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Candace Owens holds nothing back in her brand new show as she takes on the political and cultural issues of the day. Featuring deep dives, investigations and exposés on today’s burning topics. Listen to CANDACE OWENS Monday through Friday at 3 PM ET / 2 PM CT.

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  • bkmmw
    I’ve been searching podcasts for a couple years now just looking for something that I can agree with and something that I can listen to. I was gonna go on a rant on how much I enjoy the podcasts you make lol but I enjoy you and your brilliance and insight on a broad spectrum of topics ❤️
  • AuttumnnShay
    We can thank the reformation and relativism for this church that worships Beyoncé
  • AnnaKat28
    Interesting takes but occasionally Annoying
    For the most part I enjoy the topics chosen, but occasionally Candace comes across as self important and wannabe elite/classist. The most annoying thing to me was when she said she read Harry’s book so we wouldn’t have to, then admitted that actually her assistant read it so no one would have to. Why should I listen to an opinion she has on something she didn’t even read for herself? I wish she would be a little more humble. I’m sure she’s a lovely person but sometimes it’s a bit much to listen to. Keep focusing on investigative topics & stop making the story about you.
  • Reffjenkk
    Cold Civil War just getting stared.
    Love your show. I went to a Red Lobster and sat at the bar while waiting for my table. I wanted a beer but noticed all the beer taps were covered except the Bud Light Tap. Female butch bartender said all we have is bud light here. Seems she had a chip on her shoulder about the whole thing and it felt a bit hostile. They NEVER cover all the taps of other beers and leave only one beer tap uncovered. I left there and spent my $120 at the Outback instead. God bless America. And God Bless Candace. The Cold Civil War is just getting started. God bless us all.
  • Laureen Sherwood
    Just amazing! Thank you for being brave!
  • Zed_55
    Lies for gullible, misinformed people. The new fascists promote half truths to overthrow democracy and install greedy, corrupt, politicians. It’s a national disgrace. And totally un-American misinformation.
  • IvyMike6363
    Go Candace.
    Sadly the only people who can perhaps save America these days are well meaning - and fearless - people like Candace Owens. Thanks from America.
  • JettBelle
    So full of judgement and hate
    No stars !! And people Actually think she’s intelligent. Every opinion or “fact” tjst she spews is so so so easily disproven, debunked with a simple shift in perspective or a logical question. She is literally a HUGE source of division in our country!!
  • A_Gaw
    This woman is absolutely vile. I don’t know if a more hate-filled human exists. To call her a hypocrite would be a compliment. Proximity to whiteness won’t save you.
  • Becky Chicoine
    George Farmer part 1 and 2
    I love your take on life, common sense and family. Keep up the good work ❤️
  • Cynthia Kay D
    I used to like Candace Owens because she spoke the truth. Now all she speaks is her opinion and she thinks it is the only one. Honestly she has become what she used to speak against - someone who acts like they know everything and their opinion is the only valid one . I can no longer listen to or support this podcast which makes me sad.
  • Love to eread
    Candace interview with George and Allie
    I loved hearing George share his Catholic Faith. Thank you George for your patient and thoughtful responses. I’m not sure Allie came with an open mind or heart. You had obviously already prayed your way through all of the same concerns she had. God Bless You!
  • Troy Noreuil
    The times they are a changing
    I miss the old Prageru style interviews that Candice Owens used to do. She has been an important voice in the culture battle but the DailyWire format just sounds like a constant rant. The topics she covers are important to discuss but I just don’t want here about our culture sexual deviancy day and day out.
  • Thorium9000
    Has interesting perspectives on occasion but the filler is pretty weak
  • f_ckpeople
    Definitely not pamphlips!
  • Dtabbah
    Love this podcast
    Keep it up Candace. Love your content!
  • sloan4699
    Why so judgey?
    The first episode I watched was pretty good until I realized you were very judgmental about other people’s life styles. If someone is over weight that is OK it is there body NOT YOURS! And I have no problem that you don’t support LGBTQ+ but you don’t need to make fun of them and/or mock them. And if someone takes birth control and they don’t want to have kids how does that effect you or hurt you! This is why people think you’re insecure and just plain stupid! Please take this message into consideration.
  • S.Summertime
    Help - looking for…
    I remember hearing an episode about your birth experience in a Nashville hospital. Cannot find it😵‍💫🤦‍♀️. I wanted my TN daughter in law to listen. Thank you for all you do for promoting sanity in a nutty world.
  • calebwatson11
    I LOVE HER!!!!
    I love Candace Owens! She always calls out the woke mob and the radical left! She is fearless & is absolutely not afraid of getting cancelled! She also calls out public schools for indoctrinating and hyper-sexualizing children just like me! Keep it up, Candace Owens!
  • be the best that you can be
    I listen daily because Candace is sort of “addictive” due to all the drama she presents. That being said she seems to always be trying to pick fights, is a conspiracy theorist and loves to yell. Although she is definitely a bright young woman, she lacks life experience, she is still very young.
  • Chocolate boss
    Low value conversations
    Candace Owens' podcast is a disappointing display of shallow discourse and a missed opportunity to contribute anything of substance to society. It seems that Owens consistently opts for low-frequency conversations that add no real value to the betterment of our collective understanding. Listening to her podcast feels like wading through a sea of vapid rhetoric and regurgitated talking points. Rather than engaging in thoughtful, nuanced discussions, Owens seems content with perpetuating divisive narratives and promoting her own agenda. Her episodes often lack the depth and intellectual rigor necessary for genuine exploration of complex issues. Instead of delving into the nuances of important topics, Owens seems more interested in generating controversy and fueling her own fame. She frequently relies on personal attacks and inflammatory language, rather than engaging in meaningful dialogue or presenting well-reasoned arguments. It's a shame that Owens, with her platform and reach, chooses to waste it on such unproductive content. In a time when society desperately needs thoughtful and informed voices to guide us through the challenges we face, Owens falls short. Her podcast is a missed opportunity to elevate public discourse and foster understanding, instead opting for shallow conversations that contribute nothing of real value. Overall, Candace Owens' podcast is a disappointing exercise in empty rhetoric, lacking the substance and depth needed to make a meaningful impact on society
  • ListenerOnTheRight
    Don’t care to listen to her as much anymore
    Lately I feel like her talks have too much to do with celebrities, tabloids, gossiping, and complaining about things unrelated to politics or culture. I think Candace should be focusing more on topics that relate to her Blexit movement, to continue opening people’s eyes that America is not racist and that blacks should not feel oppressed this day and age in America.
    I thought about you when I heard about the catastrophic car chase! She is a horrible woman! I don’t know how he doesn’t see she is using him.
  • College student Erin
    As a young college student trying to pursue her BSN during the height of “wokeness” among academics in America, I greatly appreciate the realness that Candace brings that many people are to afraid to express. I feel as though I am required to pay for and participate in classes that teach absolute nonsense and I learn far more valuable information by listening to this podcast. Well done!
  • kymdugan
    The Best
    I love this show so much. You have the smarts and common sense that the world is seriously lacking! Listening to you feels like having a conversation with a friend. And I know that we could be BFFs in real life 100% I to dislike the Kardashians very much in TikTok, and again like you I cannot be friends with somebody who has a TikTok or watches the Kardashians, lol Also with all the fake news outlets, pushing their agenda, unless I hear it from anyone from the DailyWire, I do not believe it. The daily wire is where I go to get my news, my real news! Keep doing what you’re doing you are amazing and a blessing! Love it and keep up the great work!
  • Chester4726
    I’ve always been on the fence with you because you seem like the type of person that will form an opinion or position that you think will get the most views. The stuff with crowder just sealed my opinion on you. Lol part of DW and you attack crowder. I’m sure you have lawsuits coming your way. Good luck.
  • Buttercup4726
    Used to be a fan but slowly realized she’s not real in her beliefs. She’s just somebody who saw an opportunity to make some money off the republicans. Equal to an artists who can’t make it in the mainstream so goes to Christian music.
  • Amygrace06
    Great show.
    I’ll take your word for Khloé, Kardashian‘s father, I was leaning towards the hairdresser as well. Love listening to you
  • JennyWisemanOK
    Breathe of fresh air
    Girl! I love this show so much. You are common sense and really funny. I love your sarcasm (my favorite communication style). 🤣 Listening to you feels like having a conversation with a friend. Real talk! Love it and keep up the great work!
  • Rlissa6
    Brilliant mind
    I’ve been watching your career since YouTube! Keep going, I’m so happy the Lord carved out a line for you to speak truth in times like these.
  • Mike Oxlonget
    Can Brett Cooper please just co-host the show?
    Those episodes are the best
  • NWIN88
    Catholic versus Protestantism
    Loved it! I am a Cradle Catholic. Love our Dear Mother Mary. Encourage you, Candace, to listen to Father’s Mike Bible in a Year Day 125 Explains Mary as the new Arc of the Covenant! May the Lord provide you all graces you need to know Jesus to the fullest; praying for You and your family
  • review18273682
    I love you
    I love eveyone in the daily wire
  • BrandyIHM
    Loved the Catholic Protestant Debate and Need More
    OMG Candace, please have George and Allie Beth back on for continued debate. This was so fantastic.
  • Baby6758927277
    Love Candace!
    She’s so logical, smart, and I just love her. Please have more Catholic/prot debates! (Team catholic!)
  • Darbybow
    CANDY O 4 POTUS!!!
    LOVE her! She gives me hope!
  • Small Time Dude
    Sadducees vs. Pharisees
    Sadducees did not believe in a resurrection, or afterlife. The Pharisees did. That’s the reason the Sadducees were sad, you see! George, listen up!
  • wendylouk
    Great Theological debate!
    Loved the segment debating Protestantism and Catholicism. Two very smart people of faith!
  • jbonfy
    Love her take on current events!
    I like that Candace covers a variety of topics. From politics to current events to celebrity scandals, she breaks them down through a conservative Christian view. She knows her stuff and does her homework to back her opinions. Great work!
  • chesterlab
    Candace, you rock. I’m so proud of you. Keep up the good work!
  • offerdahl's neck
    Ep 307
    Thanks for the data on Christian violence. I hate leftist lies about religion… as if the world would be better if we replace a 2000 year old moral code with flippant state ideology. It would help to also have data on pedophelia in the church vs elsewhere.
  • staneica
    May 3 2023
    Oh Candace I do love you So many valid points on many of your episodes I will be truthful I don’t always agree with every word you say, as I shouldn’t because you’re not Jesus Christ But this particular episode on May 3rd 2023 you had me cracking up God bless you and thank you for this podcast!!
  • trumpsundercarriage
    Gives me cnn and dying need for views vibes in titles alone …. And I’m a conservative… disappointing
  • Pak6669
    You lost me
    I had so much respect for Candace. So disappointed though in her inserting herself in Crowder’s personal marriage issues. It’s obvious DW has a vendetta and she was to Cary it out. Inviting his wife on?? Come on, is this Jerry Springer? Bye Candace. You only sound like a bitter angry person.
  • Sean Hannity Brown Noser
    Middle school level intellect
    Perhaps the dumbest show out there. Lots of nonsensical and ahistorical takes on current events. She needs to read a history book.
  • Randomshmo
    Hi Candace I’m a long time listener to your show and a big fan. Recently you spoke about your disagreements with other conservative opinions about pornography. I do not believe that it was your intention to denigrate Judaism and its belief systems but unfortunately certain abhorrent ideas and opinions that you presented on your show which you rightfully dismantled were given the impression to have been sourced in Jewish faith and law. This could not be farther from the truth. Like it is found by many other religions (as Christians and Catholics know all too well) there are those who claim many false ideas in the name of Jewish verses and phrases. That doesn’t mean that they are correct. More often than not, they wish to defend their behaviour in the name of religion and G-d. If you were too research the topic, you would find that truly religious Jews know and firmly maintain that pornography is a sin and is wrong. It is also Jewish LAW that immoral and voyeuristic thoughts are unacceptable and sinful. In 2009, Jewish Rabbis called for all Jews to come together in Citi Field and address the spiritual dangers of the internet. Many similar smaller-scale events have been commenced since then. Countless speeches have been given by the Rabbis about this topic and much emphasis is placed in Jewish schools to teach about and safeguard against these dangers. In many religious Jewish schools and communities there are varying levels of rules regarding internet and smartphone use. Some ban it outright. Others allow it only with proper filters. There is much more to say on this subject but I will leave it with this for now. One more distinction I would like to make is that although Ben Shapiro did not equate pornography with actions, even he, as a religious Jew, does believe that it is a sin. I believe that all he meant to do was to differentiate regarding the severity of Jewish law between the sins of the mind and the sins of the body. Thanks for the show and keep up the outstanding work that you do!!!
  • tev501
    The show is not as offensive as the main stream media portrays. I am a queer black woman who can listen objectively.
  • hdhcueks
    My fav
    Love the content!
  • Sephz123
    I wish I liked Candace…but
    I’ve really wanted to like Candace, but the truth is that she rose to fame on the same intersectional credentials she claims to hate. When she first became “a thing” she was so raw and just generally ignorant, I assume she got hired via a “hey, here’s this attractive black woman who’s willing to say conservative things, and Trump sometimes uses her a prop…Get this woman a podcast deal!” She has definitely gotten more well read over the last year or so, but I remember early in her fame Candace getting caught with her pants down intellectually, not knowing basic conservative positions, she truly knew less than an average conservative joe off the street. I just gave her show another chance after a long time not listening…it just felt it was very catty and shallow, celebrity gossip and twitter fight kind of stuff. Maybe there’s a market for that kind of thing, but it’s not for me.
  • jericho vt
    Drama queen
    Candace is the worst. can’t believe I ever listen to her show..
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