgia bulldogs super-fan, and an ogre who suffers from vertigo launch a podcast to to fund their teenage friend’s transition from man to frog 🐸 …5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Jetsfan12
    Yo starting doing an episode on Thursday too. More Billy. Less Big T that guys is NO GOOD. Bring Pat or Wes on from Hardfactor.
  • bmoney71727
    Pft + Arian great combo
    Great chemistry, vibes, and interesting topics
  • Jrs189
    Love the pod!
    Love the podcast but please teach Billy how to speak without using the word “like” 4-5 times per sentence. He’s a funny dude but it’s nails on a chalkboard bad.
  • Lindy's ROUGH
    Gotta rock with Mrs. Big T. She needs to take a page out of the “Tommy Smokes” book of how to be an intern: don’t speak unless spoken too. She’s trying too hard to be a part of the show and talk when she’s the intern
  • PoppaSmurf096
    Give it a go
  • Nate337
    Never binged a podcast like a Netflix series. Keep up the good work. Thank you
  • JoeHiggins7133
    I went to Lake Lanier for my family reunion last year and constantly heard these stories from my cousins while we were there! Cool to see you guys doing an episode on it.
  • gr_01
    Great show. Top Podcast
    New favorite pod. Sweet foursome with PFT, Arian, Coley, and Big T. Billy is a net negative unfortunately. Give him a chess clock. He can talk for 3-4 minutes per show.
  • My friend Ryan
    Great Listen
    Wasn’t sure what to expect. Didn’t give it a ton of attention at first. But I get it now and I love it. Interesting, funny, thought provoking and ridiculous. All those things are good individually but together they are great! Listen to it!
  • Chet Gillespie
    Great Show
    Love listening to it
  • Soxie Browne
    Barstool Conspiracy’s..
    This show is an actual representation of how most people talk about conspiracy theories. Ya’ll should do an episode on how Eric Sollenberger who was a 6 ft tall man, became a 27 year old Dutch women who’s only 5’7.
  • Waggg90
    Great podcast
    Super fun to listen to
  • Dorian The Milk
    Pretty wack
    Set up for greatness but just random blabbering, no vibe, no flow… idk hard to listen to
  • Jdog81696
    Good except for Billy
    It's really hard to listen to Billy talk. Maybe kick him off or only have him on for a couple episodes. Can't take this dude serious.
  • @CBone
    Big T comin in hot and fast to change the subject when Capitol riots get mentioned 👀
  • billyfutbol
    Billy and Obi Toppin
    Billy and Obi Toppin. Somehow when I see one I immediately think of the other. Same shoulders...idk. Plus PFT is hot
  • DexGonGivit2Ya
    Needs set structure
    Flow is all over the place. Billy’s tangents really derail the show (and for the love of all that is holy: Billy, stop pounding the table when you speak.) Arian needs to dial back the fake intelligence he’s putting out. Point: he cited Star Trek in one of his arguments
  • Ckd123093
    More Uncle Chaps
    If Uncle Chaps was a regular host on this show, it may be the perfect podcast. Not having him on every week seems anti patriotic.
  • cwebbmusic
    You guys are….
    ….very handsome. Keep up the great work 👏🏼
  • hado3
    Love the podcast
    One of my favorite things to listen to each week. BUT PLEASE find a way to increase the volume on Arians mic, it’s extremely hard to hear him on some of the recent episodes
  • dbalkcum
    Like uhh
    Can billy uhh learn how to... like talk so I can uhhhh listen to him talk without having a like stroke?
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