Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw

Wrestling #48

Some of the most important moments and craziest stories in pro wrestling history-from guys who were there!

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  • Taytayallthewayway
    Great Show
    The natural chemistry between JBL and Briscoe is amazing. You can tell they are doing this because they really enjoy it.
  • K. Lotto
    Kenneth Utley
    They are both true hall of famers ! The best stories that will never be duplicated. I remember a very young Jack Brisco taking on Killer Karl Kox in a special event at the old North SideColosseum in Ft. Worth. They went to a tremendous 30 minute draw and Boyd Pierce made the comment that he had not seen a better young wrestler than Jack since Lou These. 5 Starrs ! Thanks for all the great stories and great memories John and Gerald !!
  • Big giant Wilbur
    One of the best!!
    With so many wrestling podcasts out there it’s great to hear these guys interviewing stars and legends in deep dives of their careers. Keep up the good work guys.
  • George Batz
    Great podcast two legends
  • F’N Texan
    Home pride
    Love the show, never gets old hearing Briscoe talk about how great Oklahoma is from his home in Florida
  • DarrenJ78
    Briscoe and Bradshaw
    Two old boys jus talkin rasslin; jus great
  • howdycaptain
    I love these two
    The audio is usually garbage, Mr. Brisco is usually dead on hilarious, and JBL is usually trying to hold it all together. Always my favorite if I’m actually able to hear the guest, or Mr. Brisco. Please just have Conrad pay for him to have decent internet.
  • Coach Canova
    Fun Podcast
    Just a fun, down to earth, no frills podcast about old school wrestling.
  • Rugginapple
    Go JBL
    The best wrestling podcast
  • brianjets
    The best wrestling show.
  • Nestle1970
    Late comer to the show and I’m so glad I’ve found it. I never knew how great brisco’s sense of humor and storytelling are. I look forward to these shows. I’m almost finished with the previous episodes.
  • sabuvanhalen
    Easily the most entertaining podcast going , love hearing about a time gone by ,two veterans who have lived a lifetime of great stories, Jerry’s ramblings are priceless.
  • 111#fann
    Awesome show
    Loved the Ron Funches episode, thanks for all the great stories and all the xtra shows you all put out!! TW 🫠
  • Sean Smack
    The best wrestling podcast
    Holy poop! The podcast I’ve been waiting on. I’m only a year late
  • Jeff1982@
    Invest in some sound
    I can barely hear Brisco. And JBL is too loud. Whoever does the post production needs to balance out the volumes between the hosts.
  • i fill the power
    Love them!!
    Brisco an bradshaw have great chemistry and it bleeds threw and bring awesome content and awesome guest. I have always been a big fan of both of them but this has made me really cherish them in a new way
  • ac dolf
    Fun times
    I’ve been a wrestling fan for 40+years, and the stories that Brisco and Bradshaw tell are great, as are the guests. Keep up the good work!
  • D.L.42
    Priceless stories with Brisco and Bradshaw
    If you have been a fan over the past 40 years, a definite must listen!! I’ve listened to every episode, and have enjoyed every minute. Ten minutes into the Jimmy Hart episode, I was hoping it would be 3 hours long. Take a scroll through the episodes, pick any one, and I bet you’ll love it! Much thanks to the both of you and all your friends for the hours of great memories and stories throughout this lifetime!
  • YourRedness
    The podcast is good. The sound is terrible
  • bwlucy
    A perfect drive with friends
    This show is so good. I feel like I’m in the car with the two of these guys, albeit after I challenge Gerald to shoot, that ride would likely be me stuck in the trunk, twisted into a pretzel. Nevertheless So entertaining. New stories from great guests and these hosts. Brisco and Bradshaw have chemistry and clearly, a great time. Highly recommend!!! Brian M. Rockville Maryland
  • christigasp
    Thank You!
    These are two of the legends I love hearing from. Excellent show, with fantastic stories. Thank you for moving my day along faster and giving such life life to amazing stories! I can’t possibly upvote this podcast enough. Thank you gentlemen.
  • ChrisBased
    Great Podcast! Amazing stories!
    I have a desk job and my god have they been making my work hours fly by! Love the podcast!
  • vic mackey07
    You are missing out
    I am a fan of 70s and 80s wrestling. If you enjoy true stories from behind the scenes and out on the road this show is for you. Thank you for the entertaining content.
  • FSP315
    Best new podcast!
    If you love wrestling history and road stories this might be one of the best podcasts to come along. Two legends and legendary guests who get straight to it with no ads or plugs. Straight no chaser!!!!! Thank you Gerald and John!!!!!!!
  • crawford06
    Very enjoyable hearing the recollections and stories of two greats from different eras as active wrestlers.
  • nightmare king nwo
    Jbl and Gerry are wrestling royalty
    Gerry Briscoe and jbl are two of the greatest wrestlers of all time the Briscoe’s are one of the best teams ever
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