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Creator of The Simplified Planner® and mama of three Emily Ley shares stories and tips that’ll empower you to simplify your home, work, and everything in between so you can make space for what matters, get rid of what doesn't, and build a life you love.

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  • scoop92293
    Love this podcast
    Super love this podcast. Short, sweet, helpful and the perfect podcast to make me want to be productive!
  • ThatTeacher23
    Simply The Best
    I listen to such a broad range of podcasts and Simplified is absolutely one of my go-to’s when life is moving too fast. I’m left feeling like I learned something , while simultaneously pouring something back into my cup. I’ve listed to every episode and some more than once. Emily, thank you for being you🤍
  • nitaksh08
    Love this podcast
    This podcast feels like having a hot cup of tea and a warm hug from a friend. I really look forward to every episode, and the variety of subjects that are covered. I appreciate the tactical advice, especially in the season of life that I am in. Thank you, Emily!
  • Protective mom
    Love the one on Friendship
    Will apply today!
  • amybird1981
    Best friend in a podcast
    All the “warm & fuzzies” you get from visiting with a best friend, in the form of a podcast.
  • SARiner
    Simplification and Peace = podcast home run
    This podcast is a quiet and relaxing conversation that makes seemingly overwhelming topics more palatable. Some of us moms with ADHD (even the ones who are still type A and love organization and strategy) really struggle with simplifying our processes and creating structure that lasts. Simplified provides tips and a framework - it helps me create simplification of those structures. I appreciate any podcast that help me shed the complicated, de-clutter the stress of all the things, and allows me more time to hyper-focus on other things that I love. Thanks, and I always look forward to more content!
  • GinaJM_NC
    A helpful breath of fresh air
    Love all things Emily Ley! She is an excellent source of practical tips, encouragement, and calm!
  • blakemore88
    Great for Moms
    I love listening to the Simplified podcast. Emily and her guests are enjoyable to listen to, relatable, and give you practical tips to minimalist, streamline, and organize.
  • LoveTrump❤️
    Good podcast, just too many ads
    Please don't put so many ads!! It takes away from the podcast. Other than that it's a good podcast.
  • vlwalters
    I just started listening but am really enjoying the vibe and tips. Thank you so much.
  • brandes95
    One of my favorites!
    I wish I had found this podcast when my kiddos were still living at home.It would have been a game-changer!! I still love listening every week!!!
  • MaryH123456
    Lots of Ads
    My first time listening and it felt like half the show was ads for her personal products and other company endorsements. I likely won’t listen again. (At the end she says you can get premium version without ads which further left a bad taste in my mouth.)
  • pls lesten to me
    Kinda disappointing
    I love Emily’s books, in fact the A simplified life is a bible for me in my daily life, but the podcast totally disappointing. Emmaly I would like to see more expertise and less family and friends, I’m sure you can find some psychologist or even writers like you, less show off of how your life is so great and be more real, less sponsoring too, more simple rather than I do all this things. I would like to see more of your books applied into your life. I read ALL OF THEM and loved them, but I don’t think you follow your advice! More diversity for sure, you’re talking to different kind of moms, not only Jane!!
  • Oconnor13442
    Emily is an Instagram fave follow of mine. Her voice is calming, the conversation is good, and the content is helpful. However, the amount of time devoted to ads on the podcast has become insane. Recent episode had 4 minutes of ads for a 13 minute episode, not to mention the 4 mins between the intro and outro.
  • AudreyHughes
    More Ads than Content
    Really disappointed in the direction this podcast has taken. The last 2 episodes were 14 minutes long each. One, on living in “summer mode,” had 5 ads, and half the content consisted of Emily discussing how wonderful her company is. It is indeed a great company, and she deserves kudos for setting a great example, but I feel misled as a listener and like my time has been wasted. The other half of the episode stated aspirational goals for living a more relaxed life during the summer, with zero tactical advice on how to actually achieve them, especially if you work for a more rigid boss. The most recent episode, on travel tips, also just 14 minutes, consisted of 4 ads. The content included only the most basic of travel tips - nothing new here for most functional adults. I loved Emily’s early books and social media tips and tricks, but now it feels like just lots of advertising and glamour shots than anything that helps me simplify my life as a busy mom. It’s almost as if some of these episodes were only created to house the ads. Don’t get me wrong, I share Emily’s aesthetic and get lots of great inspiration for shopping and home decorating, but that’s not what I thought we were here for! And some of the episodes, particularly those with guests, do have meaningful content. But it’s not worth anyone’s time to try to parse through them. Especially not people looking to simplify. If you’re looking for something more akin to the early days of Emily’s advice - genuine, practically useful, value-centered and less focused on image, I highly recommend Coffee + Crumbs. Their last episode was also on travel hacks, but goodness, what a difference!
  • smdunham81
    Coming along! Keep going.
    I think this podcast is coming along and developing nicely. I like that there have been more guests. I like when there is honest conversation about difficulties most of us face and instilling hope. I like the calm and soothing nature of the podcast and the variety of tactical and practical topics along with relational and self-growth topics. I would like there to be fewer ads given the relatively short length of the podcast. It feels like so much of the 20-30 minutes is dedicated to ad space and it makes me feel like I’m not valued as a listener. I would like guest conversations to be a little bit longer and continue to increase in depth. I think it’s great to keep solo podcasts where you are reading something to 20-30 minutes, with maybe only one ad. And I think guests should allow for at least 45-60 minutes to develop greater depth, with 2-3 ads. More ads than that starts to feel like I’m mainly listening to a commercial with a little content in between. I like that you are taking on this relatively challenging task. It’s a risk! Making a podcast isn’t easy and neither is pleasing a huge audience. You’re doing well and keep going and keep making tweaks to make it meet your audience’s needs as well as yours and your families. Thank you!
  • BeccaLaMere
    I’m so excited to listen to this! Emily Ley is my absolute favorite author and I love her positive messages she sends out. I’m always eager for Thursday to roll around to see what new episode comes out. Emily is so relatable and this podcast is set up like girlfriends meeting up for good coffee and even better conversation. Every episode is so relatable! Thank you for such a great podcast 💛
  • billsredsoxsports
    I ❤️ THIS SHOW
    This is like the best thing!! I listen to this show when I need help or when I am stressed about something. Emily you are so encouraging and you help me sooooo much! Thank you for being you and creating this show.
  • angelieo
    Emily is my new life coach during times thar I need her the most
    Emily, you have enlightened my life and the way I think about how I should conduct myself in a somewhat stressful life that I have as of now. But when I browse through your audios, I pick topics that I think to myself.." Maybe I should learn something like that so I can apply it to myself and any relationship i am in. I'm not talking about just dating but just in general. You are very clear about what you say and I LOVE when you talk about it in your real life situations with your twins and older son. I look forward to your future podcasts. In my eyes, you are BEAUTIFUL!
  • Annalize10
    My favorite podcast!
    I love Emily’s calm voice, positive messages and the little prayer she leaves me with.
  • Jlthomp8
    Everything I need to hear and more!
    I was thrilled to recently discover the Simplified podcast. As a fan of Emily Ley I was hoping one day she’d begin a podcast. Recently getting more use to the podcast world I have become addicted to her episodes and listen nonstop. She speaks so much truth into the tips she provides and shares a honest part of turning chaos into blissful comfort. I know it’s been a year now since you started but I have to say thank you for making your podcast and meeting us moms where we are! Keep being a light!
  • Jesuslover11223341
    How have I not found this before now?
    How have I not found this podcast before now? It is now my new favorite, and I cannot stop listening! Emily embodies all things simple, and that is my new mantra in life. How can I make everything simpler so that I can have more time to spend on the things that truly matter? That is my goal… Not only does she help make life simpler, she speaks about all things that truly matter. Just for the record, I cannot wait until the simple cookbook comes out! Thank you, Emily! You’re making my life simpler and better!
  • sarahbrossy
    Love everything by Emily ley
    Keep doing what you’re doing! You inspire me so much as someone a few years younger, you’re the perfect role model a few steps ahead of me:)
  • Dpippen
    Came for the instant pot recipes, stayed because I felt right at home!! Thank you!
  • dianakdeitrich
    Soothing and relaxing
    As soon as I hear the intro music, I feel a little bit calmer, like getting wrapped up in a big hug or a cozy blanket. A lot of the advice Emily gives is basic or similar to things I’ve already heard or read online, but I still enjoy listening to it all - she feels like she really could be your friend. This podcast is a breath of fresh air, reminding me that we’re all just getting by in the best way that we can.
  • j.m.r.m.
    All things Emily Ley
    Although I am in a different “season” than Emily (I recently retired) I am really enjoying all of the simplified podcasts. I started at the beginning (where else would anyone start??) and find a tidbit or two or 5 in each podcast that really resonates with me. Keep them coming…
  • a.r. fresh
    Love this podcast
    Great podcast for simple life lessons, motivation and reflection. Emily Ley has a gentle, kind voice that makes you feel like everything will be okay.
  • Ruthie4!
    Like driving with a BFF
    I enjoy “my time” with Emily. It is like driving with a friend. Passes the time of a long commute time!
  • LPJ*
    Like a comforting cup of tea
    I’ve been searching for a new podcast for awhile. Most are always lacking something. This one is perfect, especially for moms in that busy season of life with little ones. I love it!
  • KristinDavidson
    Love Emily’s podcast! Every episode is great, and she talks to her listeners like we’re her friends. I’d love to see her write a cookbook for real life moms!
  • Sojs
    Positive Podcast
    I love this podcast! Emily is always so positive and encouraging. She has such great tips and relevant topics! You will love it! I do!
  • SandraAnneM
    New Favorite Podcast! :)
    What a delight this show is! Emily Ley offers such practical concrete ways to improve life. I think what I love most about it, though, is that the tips she gives feel really manageable and provide a path towards peace and calm, rather than adding to our already busy lives. Look no further for a podcast about simple, soulful living.
  • WALKRS526
    Stick to Organizing and Simplifying
    Just listened to the podcast on discussing politics with your children. While I typically like all things Emily Ley, this one fell flat. The guest had nothing to say that most people wouldn’t already know about the topic (common sense). The fact that Emily raved about this guest and promoted her Instagram was disappointing . When you go to this person’s Instagram, you can tell exactly where she falls on the political spectrum while she pretends to be unbiased. This is exactly what we need LESS of-people with a platform pushing their agenda on social media.
  • thankfulwifeandmom
    I enjoy the simple practical life tips.
  • birddogsandbourbon
    Great podcast
    This podcast makes me think “I can do this!” and is a bright spot in my week!
  • Mrs. Rita
    Definitely a *simplified* approach to life
    I appreciate the daily tidbits on how to declutter material things and mental dealings in my everyday life. Planners have been in my hands since I was a young child in school so this type of planner was very easy to catch on to. What is so wonderful is that there is a 30-day challenge in her planners to begin with decluttering your life.
  • Lisa Fuller 1
    Great podcast
    Great practical tips with a high vibe energy
  • TTTT229
    Very Basic
    Most of the advice given is very elementary and basic. There are too many ads for the short podcast.
  • jshhgstgstshd
    A comfy place in a busy world
    I stumbled across Emily’s podcast after diving into her planner options online. I must say in the chaotic rush of each day it’s nice to just have a few moments to catch your breath with Emily. She calms my soul even if the topic at hand isn’t particularly anything I need to hear at that stage in my life. She just helps me find my center and reminds me of how beneficial grace is to my life whether I feel deserving of it or not. She is doing great things at Simplified!
  • Kristi Short
    I really enjoy listening to you. I’m a baker and work right here in my kitchen so I go back and forth between podcasts and praise & worship music while I’m working daily. Yours is definitely one of my favorites! Thank you for sharing peace and kindness to get my mornings started off right. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Boston Random
    Great topics, tips and fun to listen to
    This is the first podcast I went back and binged listened to all previous episodes. Love all the tips and suggestions for the week. Thanks Emily and simplified team.
  • LHarbuck
    Love it!
    I count down The days for Thursdays to come so I can be refreshed with Emily’s insight and input! Tactical tasks help me become a better wife, mom, realtor, and friend! Thanks Emily and team Simplified!
  • LeahKathrynV
    So good
    I accidentally found this podcast when my podcast app had a glitch in it. I thought I was listening to someone I follow, but Emily’s podcast was what ended up playing. I not only listened all the way through, but I went and searched for her podcast and downloaded all of her previous ones. That’s how good it was! I regretted that I was driving while listening because I wanted to take notes on her practical tips. Highly recommend!
  • Savannahs85
    Love! Simplified
    I’m a big fan of Emily Ley and her brand, Simplified. Her discussions and products do just that, help you simply your life. I’ve enjoyed listening to this podcast because it feels like you’re sharing ideas about real life with a close friend.
  • EBGordon
    A breath of fresh air
    I love podcasts that are positive, uplifting and helpful but that won’t take me hours to listen to. This podcast achieves all of that perfectly! Each session with Emily is like a hug from a friend. Full of logic and practicality, her life tips are easy to implement. I look forward to each new episode!
  • Hopper2009
    Love this!
    So real and relatable! Love listening and walking away feeling encouraged, supported and “surrounded” by sisters in this crazy, beautiful thing called life! God Bless!
  • Gcjjjs
    Just found this!
    I’ve just discovered this Simplified podcast and I absolutely love it! I’m beginning my 3rd Simplified Planner and noticed that Emily was podcasting about how to start the new year. Her tips helped me to take inventory and name what matters most!
  • Windinp
    I don’t feel so alone…
    This podcast has made me realize more than ever that everyone is going though things and being perfect is not possible. I have learned others deal with anxiety and that it is okay! I have learned that I can share my weakness with people and that is also ok. This podcast has been just what I needed in this time of my life. So, Thank You!
  • Sodapop24
    Amazing Podcast!!
    I look forward to this podcast every week and download it as soon as it comes out. Emily covers numerous topics from home organization to family to books. This podcast motivates and inspires me in so many ways. There are always good tips that I can build on and new ideas I hadn’t thought of. I wish there was a new episode every day.
  • AmandaCather
    The best.
    I love this show so much. Emily is so inspirational and I love listening every week.
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