One Sweet Dream

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A podcast that explores the dream of the Beatles. Diana Erickson, co-host of Another Kind of Mind is joined by a core group of contributors to discuss various subjects around the Beatles. A progressive take on the music, people, and narrative of the Beatles.

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  • pbwriter
    ... Came True Today!
    One Sweet Dream by Diana Erickson, Phoebe Lorde, and Tanya Clark, and featuring an impressive array of guests, recorded interviews, and insight, delivers on its promise to explore the Beatles with a fresh perspective. The authors lay out a premise examining “a high stakes game of chase that spun out of control…” within the Beatles and commence their study and analysis in the early months of 1968 in the history and narrative of the Beatles and Beatles scholarship. While the authors include each member of the band, as well as important and significant members of their lives, predominantly Yoko Ono and Linda McCartney, the focus is extensively on the working partnership and relationship between Paul McCartney and John Lennon. The take on the Beatles offers a fresh and revealing revision to the interpretations and expectations of fans and scholars to engage the actions of the Beatles with psychological and emotional backing toward interpersonal and creative dynamics. The podcast is enormously entertaining and fantastically funny in its retelling and hypothetical reactions in the history of the Beatles and the Lennon-McCartney duality. Episodes incorporate extensive commentary, narrative, and recordings of interviews and conversations by the Beatles to document and illustrate the take offered within One Sweet Dream. Diana Erickson additionally interviews important biographers and scholars to examine aspects in the band told and retold countless times as the podcast further expands its quick influence upon the dream of the Beatles in our individual and collective memories. As a fellow Beatles scholar and fan since the Anthology aired in the mid-90s, I was immediately hooked by the thoughtful and detailed re-examination of the Beatles. Thank you!
  • angus01
    While numerous books have been written about the Beatles and the breakup over the last 50-years, mostly regurgitating the same one sided story by previous books, this podcast examines the breakup period from all angles. This group of Diane, Phoebe, and Thalia discovered The Beatles as teens during the Anthology series in 1995 and became addicted to their music and history like most of us. But learning The Beatles story 25-years after the breakup, these women reviewed it with a new, younger perspective. Some of the often told tales and events that were dutifully repeated in various books by authors, who seemed more like a stenographers too lazy to do research or verify details, just didn't ring true, lacked balance, and had many gaps. One example, most books have chapters on how John losing his mother at age 17 affected his entire life and shaped his personality and character. The same books may have a single page about Paul losing his mother at age 14, and never discuss the incredible consequences this had on his formative years, personality, and character. Just a wee bit of imbalance there on the other half of the legendary Lennon/McCartney songwriting partnership. They decided to "pressure test" the many assumed facts to get closer to the truth by reviewing relevant portions of the Nagra reels from the Let it Be sessions, researching interviews and statements by the Beatles and their tight circle of confidants, and placing events in context as few other researchers have done. Each episode is a fresh perspective that I can't get enough of, and I impatiently wait for next one. They are so delightful and full of information that I often listen to an episode again (and again) a few weeks or a couple of months later. I never want this podcast (and it's sister Another Kind of Mind) to end!
  • BigBabyPuddingSnatcher
    Good Stuff
    Excellent analysis. I find Phoebe’s takes particularly intuitive and thoughtful.
  • Jeff_TH
    Outstanding and a must for any music fan
    I’ve been blown away by the incredible research that’s gone into the story of the Beatles that this podcast tells. I’ve gained so much insight into a story I thought I already knew so much about. This podcast is a must for Beatles and music fans alike.
  • TTB12-1961
    My favorite podcast
    After more than 40 years of hearing one side of the story, I was so excited to find this refreshing podcast that rebalances the McCartney-Lennon partnership. And one so erudite and entertaining too! After discovering them, I quickly caught up and now I anxiously await every new episode. Thank you!
  • Florplebleen
    A Paul McCartney podcast thinly disguised as a Beatle podcast
    While this podcast does contain plenty of information and provocative thought-provoking conjecture, the hosts’ purpose is to exalt Paul McCartney at the expense of literally every other human being that ever participated in The Beatles’ story. Not only are George and Ringo given short shrift (indeed, nearly no shrift at all), but the hosts are determined to prove that Paul was the only person of any significance in the band; this extends to tearing John down at every turn - they pretend that they want to convince the listener that John and Paul are equals, but somehow everything about Lennon is dismissed or denigrated (or at least falls well short of Paul’s accomplishments) without exception. To make matters worse, the hosts have barely-disguised contempt for every male Beatle scholar and fan, whom they continually refer to with a derisive nickname at every opportunity. I have no sensitivity about such things - as a man of color in america, I’ve been called much worse and hit with much harder - but some of their points are valid and their conversation is lively and engaging… so why go out of their way to exclude half their potential audience? It is not a matter of catering, or even appealing, to male listeners - rather, it is simply a matter of not making a point of pushing us away. Knowing how excessively defensive people are in this era, I have no doubt that this review will be met by the hosts with anger and scorn, so I will simply recommend BC The Beatles - a much friendlier female-led Beatles podcast - instead.
  • NYC360
    So good. So addictive
    This is one of the best shows/series about the Beatles ever. The deep dive into the Lennon and McCartney relationship is so informative and their take so original it really does make you question everything that’s come before. The only downside is the constant praise of McCartney as the only Beatle that matters. George is mostly ignored, although that is changing, and Lennon often serves as a punchline. While I appreciate someone finally giving Paul is due, I'm not sure every Lennon fan deserves to be placed into the “jean jacket” category. Some fans just prefer his songs. For the record, you can love Lennon without trashing McCartney. This team could release an amazing book. Their POV and breakup timeline is so thought-out it deserves to be enjoyed by more fans and scholars. These two ladies are smart, informative, fun to listen to, and possibly the final word on the legendary band, the Lennon and McCartney partnership, and the break-up that didn’t have to happen. Thank you for your hard work.
  • Usvaldo deLeon
    A deep dive into the emotions and motivations of the Beatles and the actions they took. Cynthia Lennon had noted a biographer had gotten the facts right but had not uncovered the emotional truth. One Sweet Dream aims to uncover that emotional truth
  • Reamund05
    Fantastic deep dives; genuine pleasure to listen to
    This is the Beatles podcast I’ve been waiting for. There’s obvious love and respect for the band and individuals, but they don’t treat the material as sacrosanct. And I LOVE that the show is by women - a much appreciated breath of fresh air in the Beatles world. In fact, everything about this show feels fresh: fresh takes, emotionally intelligent readings of the personal dynamics of the group, and a narrative that veers away from the stuffy, old interpretations of the last 50 years. I can’t recommend this show enough. I thoroughly savor each and every episode and can’t wait for more.
  • dumbo-dude
    Dancing on the head of a pin
    I went there, and i loved it. I went so far down the rabbit hole of the beatles breakup I needed to be airlifted back out. If you want to nourish your john and paul inner geek (and who doesnt, if only for bragging rights) this is the podcast with which to do it. The sultry voice of Diana-E, combined with her deep knowledge makes this as satisfying as high tea at The Savoy. I only wish that the role of george and ringo had been given a bit more due. I have to believe they were a bit more significant than amuses bouches at an endless banquet of john and paul.
  • Flapadapdap
    Finally!! A podcast that digs deep into the dynamics and magic of John and Paul’s relationship. Brilliantly presented. I could listen to Diana’s voice all day, every day.
  • Elly Jaybird
    Mixed bag
    Well researched work but each episode would surely be at least an hour shorter without all the complaining about Jean Jacket authors
  • LL not Bean
    Funny and Fascinating
    It’s taken 50 years for someone to take a fresh look at the Beatles and their demise. This podcast digs into what the band (mostly John and Paul) were saying and doing at the time instead of buying what one of them said after the fact.
  • peace'n'love1966
    The hosts know their stuff and back up their claims with solid research, and cover topics that are left completely untouched in most Beatles history podcasts and books. Intelligent, entertaining, and at times heartbreaking. It makes me love the Beatles even more having listened to it.
  • RubyandDaisy
    An Extraordinary Podcast About The Beatles
    Outstanding and original storytelling. This podcast is both wildly entertaining and exceptionally well researched. It goes deeply into the Lennon/McCartney creative partnership providing unparalleled insight. Highly recommended, highly addictive.
  • dpt1213
    Anyone that was ever in a band knows the dynamics involved. The story is really more complex than it has been recorded so far. Here is a lot of data supporting trhis heory. This is a mist losten for any serious fan.
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