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The Athletic's flagship baseball podcast features some of the best writers and thinkers in the game. With rumors, analytics, trivia, prospects, rankings and big name interviews, we've got you covered from Spring Training through the World Series. MONDAY: Starkville with Jayson Stark & Doug Glanville | WEDNESDAY: The Roundtable with Grant Brisbee, Andy McCullough and Marc Carig | FRIDAY: Nesbitt and Friends

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  • HesFSU
    Very much enjoyed interview with Jim Leyland and his managing insights.
  • bernbp5
    Lack of baseball knowledge
    These hosts are stealing money for the athletic. They know nothing about baseball
  • Hey Nowadays
    The Roundtabke
    Awful! I tune in to hear about baseball. Everyone on there seems to hate baseball. Grant is so bad, like he hates being there.
  • ideal listener
    Too casual for a bunch of nobodies
    Literally not a single person cares about your personalities or thinks you are funny. We only listen to hear about baseball. Take five minutes before you record to stretch all the cringe out then get to the actual point when you record. I promise we have no interest in indulging your woefully unfunny sense of irony. Wont listen again
  • kdestef
    Thankfully we have Grant to counteract Andy and his yelling at the clouds to bring back pitcher wins … the only pro labor podcast that does a top front office run down where 3 of top 5 front offices don’t pay their players.
  • Johnsonville50
    Round table
    Tried the Roundtable guys again with the new podcast rollout. Just doesn’t work for me. Came for an AL preview and instead got lots of tangents, distractions, and a brief 20 minute run-through of predicting AL division winners. Wanted more insight.
  • 10110101100
    Too many shows
    Anything without DVR/Eno Sarris isn’t worth a listen
  • Gillian248
    Love it but sound/haptics
    I love the Roundtable but I am begging you guys to turn off your the sounds from notifications/alerts during recordings 🙏. It makes me keep checking my email and slack. Please just turn on do not disturb.
  • thejbaker81
    Love the Pods
    The Roundtable and 3-0 Show are the best baseball pods.
  • dropkickjansa
    You’ve always go the the green light
    Really enjoy Eno, Britt, and DVR on the 3-0 Show! I always look forward to hearing well-informed and fun baseball chat on the latest.
  • Grocmund17
    5 for Roundtable.
    Love the roundtable! Great trio of excellent writers that is informative and fun to listen to. Definitely my favorite of the athletic baseball pods.
  • bb01002
    5 stars for the Roundtable
    Also, just wanted to let Grant know that Yusei Kikuchi is ok because 98% of that sushi he ordered is deferred.
  • Peter Guillam
    Juan Soto…
    …gets dealt and you pukes go silent for four days. Typical. *** What was wrong 26 October 2023, Repro and the Bates largely, though not entirely, ditched the typical endless attempts at prepubescent humor and actually discussed baseball and the upcoming World Series. What gives? Why no usual mediocrity? Was someone holding their offshore banker hostage? *** 21 August 2023, But and Wipe promised Yankees and Red Sox. Then talked Compadres minor leaguers. Boumce But and Wipe from the business.
  • Fergamania
    When Brisbee is trying to be funny…
    I pray for an abrupt five-minute gambling commercial.
  • Nickname Taken 2
    No No Bunts
    If I was interested in listening to people that don't know anything about baseball talking about baseball, I would listen to no bunts, which is possibly the worst show I've ever listened to in my entire life, and I listen to really mediocre baseball podcast all of the time. I am a huge fan of the round table which is also at times one of the worst shows I've ever heard but it is 10,000 times better than no bunts. I under I understand that there's some sort of crossover appeal to their basketball podcast but if I ever see it on this feed again, I'm going to projectile vomit into the sun.
  • Hubestar
    Playoff randomness
    Carig is right of course, about playoff randomness. As he is an unbiased sportswriter, what he doesn’t understand is how it feels to be a fan. It doesn’t have to do with casual fan vs fan with deep knowledge, fans want their teams to do well but more importantly, rewarded for being good. I have been a Dodgers fan since 1981, and have gradually lost interest over the past 10 years because my good teams have not been rewarded. The poor playoff performances, the gut wrenching losses, the Astros stolen championship all add up. It gets tougher to commit 100% of your heart, even to a good team because of the random playoff outcomes. What Carig got right is that I can spend my time better with sports that offer more certainty eg NBA and NFL, and that is in fact what I am doing. I have attended very few baseball games in the past five years, and stopped subscribing to any baseball sites including MLB TV. I do enjoy the fun banter in this pod, keep it up fellas!
  • JVDoerr
    The Roundtable
    If you squint when you listen…
  • Commerial stud
    Some great and some truly awful
    There cannot be a collection of podcasts with such a delta in quality and likeability than the Athletic baseball shows. From the mind numbingly dull Starkville, the inane and almost unlistenable No Bunts to the always top quality 3-0 and occasionally interesting On Deck. The bad is forgivable because the good is some of the best baseball pod content out there. However, whoever thought putting Andy McCullough in any talking role (probably Andy himself) needs a long period of self-reflection. He is dreadful. One of the most self-important, irritating, mean-spirited and miss informed baseball voices anywhere. Anyone who entirely spoils a podcast with the always excellent Grant Brisbee needs to stay away from the mic and back to writing.
  • forEmmett
    Roundtable is the best
    Grant, Marc, and Andy are my favorite team on this podcast. Clever, funny. Erudite, not annoying. They know baseball and baseball details. I think it was Andy who did a great Tom Waits impression. How cool was that. He’s only about 35 and he knows Tom Waits. Andy is my favorite but they are all good. Can’t stand the “made up” stat WAR. Way too convoluted and random. Only pitching stat that matters is ERA and innings. Strikeouts is window dressing. Just keep guys from scoring.
  • yoga.aha
    A Diversity of Offerings
    Thanks to DVR someone at least mentions the Brewers once in a while. Baseball is better this year. The numbers are cool. Cheers
  • austin99118822
    Veteran camera operator!!
    Probably the best podcast I’ve ever heard. His story was amazing. Also he sounds just like JD from the history underground YouTube
  • mickeymoniakfanclub
    something something bad apple spoils bunch
    Shows are generally fine (especially Starkville) but the Roundtable should be McCullough and Brisbee and clones of themselves because Carig and Woo bashing the Angels without a hint of irony or other sort of indicator that shows any actual understanding of underlying issues makes for the worst kind of content: gratuitous, shallow, repetitive, and neither interesting nor funny on a meta level or on the merits taken straight-up. A large language model trained on 4chan posts can do a better job in coming up with either more insightful or more insulting commentary. The terrible AI that writes as Jim Bowden might do in a pinch.
  • TexasHoosier18
    The Roundtable Rules!
    Closest thing to the former-Baseball Today podcast since that pod ended. Probably needs more body dysmorphia talk though.
  • incognitolegend
    The roundtable>
    The round table clear the other shows in this pod
  • LDavenport24
    Mostly good.
    The Athletic generally had good baseball writers. Drellich, an obnoxious, self-aggrandizing clown and liar, is not among them.
  • rakuensc
    The round table is elite
    The joe Flacco of podcasts
  • Brandon0476
    Solid Network of Hosts
    Probably the best collection of baseball shows under one app. The 3-0 shoe and DVR/Law are great, but the highlight of my week is the Roundtable. There’s plenty of shows with hosts that have no radio talent tossing stats at you for an hour while you take a nap, but few shows are as entertaining and funny as what Grant, Mark, and Andy put on. They’ll always be self depreciating about it, but they know baseball beyond just the numbers and can have passionate discussions and arguments that don’t feel like forced clickbait. Rarely does a show actually feel like hanging out with your friends talking baseball.
  • Chieftain78
    Not just a baseball show
    Imagine taking a victory lap when someone with children loses their job when at the same time your own company is going through layoffs. I’m talking DVR & Law, it wasn’t enough that Anthony Bass apologized (he shouldn’t have) but no, they have to make him grovel in it. And apparently it’s ok to force people to celebrate a lifestyle you don’t agree with and also have no tolerance for their religious beliefs. Disgusting, and it’s no surprise your company is failing when people want to use it as an outlet for sports but in the process we have to endure your creepy takes on people’s beliefs.
  • jbeckr
    Six different podcasts six different ratings
    3-0 show five stars DVR and Law 4.5 stars No bunts 4 stars On deck 4.5 stars Round table 2 stars Starkville 2.5 stars
  • Skidary
    Two of the best baseball pods in 1 feed (plus extras)
    The round table is the most criminally underrated baseball pod out there. Genuinely good baseball minds talking like genuine idiots. The 3-0 show has been a must-listen for years now. Great chemistry and a fun mix of the measurable and immeasurable parts of the game. Plus like 30 other shows if you’re into that, too.
  • Rick’s Pet
    Roundheads of the World, Unite!
    I really enjoy listening to the Roundtable; in fact, it’s my favorite baseball podcast. Keep up the irreverent nonsense, boys!
  • Clamjam22
    Giggling Idiots
    Please keep up the good work.
  • Pete the Rabbit20
    Roundtablehead in New York
    The Roundtable is the crown jewel of the Athletic baseball podcast show. Hilarious and entertaining. They are confident enough not to overrely on analytics. Informative with a healthy dose of nostalgia for the Giants and Royals of the 2010’s and 90’s Yankees. As someone who commutes 2 hours at least 3 times a week, I am grateful every week that 50 minutes of that time is fire.
  • rymspenc
    Round table is hilarious
    Love the Round Table, it’s the only baseball podcast I find to me legitimately funny. Highly recommend
  • croissant5
  • Eric Gilde
    Love All of the Shows, Especially the Roundtable
    I am writing this review in passionate defense of “The Roundtable,” which makes me laugh out loud every single episode. I would set the o/u on out-loud laughs per episode at 3.5. Now, I am a true nerd and I absolutely love the analysis on the “3-0 Show” (and “Rates and Barrels,” while we’re at it) and “Starkville.” Eno/Britt/DVR are superb; Jayson Stark is my hero; Keith Law is a guru; I can’t get enough of these folks. Their takes are supreme. But. “The Roundtable” is my favorite day. It could be that I have a lot of podcasts that will talk to me about CSW and Barrel % and I eat it up with a spoon, but there just isn’t another podcast that’s like “The Roundtable.” It is like baseball dessert. Grant, Marc and Andy are so hilarious, have such wry, self-effacing, self-aware humor, and excellent chemistry. It feels like a chance for all of us baseball-obsessed folks to laugh at ourselves. In the banquet of baseball podcasts, it’s a three-layer cake. This is Ellen Adair writing this review under my husband’s account after two days of unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to do so on an Android/PC, which I understand that, for many, will cast the validity of my opinion into question.
  • Joey G707
    Roundtable HEAD for life
    The Roundtable is hilarious, fun and interesting for any baseball fan. Grant, Marc and Andy are perfect compliments to each other and I laugh out loud at least twice every episode. By far my favorite baseball podcast.
  • RoundTableHead
    Five stars
    I need the round table twice a week. Make it three! Round table heads unite, Mark has gotten me to rate my first ever podcast. 3-0 is good too.
  • GoHiltyGo
    Give Grant and Eno a podcast together please.
    The roundtable is my favorite podcast of the week amen
  • Zsedor2
    The round table is the best
    I am a huge fan of all of their shows, but the round table is one of the most entertaining podcasts ive ever listened to. Would love to be the roundtable head of the week!
  • statedept1515
    Audio Levels Stink
    Different segments or cuts are at different volume levels and some of the guys are recording on either bad equipment (cmon The Athletic!) or in rooms with horrible acoustics which is more understandable, but still hard to listen to in earbuds with medium volume. Content is mid and conveys less of a big picture about what’s happening than day-to-day recaps that you can find in a box score.
  • jessjesskeenan
    I do enjoy the roundtable
    I enjoy the roundtable a lot. It’s the show that got me into the athletic baseball podcast. It reminds me of entertaining conversations with curmudgeonly old men which I find to be warm and comforting. Also I get all my information about the As from this podcast.
  • dedlly
    Leave this show alone, you monsters!
    MLB takes itself way too seriously. These three guys are funny, irreverent, and passionate about the game they love. The roundtable makes baseball fun. An antidote to any fans sense of self-importance. Come for the insight, stay for the f-bombs. Roundtable forever.
  • Buster2000000
    Awesome podcast
    Best baseball podcast on the Athletic
  • sonhouse
    Brisbee for president !!!
    The Roundtable is my favorite baseball podcast. So goooood.
  • Julio Franco's dong
    The round table
    Only reviewing because grant told me to. Still mad @ him for leaving Mccovey chronicles, though.Screw the haters! Grant doesn’t talk about Giants ENOUGH! Eugenio Velez was really fast, vroom vroom!
  • IsaacStreeter
    The Roundtable rules
    I’m a baseball guy, and man does the sport need more humor. The Roundtable is exactly that, its my favorite episode of the week from The Athletic Baseball Show
  • Owen Wister
    The Roundtable
    Just jumping in to support Grant, Marc and Andy --- unlike some, I enjoy the unpredictable takes and good-natured banter of the self-proclaimed "giggling idiots"!
  • Zach_Mills
    The Roundtable
    These three always make me laugh out loud.
  • FatandFlabby
    The Roundtable Rocks - Aces High
    The Roundtable is my favorite baseball podcast. Andy, Marc and Grant have the irreverence and humor honed by covering baseball everyday. Andy and Marc have been baseball beat reporters and they show us the silliness and rhythm of a long baseball season. This isn’t football. Baseball is a soap opera with a 162 game regular season plus playoffs. Everyday there’s something interesting happening and it’s rarely the end of the world. Grant started as a fan blogger, was one of the greatest and now follows all of baseball without trashing other teams like an unprofessional.
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