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Welcome to My Friends Erotic Stories Podcast: Reddit’s Best Erotica! Here you’ll be indulged by listening to your daily dose of erotica from us directly to your ear. Sit back and listen while your imagination run wild, as we dive in and well… get wild. 

Enjoy listening to our Friend's Erotic Stories!

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  • okigiveupat nicknames
    Text me plz
    +1 (509) 934-5978 text me sexy or show me something sexy plz this podcast makes me horny
  • Hotdawgz
    Saw D.Ramy’s review about episode 2098, you can go and find it. It makes this show really just…gross.
  • ufhchdjcjfic
    Which episode was this?
  • 💀🗿🩹🌚🌞
    Quandale dingle?
    Bro what is that voice
  • BaneOTS
    Nothing new?
    What happened? No new stories?
  • Sixmilliondots
    The Host’s Voice….
    The stories are kind of hit or miss but it’s the dudes voice that ruins it for me! This guy sounds like a high school tutor or like your brother is reading inappropriate stories to you I just can’t. Maybe invite the contributors to record an audio version of their story.
  • Lexshark83
    Narration nightmare!
    Does no one else hear this narrator? How does anyone get off with this complete sod of a monotone wang rambling off sex stories like he’s reading an encyclopedia?! There is nothing sexy about this man’s voice or the way he reads. If I can ever get over the anger of perfectly wasted, word porn, then I might actually find this funny but I don’t know how this tool has a 4.7 overall rating! Awful. Just purely awful.
  • cad124
  • CoconutChild
    Why is a robot male voicing female pov..?
    Such a weird choice. Unlistenable
  • roseta2blues
    Everything was great until a commercial came on
    Good grief your sponsors interrupt all the good stuff at the worst time lol
  • D. Ramy
    Listen at your own risk - MISLEADING TITLES
    There are no trigger or content warnings and some of the title labels are misleading. There is one episode in particular that is labeled as a “g******g” and it is actually a detailed story about a violent and completely non-consensual gangR**E. I had to stop listening, it was so incredibly disturbing.
  • Air9Carbon
    Great stories. I really like how the ads are left to a minimum
  • danktighny
    Which is worse, the computerized voice reader or the unimaginative and poorly written material?
  • Kevin.Gallegos
    Very Yummy Podcast
    Very Yummy Podcast. This podcast is full of desire. when you feel alone you should listen to this podcast. You will love it. Thanks
  • Reba!!!!!
    sexy podcast
    sexy podcast, I listen to 3 and 4 episodes all are very amazing it makes me horny. I enjoy it a lot. I will recommend it to my friends
  • Charlie$M
    I Follow this podcast
    I have listened to this podcast for a very long time. I follow all the episodes. It is a very awesome podcast. Full of desire.
  • Daniel287
    they have got the best collection of erotic stories. I really like their podcast and recommend it to all my friends.
  • Mike6872
    I just love their stories, they always bring something unique and exciting!
  • nifnckyc
    Sext me
    903 286 1638
  • Gladys L. Garner
    It’s just awesome
    No explanation needed it’s just awesome
  • aromanko
    Caught between loving and hating this
    Stories themselves are GREAT. The ads and robotic voice are almost too much to bare.
  • Garcia440
    I enjoy all the stories
    Great Podcast I listen to every time. I enjoy all the stories you share with us. please share an amazing episode thank you
  • Dana.doll
    very erotic podcast
    wow, very erotic podcast. I listen to all the shows it's full of desire, definitely suggest with my friends
  • Kathleen_Embree
    I like his voice
    I daily listen to this podcast. I love it. The storyteller is very amazing. I like his voice. Thanks Keep sharing very sexy stories
  • bullwn1
    nice podcast
  • olmb
    Not good
    The voice is robotic and seriously commercials in the middle of the story? So annoying.
  • Thomas_M_Anders
    very sexy
    I like this podcast I listen many episodes all are very hot and amazing.I will share this podcast to my Friend he will love it.
  • Call me Mike tonight
    Need a better voice reading these stories.
    The male voice reading these stories sounds robotic. He doesn’t pronounce words correctly and has no inflection.
  • Me37564
    A fun sexy program.
  • edenswill
    My friend’s erotic stories
    So disappointing! The stories on this podcast miss the erotic mark because they are computer-read; a non-human voice “recites” the written word without inflection or dramatic pause. Really cold & not erotic at all, ironically. Waste of time & space.....
  • ^Crystal.queen*
    I truly enjoyed it
    I really enjoyed hearing the latest podcast, I would love to hear more I truly enjoyed it.The stories are detailed sensual and interesting. The calm calm sooting voice is plus.When I listen to this podcast I forget everything.I will follow all the Episodes, and I will share them with my Friend.They will aslo enjoy it a lot.
  • kittykat7733
    Who is reading these???
    Hard to get into these stories when you have a robotic voice! So distracting!!!! It’s a no for me!
  • LadyAltaD
    If you’re feeling a little spicy…
    If you’re looking for a quick way to spice up your personal life, check out this podcast. This isn’t for the prude set, but for those that truly enjoy an erotic narrative. The stories are short, but exciting and listening to this sure beats picking up a romance novel from the bookstore.
  • M.kline953
    One of the bests!
    Grateful for all your time and energy that you put into this podcast. It’s absolutely amazing! Thank you! 💯
  • exog8
    I understand that good entertainment should get paid for but, really, way too much ad time. Having a story interrupted multiple times for ads is unacceptable.
  • Billyx_14
    Best Stories
    It's great... i like it.
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