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After spending years dispensing bitchy fashion commentary on their viral Instagram account Every Outfit on Sex and the City, hosts Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni realized that they have highly specific opinions about other things, too. Every Outfit is a weekly show born from our deeply unhealthy, lifelong obsession with fashion and popular culture. It’s like The View (but less geriatric) meets Fashion Police from two best friends who have spoken at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but have also done SponCon for vibrators. New episodes every Friday.

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  • larbb
    Long time listener but lately Lauren is so condescending in her opinions lighten up girlie make fun of yourself once in a while when you’re wrong or not sure. I think it’ll be more enjoyable again if she’s not sneering her views at everyone 🫶 the SATC recaps are fun
  • ruby_tiger
    More than SATC 😎
    One of my favorite podcasts! Lauren and Chelsea have incredible taste, full stop. It’s like all those convos about my fave bits of culture that I want to have with another person are actually happening, lol! Both ladies’ enviable knowledge of, and thoughtful takes on fashion, design, and film, are low-key soul-nourishing. Thanks, Lauren and Chelsea!
  • Flash 10
    Came for SATC but stayed for so much more
    The podcast is topical, funny and informative. The SATC recaps are such a delight. I look forward to them every month. However, Lauren is often insufferable. Her cynical, hyper-critical, try-hard, out-of-touch, insecure, pick-me girl, outrageous attitude can be so grating to listen to. Now that she’s getting married, it’s like listening to a less entertaining Star Jones talk about her wedding struggles ugh. But Chelsea is mad cool. I would kick it with her, and she brushes off Lauren’s “insane” takes like only a true friend can do. Overall, there is a nice balance between them. Although i’m harsh on Lauren i highly recommend this podcast for an hour a week escape.
  • Marshee10012
    Your fabulous tour!
    What?? You may been adding cities?? Maybe: Ft. Lauderdale? West Palm Beach Miami ( where I saw yiu last time!!) Thank you Marcia Levine
  • Yayis1990
    My favorite podcast
    Love to these ladies. I don’t always agree with their sociopolitical commentary, but their pop culture and fashion back and forth is always interesting, funny, and entertaining. The SATC rewatch episodes are a treat! It always feels like I’m having a chat with one of my smarter, tastemaker pals, and I often look forward to new episodes. Oh, and the movie reviews are especially good. Really glad I found them!
  • Dieseljn
    Love love love this podcast!!!! It’s my favorite thing to listen to. Thank you for answering my question on the most recent episode.
  • SwBub99
    Young Shelton
    Your podcast is my favorite. I’m a fan who will relisten episodes because you are so entertaining and I also love the sound of your voices. I’m curious about the reason for this Young Sheldon opinion: “incorrect casting for the younger version of Laurie Metcalf” The casting is perfect because the actress is Laurie Metcalf’s real life daughter!
  • wka940
    Two things I noticed.
    On multiple occasions, Chelsea has made Karen Carpenter anorexic jokes. This is so hurtful. Please don’t do this. Your podcast is built on a proximity to the fashion industry and you’re body shaming and joking about such a tragedy? Secondly, Lauren’s ad reads are insufferable. She uses a different voice during them that sounds lofty and fake. I can’t handle it. Their poor sponsors.
  • Queefqueen2016
    L.A. trash talking trash
    This podcast is like Hot Cheetos: Hot Spicy garbage with zero nutritional value but still delicious.
  • Turtlebabe
    Perfect Podcasting - 2 Great Minds
    Came here for the Sex and the City commentary and got so much more. Chelsea and Lauren teach us about pop culture, fashion, life. At this point I need their takes, an important part of my week. Highly recommend, 10/10.
  • fashnbl
    Mr Chow Commentary
    “Chow we go?” I swear is what Laura said. I die 😂
  • osnapitzgrace
    The most joy the internet is capable of providing
    Lauren and Chelsea ilysm
  • MargWick
    Theme Song
    Just want to say the theme song is an absolute banger
  • Bdhzjz
    Lauren and Chelsea are the dog’s tuxedo
  • verymary28
    Iggy Pop
    A caller asked if Iggy can get it. He had sex with a 13 y.o. girl when he was in his 20s and wrote about it in the song “Look Away.” To me that shrinks his sex appeal down to zero, but to each her own. Some will undoubtedly say “those were different times,” and yes, this girl was a groupie - but 13? C’mon.
  • Csmoreira
    My weekly happy hour
    Throughout the last two years Every Outfit has been the only consistent joy in my life. After numerous men, parties, trips, apartments, jobs, albums, tv shows, and even two seasons of And Just Like That, this podcast truly managed to stand out and deliver the happy moment I need on a weekly basis. Please never, absolutely never skip a week again. I will go back to being a patron when I stop being unemployed.
  • Kanarpski
    Best fashion podcast
    But more than a fashion podcast! I don’t follow the Kardashians, but I still love their updates. They make everything seem fun.
  • Mo..........
    The best fashion+pop culture commentary
    These ladies are smart, fun and have the most enviable fashion knowledge. I love their takes, their friendship and havent missed an episode!
  • MartinJL@
    Can’t get enough!
    I’ve come to the realization that I need this to be a daily podcast (even though I can imagine Lauren and Chelsea shuddering at the thought of that much output). The sonorous voices of this iconic duo have become the soundtrack to my life, whether while going on walks, washing dishes, cooking dinner or hopping on a plane. They never cease to uplift my spirits and give me a much-needed laugh. This podcast is a gem and I’m so excited watching it grow!
  • CWH1991
    my queens
    my parasocial relationship with lauren and chelsea grows deeper and deeper each week. love them, love the show!
  • TheTacoBelle
    Pure joy!
    As a SATC fanatic, it’s so fun to revisit all the old episodes by listening to the recaps while cooking and cleaning. And I felt SO seen by their opinions on “And Just Like That.” Love Lauren’s quick wit & deep cultural references. Not being a culture vulture, I’m not generally interested in the not-SATC eps but I just skip em!
  • KellyB_challenge fan since 05
    Love it!
    These two are so funny and honest. Their often dry humor cracks me up and they offer unique insights on our favorite show that is so fun to revisit and on current events. Love it!
  • jnjsmile
    Excellent podcast
    Very very well done -thank you!
  • Daggotry
    Until I get a MacArthur and can fund a Chelsea reading selections of her (maga)zines from the 90s and Lauren getting granular about film doing her Linda Partridge impression pod, I am so grateful for their contribution to the podcast genre and pop cultural criticism writ large.
  • Tak and violet
    Fun again
    Update: Lauren said she’d change her negative attitude so I’m on board again.
  • PalmTree29
    So fun and satisfying
    Love these women and all their hot takes. Also, this podcast has helped me heal the soul wounds inflicted by the AJLT creators (if you know you know). I came to the pod in their third year, the second season of AJLT and I wish I had known about it during that dark winter of 2021/22 when the hbo show premiered. Every Outfit would have saved me from going to the dark places season one of AJLT sent me. Thanks, ladies. You’re doing god’s work.
  • AlisonTea
    All we do is complain
    I think you’re fully entitled to have your own opinion, but why bother continuing to have a rewatch podcast when all you do is complain about the show? It’s a drag and a downer to listen at this point…
  • AndyML20
    Taken a turn
  • Lasercatstakeover
    Amazing 10/10
    This podcast is amazing and their points are hilarious. I make sure to never miss
  • emval13
    Top Pod
    Literally never leave podcast reviews but I have to share the love and fully admit that I start refreshing first thing Friday mornings until the latest episode is posted. So good. Love y’all.
  • 76thankyou
    More of this, please!
    Thank you for making a show about all of my guilty pleasures! I’m here for all of it, including the Kardashian content.
  • gg.s.y
    Such a boring podcast
    Doesn’t manage to capture any of the excitement of the show or the humor of the producers’ social media accounts. A big waste of time
    My boyfriend, Paul…
    I have loved this pod from day 1. It’s the perfect mixture of humor and smart takes and a real deep knowledge of fashion which I appreciate. I did have to take one star off because, Lauren, honey. We get and are so happy that you have a boyfriend. We gave you one episode of grace. But now it’s time to stop awkwardly working him into the conversation every chance you get. This isn’t high school.
  • msroney
    So cute!
    I’ve followed their ig account for years and finally decided to give a listen! I totally binged about 10 episodes during a work week and am in love! So funny and gives me my pop culture full. Yummy!
  • beets7833
    Fun stuff
    Listened to this religiously while training for a 10k. Good pacing and nice prod value. Love their opinions and banter on all things pop culture and SATC. I’m a Lauren with a Tat rising. Sorry Chel!
  • K8Dillon
    Binging Since I Discovered
    I’m late to this podcast, but have been binging all episodes since I discovered, and immediately subscribed to the Patreon. I love Chelsea and Lauren’s takes. This podcast is funny and smart. Love it!
  • MamaWolf1721
    I am a Lauren & Chelsea stan forever
    I love both women and this podcast so much that I would full on marry it.
  • Darling Bonnie
    Live for it. Love it. Hands down favorite podcast at this point. Irreverent. Exciting. Informative. & an all around high style good time. Some girls were made to podcast, these are two of them!
  • HotBirderAndrew
    5 Stars
    for Chelsea’s Unsinkable Molly Brown impression
  • illtryanymusic
    Ladies, keep giving us your real opinions.
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast. Chelsea and Lauren truly have carved out pop culture and fashion commentary that can only be found on their podcast. Typically the topics they talk about are interesting to me and if they’re not I will just skip through the section. The two negative things I’ll mention is that I’ve noticed lately Chelsea sounds very short with Lauren. She questions, corrects, or makes fun of Lauren’s comments. I understand that they’re both deadpan humor (and I love that type of humor), but Chelsea takes it a little far. Also they’re a little afraid to give their true opinion on cultural topics if it doesn’t align with the very online opinion. I understand you don’t want to get canceled, but you don’t have to add “it’s problematic” or tip toe around your real opinion. Overall it’s a great podcast and one I look forward to every week. I love the topics they talk about. Thank you Chelsea and Lauren for making a podcast that talks about all niche pop culture interests!
  • Hot Sandy
    Literally burst out laughing
    I listen to this pod while driving, cleaning my house, doing laundry and I often find myself laughing at their unintentional humor. Great hosts, you feel like you know them. More SATC rewatches!!!!
  • TempleRunnette
    love the show
  • katejenny
    My 2023 Must Listen
    Love this show! Chelsea and Lauren are very smart, very funny, and very informative- come for the AJLT discussion, stay for in depth fashion analysis.
  • Henry's Slave
    Love these Ladies
    They're smart, funny, sassy and don't take themselves too seriously. Love their fashion reviews although I don't always agree, I always enjoy!
  • RollerSkateRosie
    Love Lauren!
    Just writing a response to the recent review saying that Lauren is a 2/10. WRONG! Both of these two are sharp, funny, insightful. They are different personalities, but that’s what makes the show so great. Such a fun listen.
  • redrobininatree
    No ifs, ands or Butts - my favorite podcast!
    The way that Chelsea describes a cozy show as being swaddled in a soothing cashmere blanket that blocks out the world’s stresses is how I feel about this podcast. I save it as a treat for myself because I love it so much. It really adds sunshine to my day — it’s honestly just music to my ears. (But why am I so confused and I only ever see show notes from a year ago? Where are those posted??)
  • De Vanna 7654
    Lauren is getting annoying
    Why do I know that Lauren is 115 pounds? Because she saw fit to tell us. (Crickets from Chelsea when Lauren did that because how do you respond to such an egoic brag about being an underweight adult to a likely American audience who generally have body issues?) I’m glad the Nicole Kidman jumpsuit is cut to her petite body size and she’s the only one can fit it (sarcasm). Her derisive tone when talking about Harry and Meghan isn’t necessary. All of this was bothering me, so I decided to write a review. Please bring less ego to 2023. Chelsea rocks.
  • Maligvts467
    Zsa zsa zhou
    I love this podcast but my toxic trait is that I have no idea who Isabelle hupert (sp??) is and I will never google it.
  • ShackFan333
    The best.
    The feeling of pressing “play” when a new episode comes out is like arriving at a cocktail bar and joining a table with your best girlfriends, ready to enjoy a night of good, intelligent, and fun conversation, cosmos in hand. I have been listening since episode 1, and I opened a Patreon account just so I could listen to Every Outfit. I know absolutely nothing about fashion, but I can listen to Chelsea and Lauren talk about it all day long. I love their SATC recap episodes and I LOVE their takes on popular films and shows. And I have to say, the Balenciaga discussions were *chef’s kiss.* Chelsea saying, “Lauren, whatever happened to fun?” replays in my mind again and again.
  • amk881
    My Emotional Support Podcast
    I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this week’s episode had uploaded before I was about to go into Trader Joe’s. Feels like I’m among friends whenever I listen. The balenciaga episode was so good, I recommended it to everyone I knew who would remotely care about niche fashion scandals. And the satc recap episodes keep me going in the harsh, cold world. Never stop podcasting, thanks!
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