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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is founder of Waterkeeper Alliance, as well as Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense, and of counsel to Morgan and Morgan, a nationwide law firm.

Mr. Kennedy is an esteemed author, with a long list of published books including the New York Times’ bestseller, “Crimes Against Nature.” Mr. Kennedy was named one of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet” for his success helping Riverkeeper lead the fight to restore the Hudson River.

Podcast features Robert F. Kennedy Jr interviewing guests. Produced by David Whiteside.

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Recent Reviews
  • emich911
    Awesome podcast!
    Robert Kennedy JR does a fantastic job making a factual cohesive argument for the preservation of our Bill of Right.
  • Jomamanotyomama
    Love this podcast!
    I love this podcast, it confirms the feelings and the truths I have know for years. I’m happy I’m not alone.
  • Don Victoria
    Thanks for all you are doing. The Episode with Eric Clapton was a Joy!
  • parker-1
    I hate RFK jr
    Appel, Google or whoever, please shut down this toxic garbage fire.
  • Just say noooooooo
    Thankful for the critical thinkers
    We need more like you! Thank you for hosting the guests you find and for keeping us informed on all these important issues.
  • Kjsunshine
    Do Not Miss This! - Aug 6 episode!
    The most important podcast you can listen to today! Thank you RFK Jr for your brave and important work. The Aug 6 episode was shocking and exactly what EVERYONE needs to hear.
  • SarahGoodall
    Love the content! But...
    Love all of what you talk about and I feel very grateful for the topics you cover... however, please please please try to stop interrupting your guests! As listeners, we miss out on some really important words and info from your experts! 💜🙏🏼
  • Kaycap3
    Opens your eyes and heart
    Extremely thankful for this gift of a podcast. Education is knowledge and knowledge destroys fear! Pre ordered RFK Jr’s book and looking forward to diving in.
  • The Evolved Dog
    Important info
    I love listening to the variety of guests who bring important info to the public. RFK has a great interview style and I love the format.
  • chattycatthie
    Must hear information
    Hello Listeners. I’m so inspired and grateful to be able to hear this very important information on a vast array of topics of concern; Finally a voice for issues which must be heard and time is of the essence for crucial changes and reform. Wonderful podcast! Thanks Robert.
  • Gevaart
    Inform yourself.
    Medical Medium Anthony William known worldwide, basically free unless you buy a book(s) That are always discounted, like under 20 bucks. Or go to a library. On every platform when not censored. Get info online for free, watch videos for free. The info has healed millions. It’s pathogens and viruses that make us sick and whole foods cure. No programs to buy nothing. It’s info to heal. Do not get the vaccine. It’s toxic and NOT NECESSARY!
  • PichJ
    This is one of the most disgraceful podcasters out there. Kennedy pushes vaccine misinformation/disinformation. He is an unpatriotic whack job. I can only imagine the amount unvaccinated victims that beloved him and then got ill from preventable illness. Vaccines prevent illness and mortality. People like this individual should not have a platform to spew dangerous propaganda that endangers other peoples liberty and economic freedom. Your rights end when they harm others. We will reach our COVID vaccine goals regardless of people like Kennedy; no amount of intellectual dishonesty from anti vaccination propagandists will stop us.
  • A hopeful Grandma
    Thankyou RFK Jr!
    I am always uplifted by your excellent podcasts. Even though these times are so grim and scarey , I am always encouraged by your brilliant courageous service to us all and the courage and goodness of your guests , to likewise stay the course in truth and love for humanity and our children especially. Truth and God's grace Will prevail . Thankyou for being a beacon of light while we wait in that trust .
  • Tiny one 5
    My personal hero
    It is so refreshing to listen to such knowledgeable investigative interviews that Robert Kennedy conducts. Also so brave to have him stand against the main stream media narrative and telling the truth.
  • alastairblake
    I really appreciate hearing a critical voice in the mix, but stop bumping the table top.
    It is wonderful to hear from people with credentials and a concern for critiquing regulating authorities for the sake of the earth and humanity. No governing body or regulatory agency should be given a pass from critique for the sake of refinement and improvement. Thanks for the work you do! The only complaint I have is hearing what I think is the table top be bumped sometimes when speaking. Thanks for all you do!
  • zapplegymcoach
    Best Info Source
    Thank God for RFK Jr. He seeks the truth and unapologetically speak it when others are too afraid. Thank you for having the courage to be unpopular and stand your ground to be a witness to truth.
  • Cliacone
    Thank you!
    Thank you for your voice. 💛✨
  • Saki 6
    Truth hurts
    In a world of naked greed and ever centralizing corporate and government power, Kennedy is a true light in a world of darkness. His legacy is assured as one of our greatest truth tellers and defenders of human rights.
  • SM Anderson
    Reliable and truthful information
    It is so important in this time of extreme censorship that we get information that is truthful and reliable. We need to get real information and Bobby Kennedy provides that in this podcast. Thank you for being so courageous and for providing such valuable information.
  • NattiJo
    Voice of authority and clarity
    RFKjr has been a consistent voice of reason and authority and clarity on the subject of health freedom and these podcasts are jam packed with information on every angle. He has a talent for painting the big picture in a way that is both articulate and clear. I am so grateful for the Defender, the CHD and these podcasts.
  • Michael Stookey
    Surprisingly Good
    RFK Jr is doing a lot of really good work. For anyone who is skeptical, I would just say keep an open mind and actually listen to what the man and his guests have to say
  • Jsolazz
    RFK Jr. is an American Hero
    HERO. In a sea of propaganda and corrupt journalistic outlets, RFK Jrs work has proven time and time again to be 100% accurate and reliable. He is fighting for the lives of the American people taking on the biggest most corrupt corporations and elite individuals in the world. I’m so grateful for his tireless work. THANK YOU.
  • TheHealthWriter.com
    Every Episode is High Quality & Powerful
    Kennedy is a hero for speaking up for our children and each expert he interviews brings important and powerful insight to the table. I’ve registered and shared every episode. Thank you for this podcast!
  • Dogluvr72
    Rfk Jr. Is the authority on governments, environment and health freedom
    This man is a national treasure. He’s heard it all firsthand from his uncle and our President John F Kennedy and of course, his own father, (RFK) Bobby Kennedy. He’s a lawyer, environmental warrior and one of the most well read on the subject of vaccines and our so called health system. If you’re ignoring or not listening to him, you just dont want the whole story. Full stop.
  • mustardandmaymay
    Just when you’ve realized that society has lost all credibility…
    This podcast shows you that you’re not alone. Enough with the cherry picking propaganda that all the media’s force upon us. The defender brings the truth.
  • Kona73
    Whitney Webb Interview!
    Ooooph!!! That was such an interesting interview - she is so knowledgeable! But a lot of that info was hard to digest- not that I don’t believe it, I just don’t want it to be true. These elite, Silicon Valley “evil geniuses” she speaks of need to stop trying to alter humankind!
  • TellMeSomethingGood
    Lies lies and more lies
    Shame on you for this ridiculous misinformation podcast
  • Thebeach77
    Covid Injection
    Thank you for having Dr Michael Yeadon on recently. I appreciated his view on the injection.
  • Dogslifeforall
    Throwing a rescue buoy
    Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and afraid by everything that is happening. Then, I listen to one of these podcasts and I’m inspired to keep going, hold tight and stand tall. Thank you for being a lighthouse in these challenging times! You really are my hero (Del too!).
  • disco days
    They gain nothing but forfeit everything to speak out.
    These heroes are sacrificing their reputations and lives to help others. Who would do this? Only those that have a higher calling and love humanity. They are worthy of your ear.
  • Pedsdo
    Keep the truth coming to help give us the fortitude to do the right thing in the face of persecution by fellow medical colleagues and loss of employability in the medical field. We need hope and encouragement.
  • SAVLAc
    intelligent conversations w/ integrity
    Thoughtful, intelligent and passionate about his mission for the Earth and her inhabitants, RFK Jr shows respect and integrity in each of his conversations. His message is powerful and honest. We need more people like him advocating for us bc Liberty should not be a party issue its an issue for all of us. Thank you for your tireless work and energy Bobby. Your interviews over the past 1.5 years has opened my eyes even more. So grateful for you.
  • hobogar
    My favorite podcast
    If you care about children, the truth, our environment, and our future, this is where you’ll find honest discussion about the complex challenges we face as a society regarding health freedom in the wake of pharmaceutical influence and government corruption.
  • NoraB1
    Great podcast
    Honest thoughtful insightful interviews on many subjects concerning our world environment and the toxicity to our bodies from chemicals to vaccines
  • Artbike
    Wake up and Listen America
    This is a very thoughtful and informative podcast. Everyone should be educating themselves about vaccines. This is a great place to start. Thank you RFK!
  • natalieann84
    Thank you
    I am so grateful for your voice! Please never stop fighting for medical freedom, informed consent, censorship and all the things!
  • Pamelove Power
    Thankful Every Day
    Thank you for continuing to seek and speak truth, RFK Jr. I am grateful every day for your courage to face the Goliaths of our time, and your commitment to freedom of speech, medical and health freedom, and protecting our environment and our children!
  • 343434353434334
    A true democrat
    Mr. Kennedy is a Democrat who my grandfather (a WWII vet and life long Democrat) would have been proud of. Liberty should not be a party issue in America and RFK JR carries on his families legacy upholding this principle.
  • Drstanhom
    Beautiful Man, Beautiful Mission
    Appreciate you Bobby, this is a wonderful addition to your expansive message. Thank you for your service to HUMANITY and our Future Generations.
  • JoyetotheWorld
    Powerful Presentation
    We all need to be aware of the forces in the world who/that, little by little, steal humanity. Thank you RFK Jr and CHD for bringing to light some of the most pressing issues of our generation. Thank you for empowering each of us to do something to restore the oneness of humanity. You share powerful information presented by people who choose to use their individual power to impact humanity.
  • <3<3<3
    Thankful for this information and your diligence to speak out for those who do but aren’t heard.
  • SteffStevens
    A true hero
    Thank you RFK to being brave enough to tell the truth when the truth has become unpopular. Forever grateful for the work you do for the planet and it’s children.
  • JessiG
    An American fighting for the American Legacy
    Robert Kennedy follows in his uncle and his father’s footsteps in fighting for our Constitutional rights-the rights of all Americans-without choosing to divide us for his own gain. He carries the best of the Kennedy virtues with him and we are lucky to have a man so brave speaking out on our behalf. Thank you Robert Kennedy, on behalf of my family and community, and God bless you.
  • Jgallatin
    Thank you Robert F Kennedy, Jr.!
    This podcast is so important. Thank you for the work you do for this planet.
  • TJ 55533
    Great man, great podcast
    The suppression of information needs to stop. We need someone like Mr. Kennedy to shine a light on what is going on today. My absolutely favorite person to listen to. Can’t wait for more content. Thank you.
  • manda0029
    Love this guy
    Not an opinion podcast. This man is a scholar.
  • Time to read
    One back !
    Where did you go ?
  • pinkrlr
    A Hero for Today
    I’m constantly impressed by the way Robert F Kennedy Jr uses his platform to bring attention to “unpopular” issues that everyone else seems too scared to tackle. A can’t miss podcast! If for nothing else, to just see the other side of very important issues that are NOT just black and white.
  • Skaven888
    RFJ Jr is a true American hero
    If you care about our planet, the environment and our children, this podcast is a must, RFK Jr is a true American hero, one of the few people left who are willing to take on Big Oil, Big Tech and Big Pharma and fight for the common man. Best of all, in this podcast RFK uses fact-based discussion. Everything that he discusses is backed by scientific fact. This podcast and his videos are a must listen. Go RFK GO!
  • jdhen8
    RFK Jr speaks the truth
    Can't wait for more podcasts!
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