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Don’t miss Candace, the Daily Wire’s new show starring conservative lightning rod, Candace Owens. Join us weekly as Candace delves into the political and cultural issues of the day with her signature blend of intelligence and humor. Candace features celebrity interviews and panel discussions with the world’s most influential thought leaders and cultural mavens. To get access to the full show, become a member at and use code CANDACE to get 25% off.

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  • CJCusetown
    Great Conversations
    I’ve greatly enjoyed this show. I love that Candace invites guests who don’t necessarily share her same world views. It makes for very thought provoking and entertaining talks. I just wish the episodes were longer.
  • Licola2900
    Breath of fresh air
    Candace is relatable in a world that has shut out people who don’t share far left ideology. I miss the talk shows and pop culture. Candace offers a familiar format that is entertaining and informative with great guests and comedy. I love Candace!
  • WendyS35
    Candace has great insight to today’s issues!
  • FCMiller99
    Climate Change
    Climate Change has been adopted by “the left” to fund their authoritarian agenda. Like Covid, climate change is not a disaster.
  • The usa lover
    Love you.
    I love you. Keep fighting . We need you. America needs you.
  • domesticated dave
    Big Floyd 4Eva
    May you live in interesting times, Ms. Owens. Listener: please don’t waste your time here
  • okae 💕
    intellegent, excellent woman
    Candace is such a intelligent excellent woman. She is a real feminist
  • itllallbeok
    got em
    candace big shaft fit in ur mouth
  • GrowTransformInspire
    Must hear
    This podcast is a must hear for anyone wanting news source other than our corrupted & biased media. I was a Democrat for many years & recently became Republican. This podcast is a place where I feel at home. Thank you, Candace for being the voice of reason!
  • cgregory075
    Candace crushing with truth grenades!
    I love her full-throttle, un-apologetic, in your face honesty. She will never disappoint when it comes to facts. She’s always on target and ready to stand toe to toe. The black community needs more fierce women like her.
  • Angiebehr
    I’m obsessed!
    Candace, you are a hero and I appreciate your arguments. It helps me to argue in an articulate way. Keep it up and God bless!
  • unicorn magical love
    Black Lives Matter
    The interview with one of the BLM leaders was too short. I really wanted to hear both sides without the interruptions. If people can just listen to one another and stop the Republican/Democrat divide, we might be able to make more progress for a unified country. Nobody had a chance to just sit back and listen to another point of view to learn from one another.
  • Gnome chopper
    Candice is a game changer. She started a revolution along with Dave Rubin and Triggernometry.
  • BobDobbs305
    Good Show, but please vary guests
    Love the show and Candace! (I’m not a republican.) However, new guests would help instead of many repeats. I’m guessing Brandon Tatum lives close to the studio?!?
  • Criminal 89
    Love it
    That Hawk guy, loves to hear himself talk, it’s all brainwash word salad talking points from the marxist 2A1A🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Jesssmith07
    Love Candice!!
    This woman is whip smart, insightful and reports accurately in a way that will keep you coming back to this podcast!
  • 69 Commando
    Candice is America the beautiful
    A+ podcast
  • Srichichi83
    Grateful for the information
    Thank you so very much for the episode on the vaccine and WOMEN’S menstrual cycles. I have never been “normal” in my entire life and after getting the vaccine (regrettably) it’s just been the absolute worst to deal with. I believe it has ruined my chances for ever having children on top of already having a dismissal chances to begin with.
  • Kalven1
    Normally your shows are very insightful. But this show was all about yelling from BOTH sides and no one was listening. Please have some decorum and simple rules. Like each side gets two minutes uninterrupted, then the other side. I think what Mr. Newsom is doing by trying the help is great, but Candace you did not say that to him.
  • mikeinaz!
    Love Candace,but
    Slow down. Your interruptions and rambling do not make this an enjoyable podcast experience.
  • nicolby_nicolby
    Owens! Owens! Owens!
    Smart, confident, funny, full of common sense. We’ve needed a Candace Owens for a long time and now that she’s here, she will not be cancelled. It’s been encouraging to watch her popularity increase. Go Candace!
  • Wancket
    McCain it rain
    Best seven minute mic drop on Megan McCain. My daughter loves Candice. Might have to get a DW subscription so she can watch the Candice Owens show.
  • PaytonLibra1011
    She really is a such a awesome a** woman! Love her! Listen to her podcasts every time they’re posted! ❤️ don’t stop being you Candace!
  • Victory1753
    Love Candace
    Candace is the best. I’d love to see her host a Johnny Carson Tonight Show format show. With her own version of Ed and her own band, everything. Keep up the great work in any format!
  • MGThill
    Love your show Candace
    You make WAY too much sense!
  • kenhagen
    Listening to doctors
    My doctor told me to get 10000 steps a day. Drink 100 ounces of water a day, get 5-6 fruits and vegetables a day and get 6-8 hours of sleep. I don’t believe in taking a pill or getting a shot for a quick fix for everything.
  • Rose255
    Candace rocks
    Wow I love to listen to Candace…she’s so articulate so educated she’s a breath of fresh air. She will go far.
  • ShortEva
    Common sense
    “Common sense is not a flower that grows in everyone’s gardens” Thankful to this amazing woman for trying to wake people up! #standwithnikki Just a suggestion can you tryin n do a show with people that have had vaccinated side effects!
  • BrianDiana
    A True Patriot!
    Candance makes so much sense she is fresh a breath air in this time of such division
  • BGfam
    Brave protector of truth.
  • janevirginia
    Common sense
    Candace is one of my favorite political commentators because she has so much common sense. She has so much courage to speak her mind today in a world where the media wants to cancel you the second you don’t agree with their liberal politics.
  • mrsvickijames
    Eye Opening!
    I’ve never been into politics but with the way the world is now I have realized how important it is to educate myself and pay attention to what is going on. Candace Owens delivers the facts and news going on around us with brutal honesty on conservative views I appreciate. She rocks! Give it a listen and you won’t regret it. If you do regret it, I have no clue what is wrong with you.
  • BankAddict
    Self hating black
    They do exist. Inane and absurd. I wish I could give it 0 stars.
  • Loganfool
    You’re a scary person. You’re a scary person who is listen to by other scary people who don’t have a clue.
  • jowyo#
    John Rich Interview
    Beautiful and inspirational. God bless you ❤️
  • t.mdj
    Thank you for sharing the truth. It’s sounds like such a simple thing. To get the truth from journalists and the news media, yet it’s so hard to find these days. Than you!
  • Cheap::::::::
    Awful!! Wish I could give it zero stars.
  • MoreChampagnePlz
    Do better Candace
    I want to love this show but it’s really hard to listen to. Why invite people onto your show then talk over them and not hear them out? Do better, Candace. The right needs your best self, not this version.
  • babymommabandit
    Not Good!
    A bunch of low level easily debunked ideals.
  • kiplar
    Undeniable truth and the truth hurts…leftists.
  • Marcmailman
    Stop campaigning
    After the first few podcasts it’s become monotonous. She doesn’t like any liberals and constantly puts down others like “D lister” Megan Markle. I’m gonna take a break from the show.
  • EMA Dave
    Keep the truth coming!
    Thank-you for your razor sharp analysis and presentation of facts. Our future as a country of free people depends on the work you and few others do. I appreciate being able to hear another point of view then what is given by a discredited media.
  • Billsto
    Used to love her show.
    If she is too busy being a mom that is awesome! Just do that and rebrand in 18 years.
  • Anthony Coleman0420
    Christ’s Disciple
    The Lord has created such an amazing woman!
  • tdb11122
    Thank you Candace. Genuinely.
    Candace gives me hope for the next generation. A strong, beautiful, intelligent, educated, conservative, woman! I pray she’s our VP candidate in 2024! Our nation needs you along with President Trump! Keep speaking the truth and shrugging the leftist! We’ve got your back!
  • Natedogg279
    Keep shining in a dark world! Keep doing you Candace!
  • poopoosanicknick
    The 1 star ratings are hysterical!!
    Evidently, the truth hurts even bots and trolls. Candice is just about the coolest most intelligent chick on the planet. You’ll be hooked. Guaranteed breath of fresh air every time.
  • Jesus Chick 59
    The country needs Candace
    Loved her book.. very thought provoking.. would love to see her run for office.. bold.. speaks the truth.. love her
  • Godobey
    Amazingly in depth.
    Give her a chance and you will be surprised at her grasp on today’s ills.
  • 1736384
    President Candace?
    Candace is awesome! I want to see her and Ben run for president, flip a coin for top of the ticket, just want to see you two wipe the floor with your debate opponents!
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