Chris Distefano Presents: Chrissy Chaos


Every week comedian Chris Distefano will be dragging you into CHAOS! GET READY BABES!

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  • Hughes.Kyle17
    One of the funniest comedians out there!
    One of the funniest comedians out there!
  • One Hung Bro
    Hopefully he gets it together. It’s sad.
  • ray ray mc'bigears
    crissy captain seaspiracy
    chrissy fisshy!!! bumble bee chrissy! crissy mc'bluefin tuna! crissy da crab! crissy crusty barnacle!
  • RC9901
    Love the chaos
    Such a good podcast - we need vin as a guest host!
  • 223534553
    “Vinnie” the trash bag
    Vinnie is the most annoying toxic piece of trash I’ve ever heard. She just bullies Chris over nothing. This girl is a looser and is just riding Chris’s coat tail. She didn’t even know if Chris was the dad...? Ummm ok “Vinnie” learn some class
  • sneakyalpaca
    Chrissy Claritin D
  • Chris DeSnakeno
    Where yannis
    Something snakey about flaking on yannis to start two new podcasts. No longer a fan.
  • 2222111114444332112334
    Stay strong Chrissy
    Chrissy and Vinny are literally 2021 version of Sammy and Ron TOXIC😂
  • Dmobb75
    Seriously funny
    Chris's chaos is back. Super funny. And lightened up my day definitely give it a try everybody
  • verge55
    Tom segura
    Loved the episode with Tom Segura...all 50 words you let him speak were hilarious....way to go!
  • EvieCH1
    I love Chrissy Chaos. He is hilarious!
  • Sklmomma
    Same jokes
    It’s sad to listen, he repeats the same jokes over and over again. Every interview, every podcast he’s on he only has the same jokes. This podcast is no different. I was a big Hyenas fan for YANNIS!! All Chris did was agree with yannis and say YEAh.
  • snrose_
    My favorite podcast ❤️
    ILY Chrissy the cautie patootie
  • Siggipop!
    If you wanna laugh your patootie off
    Chrissy chaos is here for a good time only so take your negativity and shove it up your b-hole sideways.
  • Spumoni Gardens
    Fun and facts
    As a history teacher, I love how Chrissy nerds out on that stuff. Anyone who doesn’t like “Vinny” is an idiot and they don’t get the chaos. “It’s better for the show if you say it into the mic.” It’s a messy, fun time.
  • PseudoTitChrissy
    ThReee Dollas
    This FF is WILD and threw away a successful $40k/month Patreon — CONTINUE THE CHAOS IN HERE BABE!!!!
  • MovesLikeJaggers
    More Titi Jerry!
    Amazing! Love you on TFATK and King and the Sting. The Titi Jerry episode might be the podcast episode of the year....out of any podcast, pure gold! Thanks for the content! 👍
  • Ticowilly
    Best podcast
    This is a podcast for everyone. Must listen
  • haaan123
    Chrissy pods is killing it
    I usually don’t like solo pods, but I really like this one. He kills me 💀💀
  • slowza
    Poor mans history hyenas
    But it’s good!
    Best comedy podcast out there!! Ti Ti jerry episode might be best episode of any podcast in the history of podcasting 🔥😂
  • PSatarzadeh
    Isn’t the Hyenas
    It’s alright. It’s just not the same of the as the Hyenas.
  • karinnenicole
    Love the chaos
    Found this pod after binging Hey Babe and was not disappointed. So funny and I look forward to new episodes every week!
  • Fume Patrol Forrest
    hey guy
    maybe save one bump for after the cast next time
  • cputnam88
  • EmmKayy718
    Needs a cohost
    Chris is much funnier with a cohost. It’s annoying to listen to him have half conversations with his girlfriend off mic. Also a dumb joke that he calls her Vinny and refuses to let that bad joke die. Recommend listening to his podcast with Sal vulcano for much better content.
  • Saddistikk1
    Titi Jerri
    Theo... whoooooops... Vinnie let one slip... wei Xong Xian... it is what it is, and it’s chaos!!
  • Brandon9999
    If I could buy stock in him, I would
    Everyone’s type of comic
  • Sammmmm764
    Hysterical podcast
    Talk about GERD some more...just got gerd. (Best podcast ever. Listen to it every morning. Literally only thing that gets me out of bed.)
  • fatherbill2020
    Franks n beans
    Quite the snooze fest.
  • Alexboiii
    Way too funny, I need this dysfunction to keep me going.
  • joanne_faith
    Brutes McGutes
    Chrissy Chaos aka Steel Pipe Chrissy was the only reason I ever listened to HH, SO glad he has a podcast out !! Love you baby gorgeous !
  • Kaniel Son
    Cuzzzy muffin tops
    Muffin tops Chrissy is at it again. Raw podcast, itll hurt ya feelings if you dislike the honest truth about whatever is being talked about!
  • Alliraw
    Love the living room.
    Hey.. love the living room
  • cactusbombs
    Tight lip Crissy
    Glad the kid landed on his feet. I need help
  • Todd478756
    Super excited for this
    But make no mistake, if it is lame you will get put on notice!!!!!
  • clowns den
    Chrisy and the first 48 laws of podcasting!!
    Chrisy deez nuts is going hard on the pod. Lol I love that u brought in the 48 laws of power. Honestly I am going through some work stuff. I decided to find a new podcast. And boom. Now I’m listening, laughing and I ordered the 48 laws book. Shout out from Tejas!!
  • yaaaaaaasssssssss
    Kids a funny F.F.
  • Poopjigga
    Chrissy poots on the 1 and toots
  • ffghjjnvdss
    Chrissy Podcast
    Enjoyed your stories on YMH and Honeydew, I’m digging this so far.
  • Hatton74
    I’m here because I love Chris.
    It’s not Hyenas but it is what it is.
  • shara :)
    Chrissy pickups!!! 👏
    Sad to see the hyenas end but I 💜 u and am so happy wappy you’re picked up and doing your own show!!! Get it gurl 😉
  • gay3dollarbill
    You’re on notice!!!!!
  • Rafeeke
    TM vs. Rosary
    Please describe the difference between transcendental meditation and the rosary.
  • johnnyhopkinz
    Cuz... make no mistake
    Still haven’t caught the vid, but I gotta see this kid, and the worst that’ll happen is I come home with chlamyd.
  • Kevin kozma
    Great pod
    Chrissy is the man!
  • toobroke2listen
    Donny T
    Make no mistake!
  • SamWoolley
  • grizzlyneumann
    Let chrisssy riiippppp!!!!!
  • Rumplesmoltz
    Crack me open Chrissy
    Love the new perspective. Honest, introspective, history Chrissy.
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