Chris Distefano Presents: Chrissy Chaos


WELCOME to Chrissy Chaos! 
Chrissy Chaos is broadcasting for the last time from his Brooklyn apartment. We talk conspiracy theories about the Taliban. Chris ALREADY has some pool issues. We chat with Ti Ti's parole officer. How should we celebrate Ti Ti's birthday in Florida? Sound off in the comments. Vinny chimes in and talks about how hard moving is with Mr.Chaos. We answer a few fan questions. One fan has some WILD ideas about what's really going on in the world right now. CHAOS!
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Recent Reviews
  • Yahboyee
    I’m about to like/comment/subscribe on YouTube. Take care of that mold problem, Chrissy. PAY YOUR TAXES.
  • FUBARinDetroit
    Chaotic and interesting
    Sometimes ridiculous. Sometimes informative. Love the crew. Congrats on the new baby. Your wife must have the patience of a saint!😇
  • huenfioe
    Andrew santino
    Is not funny. Get him off your show or I’ll stop listening altogether
  • chrissytriangleass
    No more guests
    Vinny and Titi are fine but that loser Andrew Santino isn’t nearly as funny as he thinks he is. Same with Bobby Lee. Stick with the solo pods with occasional input from homeless pimp and vin and titi. That’s your golden goose Chrissy
  • blackoutcall
    Been poopin
    Yeah baby
  • Bham96
    Homeless pimps laugh could be bottled and sold as depression medication. So much serotonin floods my body when he laughs
  • ohio2599
    Very funny show I love it babe
  • 💚Katie Gailey💚
    a true look into how little white men actually think, skip it
  • Tvito
    Love this show hilarious !
  • Pregnumber2
    Love Chris!
    Chris makes my day! He is hilarious and extremely down to earth. I haven’t decided if I like Jazz or not. She is pretty annoying when she chimes in on his podcast but then again she reminds me of myself, lol. Thanks Chrissy for the entertainment!
  • shimshim90
    I’m laughing the WHOLE TIME LOL
  • Player Frequently
    Why even have guests?
    I swear this guy tries spit out 10 words a second and only half of them you can make out. He goes political every 10 minutes, asks his guests a question only to talk over them or try to get the last joke and just can’t seem to find a rhythm for an episode. Worth a listen if your bar for comedy is low but overall not for me.
  • FutbolFanatic17
    Dudes a hidden gem in comedy
    Really miss History Hyenas but this is the next best thing
  • Cwood707
    Shane Gillis ep 10/10
    Hilarious. Chrissy chaos is straight wild and the Shane Gillis ep was a 10/10 funny
  • C.A. Khaikin
    One sided
    A little too much gravy and no pasta or meat or parm, just sauce.
  • NinoBGoode
    Five star sleeper
    Rated 5 stars for the sleeper John Cicada joke on the Shane Gillis episode 👍🏼
  • bellybuttonangie
    Stay in the FOG
    Best pod for NY trash pigs 😂
  • Dbjexbjsch
    Podcast delivers the chaos. Honestly one of the funniest and *the wildest* comedy podcasts out there. I love lots of comedy podcasts, but very few actually make me laugh the way Chrissy Chaos does. Much listen, and watch them on YouTube for the really wild ones(TiTi Jerry, Lightfoot, Ms. Pat). Join the Christians!!!
  • dzakonly
    chrissy, pimp, vinny, titi… love all the usual suspects…. add ms pat and fam to the mix… you know its a best of the week podcast
  • Nspeck622
    Here for the chaos!
    Chris is hilarious & so like-able. Such an entertaining pod
  • KillaChels
    Hard On City
    Love the show and gets me harder than if I took a blue chew. Shout out blue chew. Shout out Chrissy Chaos.
  • Patchez11
    Big Fan
    Keto Guido…. snoooooooozer. Felt like I was sitting on a bench overhearing a dooshey chat outside of Signature Fitness in Belleville, NJ.
  • Hippyskee
    Chrissy DEEDEEDEE
    Dude! Shows awesome. But we need more! Let’s get this to be 2-3 shows a week. Love it but we need more! We need to keep updated on your transition process 😬
  • Audreyannnn<3
    Hmmm ok
    I loved Titi but after the whole Cosby comments I had to turn it off and won’t be listening.
  • 223534553
    He left yanni for this???? Wtfffff
  • Bmitch1989
    Please go back to Yannis
    Hyenas was the funniest podcast on the internet. You don’t have the same magic by yourself. Titi Jerry is the only thing that’s been positive out of the change. You don’t prep and your guests are poorly scheduled, no plan for the episode to be entertaining or funny- it’s usually up to Jazzy to give you something to riff on if we’re going to get comedy. Huge fan, will continue to listen and attend your shows regardless but this podcast is not even close to the standard you had put out
  • emruz
    Too political
    He just talks about politics too much. It doesn’t matter if it’s left or right, I come here to laugh not to listen to rants about every topic
  • Beans801
    ChrissyD always on point!
    The man is hilarious.
  • SRS1072
    Chrissy and Pimp great duo!
    Chrissy is funny as always keeping us in the FOG! Pimp has great questions and his laugh kills me it’s my favorite thing ever
  • JStrass
    Titi Jerry is a riot! Great podcast
  • gratefulgypsy
    I love Homeless Pimp!!
    Someone wrote in telling Pimp to shut up and that his laugh was annoying and I couldn’t disagree more!!!! Fan probably thought he was being funny... so mean!! Homeless Pimp your laughs makes me smile and I love your questions!! Never stop
  • Jradawsometacular
    I have literally no idea what to expect on this pod and that’s precisely why I love it.
  • NotImpressedJess820
    Ally Brookes... Yikes
    The episode with Ally Brookes is so painful. All the jokes go way over her head.
  • joshjones75
    Or 10/10
  • BobPine
    Sad how he stabbed Yannis in the heart
    This show is just inferior to History Hyenas, plain and simple. Chris sold out his first co-host to start a podcast with Yannis and now he has completely destroyed Yannis’ life to go with Sal, so I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising. He’ll probably shiv Sal in the back if he gets the chance to level up or if Sal takes a step back when Impractical Jokers ends. Yannis is a good dude and Chris just flushed his “friend’s” life down the toilet after he filled it with his a mounds of his turds. You just don’t do that to friends.
  • natray!
    I’ve had a crush on Chrissy since I was like 12 watching guy code. Absolutely love that I found this podcast.
  • colormekadee
    Shots shots shots
    Here’s a fun drinking game. Take a shot every time Chrissy says “talk into the mic” “can you talk into the mic” “wait no come talk into the mic”. You’ll be drunk by the end of the episode. I love this podcast, Chrissy cracks me up.
  • Kgavin756
    Chrissy Tuesday’s
    Podcast is good! I always knew of Chris from growing up watching guy code. Then saw sal had a pod with and then this one! Super funny. Makes my week
  • Finnalllyback
    Chrissy D is the best comic out right now. Get pumped every time a new episode comes out
  • kaylaloveschrissychaos
    Bring on the chaos!
    The chaos broke me out of the same five podcasts I’ve listened to for the past 3 years! Tim Dillon, whiskey ginger, riffing with griffin, fighter and the kid, king and the sting...Chrissy chaos beats them all! Keep killing it Chrissy D! The freshest, funniest, smartest take on issues we can all relate to!
  • Wish I could debate this more
    The “Owen Benjamin” writing is on the wall
    Only took 13 episodes before the nonsense started coming out. Really think he’s a funny guy but it’s a step away from “I’m a free thinker” and shilling brain pills. Had to turn episode 15 off.
  • Cam McSwane
    Timmy Dillon
    Tim from the Monday (5/10/21) podcast, Quick chewing food with your stupid mouth open. Smacking your food in a mic has got to be the most annoying thing in the world. It’s 1:26pm at the moment and I’m going to be on edge the rest of the day. I know you’ve lived in NY too long, but you gotta think about the ears of the listeners. Love you.
  • bdizzle32
    I can't listen to Tim Dillon smack his food for 45 minutes. Maybe don't feed your guests.
  • atsabas
    Fun podcast
    But you have to ask your producer to mute his laughing
  • jamaramadingdong
    huge fan
    been a fan of chrissy d since I saw him in girl/guy code on mtv. genuinely a smart and hilarious dude. look forward to this podcast each week.
  • Satisfied Sega Retro fan
    Chrissy chaos more like Chrissy conforming
    Same jokes/stories from HH, nothing has really evolved because he’s getting paid from cable tv and it’s ok to start over with sal. 20 min. Are good and the rest is all stuff we have heard before or on other podcasts. Also good luck with Vinny. Latinas are devil spawn and gives me ptsd to my mother yelling and controlling everything.
  • ray ray mc'bigears
    goaty goaty
  • 5ilver3dge
    #1 Funniest Podcast
    Just try any 5 minutes of the pod and you’ll laugh harder than any other podcast. Chrissy kills me. So many big laughs.
  • Goldenpeachy
    Broken home
    I feel like my to dads got divorced and this week I’m with papa Chrissy 🤣
  • Hughes.Kyle17
    One of the funniest comedians out there!
    One of the funniest comedians out there!
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