Soft Voice

Fiction #13Drama #6

Lydia was perfect, because Soft Voice told her exactly what to do and what to say. But one day, Soft Voice left. SOFT VOICE stars Naomi Scott, Olivia Cooke, and Bel Powley.Written and directed by James Bloor.

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  • TorturedRunner
    Everyone who is angry with episode 5 is missing the point. First, there are hundreds of true crime podcasts and the fact that episode 5 made you think of MFM says more about MFM, than anything else. Also, the “spoof” is asking the question are these podcast, which often force families to relive their worst moments for the sake of entertainment and profit, ethical? The same audience that sends flowers and sentiments for the death of a cat, can listen to the brutal murder of a child to put them to sleep. Shouldn’t we be questioning that or is it simply OK to say “of course we care?” Soft Voice is a brilliant. Stop giving it 1 star because you assumed they were making fun of your idols.
  • invisiblebike
    Mixed feelings
    I actually enjoyed the MFM murder parody, but I could be biased -- I hate the concept of two besties giggling about homicide, so I thought it was pretty sharp and funny. I'm the opposite of whatever a murderino is. My quarrel with the podcast is episode 6 took a really nasty turn. It was no longer a dark comedy. It was just dark. There was ableism, fat phobia, and gaslighting. I get that this is fiction and and Lydia (and dark voice) are unlikeable protagonists, but it just rubbed me the wrong way. Especially with how episode 6 ends.
  • 1517
    Dark Comedy is so hard to pull off. The writers, crew and actors just nail it. So funny, so disturbing, so thoughtful and feeling. So glad we got this
  • Jes_9535
    Looking forward to hearing more!
    I’m so invested with the storyline and finished listening to all the ones available pretty quickly. The second one was a bit confusing to follow along...sometimes the characters talk in a low voice so it’s hard to understand or hear which character is talking. Episode 5 was absolutely awful. I was impatient the entire time because I thought it would end up going somewhere but you spend 20 minutes listening to a lady talk about her pet iguana dying? I really hope that it somehow ties into the story because it felt completely random and a waste. Also, some episodes have dramatic music playing for too long. I gave it four stars because of the storyline!
  • kmab46
    Great till Episode 5... which flatlined this podcast.
    I really enjoyed this podcast till Episode 5 which was so boring and awful! It took a totally different turn and completely went off track from the rest of the episodes. I’m not sure I can pick back up and listen after that episode. Ugh, bad move folks, you almost kept my attention but then you dropped a dud.
  • AALmom
    Laughing out loud
    As a listener of true crime podcasts, I thought the episode 5 spoof was HILARIOUS. The opening had me laughing out loud! Love this podcast and thought this episode was a unique little gem!
  • Queefqueen2016
    I was on board
    I was on board but the My Favorite Murder spoof is stupid and mean spirited. Unsubscribe. Don’t waste time listening to it. The premise is spotty and dumb
  • Faith8927now
    Mixed feelings
    Really enjoyed this podcast until episode juicy killings. Upsetting you had to portray my favorite murder. Actually pretty annoying. For a podcast being so imaginative and unique, making fun of another podcast is beneath you.
  • davidthehater
    Something Else Entirely
    Loving this show. Writing & acting are first class. Sound design and score are spot on. 🔥🔥🔥
  • CoopWeber
    I was loving it until last episode
    The first three episodes have been great! This latest episode fell very short of that. I’m not sure why they spent an entire episode on an MFM spoof. It would have been funny if it was just a snippet before getting back to the story. It seemed like a cheap filler episode 😕 I’m hoping next episode will make it all make sense.
  • jayebelle
    This is incredible
    i don’t understand the mere 4-star rating for this brilliant story. The acting and writing are superb, and i was howling in my car at the clever. Dozens of one-liners fly by thick and fast, and there are longer, carefully planned running jokes and satire embedded like Easter eggs. For instance, check out the true crime podcast “Juicy Killings” in episode 6....and the name of the’s edgy, it’s smart, it’s funny, and sometimes it’s a little mean. What’s not to love? i hereby award the coveted SIXTH STAR!! :)))
  • T Bone Malone
    Why the mean-spirited nature of Episode 5?
    I was enjoying the series up until the thinly veiled parody of My Favorite Murder that is Episode 5. Georgia and Karen were huge in creating the market for podcasts and you have the audacity to throw shade at the very same people that enabled you to create your content and have a market in which to share it? That’s in poor taste and I am no longer a fan of Soft Voice because of this.
  • Thejaynester
    Not sold yet..
    The episodes are too short to make enough sense for a weekly podcast. I’ll wait till it’s over and binge the whole thing, I think it’ll be more fun.
  • maz max maz
    Potential but falls short
    Starts out great, super engaging but episode 4, what was the idea behind that. I understand the hate on true crime, it’s funny, but man they’re really beating a dead horse with that episode. Spoofing my favorite murder, fantastic idea but again the same thing, just dragging the bit for far too long. Waste of an episode, no character development, and kinda lazy.
  • TicklePicklePoo
    Completely obsessed. Consistently enticing, very clever, and incredible sound quality. I listened with my ear buds in to experience all of the work put into the layering for background/music/ambiance. Vibe is a perfect blend of eerie and sexy. This podcast made me feel so many different emotions in one episode that it felt like I just a rollercoaster. I plowed through all 5 episodes in one sitting and am anxiously waiting for more. Best podcast I’ve found in over a year. You need this in your life.
  • dotkm
    This is incredible
  • jpLvega
    Love love this so much!!
  • Alpskier88
    Terrific acting and the sound design, especially chapter 3...amazing.
  • eesecole
    Loving it so far
    Had all but given up on the fictional story-based podcasts. This one is so enthralling. Can’t quite put my finger on the angle the story will take, but the voice performances and great sound production keep me coming back each week for more!
  • la divina cello
    The script (so far) is a remarkable piece of drama and the audio is executed with great skill. As an audio drama connoisseur since childhood, this may be the best I have heard. Olivia Cooke brings the most soul and character to the piece, but all of the acting is outstanding. This is actually thought provoking in regards to self-image, free will and how we make decisions, how we define ourselves and how we live and die.
    New to Fictional Pods
    I was hesitant to listen when I found out it was a fictional podcast, but I’m in love. I’m a changed woman. The voice acting, the storyline, the grittiness of the mundane, and the sheer spontaneity make me wait for Wednesday every week. Genuinely happy I started listening and I don’t have any plans of stopping. I’ve basically asked to drive my friends in LA traffic just to force them to listen and become obsessed too. 🤩😂🤌🏻
  • hellogabby6
    Amazing podcast
    3 episodes in and I’m hooked! I’m already so in love with this story and these characters. The sound design is incredible and makes you feel so immersed in the world. It’s kind of a dark comedy threaded with this psychological thriller element, so it’s so intriguing and exciting but also makes you laugh. My favorite QCode production by far!
  • Elisooo
    I never thought I would be hooked on a story based podcast but here I am!! Can’t wait for more episodes
  • KendallLovesTrueCrime
    This is such an interesting story! I love fictional stories and to hear it in a way that is explained so detailed and the variety in voice actors— chefs kiss! Love IT!
  • drpinx
    I am obsessed with this so far. I had almost given up on new podcasts, this reignited my love for the genre. Thank you
  • remlee
    One of the best story-based podcasts ever!
    I’m pretty picky about fictional story-based podcasts, but this one’s amazing! Great acting, interesting story, and fun sound effects. Between Unwanted and Soft Voice, QCode is killing it right now!
  • fhddghg
    Omg pls more
    I love this so much
  • mostlyconstant
    so excited
    just listened to the first few episodes, then immediately listened again to show them to my bestie. enthralling storyline and great voice acting, this is my favorite qcode production yet!!
  • musicandart123
    Gripping and immersive
    First of all, the audio mixing is so inventive and evocative. I love the sound journey that one gets to experience—such a strong sense of place while also communicating Lydia’s own confused experience of the world. I’m curious to see what the rest of the show has in store. Definitely a worthwhile listen, and potentially a really great portrayal of a person’s experience of DID (if I guess correctly).
  • Shannon M_
    Uh, scripted podcasts?? Duh! Get with the program!
    Interesting sci-fi drama with a full voice cast and excellent sound design. The premise is so captivating and its already going in very unexpected directions!
  • akirie
    Welcome to the world of anxiety
    Still can’t relate to your friend who has anxiety? Still can’t figure out why they can’t just get it together? Still don’t understand why they’re withdrawing? Still don’t understand why they worry all the time? Well, you need to listen to this podcast, then you just might understand. This is an important story that needs to be told. Good job, QCode. Thank you. This show hits very close to home.
  • iloveBTSduhhhh
    I don’t like it it’s trash but anyway I love BTS!!!❤️💜
  • Brooklyn Commute
    Great audio play! So fun.
  • Slowdiva
    Where have you been my whole life?
    This is absolutely brilliant! Cannot WAIT for the next episode. LOVE. 🤯🥰😳
  • LAT4017
    I am soooo hooked! I need more!!!!
  • a trans boi
    yes yes highly recommend pls listen to it
  • David Jackson: huge fan
    It’s basically a drama version of Chaos Walking
    Love it. Strange at first, but then becomes very fascinating.
  • JJ_T2
    Very original
    This is really great
  • awesomeapp!!!😄😄😄
    love it!
    this podcast has a lot of potential, I’m excited for the next episode.
  • SandieMN
    Love the narrator’s voice!
  • Yali J
    Never experienced anything like it
    It's interesting to learn what happens inside someone’s head. Similar things happen in mine. I’m a podcast manager and this is the best podcast I’ve heard thus far. I’m craving more! #allthefeels
  • Nomadxchadx
    Soft voice
    I’m diggin it
  • gmdrs
    Stumbled upon this podcast and I’m hooked! Can’t wait for more 😊
    Love it!
    It’s incredible how intriguing the storyline and characters are. It’s also fascinating how vividly I can imagine each scene while listening along. Keep it coming!
  • A.g.34
    Great storyline
    It’s only two episodes so far but I’m hooked and excited for more. Really great at storytelling! The storyline itself is very interesting as well. Highly recommend
  • LoBurrows
    This is unlike anything I’ve ever heard and I’m wildly intrigued. Can NOT wait for the next one.
  • DenkiBNHAkaminari
    It’s restricted
  • scissorunner
    So very good!
    Well paced, well acted, and clever—I’m completely drawn in after the pilot episode. I try a lot of scripted sci-fi-ish podcasts and this one really stands out. Looking forward to the coming episodes!
  • hilreeunnia
    I love this so much🥰
  • tastyishamburger
    When is episode two coming out?
    Loved it i want more
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