Two slackers, Ben (Lamorne Morris) and Grant (Billy Magnussen) attempt to catch an escaped convicted murderer, Shelly O'Keith (Jamie-Lee O'Donnell) who is allegedly hiding in their town to cash in on the million-dollar reward the police are offering.

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  • jojojokiokokokojojoj
    funny but abundant ads
    it’s so funny. but the ads are killerrrrr.
  • thanksrach
    A fantastic way to take a walk
    I really enjoyed the dynamics of this podcast. Even the commercials were slightly entertaining
  • Kailbill
    Just ok
    Saw there were a lot of good reviews so I gave it a listen. Ridiculous amount of ads and the story line was just ok.
  • --Always Listening--
    Funny, but…
    Episode runtime is 40% show, 60% commercials. Not really worth the listen with that ratio
  • Cheré
    Love esp the theme song
    I really enjoyed the entire podcast, but the theme song is definitely my current favorite song! Please do a second season!
  • SurfCityBum
    OMG! Totally hilarious and well written.
  • Chesstiger139
    This podcast is 2 Fun Knee!!! I enjoyed it from episode one. One of the best comedy, action, adventure I’ve heard. It is great. It won’t disappoint the listener. Enjoy!!
  • Leila1122
    Must listen
    Priceless and exactly what I was looking for. The characters were on point and the story line was humorous and entertaining!
  • PrettyPunkRockMama
    OMG I’ve been listening to podcasts ever since I started working from home, so a little over a year. I’ve heard some that I absolutely love and others not so much... but I’ve NEVER left a review before sooo this says A LOT! I LOVED Unwanted, I even had the whole thing playing in my head as if I was watching it (which BTW needs to be a Netflix series!). Unfortunately... there’s only 1 season and I listened it to it all in one working day lol made my day go by FAST though! It was hilarious, adoring and action packed! Make a season 2, PLEEEEAASSSEEE!!!!
  • T.ILL
    By far the best
    From the quality, storyline, voice acting and all - this show got it on point. There is no fictional podcast creators who can do it quite like QCODE and unwanted is literally the only comedy type up to par, completely unmatched. Please bring more comedy like this. Huge fan of the show, the team and King Bach he’s the man!!
  • nickmatt35
    I wish I would have never listened to this podcast, simply for the joy of listening to it for the first time! Best podcast I’ve ever listened to. It’s really funny thrilling and well written. Keep it up Q Code
  • Babshageg
    Need More
    Not enough high quality comedy/thrillers like this. A hidden gem.
  • A Nikigram
    Here for the Theme Song!
    This was a good listen. It was easy to listen straight through and had some funny moments. The sound quality was great. Personally, I could have handled some longer episodes, but if you like your content bitesized, it’s for you! The theme song is FANTASTIC! It is my favorite part! I downloaded it.
  • Wholover0911
    Please number the episodes
    Not all podcast platforms are intuitive and it’s tough to make sure I’m listening in order when the episodes don’t have numbers. Other than that, great listen!
  • disappointed1237
    More please
    This is the first podcast series I actually listened to entirely. I don’t know how I can across but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though the last episode was called “no sequel for you” It would be cool if there was a sequel and it took place in bora bora.
  • OR - Living up!
    Super entertaining!
    Lamorne Morris (‘Bishop’) is my favorite!! He along with Billy Magnussen have great chemistry. It was such a joy to listen to every single episode and laugh out loud to the well-timed comedic moments. Let’s dance!
  • Ninjacat1233213
    also listen to edge of sleep
  • Mar503
    Try it. You will love it!
    I listened to Lamorne Morris on Armchair Expert. I’m so glad he was on that episode to promote “Unwanted”, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it. The story is funny and the production values are excellent. More, please.
  • Yeaniran
    Walking from house to house delivering mail...
    laughing to myself like a crazy person. This was so funny and the guys are pretty relatable if you’re a mid-30’s goofball like my best friend and I are sometimes. I know, No Sequel for You but, I really hope we hear some more of their misadventures.
  • Renni P
    The Rick Roll lives on
    I can not get this theme song out of my head! Of course it was written by Rick Astley! 😂 This series was a quick & very enjoyable listen! I suggest listening with headphones to get the full effect. The sound design is incredible & had me jumping a few times thinking someone was in the room with me. Can’t recommend enough. Bravo 👏🏼
  • OB1Kn4be
    Do yourself a favor
    Just sit down and listen to this. It’s amazing...
  • EricMarks
    Loved it!
    This needs to be an animated series! It’ll be so goooood!!!
  • mrsordonez
    Funny & great to listen to! Love qcode!
  • TheVirtus
    Super well done and Super Fun
    Such a great and immersive show. The cast are just 10/10 and the story is just simply fun.
  • bkarma165
    Great podcast
    I’ve listened to a lot of podcast only a few have grabbed me like this one. QCode has done it again, great story and cast.
  • MoonK9
    Great story and acting. But the sound engineering is amazing! It’s like you’re watching a tv show!
  • rocketrocks
    My first podcast review
    I loved this podcast! The acting was very good, which I don’t say about most of the fiction podcasts I listen to. The rapport between the male leads is engaging and genuine. The bad guy woman was fun to listen to as well. The story made me laugh because it was funny and because omg so cringe, which I’m pretty sure was the intent. I’d love to hear more from the male leads. I give up on a lot of fiction podcasts (lame story, bad acting, unironic sexist tropes) but this one is gold.
  • Shane Walnut
    The funniest audio drama I’ve heard in years.
  • Spicymeow
    So good
    Amazing, amazing, amazing Silly that other people are giving one star for wanting more length? Amazing use of the platform and excited to see how it develops!
  • Phil B-D
    Fun indeed!
  • nunun
    Great show!
    Throughly enjoyed this show! I only wish the episodes were longer
  • NatalieJean H
    More ad content than actual content
    It’s a funny podcast with nice storyline but the episodes are short and then are even shorter because of how much time is spent on ads. Three episodes could easily be merged into one.
  • is there any new nickname
    It was AMAZING
    HILARIOUS, well written, great voice acting, and the audio engineering? (Chef’s kiss). I just saw another review that says, “Make this a movie” and I 100% agree. FABULOUS.
  • -5(82379&;25)!
    Must listen
    Hooked from the word go. I have had the theme song stuck in my head since the first episode.
  • Stratguy666
    A very funny show. The episodes, however, are quite short. They list for about 15 minutes, but many have several long ads and there’s a 2 minute outro on each episode, which can be rather frustrating.
  • edrchux,37111
    Y’all gotta make this a movie! So great.
  • will lost
    I’ve tried to like this podcast. However, I’m in the 7th episode and it’s never evoked even the slightest chuckle. I give up.
  • LaUraferzoco
    It’s exactly what you’d hope for with this cast & premise. Like everyone I've been taking tons of stupid little walks to pass the time these days, and unwanted is a much needed comic relief from all the gruesome true crime podcasts I normally listen to. Literally was laughing out loud like a maniac listening to it on my walk yesterday.
  • Jamie_Lynnette
    Fantastically funny but...
    I love this podcast. It’s perfect when I want to get out of my usual true crime box, I just wish the episodes were longer! Quit holding out on us, give us what we want! Lol
  • Andy Ralston
    Unfunny, unoriginal tropes, but good audio.
    This is the podcast equivalent of friends, likeable characters that are caricatures of themselves to a gross and unfunny point, but with good audio. Half of the episode is an ad or an intro/outro, and I would only recommend listening If you’re deaf.
  • Boss hogga
    Very well produced, funny and great acting but when you put a 13 minute episode with 5 mins worth of ads? It’s gonna be a no from me dawg. Make it longer at least so I would be more invested. The past 5 episodes were basically 2 episodes stretched for ads.
  • cmonster17549
    So so funny. The dumb and dumber comedy is not everyones cup of tea. But past that this podcast is so enjoyable and laugh out funny. Gives you smile when your done listening.
  • ChicagoHayes8
    Very funny
    Very funny and well produced. Almost as good as Bubble for those of you who listened to that. Well written and acted. Well done.
  • Tante143
    I’ve stepped back from True Crime ALL OF THE TIME to FICTION Podcasts. QCode has ABSOLUTELY the best Fiction Stories. I feel like I’m watching a movie in my mind. The Actors are fantastic (huge stars too!! ) and UNWANTED is no exception. These guys are so funny and the one liners are hilarious. Keep them coming QCode!
  • Rip13y
    A10 Warthog is not a Puma
    This podcast had me laughing my a** off. Its great! Props to Qcode for the great content!
  • Jamaul jackson
    Funniest Podcast Ever!!!🤣
    Unwanted is one of the funniest podcasts i’ve ever listened to. All of the characters are hilarious!!! The situations they get themselves in our ridiculous! The sound effects are super immersive as well, i really feel like i can visualize what’s happening without even seening a second of the story. By far my favorite podcast and story out right now!
  • bailey grace viars
    Amazingly but
    This is a great podcast the only thing is this is not for kids it does have strong words and a lot of things they will not understand I love it though
  • CDB123
    Wait! Want to get bored to something loud?!!
    Then subscribe.
  • conophthorin
    It’s ok
    If you would ever like help on doing voices and playing like you’re actually in a situation, you might want to hire someone. This sounds like you dreamt it up in a dorm room.... and then recorded it there. Cmon folk.
  • Johanne Sage
    Wow Wow WOw
    QCode has become my go to for great podcast stories. Singlehandedly the best out there, for those who love this, check out another masterpiece of theirs, From Now.
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