Crypto Critics' Corner

Tech News #52

Bennett and Cas discuss historical moments in the cryptocurrency and finance industries, focusing on frauds, hacks, exit scams, and other malfeasance.

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  • Deeeev
    My favorite crypto podcast
    I’m a certified degen. But this is my favorite crypto podcast. Helps keep me grounded about the reality of magic internet money as I bet the farm.
  • matt2377
    wen new episodes?
    Last one Nov? Is this still a thing? Surely crypto didn’t outlast the critics?
  • OwenGil
    Excellent work
    I have probably learned more about crypto from this podcast than anywhere else. Cas also writes for the Protos website and is a great read. Thanks guys.
  • Ruby Sea
    Analytic and entertaining
    These guys are very well informed about the crypto sector and put on an entertaining podcast. Politically, however, they swing left.
  • S Alter
    Highly informative. Highly unbiased. Highly critical. Highly enjoyable
  • Gaga lover26
    Excellent measured coverage
    Love both Bennett and Cas, wish they would put out more episodes
  • lowandzo
    Awesome podcast!
    I don’t know anything about crypto and I don’t care about it, but I love this podcast. I find it engaging and entertaining even though I often don’t understand what they are talking about. Bennett and Cas are both clearly very intelligent and diligent in their research. Their dynamic is engaging, they are likable, passionate people, and their interview skills are top notch!! Listen to this podcast!!
  • banjogood
    What a crypto podcast should be
    Best crypto podcast, hands down. I love the well-researched skeptic pov. Also, the hosts are great.
  • FerYay
    Exquisite Research, Well-Communicated, Timely, and Important
    Both hosts have a talent for explaining complex ideas in comprehensible ways. Bennett provides the detailed, well-researched expertise about finance, companies’ histories, and the relevant tech. Cas has a solid understanding of these subjects and also has a quick intuition for when the listener (at least in my case :) ) needs more background or a quick explanation. All of their guests are well-selected experts in the particular episode’s subject matter. There is no fluff or wasted time, but neither does any episode feel rushed. This podcast is an invaluable public service. I have been interested in the situation with crypto-“currencies” since I watched Dan Olson’s documentary “Line Goes Up,” and I have found few resources that are better that this podcast in providing up-to-date factual information. Thank you both. And thank you to all your guests, who are speaking up to help counter the general media’s neglectful, credulous, irresponsible promotion of crypto.
  • lkasdjfwlief
    Thank you
    Thank you for the detailed, analytical, and thoughtful show in an area that is mostly hype unfortunately
  • _CMcWilliams
    Outstanding Work
    Thank you for your service!
  • Intuitrades
    Much-needed balance
    Not much to say! Solid, much-needed work in the crypto space. I happen to be a “coiner”, but am also a skeptic. Even when I disagree with the hosts (which is rare), I value their perspective, since moonboys are a dime a dozen anyway. Keep up the good work!
  • britinohio
    Excellent analysis
    High quality analysis with insightful guests
  • Power_cat
    Love these guys
    Cas and Bennett are the most knowledgeable podcast hosts around. They explain the latest crypto happenings clearly and efficiently. They are fun to listen to because they take a stand and give their reasons in a fun and entertaining way. My new favorite podcast!!!
  • pnuematic
    Necessary logic & humanity
    Love this show for helping us make sense of the senseless boosterism around web 3, crypto etc.
  • emily from florida
    Loved “Finding Finex”
    Loved the reading of Cas’ article. More of that, please! I think this form paints a very clear picture. Thanks!
  • tgronke
    The technology is new, but the grift is timeless
    Thoughtful views on train wrecks in cryptocurrency. The biggest thing I learned is the scams and techniques are not unique to crypto, but are currently more brazen and visible. The parallels to historic banking and finance are eye-opening.
  • LightRider44
    Have Fun Staying Popular
  • bulbasaurisbest
    Great show - entertaining and well-researched
    Really glad I stumbled on this show! I didn’t know much about crypto or finance at large before starting to listen but the hosts do a great job at sharing thoughtful commentary on crypto and it’s pitfalls. The rapport between Cas and Bennett is also great!
  • joseph naus
    Truth in a World of Lies
    What a cool show. Super entertaining and informative. Is there anything more telling that big finance is fraudulent then them joining the world of bits in the sky? Maybe. Listen up.
  • Russell_Fox
    One of the Few Remaining Bastions of Truth
    BT and Cas are some of the few voices speaking truth about the pervasive rot within the crypto world. They are intelligent, selfless, and at times, even funny. It is my belief that much of the crypto world is an elaborate Ponzi scheme accelerated by fraud. These two hosts do a remarkable job identifying and explaining this fraud to the layperson. Thank you both for all you do!
  • IdeasInMotion
    The OC lead me to CCC
    It all started with an NYT article about Ben McKenzie’s quest to shine a light on the crypto world and luckily it lead me to Crypto Critics’ Corner. Such a good podcast that has taught me so much and confirmed that I know nothing about crypto and blockchain. This podcast has been invaluable to my search for answers and pointed me to many great resources. I have heard all of the episodes and look forward to hearing what comes next.
  • DIonysios Seneca
    Lucid and Fascinating
    Cutting through the hype and hysteria this is where critical thinkers go to understand Crypto
  • rwillm
    Honest and entertaining look at the many sides of crypto
    Like a lot of listeners, I think I found this podcast because I was looking for info on a particular thing I’d heard news about, but was soon captivated by the excellent hosts and guests and started to listen to the rest of their episodes. Really informative and fun listen.
  • WaffleIronDUDE
    10 outta 10 cans of paint
    I hope you don’t mind joking about the tagging because I think it makes you a tad cooler aha. This podcast is illuminating and a wonderful listen for a confusing subject that is taking advantage of people who hunger for money which is all of us on some level.
  • HabitTracking4Life
    The best podcast about the problems with cryptocurrency
    Consistently super well-researched and thoughtful, this is a must-listen. At times it’s theory-heavy, other episodes have a fun mystery crime vibe.
  • go-clay
    I actually listen to the podcast on a different platform but it doesn’t allow me to write a review, and these guys deserve one. I first started listening to the podcast when Jacob Silverman & Ben Mackenzie appeared as guests, and I have since binged most of the episodes. I enjoy the question/answer thing that Cas and Bennett have going on, where Bennett gets into the technical details and Cas reframes and digs in further. Really looking forward to future episodes - keep up the great work! Suggestion - I would be interested in an (series of?) episode(s) that digs into some of the ideological underpinnings of crypto. Peter Thiel is a genuinely scary man and I don’t think I would survive in the neo-feudalist hellscape of his dreams, and I think it’s not always apparent to the average crypto consumer that that is the driving force behind these technologies.
  • MasonHN
    Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas!
    Cas Cas Cas Cas Cas!
  • joshuad31
    I bought an old iPhone just to review this podcast
    my favorite episodes are 19 and 20 with Frances Coppola but more recently episode 62 with Josh Cincinnati demonstrates just how much respect and credibility Bennet and Cas have with the crypto community who want to hear criticism that is both fair and balanced. If I bought an iPhone to just review the podcast you can take 15 minutes of your day to just listen to part of an episode. A valuable and worthwhile way to spend my time and yours!
  • Tripelkonzert
    Desperately needed
    In a world where seemingly everybody has lost their mind in joining the chorus of crypto and blockchain enthusiasm, this podcast adds a desperately needed voice of reason and balance. When this embarrassing episode of human greed, fraud and delusion is over people will realize how well this podcast aged. Unlike many others….
  • RacZ0
    A must listen to not fall victim of fraud in the brave new world of crypto
    In an era were almost everyone around you, celebrities, influencers, your friends, your cousin Bob, you name it… almost anyone is shamelessly lying to you to deceive you and take your money in exchange for the next new shiny crypto coin, NFT, DAO token and whatnot, while the Govt looks the other way, Cas and Bennett are some of the few people telling you the actual truth and educating you in a fun way and have tasked themselves with telling you about all the shennanigans, scams, frauds of all of the grifters out there so you don't fall victim of those VCs seeking to make you their exit liquidity. You can’t afford to miss a single episode.
  • Mohara3
    Show is aging like a fine wine
    Cas and Bennett provide balance to the crypto discussion for folks that want to look beyond the hopium. A must listen indeed!
  • BBB-KC
    Thank you
    What an amazing podcast. A fellow fraud fighter tips his cap to Cas and Bennet. No agenda. No ties. Lots of courage. Keep going guys.
  • Aquamanclassic
    Looking forward to the Crypto Corner ICO!
    Cas and Bennett bring really insightful research and interviews to the table every episode that really illuminate the dark corners of crypto, and even more traditional finance. Not exactly easy listening, but worth investing the time if you want to learn more about what crypto, NFTs and tether are all about.
  • asfarasicantell
    Great to see how the show is evolving
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since the early days when there were just a couple of episodes about Tether. It’s been incredible to see it mature, get more in-depth, and attract such interesting and informative guests. Highly recommended.
  • treehorsetreehorsetreehorse
    Excellent, essential, best-in-class
    The best journalistic coverage of crypto. If you're not listening, you're probably behind. Essential interviews, interesting deep dives, always reliable and serious, never dull. Pianci and Tomlin are OGs who care about what they cover. Go listen.
  • deeper learning
    Great information
    Not only crypto, but historic financial fraud and how that informs what we see today. A great public service!
  • aardvarkzoo
    Show just gets better and better
    Been a listener since the beginning and it just gets better and better. Great insights and great guests, as a skeptic it's right up my alley but it's often then first thing I send to crypto maniacs friends and family to give some perspective.
  • NativeBirdMan
    The most informed, critical analysts in tech news
    These guys get better and better, bringing in guests that blow your kind with knowledge you were never, and would never be aware of if you didn’t do yourself the favor of listening to Crypto Critics’ Corner.
  • mnrockclimber
    Eye opening!
    I stumbled across a website called web3isgoinggreat and really started to dig into the world of Crypto. It’s astonishing how much of it is a scam. This podcast has helped to make sense of a lot of the issues in this space.
  • Adgieee
    Great guests and conversations
    These guys come through again and again! Love the guests from fintwit and the important conversations that they are having. Absolutely worth a listen!
  • quakerlb45
    My go to for critical crypto
    Tired of the hype and perplexed by some of my clients’ obsession with crypto, I started following Bennett and Cas on Twitter. This podcast is an extension and expansion on that work where they dive deeper into various themes in the manic and deeply troubling crypto sphere. I thoroughly enjoy their take on these so-called assets. They are shining a light on the bad actors and bad practices rife within this space and thereby providing a much needed counter view to all the hype. Highly recommend this podcast.
  • Luke 12:16
    Wealth of information
    If you have any money in crypto, you need to listen to these guys !
  • electricpenguin1
    Fantastic Coverage of the Space
    I genuinely wish the media would cover the space half this well.
  • SonicTheHugehog
    Love this show
    I never miss it. Crazy stories out of the crypto-verse.
  • Gwhizz does it all. Ish
    An ongoing narrative of failure
    it’s amazing, listening to this show from the first ep up to tonight’s, how much of a story is unfolding all around us, with scammers and thieves and villains galore. Can and Bennett are exposing it in real time. Maybe someone at the f-ing SEC or DOJ might want to listen?
  • Icepotato
    Love it
    Great exploration of scams and weird finance stuff. Wonderful guests directed by hosts who ask great questions. The Doomberg episode is a good “deep lore” episode- if you start there and then follow the references to previous shows, you will have some of the best episodes to start with.
  • Shaant Hacik
    They Provide Clarity...
    In a time of calamitous corruption...These two fine individuals have helped keep me feeling “tethered” in an untethered world. They are brave and brilliant. We’re all better off from the work they’ve done and continue to do. Thank you both!
  • ZZ1949
    It’s incredible that the Tether scam is still going.
  • Dc homes
    Impressive and thoughtful
    Impressive and well thought out dialogue on the space and the troubling aspects around tether.
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