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Alex Honnold and co-host Fitz Cahall share stories from the people who define the sport of climbing by pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo of the previous generation. Athletes. Risk takers. Dirtbags. Pioneers. Community builders. Outsiders. Leaders.

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  • GluvsJava
    Doing Justice
    Fitz and Alex, you guys are starting at the right place at the right time. I so very much appreciate your articulation and storytelling something I hold close to my heart for more than 27 years. I am excited to see how season to unfolds.
  • GeeDogFoshizzle
    ultra classic
  • Josh Janes
    I’m not a huge fan, but I can see why it’s popular…
    It’s “produced” with music riffs, sound effects, tag-teaming hosts… And everybody loves Alex Honnold, right? But the show is watered-down. I know that is, in part, by design in order to target larger, less “core” climbing audiences, but every episode leaves me wishing they’d go just a little bit deeper. This is further complicated by the fact that I just have a hard time listening to Honnold who has what comes across as a very childlike, or black-and-white view of climbing, the issues that face climbers, and the world in general. Don’t get me wrong: I have utter respect for his climbing achievements, his lifestyle, and his dedication to his nonprofit, but in terms of his public personality I find him an entertaining novelty more than a podcast host. It just feels like this whole thing is an attempt to capitalize on fame rather than a passion project. This is reinforced by the number of repetitive Honnold-narrated ads you have to fast forward through… no thanks! …but the star power does draw some impressive guests which is fantastic, and at least Honnold knows what he’s talking about. Cahill serves more as the “bridge”, often explaining things in layperson’s terms, but his delivery is also a bit watered-down. Give your audience more credit (even the non-climbers). Go deeper, invite them to think more process what they’re listening to… No need to spoon feed us.
  • LancelotNY
    I love the spirited stories!
    I’m not a climber and I am hooked to every story in this podcast. The stories about exploration, struggles and triumphs are so powerful it can reach across race, gender and generation. Keep up the great work!
  • maverick de great
    Love it! 😁🧗🏻
    I have listened to all of the episodes so far and i love it but the reason i am only giving it 4 stars id because some weeks they only put out a bonus episode that is like 10 minutes long but it is not that big of a deal and i really like to listen to this while i am climbing so please continue making episodes! P.s. it is really funny
  • Robvork
    Amazing stories
    Loving connecting with the history of climbing. All these interesting people!
  • Misha_rakosnicek
    Great show, but!
    Just heard the first three episodes, loving it, and excited to hear the rest! Honestly, though, it’s (so far) desperately lacking in critical and diversity perspectives: the climbers appropriation of native American spiritual sites, which makes the history of climbing quite complicated; the predominant whiteness and maleness of the sport that is reproduced here by the choice of guests (though the interview with Joanne was super interesting!); not even speaking of adaptive climbing; the first three episodes also present “turning points” in climbing, all from the US, yet the show hosts claim that the Europeans had been far, far ahead of the US. I guess this is all to say that while I highly respect the hosts amd enjoy the show, considering this is 2021, I wish the producers were a bit more reflexive.
  • Alias Leesy
    Perfect podcast
    There’s something about hearing people talk about things they love - the enthusiasm, history, humor, and realism that comes through each interview is amazing. I totally get lost in the conversations and look forward to every new episode! They have made long road trips go by faster and I reach my destination raving about the new things I’ve learned 😂
  • Laura_Jennine
    Is it Friday yet?
    I look forward to this podcast each week. It drops just in time to have something interesting, informative, and fun to listen to as you’re heading out for the weekend. I appreciate the multiple perspectives and issues that are addressed. Honnold and Cahall keep the conversation moving along with humor and intelligent insight.
  • gphmiles
    Climber’s determination
    Very informative and enjoyable.
  • gwaiss
    entertaining, funny thrilling
    Climbing Gold is storytelling that balances thrilling adventure, humor, history and insight into the world of climbing. I truly appreciate hearing from the diverse background of guests that add their stories to the podcast. It’s great to hear about the people from the golden age of climbing to the contemporary figures who make up this community of climbers. Also, listening to Alex Honnold’s commentary is priceless. He is no nonsense and hysterically funny. Thumbs up.
  • J10205057
    Honest reporting
    Alex and Fitz do a great job of keeping it real. Their candor helps being the stories to life and makes them personal for the listeners. Both also do a good job of providing a variety of climbing history and adventures while also looking at pertinent social issues.
  • LastOneIn-FirstOneOut
    Fun and interesting
    The hosts do a good job at interviewing guest as well as talking to each other to move along the narrative. Interesting stories so far.
  • kathyhiker
    Love the podcast!
    I am enjoying listening to your podcast and the interview with Lynn Hill was great! I began climbing in college 1977, I attended a rock climbing class and at the end of the season of climbing, I and another woman were the only two women that completed class! Of course, at that time of climbing we had EB shoes and gold line rope! It was great fun going to Joshua tree to climb and just being outdoors! We graduated college and I went on the being a hiking /ski bum in Jackson Hole and sadly Gretchen and I lost contact. Listening to the podcast has brought back wonderful memories!
  • N@alie H
    Tell all your friends to listen!
    I listen to a lot of podcasts while I work. As a climber of 20 years I was so so so excited to come upon Climbing Gold! Each episode has been like a mini history lesson combined with insight and personal perspective. I’ve told pretty much every climbing friend I have to listen to the podcast! As I listen to each episode I pause and verbal diarrhea to my climbing coworkers about what I just heard. Listening to John Gill and Lynn Hill and Sharma makes me remember just how much I love this lifestyle, even as we adjust to climbing’s growth and popularity. Keep up the good work!!!
  • Marks_crx
    Every episode is so well edited and thought out and laid out and I feel like I am sitting down and watching an episode not just listening to another stale podcast. I love every minute of this podcast and cannot wait for the next episode to come out each week!
  • IdahoSlammer
    I approve of this podcast
    As a seasoned rope climber and abseil daredevil, I can relate to the stories on this podcast. I have always used, “No Bivy’s,” as my mantra, and that’s exactly what I do with this podcast. Each week when the new episode comes out, I go back to episode #1 and listen to each one all the way up until the new one. I guess you could say I “free-solo” each old episode and then on-site the new one. You might see me “chalking up” during the commercials but that’s it. As a hard-core extreme athlete, and due to all of the interviews, photo shoots, and meet-and-greets with fans, it’s hard to find time to listen to stuff like this, but when I do have a few extra moments in the green room while my girlfriend dresses my blisters from extreme high-ball abseiling, I listen to Fitz and Alex. All jokes aside, this podcast is amazing! Nice work dudes! Always stoked when I see there’s a new episode to on-site. Can’t wait for more!!
  • amandayoga_
    I listened to all episodes in one day (6 are out as of now) and I can’t get enough. I love the narration and how the episodes are structured with conversation and interviews. I also get goosebumps at the intro with the music. I love learning so much more about the history of climbing as I only know much of where it’s at now (very beginning climber), but I’m obsessed with the sport even tho I’m not good at it. And this podcast is definitely feeding my crave.
  • Raphael de Chassy
    Great but could be even greater!!
    Love this podcast and more importantly I love the idea behind it but it just feels a bit disorganized and all over the place. I’m sure it will become more cohesive as time goes on. Also for some reason I just don’t like the way Fitz Cahall talks. It just seems like he’s trying so hard to sound like a TV host or something, that it irritates me. I’m hoping he becomes more casual and that the podcast becomes more organized in the future. It has really really good potential!!
  • bribo55
    climbing gold
    love it
  • ajcmezzo
    Great podcast
    I really love this podcast. I’m not a climber, but I love hearing about how people push themselves to their physical limits. Although I’m not sure I can get behind BASE jumping. That just seems crazy. But the podcast is great. Take a listen.
  • mitzijfinn
    Yes it makes sense
    Hey Emily. It makes sense. You’re not talking to first graders. Or maybe you are. Either way, we get it, this isn’t organic chemistry and you speaking about climbing makes sense
  • Catalyst 1143
    Tap, Tap Twist
    You have to have used a hand drill to appreciate it. It is bad enough standing on Terra Firma but hanging on a wall? Great story. At 77 yrs. I can only imagine the climbing experience. In my next life? But it takes me back in time when I had my own adventures. Thank You!
  • Lbywom29
    Fantastic podcast!
    Such a cool podcast!! Interesting to listen to stories , love the format.
  • PattyForeverFit
    I have a young climber in my family. This podcast has fascinating stories of early climbers, their goals and journeys. I am loving it and look forward to more chapters.
  • Marie Bruskas
    Learning History
    I am learning so much from here. Understanding the stories of the places we hold so dear is both grounding and inspiring.
  • joshuagfleming
    Listen now climbers
    Great podcast for the climbing community!
  • Mattcavemusic
    My new favorite podcast…
    Great storytelling, great production value, really riveting. I’m not a climber but I’ve always enjoyed following the sport, maybe because as a jazz musician I see some similarities in the philosophy and approach. So cool how Fitz points out the parallel.
  • ak--jk
    Getting better
    Episode 3 really delivered on what i was expecting out of this podcast. The first 2 episodes are decent, but I was initially a little turned off by the advertisements in the first episode. There’s something about Alex Honnald pitching products like Tim Ferris that seems inauthentic. But it seems like they decreased the amount of time spent hawking products as the season progressed to the benefit of the pod.
  • Slugwire
    Binged the first 3 episodes
    Great show, the story telling is captivating. I randomly came across this podcast and ended up bringing the first 3 episodes.
  • Trickster565
    5 stars with one issue
    Amazing podcast , but the constant interrupts with commercials is VERY off putting , we can deal with them at the beginning or end , but not constant interrupts, thanks for the podcast keep going
  • jack 89643
    This is an amazing climbing podcast. Can’t wait for mor episodes!
  • amwyo
    Great 1st podcast
    Honnold and Peter Croft were a perfect way to start. Getting two of the most modest people in climbing to talk openly about themselves indicates what we can expect. Looking forward to more.
  • lutherh27
    Great show!
    Alex Honnold & Fitz Cahall have put together this great podcast on climbing history stories, everyone should check it out!
  • salty__dalty
    Good content but over-produced
    I was hoping this podcast would be a straightforward conversation between Honnold and some legends. The content is there but it seems like they are trying too hard with the editing.
  • Millis6000
    Well Done
    This is and excellent time killer on long boring drives. I’m not a climber but this is quite entertaining.
  • AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken702
    Finally a podcast I can relate to
    I’ve lived in Vegas for 40+ years but didn’t start climbing until about 5 years ago. Some friends had invited me and my husband to their climbing gym, NCC, and from the first time my hands and feet touched the holds, I was hooked. Within a few weeks of my first time at a gym, I was climbing at Red Rock. That first outdoor climb changed my life. Standing at the top of this beautiful wall, basking in my accomplishments, taking in the incredible transformed me from this anxiety-ridden suburbanite into a person who looked for ways to challenge my body and mind. My husband (who’s my climbing partner) was injured a couple of years ago so we haven’t climbed in awhile. Listening to your podcast reignited the joy and peace and strength that I felt when climbing. My husband is finally on the mend and I’m looking forward to having my body ache, my arms burn, my fingers feel like they’ve been dipped in acid, and the elation and calm that comes from a day on the wall. Looking forward to your next episode.
  • Big T!!
    Climbing gold
    Great podcast by a great humans! Thanks!!
  • Izzy1153
    Outstanding... but hoping to hear some Colorado focus in the coming episodes!
    I get it. Yosemite is the epicenter. And this is Alex’s podcast. It has been well designed and a great listen... especially the Red Rock episode. But as a Boulder native who grew up with the local lore, it would be great to have some of that perspective. For example: much was made in the Bird episode about Kauk et al’s free ascents being game changing, whereas Roger Briggs’ FFA of Death and Transfiguration in Boulder had happened several years previously. I really appreciate Alex’s take on the state of climbing, especially the nuances of which rules matter. Looking forward to hearing the take on the bolt wars, and hope that Christian Griffith’s bolting of Eldo gets a fresh take. Thanks all!
  • LaserCobra
    Over produced at the expense of the interview
    I’ll keep listening (thus 4 stars) but for me it’s a little over produced and too much narration at the expense of the interview. The first couple of episodes feel like 50% narration and commercials, 30% Alex and Fitz talking, and 20% actual interview. Personally I don’t need all the fluff. I just want to hear interesting people discuss interesting topics.
  • Mandala main
    Good content
    Seems like this will end up being the most popular climbing podcast on the webs within a couple of years. You got Alex, you got stories, and produced by duct tape then beer makes for a highly anticipated production. I just want to say the intro music sounds like something my retired uncle made in garage band. I’m just wondering if Alex made that jingle himself. I guess that doesn’t deserve to dock you guys any stars.
  • Sarasel14
    Not a climber but...
    I still love this podcast. Great stories so far. And I could listen to Alex speak about anything. He is so thoughtful and smart. Great interviewees, too.
  • Jayb1026
    Excellent from episode 1!
    This show started awesome! I love how Alex shares his ethos behind the pod in the first episode, and shares in reminiscing with his childhood hero. The style of storytelling is excellent as well! Definitely want to listen to this one if you’re a climber, outdoorsy or just have ears and enjoy awesome storytelling!
  • JahtahLion
    Dig it!
    Past, present and future.
  • hhh123!
    Woman and senior climbers please
    Let’s broaden climbing base a bit and highlight the history of women climbers.
  • zLemal
    Insightful and down to earth
    Really digging this podcast. Love the point on climbing being an orally preserved culture. The perspectives discussed here are more akin to what you hear chatting at the crag than that of televised interviews, and richer, too. Looking forward to more.
  • mjhoy
    Good potential
    I think the strengths of this show are Alex, who is just a likable and interesting character, and the interviews, especially Joanne Urioste who was amazing. Loved hearing some history of Red Rock and setting specific routes. The weaknesses are the somewhat clumsy and overbearing editing, which don’t add much and only take away from the interviews. Hoping the editor just lets the interviews speak for themselves more in future episodes.
  • Flav Jan
    Learning the history of climbing at Red Rocks was incredible! Excellent podcast.
  • RicRic78
    Totally Engaging
    Let me start by just saying I have never climbed. Like a lot of people I saw an article in June a couple years ago that someone climbed El Cap without any gear. Since then I just took an interest in climbing from a spectator’s viewpoint. This podcast is accessible, entertaining and engrossing. Even if you had no interest in climbing, you’d find this interesting. The editing is amazing and the way they weave the content together is top notch. I totally recommend giving this a listen. Well done to the podcast team.
  • Sarabito
    Connecting past, present and future
    I’m 10 days into rehab for an injury and this show is giving me the needed distraction for my current condition and stoke for future adventures. The podcast artfully and insightfully weaves a thread across generations of climbing. I think there are analogies in their approach that can apply to lots of “scenes". I’m looking forward to seeing how the series evolves. My only request is that they somehow add some links to some extra content they talk about in the show. Give me some links to those classic photos of Croft on Astroman, for example.
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