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Hey Everyone! Welcome to Short stories for Kids! I’m Lucy and me and my team of writers, Simon and Alex will turn your ideas in to a magical story! We upload a new story every Tuesday and Friday! So to be in with a chance of being in one of them, write your story ideas in an Apple Review. To become a Premium member and get Ad free listening plus bonus stories! Sign up at See you soon Gang :)

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  • The junior Grinch
    From Jackie
    Hey Lucy can you please make a story about a superhero as a little girl? she would walk with her father and pass the big magical forest. Yellow bolt loved it there. there she would make treehouse and wooden swords, slingshots, Bow and arrow’s. but one day a sign appeared in front of the magical forest that read area is now owned by the volcanic snoot. this forest will be destroyed and be built into a fake volcano with real Lava signed the builders and volcanic snoot. Yellow bolt was very sad to hear this and ran back to her little house and told her father all about the sign and volcanic snoot. as the months passed by Yellow bolt finally looked through the window at what was left of the magical forest. instead of the Bright leafed trees and the swing of the breeze she saw a Rocky Brown Mountain with lava burbling out of its top around the unwelcoming sight. Was piles of dead trees laying on the ground as if they were mourning for life then Yellow bolt rememberd the burbling of the volcano didn’t that mean it was going to irrupt? She looked back at the volcano. lava was streaming down the sides of the brown rocky mountain and right and its path was yellow Bolt’s house. Yellow bolt’s father scooped up Yellow bolt and ran out the house and scampered up a tree where the lava was rushing towards them fast. then just as Yellow bolt thought that nothing could get worse she heard a cracking noise the tree was falling! then ...everything ...went black. When Yellow bolt finally woke up she asked where she was. the doctor said that she had been found near the Volcano on the end of a log. she felt strange tingling sensation in her mind it was like she felt powerful, and stronger than before. The doctor said that she somehow managed to get a wave of radioactivity and managed to get super speed. Yellow bolt was so happy to hear this. quickly she showed all her friends her super speed. She told Iser, Icy, and Ed.She was so happy the end
  • JenniferR65
    Daylin I am 10
    I would like a story about me and my sister go to the beach and we go in the water and we play with the dolphins and the mermaids 🧜‍♀️ Riley my sister is 9 by the way 😉
  • SpongeBob_squre537
    It’s me again but can you add the million years from now to YouTube please thx
  • Samantha and Greyson
    Wow 🤩
    How is your podcast so good and I love it 🥰 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • R+J+C+O
    Perfect for the car
    My kids love these stories on road trips!
  • Ritzykins
    Can I be on your podcast
    I’m sterling from new Jersey I would like to be on your podcast and I would like to have everything in the podcast 🥷🏿👑🫅🏾👾👽🤞🏿☠️🤑
    I started watching this and I was SO HAPPY I’m Luna and 8 years old put me in a story!
  • Mandy11\26
    Can I please have a episode
    I really want a episode where I have a magic telescope. oh, by the way my name is Roman I am 9 years old. 🔭🪄🪄🧞✨!
  • split splat
    So fun! And amazing!
    Hi Lucy!! These are awesome i love to listen to them with my friend Freya whenever we hang out outside. And can you make a story where me and Freya and our dog Gus go on an adventure to find the biggest cake ever for my birthday because its very close? My name is Linnaea by the way. Thank you!! 😁
  • jolene 4141
    My name is Alaina and I am 9 years old. Can you lease put me in a story were there is a manic book and whatever I write in it happens in real life
  • Radanader3x
    Hi Lucy!
    Can you make one when I have a unicorn and we fight a leprechaun who’s trying to steal all rainbows in the world? And my name is Addison
  • AryaEmber2
    Episode, please
    Hi Lucy, my name is Lawson and I am a 10 years old boy 👦🏼 with no siblings. Can I have an episode where I become a bird 🐦 in the forest 🌳 and then learn that one of friends is a bird 🐦 to.
  • Molly + Becca
    Stories ideas by Molly and Becca Duplantis in Louisiana
    Hi my name is Becca Duplantis I am ten years old me and my twin were born at 30weeks every night we listen to your stories can you make a story where me and my twin Molly are exploring woods and find a magical horse that every time we ride it we turned into horses please.💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄😄 my favorite episode is👩🏼‍🍳🍪🍩 and 🦄❤️📿 I thought it was funny how the donut and cookie didn’t’ listen to what the mom said.your stories help Molly get to 🛌 and me to when ever I can I 👂 to your stories. We love your stories Lucy
  • 201441
    I love 💗 you
    You to be in it 😁🧞‍♀️🧞🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏿🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏿🧚🏾‍♂️ my name is Lucy I love 💗 you lucy
  • i wove your show
    Hi Lucy! Can I please have a story where I transform into a squirrel and explore the squirrel society? I’m ten years old and my name is Lily. Thanks so much!
  • rgknp
    Story request from Vihaan
    Hi Lucy my name is Vihaan and I’m 6 years old. I would like a story where I get a message from the avengers to go on a mission with them.Oh can I please be in the story
  • Rosalie and Lucas
    I listened to this podcast when I was 5 years old today not as much
  • Audrey Liam
    Nine my number one go to podcast
  • Tips for short storys
    How to get a episode
    First you have to buy the monthly pay, then in the description somewhere, there is her email or something else to send her stuff. Tell her like “Hey Lucy blah blah blah… After that, tell her what it’s about, and the characters. Than, your done! Remember, it’s ok if she doesn’t pick you. Why? Because there are many people who are asking her also… ALOT
  • hejbcfh
    The cat
    My name is. Brooke and I used to have a cat named Sydney she was not a very nice cat but she was always in the house and she was always there to help me and she ended up lost. I never found her again. I wold like to see her in a story and I recently had a kid named Landon he is so sweet and he just turned 2 😍
  • perrypie2015
    How can I get a episode 🥷🏻👰🏻🤵🏼‍♂️🤵🏻🧟👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💍 Can you tell me
  • cjbalive
    My sons first favorite podcast
    Rylan is my five year-old son and he loves these stories. He loves them going to bed, in the car, and just around the house. We just became premium members so we could hear any and all of them. Rylan would like to hear a story about he and his firefighting dog Freyja (pronounced Freya) who have a fire truck that is also a spaceship that they use to fight fires in space! Thanks for all your creativity and fun imaginative stories.!
  • Mike Sobo
    My daughter loves this podcast!
    My daughter Zoe is 7 years old and we live in Houston, Texas. She listens to your stories every single day in the car and is the biggest fan of your creative stories! Zoe would like to request the following story: Zoe and her best friend Yana and their puppy Fluffy go on a magical adventure and they meet a unicorn on the way. It’s so fun that they don’t want to leave.
  • One cup of the Marcus
    I love you and the story
  • Kindara user since May 2013
    Good 👍🏿
    💕 it
  • V Lawson
    This podcast is part of our bedtime 🛌 routine!
    My daughter, Lyla (4), listens to 2-3 episodes every night before bed. We finally became premium subscribers. I have submitted her story request twice but I do not see it in the reviews so I am trying again. She would love a story about an arctic fox queen get strung by a magic wasp that makes her evil.
  • playyyy thisssss gameeeeee
    Story idea
    Alien train robbers that come to steal our shoes!!!
  • 一 二三四五
    To podcast lover 🥰and lovethepodcast and other haters
    I know haters gonna hate but buzz off this podcast is great 😊 you guys r just a haters I didn’t think you ARE a podcast lover😒😤or do love the podcast
  • ktkmk
    Great Podcast for Kids!
    Hi Lucy, We love your podcast and stories. You are a terrific reader and we love how well you do various voices. Andrew asks for a Short Story for Kids every day on the way to and from school. We have a new idea for a story! Andrew (5) and his older cousins, Jack and Gus love playing with Nerf Guns. Andrew thought it would be really fun to have a story that when you shoot a Nerf gun you get magical flying powers and if you shoot one straight up, it can take you to space. Our previous review and story request was: Our little boy can listen for hours on end in the car. Thank you for the imaginative stories and life lessons incorporated in them. My son (almost 5) would like a story about trains and sheep that have the ability to fly between destinations or lands but starts out in Oregon. He’d like two of the characters to be Andrew (his name) and me (his mom). Thank you Lucy!
  • Control_Freak
    I ❤️❤️❤️ your story’s 🥰
    Hi my name is Audrey and I would love a story about me going to dance practice and all the sudden time stops and a frog need me to try to save her family and friends from a water dragon. And don’t listen to all of the mean words people are saying about you and your podcast.I think in my opinion I love you podcast it’s so funny and nice.🩰🩰🐸🐸🍄🍄
  • KKinSeattle
    Creative and unique
    My seven year old daughter and I love to listen to stories. This podcast is great because the stories are original and creative. I love the classic stories but it’s so nice to be able to listen to something new and different. My daughter is a huge fan!
  • brizels
    My kids love these stories!!
    We listen every night. My daughter, Penelope, is turning 7 on January 21st and would love to hear a story about a magical talking cupcake that only she can hear on her birthday. Keep up the great work!
  • podcast lover 🥰
    Pod lisenrs
    Pls change the adds like pls noww!!! I hate this and so do menny others at least make them toy adds or sumthing please please please I will not stop making these reviews until the add problem changes then I will leve a 5 star review if I could right a review lower than 1 I wold go in the negatives like I will git all my friends that listen to right a bad review and I won’t make them thay want to this pod is terrible 😡😡😡 you just lost like 15 listeners LOL LOLLoL
  • Bonnyw13*
    My son is obsessed
    My five year old son Hudson loves this podcast. We live pretty far from his school so we fill our long drives with this podcast frequently! Hudson would love a story with him, his little sister Haddie and his dog Copper. He would like for them all to go on an adventure and meet a nice ankylosaurus. Thank you!
  • uuiuhj
    Please do a story about a boy named Riley how plays football and then a wizard comes and helps him thank you my name is Riley bye thank you 🙏
  • Amy and eddsworld
    Story request
    Hoi, I would like a story about a girl named Izabella (13), what ever she reads or draws comes alive! Like she draws a picture of her friend realistically and that drawing comes alive, ehe thanks 😊. -Trithika(12)
  • srpiccollo
    Love these
    My kids lives this podcast. We listen to it while riding in the car. My kids are 3-10. I wish they would do a few more stories with animals having adventures in the zoo.
  • star2134554
    The ads…
    I think it would be a cool story idea if you guys did a story about these time travelers who befriended a saber tooth tiger and they wanted to keep it but they lived in the future so they had to figure out a way to live in between yet their time belt can only go to their time, and the saber tooth tigers time. My name is Penelope and I’m ten but the reason I did four stars is because of the ads…But besides that your podcast is great!
  • bradpaulp
    My son LOVES listening to this podcast day and night!
    Leaving this review for a story idea from my son is a regular listener. :) Rocket ship in Backyard goes to the ISS. Story where two kids finds a little toy rocket in the backyard, and it’s the soyuz , one of them said I wish we could meet the international space station in person and they got to dock with the international space station. When they get there they were surprised to see other kids from their class on it! By Maverick P., age 7. Thank you.
  • Panda Nor
    A+++ and story request
    We love SSFK! Always so imaginative! It’s my seven year old daughter’s favorite podcast. She would like a story about pandas (main characters) and a fox named Roxy, please!! There is also an owl that helps them do something. My daughter’s name is Nora. Thank you!!
  • Dinogal12345
    im gay
    i am a twenty year old and i love this show my wife does to do a story with us in it
  • Megwo33
    Riley (5) would like a story about an unicorn and a rainbow. We love living to your stories on our drive home from school
  • fosterstrength
    A family favorite!
    We love these podcasts in our house! Vera and Stella listen to these most mornings when they are eating breakfast before school and always marvel, “she does the best different voices”! Grateful for the sweet moments and entertainment we get from these!
  • jnoahtaylor
    A great pod + worthwhile subscription
    My 6 year old son loves these stories! They make for a great, imaginative break from screen time. We’ve been premium subscribers for a while, and finally submitted his very creative story request. Lucy responded so quickly and addressed my son directly in a way that made him feel so special!
  • Caityrb
    Kids love this show
    We found this podcast a couple of years ago and finally signed up for a premium subscription after lots of requests last year. We listen in the car, at home, any time. It really gets my 6 yos imagination going and he comes up with his own story ideas. The stories are always new and it’s so great to hear kids ideas come to life!
  • 🫡.yeah
    Do a story with pirates giving back their treasure.I think that would be name is Tyler and I am guys are OK.i think you should delete the ads
  • jennigron622
    Can you do a story about a girl named Bailey, and she had a puppy named Cinnabon. Then when she grew up, she became a breeder. Then one day, she saw a big surprise. HER DOG WAS A UNIDOG.
  • yar1vn
    This podcast is my 7yo’s favorite bedtime routine
    There is no way my boys can go to sleep without a few stories playing before bedtime. I got them a premium account for Xmas to unlock more stories. Plus having no ads really improves the experience. They are very excited to submit their own story requests! Honestly I’m so used to Lucy’s voice before bed I might have to play a story myself ;~) - Yariv
  • Samantha M 32
    We love listening on our way to school!
    Hi Lucy! My boys love listening to your podcast every day on the way to school. Matthew and James would like to be monsters trucks. Matthew would like to be blue and James would like to be yellow. They would go to space to look for ice crystals. Thanks for keeping us entertained on rides to school!
  • lovethpodcast
    Your listening to the podcast and then the next one plays you expect to hear a normal episode of the podcast but NOOOOO you hear some WEIGHT LOSS ADDS AND THEN ANOTHER PREMIUM EPISODE LIKE DDDDDDDUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDEEEEEEE 😤😑😒
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