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Candace Owens holds nothing back in her brand new show as she takes on the political and cultural issues of the day. Featuring deep dives, investigations and exposés on today’s burning topics. Listen to CANDACE OWENS Monday through Friday at 3 PM ET / 2 PM CT.

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  • gunner_pt
    Not a Good Move
    I’ve been a loyal follower for years even though I don’t always agree with some of her opinions Candace is bright,articulate and courageous! However, her recent interview with Finklestein deeply disappointed and confused me. Sure, great to hear all sides, but the timing of this interview sickens me! I’m a non-jew and could not listen to this bigot and his disgusting antisemitism. Timing is everything and she blew it by giving this monster a platform for his views during the suffering of Jews and their supporters like me! Bad move Candace. Hope all goes well with your new baby but I don’t know if you will get me back in the future.
  • phobeeeee
    Candace is acting more unhinged and angry which may be a tactic to gain a larger audience but is a turn off. The more I listen to her, the more I wonder why I was ever a fan. Goodbye and good luck.
  • Elliot F.
    She thinks that she knows more than she does
    Time for her to realize her limitations.
  • therebbe
    Hides behind drama
    Do your research cadence cmon
  • brooklynLEO
    Episode 421 was a ground breaking hot topic
    I am convinced that Candace is the best interviewer who is so honest and fair. Please continue with your great work in educating us on both sides. The truth is hard to find in podcast, thank you Candace.
  • brysonc120987
    Just amazing
    Love the podcast, I heard about you but never really tuned in. Started listening to your podcast and watching you stand your ground, I will be praying for you, I’m a big believer in prayer, I pray God uses you to continue to expose the lies of the world and the truth behind it. God bless you and may the God be with you.
  • gratefultoHIM
    Norman Finkelstein
    Mr. Finkelstein’s truth, are we to believe we have been horribly misled? I choose to not believe what he has said. I can see why he is not permitted into Israel. Thank you Candance for always bringing great conversations to your podcast!!!
  • poopoosanicknick
    Love your show and everything I know about you I truly admire and I’m grateful that you are sharing your mind and your soul not only with your husband and your babies but with your audience. We don’t deserve you. You are a blessing.
  • Adamc6284
    Antisemitism and Terror Support
    This podcast is antisemetic and supports terrorism. Please do not give this woman a platform to spread more hatred of the Jewish people.
  • buba charlie
    Makes up “facts”
    Life is tough Candace, get a helmet.
  • Michael Stookey
    Straight Talk
    Ms. Owens is too good for the Daily Wire. America needs more voices like hers. She’s going to tell it to you straight. It may not be what you want to hear, but it’s what you need to hear. I hope she collaborates more with Tucker Carlson in the future.
  • peace from me to you
    Disappointed in fridays show on Israel and Palestine. There were so many things you let slide and didn’t challenge him on. This is how we promote misinformation. It would have been helpful if you had done your homework and challenged him on some of the things he said.
  • Pamela7644
    Anti Israel guest was abhorrent. I don’t know what made his thinking
    So mixed up. You are wonderful, you make me think deeper and you make me laugh! Love it. Best of luck with your new family member.
  • knucklehead1946
    Thank you
    I’ve enjoyed listening to Ben Shapiro for several years, but his assessment on anything related to Israel has always been painfully biased. Nice to see someone who’s articulate calling him out on it.
  • HM805
    Good thing you’re so smart
    It masks your idiotic ideas.
  • gone girl 60
    Israel vs Palestine
    Awful guest . I live in NYC and these protests are not organized by Jewish young people. I think you have hosted this guest to do your fighting with Ben Shapiro. Awful show.
  • Cherished freedom
    Stay salty
    I like you. Before you were with DW I enjoyed your work. I know I don’t need to say this but I will. I hope you stick to your guns in your opinions and your attitude. Stay strong
  • Gretchen Willits
    Listen to her fail or find something better to do.
  • V90911
    Love your View
    Stay in the fight. Love what you’re doing and how you doing it.
  • Laffaminnit
    Poor excuses
    Candace’s lack of vocal support for Israel, she claims, are a result of her vindictive attitude towards the “Israel lobby”, but she has never hesitated to defend anyone before, even if it was controversial. Only days ago she defended Keke Palmer after previously condemning her as a sl*t, but although she has never displayed antisemitism, she lets her personal petty little spats with some leftist groups dictate her attitude towards actual innocents who have zero connection to them. In the past she has preached forgiveness, flexibility, and open-mindedness, but now can’t seem to look past her biases. She will fearlessly defend her friend Kanye West, but a country of Jews who are under assault? Mmm... nah, because the left-wing “Israel” lobby is too mean.
  • HanRu01
    Love This!
    Candace, I love your podcasts and videos! You have helped me form my opinion on political matters. I used to not be able to voice an opinion on this. I used to be scared of what I had to say because I thought people who believed the same as me didn’t exist! Love your Work!
  • 88 mph girl
    Love this show!
    I enjoy listening to her, I may not agree with some things but I love listing to her and her opinion. She’s real and she’s honest.
  • linzdel
    I can’t listen anymore
    Your outward disrespect for Israel is sickening. Now is not the time for you to air your personal grievances and conspiracy theories. Your comment about nominating Haley for president of Israel was totally inappropriate. I’m switching over to listening to Megyn Kelly. I’m unsubscribing from you on all platforms.
  • Megan639
    Made a fool out of herself
    Candace was utterly destroyed by that s*x worker she had on. I was honestly embarrassed for her. Candace has always been extremely critical and self-righteous (especially when it comes to other women) so, I can’t lie, it was pretty satisfying to hear a woman Candace considers to be scum just mop the floor with her. She countered every argument perfectly and has seemingly managed to do more for the troops and provide a better life for her son than Candace has. Brava. As a moderate, I’ve always been on the fence about legalizing s*x work, but that interview just convinced me that it absolutely should be legalized. Candace didn’t provide a single strong counter point and, by all accounts, the woman she was doing her best to condemn, seems to be doing more good in the world than Candace. 🤷‍♀️ Maybe take a debate class to prepare next time, Candace. That was embarrassing.
  • Ymp021
    Sometimes she says some incredibly dumb things.
  • S.Summertime
    Help - looking for…
    I remember hearing an episode about your birth experience in a Nashville hospital. Cannot find it😵‍💫🤦‍♀️. I wanted my TN daughter in law to listen. Thank you for all you do for promoting sanity in a nutty world.
  • kraechessie
    Faithful listener
    I’ve followed Candice for years & never miss a show. She’s such a great roll model for young men & women. She loves Christ & lives by His Word. I don’t agree with 100% of what she says, but I’m on board for about 97% (I would never debate her either bc she would mop the floor with me & every 1 star reviewer here, they jealous ;)) She is brilliant & isn’t afraid to dig deeper & ask questions we need/want to know. She doesn’t give up or back down to the haters or pressure to silence her. She speaks up to actual injustices & uses her platform for nothing but good. She doesn’t spew bull & gets right to the point. You can tell just how intelligent she is just by listening. I just adore her & I’m so thankful we are on the same team. Love ya Candace!!!!
  • SolomonH21
    When you’re too afraid to debate Ben or someone like him, so you bring on a comedian to debate anti-Semitism and still get destroyed.
  • yagirldunno
    Candace 2024!
    Candace say the things that most black people want to say, but don’t in fear of letting our people down. In reality what’s letting our people down is the fear the left force down our throats through the media. As a black woman I can attest. With patriots like Candace, Ben, Matt, and Brandon there is hope for the American people. I’d be honored to meet you one day! Thank you!
  • Sarapinkdog
    Wake up woke America!
    The content on transitioning realities, especially the Brianna Ivy interview, is truly ground breaking, horrifying, and eye opening!The practice of targeting prepubescent kids and their parents during vulnerable, stressful times of identify confusion is wrong on all levels! If I were a lawyer, I’d take on the fight to end this. Instead I’m an elementary teacher who sees how easily kids could be influenced into thinking that a radical surgery could lead to internet fame and fortune. How far will our society let the corrupt practice of creating a new generation of mutants continue? God bless Brianna and her family for what they’ve endured, and Candace for doing the Lord’s work by shedding light on this socially accepted sin against nature!
  • Thebettafish
    Shoutout to Brianna!
    You go! God bless! I’m so happy for you!
  • klas08
    Truth …
    What a sad story. Doctors should be held accountable for destroying so many young peoples’ lives with their tactics. There needs to be more Brianna’s telling the truth about transgender “affirming care”. Whatever happened to “do no harm”? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • ' yau. :
    Judgmental of woman. Does not support women!!
    Who are you to call a 34 year old woman immature for HAVING FUN???!!!! You’re jealous and a hater
  • Kjindigo
    Oh, where to start
    First of all, I can’t believe she is married with kids but doesn’t seem to know men at all. Not all men who want to get laid but don’t have a girlfriend or wife, or whose wife turns them down, are sex or porn addicts. In fact, many porn addicts get to the point they can’t climax with a real woman-only with porn-so they’re not going to sex workers. Also, Andrew Tate makes porn and beats women. There’s a sex tape online of him beating the crap out of a girl that barely looks old enough to consent. So the way she treats him vs a legal sex worker in an interview, is shocking. Do I think sex work is a good idea? No! But Candace’s inability to listen, instead just repeating the beliefs she had going into the interview, just made it almost unlistenable. I repeat: not all men who want to get laid but don’t have a girl to do it with are pieces of crap but Andrew rate is. Her interviews try to present the inverse of this. It doesn’t work.
  • czthinder
    I love Candice 🤎💕
    I love how Candice articulates her opinions, it allows the listener to think on a broader spectrum on the tours she speaks on. I just listened to the sex worker interview and I agree with Candice on the women not being completely honest about the seams work industry. She seemed rehearsed, you can tell she was defensive and briefly researched a few things before the interview but was not even accurate on what she “googled” . She sounded so dumb by bringing up bible verses to justify sex work. #sad
  • HopeM888
    “I have nothing to be ashamed of”
    I have never heard a more delusional individual. The epitome of “walking in darkness.” Wow.
  • Mr. JD Hatchett
    Real talk
    I like the truth she speaks and her transparency addressing issues. Thank you Cadence Owens
  • tulsa4nu
    One of my favorite podcasts
    Why should intelligence and honesty seem so unusual in our world? She gives us hope that sane thought is not completely dead. She is a true American that clearly loves her country.
  • Zed_55
    Nutty and smooth?
    When truth doesn’t matter and everything is a game to promote right wing corporate political propaganda to help billionaire republican donors. When a billionaire can the buy a Supreme Court Justice, in comparison: to buy the Daily Wire is a cheap investment. Prager U. Is cheap for billionaires. Glen Beck is a bargain for Harlin Crowe, Koch network, and big oil. Gullible MAGA doesn’t know the history of the rise of fascism. MAGA doesn’t care how “Citizens United” turned the USA into an Oligarchy. All other civilised countries have democracy “plus” social programs for taxpayers. They don’t have anxiety and fear of homelessness and bankruptcy if you simply get sick. They have National healthcare, Social safety nets, free education, free college, and free graduate school with standards of merit. We have a growing GDP of $81 trillion economy. But, the working class pay taxes that are crippling. Meanwhile the only big achievement of Republican legislators is tax breaks for the richest one percent. (The billionaire donors benefit while the tax burden is crushing school teachers, cops, and auto workers instead.) There are two Americas. The wealthy have their own podcasts. It’s Fascism disguised as phony populism for the gullible.
  • /BB?BB?olsadf/
    I can’t even listen to her
    I tried today but she just says so many things that aren’t true. She also appears to hate women herself. Was super surprised, too, at how many words she used incorrectly - i.e. correlated
  • MVBM2
    Thank you for bringing facts
    Education is key, thank you Candace.
  • Jesseshea
    She’s the real deal
    Actually listen to her. Have an open mind. She makes sense!
  • hwhite0707
    Dear Candace
    You inspire me in so many ways, and I admire your dedication to the truth. However, there is a problem that has become more prevalent in the past couple months in regards to the LGB portion of LGBTQ+ community. As a gay teen, to be honest there’s a huge amount of hate from so many directions. I don’t flaunt my identity, it’s not who I am— simply a part of me. But your insinuations towards gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals have become more and more bigoted, more and more hateful. Please clear your stance as to whether you accept gay, lesbian, and bi people so I (and others) can move forward with a clear understanding of what you actually believe in your heart and intellect when you refer to hyper sexualized gay/bi/lesbian, and draw a distinction between the GOOD that really has a integral part of our community, although it is hidden much of these days. We are not just the bad, and that is all you highlight (which makes sense in a 30 minute program of which you tackle controversial topics) and I don’t expect a story about good LGB people. But you need to be clear in your stance and beliefs— as you are with everything else you discuss.
    Episode 402 Feud with Megan Kelly
    I worship at the church of Megan Kelly LOL, but I found your explanation against blacklisting, cancelling, etc to be the best I’ve heard. You really changed my thinking. I am learning so much from you! Thanks for the work you do!
    I was such a fan of Candace. I purchased the Daily Wire subscription because I was so excited to listen to Candace. Unfortunately, she has become ornery and petty. Her interview with Tate, I thought was well done. Until I found out that she didn’t press him on his current criminal cases. She deceived her audience and painted Tate as an innocent victim. The last straw is her saying that Megyn Kelly is trying to get her fired from DW. The woman who hates it when people play the victim card, actively playing victim. I will keep the DW subscription because of Ben and JP!
  • firebird006
    This is a great way to get social news and conservative commentary. But I got to say reading the 1 star reviews is almost more entertaining and educational.
  • Lilieannajane
    I literally love Candace Owen’s. She is so right and we need more people like this!
  • Bokoblin exterminator
    Please I’m begging you
    Candace please ask Matt to play twinkle twinkle little star for us on his recorder
  • be the best that you can be
    Was a fan until today. Antisemite
    Managed to Stand by her in Kanye situation and agreeing with Vivek about not finding Israel. But that she can’t find it in herself to openly stand by Israel. I don’t care about “context” or finding out more information excuses. She can slam cardi b and Anyone she wants on a whim. But she can’t openly condemn the butchering and raping of women and children, innocent civilians that is a monster I can’t have anything to do with.
  • Stysiarz
    Absolutely awesome!
    Love to listen to Candace on daily basis, I share her views on everything that is going on in America. Such a young and amazing woman! Keep it going ❤️
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