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A thrice-weekly news show about tech + gaming culture

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  • John Morris Productions
    Quick bits!
    This is a great tech podcast! It’s funny and informative, if you haven’t already checked out the YouTube channel, you should! And LTT.
  • grincon55
    I’m a big fan of the YouTube channel, and I’m really happy they are now uploading it as a podcast. This is a funny and informative show about tech news.
  • xeewoo
    Less Riley Please
    They is arrogant and annoying.
  • hammybe
    Love the Tech News
    Found these guys over on YouTube, and they are great. Love the simple, funny writing style. Keep up the good work!
  • Alyx Ferrari
    Good show
    good show
  • FavroiteGamers
    Don’t have to pay to watch offline
    On YouTube you have to use Premium to download but Apple downloads are free
  • TheBitStick
    Podcasts are nice but I like to see the video. Would be nice to get these in video form. Apple Podcasts supports video!
  • evilsnoopy
    I listen to the video form so podcast is even better.
  • BigE423
    Superb Tech News
    Short sweet and to the point. Thank you LMG for everything you guys do much love.
  • tyecoolser 122
    The Podcast but the YT version is better
  • My N1ccName
    I love Linus
    Linus is awesome 😎😎😎bru h moment 😵😵😵😵🤨🤨😫😫😫🤤
  • Sjcynrechenxhgjrbrbrbnricif
    Same old news but without all the gross fleshy things to look at!
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