The Simplified Podcast with Emily Ley


Creator of The Simplified Planner® and mama of three Emily Ley shares stories and tips that’ll empower you to simplify your home, work, and everything in between so you can make space for what matters, get rid of what doesn't, and build a life you love.

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  • SMck89
    I’m really looking forward to this podcast! Emily is a genius at simplifying and empowering women. She has built a community through her business and book club. She’s not afraid to stand up for what’s important. I’ve read all her books and listened to every podcast she’s been a guest on. I’m thrilled that she will have her own podcast!
  • WallingerC
    The Perfect Podcast to Fill You Up
    I’ve been a huge fan of Emily Ley, and all the things she creates, for years. This is the most perfect next piece in her journey, and it is a blessing to be along for the ride. She invites us in as a friend would do, and she fills our cup with the goodness we are all seeking. I can’t wait to listen in each week!
  • MissRgray
    So stoked about this Podcast!
    I love Emily Ley’s books, and I’m a huge podcast addict, so this is my dream come true. I can’t wait to learn how to simplify my life and get small doses of Emily throughout my week. Thank you for doing this Emily! ❤️
  • Domey19
    The podcast busy women need!
    I have been a BIG fan of Emily Ley, all of her books & her Simplified products for years. I am really excited to get a dose of her charm, wisdom & enthusiasm for simplicity every week from this podcast. I never understood the true meaning of overwhelm until I became a mother, and Emily just gets it, makes us feel we’re not alone and that there is a better way to live.
  • jmmoka1980
    Can’t wait!!!
    I have always loved learning and being inspired by Emily! Can’t wait for this new adventure ❤️❤️❤️
  • Flavia_USA
    This is GOODNESS in a podcast!!
    I am so looking forward to this Podcast. Emily is God’s vessel of all that is great and her look at life is practical and simple. She is beyond her years and is so wise , encouraging and inspiring. Hands down my favorite influencer!! I am so looking forward to listen to this podcast. THANKS Emily for bringing this into fruition.
    So Excited
    Emily and her brand have been part of my life for years. She is real & authentically caring. Reading her books is like having coffee with a dear friend and her podcast is exactly the same. If you listen to the trailer and don’t automatically subscribe you will be missing out!
  • LuvitWEL
    Best day ever!!!
    I have been waiting for this to happen! I have been a huge fan of Emily Ley since i got a simplified planner way back in 2012! She is truly kind, sincere and absolutely brilliant. I am so excited to get to hear her words of wisdom every week. I will never miss an episode. Anyone who knows me for more than a week will hear about Emily Ley from me. She’s the best!!!
  • H.K.W94
    Love everything Simplified
    After falling in love with When Less Becomes More, I fell head over heels for all things Simplified. I’m a struggling perfectionist and Emily so gracefully shares stories and tips to focus on what truly matters and give yourself rest and grace. Cannot wait to listen each week!
  • j24brown
    It’s coming...I cannot wait!!
    Being a Simplified fan for awhile, I’m excited for this podcast, as it will be the regular inspiration I need to keep on Simplifying!! Listen to the pilot, and be excited!
  • AC FL
    Christmas in March
    This will be like Christmas in March! Thank you for giving us this gift Emily! I’m counting down to “Christmas” morning! I can’t wait!
  • thegretagirl
    I love Emily Ley!
    I cannot wait to listen to this podcast. I love Emily Ley and getting hear her voice and wisdom on a regular basis will be such a gift!
  • mhartney
    Can’t wait
    So excited for this!! Your voice is so calming and uplifting! I am also a lover of audiobooks (especially yours)! Thanks for bringing this format to meet us where we are!
  • volleyballgal11
    So excited!
    I love everything Emily Ley puts out! She’s such an authentic, sweet, and Godly woman and I am excited to have a weekly podcast from her now too!
  • mjmclane124
    Quality advice for what matters
    Her books are wonderful and Idk why her podcast wouldn’t be the same! So excited and planning on making this part of my momma routine!
  • CapeCod2022
    I’ve been wishing this would happen! I’ve followed Simplified for years and now it’s being given to us in such a useful format. We may not always have time to read a book, but can always pop in our Air Pods and listen to a podcast. Thanks for granting my wish!
  • Ima listener
    Emily is awesome and cannot wait for this show to take off!
  • Allyj219
    So happy this podcast is happening. I have followed Emily Ley for many years and she has literally changed my life. Her words feel as though she is speaking directly to you no matter what season of life you are in. Can’t wait for this amazing woman to have an amazing podcast!
  • AshR20
    Subscribe now!
    Words cannot even begin to describe how happy I am that Emily is coming out with a podcast. I LOVE all of her content and her realness when it comes to being a mom/wife/business woman while tackling the many facets of life in general. When life feels uncertain or shaky I can always count on Emily’s words to ground me and do a “reboot”.
  • suzycakesnj
    Just what I needed
    Emily’s voice is so soothing and calm. Just what I need right now in the middle of the chaos of the world. I can’t wait to tune in weekly to hear how to declutter my mind, space and life! It’s like listening to an old friend 💕
  • Lizzybelle16
    The Simplified Podcast
    I love Emily's products, am reading her first book, and am anxious for a weekly visit via a podcast with someoe who feels like a dear friend. What I have learned from her so far is helping to make my life much easier!!!
  • TXPreppyCowgirl
    Emily, Thank you for sharing your time and talents with all of us OVERWHELMED Ladies!!! You truly are a DOLL!!! Hugs from a 51yr old Texan Wife & Mommy of a fun, busy & sweet 5yr old Southern Gentleman in training in Snowy Steamboat, Joey-Michelle🤠💗
  • Sandy shark
    Simply the Best
    Emily Ley’s books have given me clarity, motivation, and peace. I’m so excited to see how her podcast will continue to play a part in my daily routine!
  • Andrea0314
    Beautiful Words
    Cannot wait to be filled with positivity from Emily in these podcasts! I’ve been a simplified planner user for years and finally read all her books while I was on 7 weeks of hospital bedrest last fall. If this podcast is anything like her books it will fill 👏🏼you👏🏼up! I’m excited to have something for ME in the busyness of being a full time worker and Mama to 2 👧🏻👶🏻!
  • JJ180513
    I’m so excited!
    I have listened to the trailer and can already feel Emily’s heart in the way she shares real life with her listeners and friends. I love her planner and her mission and can’t wait to hear her through this new journey! Friends, listen in, you won’t be disappointed!
  • Kaye Stegink
    I have waited for this day for so long!! I’ve read and reread all of your books. As a mom to young kids and a small business entrepreneur, you have helped me in so many ways! I am THRILLED for this podcast!
  • Bodigs0403
    Best news I have heard all year!
    This makes me so happy! I love Emily’s books and videos and have always thought she would be great for hosting podcast!!!
  • Xxbakesxx3
    Coffee & A Good Friend
    I have always been an Emily Ley / Simplified fan. The simplified products have helped me get my home and life back into a working order that I feel proud of. Emily’s books speak so much truth and it’s like you’re sitting there talking with an old friend. Now, with the simplified podcast you literally get the best of it all... Sitting down with a cup of coffee, getting the best advice from an amazing friend. She speaks, truth, heart, & love! I cannot wait for these podcasts 💕
  • Rosielove22
    LOVE THIS!!!
    Love it already! Looking forward to this podcast!💗💗💗
  • ThePreppyCNA
    The excitement for this podcast is real y’all! I have been following Emily Ley since being a senior high school. Now married and a mother, I love following her just as much. Her books speak to me on another level & her boldness lately in speaking her truth has me over here cheering her on! I have been hoping for a podcast for the last few years and it is finally happening. We love you Emily Ley & can’t wait to hear all. the. things. Keep it up!
  • GuitarGal322
    Disappointing quality quality
    Podcasts are not typically read to the audience. The good ones are more like radio and spoken naturally. This felt like listening to a narrated book, and not a particularly well done one. Can you do this a little more naturally? Maybe you need a cohost or a guest so it isn’t like someone reading their sophomore English essay aloud to the class. Disappointing. You make great planners but this certainly is not your niche.
  • unlinkedmedia
    I am so excited for this podcast. I love Simplified and Emily Ley!
  • breeeeeceeeeee
    The weekly reminders we all need
    I can’t wait to tune in every week for Emily’s episodes about simplifying our lives to make room for the people and things that matter. I’ve read Emily’s books and use her planners on a daily basis, but something about hearing Emily in my ear every week to remind me about the important things is what I need right now. This is going to be such a fun ride!
  • Tjgipe
    So excited
    Can’t wait for this! I love your books, Facebook Lives, & videos on YouTube. So excited for you to have a podcast!
  • megan44
    A Simplified Life
    From her books to her planners Emily knows the way to keep life a little more simple! So grab your earbuds and kick up your feet and get ready for what will feel like a coffee date with your bestie! Emily’s tips and tricks combined with her kind and humorous nature will keep you coming back for more. Get ready to live (and enjoy) your best simple life!
  • Marris2012
    This podcast is going to be a breath of fresh air in my life. Thanks for sharing all things simplified with us!!
  • Lisa Lisa & Texas
    Awesome! Simplified Podcast y’all!!
    So excited to have your voice on simplifying in podcast form! You are such a positive voice helping us all to slow down and focus on what matters. Can’t wait to see what all is in store for the podcast!
  • theansleehorton
    So Excited For This
    I’ve been waiting for you to do this for a long time. I was gifted your book, Grace Not Perfection, a few years back & it changed my life. We have so many shared values and and I realized you were sort of like a discipler for me as a young woman. Since then, I’ve continued to follow and learn from you. I look forward to this podcast more than you know, Emily!
  • Florida_888
    Emily is a beautiful self-loving role model!
    Her message of encouragement and joy is so helpful in remembering what is important in life. She has a great gift for pairing it with practical life skills.
  • Socialflutterbye
    Let's talk about it
    Emily has spoken to my heart from Day 1, when I discovered her Simplified Planners. I was just looking for a solution to my organization problem and she has helped me organize my heart. I realize how silly that might sound to someone who has never read her books or followed her on social media, but instead of looking at how she can sell you another tool you might never use, she connects with you, relates to you, and reminds you to be part of your own life. Having a Simplified podcast means I can knock out my workout with a good friend, even if we're still in a pandemic. And that is good for my heart in so many ways!
  • winosaur_
    So excited for this!!
    As a mama to five (including twins 😉), a full time employee, and full time student, these planners and tips have been revolutionary for me! I’m so excited for a podcast because I don’t have a ton of time to read, but I have plenty of time between commutes to LISTEN!
  • Chrissy McB
    So excited!!
    I LOVE Emily Ley!! I’m super excited for The Simplified Podcast! Emily, you speak to me and I want to thank you! I love all your products and I’m so happy for your podcasts!! ❤️🌈
  • Bridget4874
    So awesome!!!:)
    This podcast is everything I need during these difficult times of Quarantining. Simplifying my life for what’s important to me is now getting even easier to do while I work from home. Emily’s voice has an upbeat, refreshing pick me up tone and I can not wait for more of her podcasts to come!!
  • KizzyLing
    Can’t wait!
    I am so excited for Emily’s podcast. Her insights into living an intentional life have helped me so much. It’ll be fun to hear from her more regularly. I’m also excited to see who she brings on the show.
  • stefgleason
    So excited for this
    I can’t wait to listen ever week. I have been using the simplified planner for 4 years now and traveled through your seasons of life via your books. They have helped me through some challenging times. This podcast will be amazing. Tips and tricks on life. Simplifying your routine, your home. Maybe something about clean and beautiful home decorating. How to navigate the hard. So excited. Thank you Emily.
  • FitGirlKatie25
    I love Emily!
    I’m a HUGE Emily Ley fan and love how she strives to make life manageable for moms in the midst of every day. She’s always a shame-free zone and offers the best practical ways to keep your life simple and doable.
  • TracyIsl
    Simplified Podcast
    Oh my goodness - I am so excited that Emily Ley has a podcast! My state is currently in the middle of a terrible winter storm and I was in need of something to look forward to. Enter the announcement for the Simplified podcast! I have listened to the trailer and am so excited for the first episodes to come out. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, lost, and even if you’re not but love planning, organization and simplicity, go ahead and subscribe now!
  • jessjenn93
    Hi friends!
    f you already know Emily Ley, you know that’s how she starts off everything - saying hi to a community of friends that’s been built with intention. I’ve been a follower for a while and got a little teary listening to the intro. Like she says, “I am not perfect and I cannot do it all.” I am SO EXCITED to have a friend like Emily check in with me each week. Follow along if you need that, too!
  • Swinstead2626
    Can’t wait🌈
    I’ve been a huge Emily Ley fan & follower for years. I love all her stuff! This is like icing on the cake. Can’t wait for the episodes to begin 💗
  • Systems by Susie
    I’ll listen to anything Emily Ley does!
    I’ve been a long-time fan of Emily Ley’s and am so excited for her to launch her podcast. She is an excellent communicator and writer, rockin’ business owner, has her finger on the pulse of what us mamas are going through, and keeps it real. Can’t wait to see what kinds of guests she has and listen in to their conversations. I already know this podcast will make my Top 5!
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