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Hey Guys! Welcome to Short stories for Kids! I'm Lucy and me and my team of writers, Simon and Alex will turn your ideas in to a short story every week! We upload a new story 4 times a week! Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! So to be in with a chance of being in one of them, write your story ideas in an Apple Review. See you soon gang :)

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  • Lewells
    Very imaginative and just the right length!
    My 5 year old daughter LOVES this podcast! It’s just long enough for a bedtime story or to listen to on our drive to school. So many different types of stories that includes both boys and girls doing all kinds of cool things. We look forward to our time with Short stories for kids with our host Lucy! Our story idea is Clara (Claire-uh) overcoming the evil butterflies with the help of her little brother James!
  • TrishD4
    Nora the mermaid fights an evil sea monster
    Nora the mermaid has a magical hair clip called a mercomb. The mercomb can make lively sounds, summon other mermaids instantly and heal ocean creatures. The mercomb also has the power to destroy and Nora works hard to protect it from evil creatures who want to use it for bad. The evil sea monster is trying to tear apart the whole ocean and he is trying to get her mercomb.
  • pandabare87
    Bedtime stories
    We love to listen to this podcast when I don’t have time to read a story to the kids. We will all lay down together, in the dark, and relax as we listen to the fun adventures. My 3 year old son, Logan, will always fall asleep to your voice and says you have a “kind voice.” We love that the stories are individualized toward the listeners. We also love the big vocabulary used in the stories. My 7 year old daughter, Lydia, had a story idea she hoped you could feature on your show. She wants a story that includes her and her brother (Lydia and Logan). Logan loves T-Rex and dragons, Lydia loves unicorns and fairies. She was hoping that you could create a story with them and their favorite characters. The twist is that the fairy can turn into a mermaid. We are excited to see what you come up with. Thank you again for the fun stories.
  • niyjd
    1 Star
    Stop the baby talk
  • Eaeaton
    WE ❤️ Short Stories for Kids!
    Everyday on the way to school, we listen to SSFK! We usually get about 2 stories in a day! We talk about the stories, learn new words, and use our imaginations! Amira (Ah-meer-ah), my daughter is 4, and my son Atlas, is 1! They would love a story about 4 little bears (daddy bear, mommy bear, sister bear, and brother bear). At home we tell make up stories about how the bears go into the woods to search for honey because brother bear ate it all. When they get through the magical forest and find the bee hive, the army of bees protect the honey! The only way to get honey is if you ask the bees to see the queen and ask nicely for the honey. If you don’t ask nicely or try to get the honey yourself, the bees will sting you! Usually the queen says yes ❤️ Sending our love from Athens, Georgia!
  • Melissaanne105
    HALLOWEEN Spooky story!!!!!!
    Hello. I am Olivia. I love your podcast! I would like a story about me and my baby brother, Noah, to be in a haunted house and help a witch become scary. Thanks!
  • h.ko.johnson
    Family Fun
    So happy we found this podcast. We listen to this EVERY moment we have in the car. I enjoy it as well since it’s not repetitive kids songs. We look forward to each new story. We would love to hear a story about Robots walking our big dogs Hudson and Hailee on a Turkey Trot 5K walk. - Carter and Tanner from California
  • ozbot87
    Half of the podcast is nothing but advertisements
    I quit listening about three minutes in because it was all nothing but plugs for products and podcasts I can do without. Get to the point already. Would not recommend.
  • Wowisbest!!!
    Bad podcast
    Terrible podcast
  • HenryHawk7
    We LOVE this podcast all the way from StL, USA
    My 3 kids, husband, and I love listening to this podcast in the car! All 3 of the kiddos love the stories! Ages 3, 4, 7. Henry has been wanting to give an idea for another story for a while, so here is his idea! Henry (7 years old, first grade) and his friend Shannon (same age and grade), are at a baseball game (go Cardinals!) when they run into Super Mario! There is a robot up at bat, who is the best batter in the world, and the Cardinals are losing the World Series because of this robot. Henry, Shannon and Mario must find a way to stop the robot from getting another home run! Thanks for taking the time to read our review and consider our story! We look forward to hearing another new story tomorrow!
  • InturiNushi
    Halloween story
    Hi my name is Nushant I live in Georgia Atlanta I want a story with witches,A haunted house,wizard,gingerbread man, creepy carrots, and creepy underwear, monsters under the bed.
  • Amanda Koonlaba, Ed.S.
    Such a treat! (Story idea from my girls)
    My kiddos love this podcast. We listen to it on the way to school every morning. We’ve been podcast listeners forever a long time, but we will quickly tell you this is one of the best podcasts for kids there is. Here’s our story idea: Willa and Ruby go camping on the moon (they actually witness Robbie the trampolinist’s highest jump while there). While camping, they make an important discovery involving super juicy purple moon radishes.
  • ElianaLeddy
    Halloween story idea! We love STFK!!!
    Hi Lucy, My children, Anya (5) and PJ (3) from Vermont, USA just absolutely LOVE your stories. They want to listen basically any time we’re in the car or spending quiet time at home. Their Halloween idea was this and they would go nuts if you came up with a story about it!! - They want to go on an adventure with a “really, really big, huge Jack-o-lantern that lights up very bright!” And PJ would like to add a “ghost tooth” to the adventure. Please tell our story! It would just make these kiddos so very happy!! Thank you for all that you do!!
  • Sand dollar.
    My son loves these stories!!
    We love your stories!! My almost 6 year old son Robert and I listen to these stories every night at bedtime!! Robert would love a story about different LEGO sets and a bad scientist who makes them disappear and a good scientist who makes them reappear. He also asks that there be a lego shark and megladon robot shark in the story. Thank you!! 😃♥️ ATTENTION!!!! I wrote this review a long time ago, and my son is super bummed because he never heard his story! HIS BIRTHDAY IS OCTOBER 20th! Could you do his story for his birthday?? Thank you!
  • Chels bells1987
    Fun, imaginative
    My sons (6 and 2) love listening to your stories! Fun, simple way to pass the time in the car. We have a Halloween idea: a witch with a pet pumpkin. The witch has never met kids before, and have some fun adventures in her encounters with children during Halloween.
  • Dr. S 2021
    Halloween story idea!
    Tucker, Tatem, and Tegan love your podcast! It is our favorite way to start the day on our ride to school. We love Halloween and have a great story idea! It’s about 3 brothers who carve pumpkins on Halloween and the full moon causes the pumpkins to come alive!
  • mambypie
    Best bedtime routine ever!
    Hi I’m Owen! Me and my brother Jack love to listen to the podcast every night before falling asleep. We’d love to hear a story about a haunted Minecraft world with a spider and spooky Halloween music!
  • Rachael0028
    We love your stories!
    My nanny kids and I listen to your stories on the way to school! We would love a story about a bulldog named Porter riding a skateboard & a unicorn named Camden riding rollerblades to our favorite park called the hidden park. We are so excited to hear the story that you come up with!!
  • Travel RMJ
    My kids can’t get enough!
    My kids listen to your podcast every evening before bed…it’s become part of our routine and a nightly tradition in our home. We’ve tried several story podcasts and this is ultimately the only one they’ll listen to. They just love it! I’d love to surprise my sons with a story about themselves (their names are Laith and Dean), our dog Meelo and a magical soccer ball.
  • Lil'G11
    Thank you for all the stories!
    Hi, my name is Lincoln and I just turned 5 years old. I listen to this podcast (affectionately deemed “my podcast”) on my ride home from school. I would love to hear a story of my best friends (Ivey and Grayson) and me (Lincoln) on an adventure deep in the jungle. Thank you!
  • ofdlion
    This amazing kid story podcast is part of our nightly routine
    My daughter Camila, son Leo and our double doodle Lincoln listen to a story every night before bed. The stories spark and enhance their imaginations. They would love to hear a story of them which includes their favorite city nyc, train and lots of animals.
  • 427583
    Good book
    The best book ever read to me
  • Jonna Demeo
    Good witch vs bad witch – with a super dog and kraken!
    Hi, my name is Leigh – I’m 5 and from Maine. I’d love to hear a story about my little sister, Brook, and me with our dog Ralf! Can he be a super dog? Also, can you include a bad witch who makes a Kraken and a good witch on a boat? Thank you! I love listening to your stories!
  • MarloCobs
    Great stories!
    Hi! My name is Marlo and my sister Beatrice and I love listening to your podcast! I would love to hear a story about a pumpkin that is lonely and meets a friendly ghosts and they live happily ever after. Thank you!
  • jenidsmith
    Love love love!
    Penny from Tampa loves Short Stories for Kids and asks for one every time we get in the car. She would love to hear a story about a Pirate Mummy and Cheshire Cat on Halloween. Thank you so much!
  • lj kirby
    Great Podcast For Kids!
    We LOVE short stories for kids! We listen every time we get in the car. My sons, Sam and Ben would love to hear a story about a shark, a sea turtle, and a sea monster!
  • Twin__Gamer000
    Awesome love it
    My name is jack and I just started listening and I love it I listen to it in my free time helps fall asleep I would like a story about two dogs named tug and daisy and a cat named curious that leave the house and explore at night
  • irbk2000
    A kangaroo meets a dog
    A kangaroo meets a dog and a dog meets a lion and they all become friends and live happily ever after in a castle. Ingrid age almost 5!
  • Blair14
    New listeners from Colorado
    We just found Short Stories for Kids & LOVE them!! 5 year old Ruby is a big fan & she would love a story about Mermaids, like Ruby & her 8 year old cousin Ellie. She also has a 12 year old cousin, Jack, & we think he would make a grand shark!!
  • KKuchel
    My favorite podcast!
    Hi, I’m Max and I live in New York City. I’m 4 and I love listening to Short Stories for Kids before going to sleep. One day I’d like to meet Lucy and I love the way she tells stories. I’d love to hear a story about a talking lamp and a friendly wolf!
  • unicorn belever
    I love it!
    I am 10 years old and just started listening to this. I love these stories! I love listening to them before bed. My name is Natalia and can you make a story about Pegasi and unicorns? Thanks so much!
  • cckark94
    Our surfer cat Scruffy
    Hello my names Payton I’m 7 and my two favorite things are my cat Scruffy and the beach. I’m learning to surf and think a great idea for a story would be an awesome cat that actually loves the water and knows how to surf 😹🏄‍♀️🌊
  • TJH830
    Son loves these stories! Halloween story request!
    We’ve listen to a lot of kids story podcasts and this is the only one my son will pay attention to the entire story. If possible, Hudson (4) would love to hear a Halloween story where he and his sister Delta (2) get lost in a haunted house. Only the good fairy can help them out! Thank you!
  • sloth girl 10
    Hi Lucy
    Hi Lucy can you please make a story with Peggy, Eliza, Angelica,Alexander, and Aaron and can you make them go back in time to help Abraham Lincoln become a super hero 🦸 🦸 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♀️ Thank you so much! Bye Lucy
  • gfsdhhvvju
    Unicorn story
    My name is Sophia, And I want to be a unicorn and Fight with a mean dragon but then become best friends then, they fight with mean eagle then they fight with a giant squid and then they all become friends, best friends.
  • judith123456.
    Hi Lucy
    I’m Judy I would like a story about a Magic house whenever I walked in it I have a challenge to do🏃‍♀️
  • HeyPorter11
    Amazing podcast for kids!
    My daughter Lisa is 4 years and absolutely loves these stories. If possible she would love to hear a story about a mermaid princess and her friend which is a dolphin that find treasure! Thank you and love the podcast! 5 Stars!!!
  • ArchGCade
    Great podcast for kids
    My son Archer adores your show. He and Gracie get so excited when there are new episodes. He has been begging us to write in or send a message for a story request and busy mom and dad are finally getting to it. He requests a story with a king, a dragon, a little boy named Archer, his sister Gracie and their two dogs named Sally and Ethan (we don’t have dogs, so I think he’s telling us something haha).
  • Racheles719
    Princess Hannah and Prince baby Evan
    My daughter Hannah would love a story about big sister princess Hannah, prince baby Evan and a unicorn fighting a lava monster. They should live in a beautiful castle. Thanks!
  • Crewst
    Thank you so much for awesome stories!!!
    My son Crew loves listening to you!! He would be thrilled to hear a story about a boy named Crew who makes homemade costumes for his friends and gives them away as birthday presents. After the party the costumes come to life and become the child’s new best friend. In case you’d like more detail, friends names are Conlan, Odie and James. Facts: Crew is 8 years old and lives in Ben Lomond California. Thank you again, I plan on purchasing some merch for Xmas presents for Crew 💕 Sincerely, Raina
  • unicorn good story
    Bad podcast
    BAD Poscast
  • glauren4557
    We love your stories!
    My daughter Gracen would love a story about her and her best friend Chase finding a fairyland and helping the fairies fix their world.
  • kto9392
    We LOVE This Show!
    My son Taylor is 6 and he absolutely loves listening to these stories at bath time. He can’t get enough! He would be beyond stoked to hear a story about a boy named Taylor who loves candy, a mermaid, and a tsunami (he loves natural disasters and natural phenomena).
  • newkidatmv
    New kid at a new school story
    Hi! My name is Charlotte (4 years old). I transferred to a new school named Mundo Verde this week. I was both anxious and excited to start at a new school, and I am still in the process of settling down. Can you tell us a story about a new kid going on fun adventures with a bear, a rabbit, a squirrel and new friends from the new school?
  • Hurricane2665
    Tommy the School Dog is Kidnapped
    We enjoy all the stories. Penelope loves this podcast. She’d like a story about her stuffed cat, Libby being catnapped.
  • carter ried
    Kind of childish.
    What’s great about this podcast, is that all ages can listen! That can also be a problem for some people because it’s so simple! I, myself am a 9 year old, and think it’s very amusing that it’s so unrealistic, childish, and simple. All I’m saying is maybe we can update the podcast to be more mature.
  • Amck0518
    Great bedtime podcast!
    Hi Lucy!! My 7 year old loves listening to you before bedtime. Her name is Judy and she would love a story about a magical door hidden in her house that takes her on different adventures.
  • Calvin, sharks and dinosaurs
    Sharks and Dinosaurs
    Hi I’m Calvin and I’m 4 years old. I love listening to stories in the car and I love sharks and dinosaurs. My best friend’s name is Lucien and I’d love an adventure story about us.
  • themitchellfam
    Transformers, and dinos, and robots - oh my!
    Hi! My name is Henry! I’m 5yrs old and live in Portland, OR with my mom, my dad, my little brother Ollie, and our 2 cats - Mimi and Lulu. My mom and I love your stories and listen to them every night before bed! 🤗 I would love a story about my three favorite things - transformers, dinosaurs, and robots! Thank you!
  • Trip & Rhett's Mom
    Great for bedtime & car rides
    My sons Trip (age 6) & Rhett (age 4) love listening to Short Stories for Kids before bed and on the way to school. They would love to hear a story about pirates, a skeleton and a garbage truck. These stories are the perfect length and make car rides more peaceful. Thanks!!
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