Stories of the Prophets

Islam #11

Stories of the Prophets By Mufti Ismail Menk By Iqbal@buffalo
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  • Iqbal inr4nyc
    About ads
    Ads are to cover platforms fee..
  • Karim2k20
    Great podcast
    The best thing about podcast app is you can listing to it with very little data bandwidth. I work in a factory with 1 bar network this works amazingly
  • DaddyRam8
    Questionable ads
    I like the content but why promote haram stuffs during the ads, like casinos, savings, and more?
  • jollof and rice
    I don’t know if this is a new thing or been around but I have been getting ads while playing these. I get it you have to monetize but this isn’t even your own content brother, and the ads I get are for casinos and other stuff.
  • aguywithoutsonyremote
    Not in order.
    Salam, the episodes and quality of the audio are great. I suggest renaming episodes 4,5,6, and 8 to 04,05,06,08 so that everything is in proper numerical order. Thank you
  • MoBEnterprise
    These stories will better help us understand the Quran as we are reading it. MashAllah
  • babydollhunnie
    MarshAllah so beautiful 🫶💕
    I’m learning so much and I’m sharing them so my family and friends can learn as well 🌸💕 Alhamdulillah
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