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Islam #121

Have you ever heard something about Islam that made you double take? Questions like “With our political climate, will my children be Muslim?” or “If God is the Most Merciful, why does Hellfire exist?” Welcome to DoubleTake, Yaqeen Institute's new podcast exploring Islamic topics that give us pause. Join our host Mohamad Zaoud and array of experts and scholars as they address these tough questions and topics by exploring the bigger picture through current events, pop culture, and practical applications.

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  • MCMama3
    Very Beneficial!
    Asalaamo Alikum! I have really benefited from the topics discussed in this podcast. I have even shared what I have learned in gatherings within our community. Some of my favorite episodes: Abortion & Islam Jealousy & Envy in relation to Social Media A man’s role in the Household These were all topics that I really found relevant to do our day to day spiritual development. Really looking forward to next season
  • Nutellaandcats
    It’s great and I’m sure it’ll just keep getting better! Thank you all!
  • Amer The Coach
    Great, can still improve
    This is a great podcast. The topics are very interesting and relevant and the guests are excellent and knowledgeable. The host is very authentic and tries his best. I would kindly suggest that the host works on making his questions more concise and that he tries not to interrupt the guests. JAK for your hard work!
  • Tessa 🌻
    This is a GEM 💎
    This podcast is an absolute gift. Br. Mohamad is a phenomenal host, mashaAllah, and makes the podcast feel so relatable, asking the difficult questions so many of us have but struggle to express. The guests & Yaqeen family are so deeply insightful, and I come away from each episode feeling closer to our Rabb (swt) and our deen, reassured that it was perfectly designed for imperfect people like me. Please keep this amazing podcast going!
  • Brooklyn431
    The best MusliM focused podcast I have listened to by far. Excellent guests, and topics. Can’t wait to listen to the coming episodes.
  • Hamprincesse
    Mashallah Great Content
    Yaqeen Institute and everyone on their team are just amazing incredible people. My family and I discovered your wonderful channel last Ramadan and alahamdullila for that. We love your content, all the effort you put in, and we love every Yaqeen member. This is a well rounded resource for Muslims and for non Muslims who want to learn and grow. Mashallah Jazakum Allah Khair. Continue to grow and shine Inshallah.
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