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Welcome to Running Explained, where ALL your running questions are answered! For new AND experienced runners, from training to racing, nutrition, recovery, gear, AND MORE, there's always something new to learn about running!

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Recent Reviews
  • Spunge24
    Very informative
    Elisabeth does not leave out any detail. Great podcast for those wanting to improve in all aspects of running.
  • J&Rmom
    One of the best
    This podcast is a must! Such great information!
  • Look dis
    Can’t recommend
    Has potential but tends to answer every question with “it depends”. Save your time and do some google searches for answers to your running questions. Also guilty of repeating the same information over and over in a tedious manner.
  • Shallen68
    Subscribe now!!!
    This is the best running podcast I have ever listened to. The guests are legit and every episode is full of important and interesting information. I learn something from every episode. Highly recommend!! 🙌🏼
  • The Ruyle's
    Amazing Podcast
    I have never written a podcast review before but I love this one so much I felt it was a necessity. I learn so much and the host is so gently and kind in her explanations. I have listened and skipped through sooooo many running podcasts and I always come back to this one. So informative and keeps me engaged the whole time. Not littered with ads and promos. Just all around a GREAT podcast.
  • Amy Haas
    Love it!
    Extremely well done, clean, focused, and informative!
  • BrazlDazl
    She answers questions I didn’t know I had!
    Absolutely love this podcast! She has an upbeat and cheery personality and voice, but not one of the phony sounding ones that make you grit your teeth. She has a wide variety of guest speakers, who help keep things fresh with different perspectives and solid, trustworthy information. She has answered many questions I didn’t know I had, helped me to better understand certain aspects of my Garmin watch (though I don’t think that was her intention!), and really opened my eyes to finding my true easy pace and how to use that to my benefit. I’ve ran off and on since high school (I’m 31 now) but have never been intentional about training. This podcast has really encouraged me to start being more mindful about training, strength training, and rest days in a more structural and intentional way. Give her a listen! You won’t regret it!
  • Eillatfohk
    New Follower/Listener!
    Just came across your Instagram account a few weeks ago. Thought I would give the podcast to try to. As someone who’s been running for almost 6 years now pretty competitively, you’re answering so many of the questions that I was too scared to ask for fear of seeming like I had no clue what I was doing. Thank you so much for your explanations!!
  • Three.14159
    Great Information
    I enjoy all the information provided in the episodes and the variety of guests that are brought on the show. Very informative episodes. However, sometimes things can be repetitive and the episodes can feel unnecessarily long. The host will often repeat back a guest’s answer and discuss how she already knew that and has her clients doing xyz also. Just be careful to make it informative and engaging for listeners, not redundant.
  • Asdfvbnj
    Love this podcast, especially 22
    Episode 22 is the best diet related running podcast I’ve ever heard! Thank you so much for the straightforward and practical advice.
  • Free Jane
    Welcoming and Supportive
    Elizabeth is clear, incredibly supportive and full of useful realistic knowledge. Her guests are chosen well and every episode has value. This podcast pulls you in and encourages you no matter what your level or experience. Thank you!
  • crosbydk
    Good info
    Great podcast. Informative. I ran across this on Instagram and saw the “Running in the Heat” episode and thought I’d give it a listen. I stink at running in the heat and this gave me some new ideas as well as some encouragement since I’m obviously not the only one who struggles with this.
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