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Welcome to the Live Beautifully Podcast! I’m a mom, a passionate female founder, and a creative brand builder. This podcast features advice and stories from female founders who have pioneered their space— brilliant entrepreneurs who started movements and built successful empires around their vision and dream. From personal stories to thoughtful conversations with the most empowering guests, and episodes answering your questions, this show will ignite your creative brilliance so you can flourish, succeed, and live beautifully.

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  • thisisbritt34
    New favorite podcast!
    Katrina Scott’s podcast is fantastic! It is full of nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. She talks to her audience like she’s chatting with her best friends. My favorite episode so far is the “It’s not too late” episode. I felt like she was speaking directly to me. I have highly recommended this podcast to all of my closest friends and if you’re reading this, I recommend it to you too! 💜
  • Cynsugar
    She Walks Her Talk
    I have been following Katrina since 2013 as a TIU fan and have witnessed her ability to inspire while keeping things real and grounded. Her optimism and positivity is absolutely elevating! She has a unique way of making life’s challenges approachable and manageable while remaining playful and fun. She has addd so much value to my life through her personal embodiment of her perseverance to create a beautiful life.
  • KlynnCall
    Abundance, Growth, Inspiration and Light 💫
    I have always been inspired by YOU and amazed by your giving, loving, beautiful heart. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your heart even more through this podcast. We all want and need more of you and light-bringers like you in life. You have helped me find ME! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being YOU! I can’t wait to be along this journey with you, to listen, share and grow together. I choose to live life beautifully ✨💫✨
  • Danielle Zinser
    So good want more !
    An amazing human! Been following tone it up since 2011. Love this podcast!
  • tigereyes86
    Inspiring words
    I love this!! Thanks for the 8 questions on the end to jumpstart me into journaling, which is the thing I’ve been wanting to start since before I can remember!
  • eluedke1
    My new favorite podcast!
    From the comforting music, to the encouraging and relatable content, this podcast makes me feel both at home and like I can take on the world. ❤️
  • bornbeautystar
    It’s so wonderful listening to this next step in the journey thank you for all you do with tiu this is only beginning 💕
  • Jesskingg
    Like a Big Sister
    I’m a 25 year old medical student who has been following Katrina since I was a freshman in college when I first found Tone It Up. She has given me the confidence in every aspect of my life: personal with relationships, professional with reapplying to medical school and finally being able to achieve my dreams of studying to become the first female Doctor in my family. Kat is a bright ray of sunshine and this podcast is a work of art that we all need to hear right now- it’s my Sunday night ritual and brings me clarity, inspiration and the time for myself to really look inward. Give it a listen- you won’t regret it.
  • hwhite1004
    My constant
    When I need a constant... Someone to turn to when I need a boost a positivity, a challenging but fun workout, some wonderful content, just some honest, beautiful words.. I turn to Katrina Scott and you should too.
  • Goldie_Girl_7
    Beautiful, Real, Inspiring
    I have followed along with Kat since the early Tone It Up days, and she has always been such a source of happiness and inspiration. Now she continues to help me grow into the best version of myself by giving me the tools and confidence to peruse my passions in life.
  • Shan OB
    Love this podcast
    You are so inspiring, real, authentic and also provide tools to help woman obtain their goals. So happy you started this!
  • _tiny_lift_queen
    So good!
    Katrina is the girl we all need to hear from right now. Thank you for sharing Katrina!
  • Pilates Body Laguna
    Everyone needs to listen to this!
    Wow so inspiring and empowering, thank you! 🙏🏻
  • Shannondavi
    Katrina is a natural! Her words of love and encouragement as a trainer cross over to a podcast that will empower even more amazing women. Keep lifting us strong powerful women up!
  • Krouse3
    Constant Source of Inspiration/Goes With the Flow
    I was waiting for more episodes to come out so I could really pour into my review. Episode 3 of Katrina Scott’s podcast really hit home for me! I don’t know how she does it, but she is a constant source of inspiration and this episode really shows that she meets her communities “demands” like what are we needing to hear today? What content are we looking for? That ability to adapt is so important! Congratulations on your podcast Katrina!
  • Jerush
    My girl
    Man I love me some Katrina Scott. The realest always, and so so much love and sweat equity behind every word she speaks. Honestly when she launched her podcast I thought “another podcast??” <insert eye roll>. Well, I finally listened and of course, I was wrong. Yes another podcast! And yes it’s worth it! Thanks ks ♥️
  • MB820
    Refreshing & Authentic
    Katrina has the incredible ability to make you feel like you’re the only person in the room — as if she is speaking directly to you. At least that’s how I feel listening to this podcast. There’s a sincerity in her cuts right to your heart. In a post-2020 world where we are all forced to be apart, creating a human connection through an auditory experience is a feat. So often we, unconsciously, build walls thinking we protect ourselves, to have someone speak so candidly is not only refreshing — it’s revolutionary.
  • Mjr22
    Magic Sauce!!
    Kat is pure magic. I always feel like she is talking directly to me. Just me. One on one. It’s crazy how she can look into your soul. Make sure to text her. I swear it’s like she is inside my mind. She is the universe talking to me!!!!!
  • Angie Hilliard
    Love! Like spending time with your dearest girlfriend!
    I have followed Katrina for years (since Toned Up and YouTube videos). So glad she has a podcast now. She has such a way with words and makes you feel like you are chatting with one of your oldest and best friends. She uplifts women and seems like one of the most genuine human beings on this earth. Not only one of my favorite workout brands but now one of my favorite podcasts as well 🙌🏻❤️
  • ambel8
    Long time coming for Katrina!
    The best thing about Kat is that I truly feel like she is my good friend. Listening to her podcast is like a therapy session. I’ve been in a long time fan of tone it up and the community that they built. I support her always! Great job my friend 💕
  • BrittneySR
    Inspiring and encouraging
    I’ve been following Tone It Up for nine years. I’ve used their app since it launched and absolutely love the trainers and what they stand for. Katrina’s podcast is just what I need right now. I’m a solopreneur, so I love hearing about business, branding, dreaming and goal setting. I’m also excited to learn more about Katrina’s personal journey because I think she’s wonderful. Highly recommend this podcast!
  • jaimebailey
    Love this!
    I have followed Katrina through Tone up it for years now and I have always loved her positivity and I love she has a podcast now! I have only listened to the first one so far but I felt uplifted afterwards, like I spent some time with one of my besties! I can’t wait to listen to the next one! Highly recommend!!!
  • TIU Pam MN
    Live beautifully
    I love how inspiring this was to listen to your story, the questions were great! This makes me feel joy and positivity!!!
  • Sustainable Solutions NY
    Authentic and inspirational. Joyful and positive. Heartwarming and relatable. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your story and your connections that truly empower!
  • Savvyblondee
    So so amazing & inspiring
    I’ve been following Katrina and the tone it up community for years! She is so inspiring and beautiful on the inside & outside. Loved her past episode with Revolve CBO! I just started a blog IG page and they talk about what it takes and how much hard work being an influencer really is, so inspiring ✨ can’t wait to hear more 🤍
  • 0rdinaryG1rl
    Toxic Hustle / Girl Boss Culture Podcast
    Cringe. I was so shocked and disappointed to hear Karina detail how she didn’t sleep for 10 years to stay awake and build her brand. While her hard work and dedication is admirable, it makes her health and self-love message ring hollow. Her attitude of “feeling so grateful” to stay up late is the definition of toxic positivity. At that level of sleep deprivation, there is just no way you can feel that positive. It’s clear that Karina is using this podcast to build her brand to sell products. I see a robot and not a real person. I’ve been a huge fan of tone it up for years, but now they are just another fixture of the billion dollar diet industry. So, so disappointing.
  • klm61686
    The best
    This is the optimism we all need right now ❤️ thank you Katrina 🙏🏻
  • Alexashea123232
    Living my best life!
    I love the open & honest questions she asks. It really makes me think and makes me want to do better & be better in my life. Thanks Katrina!
  • johnnals
    I’ve been part of the Tone It Up community since 2014 and have been listening to lots of other health and wellness podcasts. I’ve was ecstatic to hear Katrina now has a podcast. She has such a big heart and I’m so excited to get to know her more and to hear upcoming episodes that will help inspire women like myself. I feel like I’m already on a journey with her after listening to the first episode!
  • Nichole Jacklyne
    Been following you since 2013 & am SO obsessed with this podcast. Truly a girl BOSS with so much knowledge ❤️❤️❤️
  • Ashlee Spear
    Genuine, positive girlfriend goodness
    I discovered Katrina via Tone it Up, a decade ago when I was getting in shape for my wedding. I was drawn to her and Karena’s fitness approach mostly because it was clear their desire was to uplift, unite and encourage women. This seems to be the same energy she’s bringing to this podcast, and I’m excited to hear all where this extends. Also, there are people whose products/services I love, but I maybe don’t always love listening to them talk for an hour. I do love Katrina’s voice and speaking style.
  • Jvc12
    Such a positive influence!
    Katrina- you are such a genuine soul. Thank you for pouring some sunshine into this world. All the love to you and your family.
  • aneedsham
    Love you Katrina! ❤️
    Just started listening and this is already one of my fave podcasts. Kat is so warm, sweet and genuine. I really love her business advice. I have already began implementing a few tips and feel way more structured. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful movement ✨✨
  • Sc_Goldrose
    Beautiful & Inspirational
    Thank you for radiating energy and love with everything that you do!
  • Moorea_Mama
    You are speaking to me!
    I am a blubbering mess! I’m only one episode in and feel so loved, seen & heard. Thank you for doing this and for being there for so many woman! I look up to you and adore you and what you’re doing. Can’t wait for more!! 💕
  • Kluvsrunning
    Feeling at peace and inspired
    This quote from the first episode brought tears to my eyes. I was waiting for the perfect day. When we wait for everything to be perfect, then nothing every happens. This was the inspiration I needed.
  • Taylor aka Boho B
    Love this so much!!! A must listen!!!
    I’m so obsessed with Katrina’s podcast!!! I first met Katrina years ago in NYC at a Tone It Up event and absolutely love her!!! She’s truly such an inspiring soul. Her conversations are intentional, intelligent and encouraging. And her voice is just so calming, amazing and beautiful 😉☺️💗💕 Congratulations Katrina, I’m so proud and excited for you!!!👏🏼🙌🏼✨ xoxo, Taylor (IG: boho_brunette)
  • Sassy Lashes
    Such an inspiration
    I’ve followed you over the years. You’re such an inspiration. I am the owner of two spas (insta @iheartbloom) and have my own line of products. I am also a business owner and mom, I love to see other mothers and women in general crushing it! You seem to have such a great work and home life balance which I truly respect. Can’t wait to listen to your new podcast! I know it will be amazing 🥰
  • Sakarna
    Kat’s thoughts and words are golden and from the heart, and it really shows through this podcast. I can’t wait to hear more and make this part of my morning affirmation routine to start the day off right!
  • KeaRae12
    Thank you for all you do for Women 🤍
    I’ve been following Tone It Up and Katrina since early college. I’ve the workouts, ate all the recipes, decorated the house, read and listened to the daily texts, but most of all I’ve just loved everything you have done to make me and all these other women live beautifully, can’t thank you enough and can’t wait to hear this podcast.
  • mrkay71
    Such a sweetie!
    I was so happy to see you were doing a podcast. I follow you on Instagram and have been following the tone it up program for a while. You are adorable and so inspiring! I’ll be listening each week. Great first episode!
  • melgranzow
    I’ve followed Katrina for a while due to the tone it up community. Her authenticity is something I’ve always admired. Listening to this podcast felt like we were taking a walk together and just sharing dreams/ passions for the future. Hearing that she had also struggled with self doubt was so validating to hear, because I relate to that so much! I look forward to hearing the rest of the episodes. The world needs more kind people like Katrina! 💕
  • good heavens im free
    Excited to Live Beautifully!
    I have been waiting FOREVER for this podcast and it 1000% has delivered! Love this so much! Thanks Katrina for all you do to inspire me and women everywhere!
  • _xtmc
    Connected !!
    I absolutely adore these podcast! I am currently in the midst of my season and it’s so nice to be able to find a sense of calmness listening to the words being spoken to me. I’ve felt such a connection to the topics that are brought up. I definitely feel more balanced already. Thank you so much for stepping out of your comfort zone to help bring comfort to others! Xx - T.M😘
  • Mariah_Nichole
    Inspiring and humble woman!
    I was beyond excited when Katrina announced that she was going to start a podcast. I’ve been following along with her life for years through the TIU community and she’s such a sweet and gentle soul. I was cracking up when she said she was hiding in her closet with a mom mop recording this and I’m so glad she didn’t wait for the “perfect” moment to record the first episode! The closet was the perfect moment because it’s so real and relatable! So proud of you Katrina!! Sending you love and light on this pod journey :)
  • bbbbkkkbbb
    A beautiful soul
    Such a beautiful soul! I am so excited for you and can’t wait to listen to all the new episodes to come
  • Rebecca Oggenfuss
    Just what I needed!
    You always manage to speak what’s been on my heart. I can’t wait for more episodes.
  • Kand612
    Katrina Scott-inspiring me for a decade
    I’ve been following Katrina Scott for over a decade. Her words speak to my soul, she is so genuine and makes me believe I am worthy of self love. She has helped me find my physical health, she has helped me find inspiration to decorate my home (follow her IG- her house is GORGEOUS), she has helped me accept my postpartum body, and now she’s helping me see how I can bring more beauty into my life. I am so happy she has moved to a more intimate platform. Her first episode has really opened my heart. For 8 years I have been holding onto pain that my best girlfriend caused me and it has made me closed off from people. Although it wasn’t the intention of her first episode, seeing how much she gives to spills without expecting anything in return has opened my eyes to seeing that I need to put my heart back out there. In just a few days I have made some changes in my life and tried to connect with people on a deeper level. Katrina, I don’t know if you have time to read all of these but from the bottom of my heart thank you. You’re the big sister I always wanted but never had. You have guided me to living a better life in so many ways. I talk about you to my husband like we’re friends and even he knows how inspirational you have been to me. Looking forward to many more great episodes.
  • leximun
    Inspirational, Motivational, BEAUTIFUL!
    Absolutely love Katrina Scott and the words she speaks. I found myself tearing up at one point because of how deep the words she spoke and the question she asked hit home.
  • christina906
    Beautifully done!
    I have been following Tone It Up for years; since they launched! I’m a huge Katrina fan. She is so uplifting and positive! It’s such a breath of fresh air to not be annoyed by influencers - not once has she ever annoyed me. This podcast is going to be so amazing. First epi was great! I love the questions at the end to force me to journal — even though I’m behind bc I have a new son :) congrats! 🥂
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