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Ever notice that we will talk about everything before we talk about money? Sex? No problem. Politics? Bring it on. Money? Totally taboo. But not for long! Nicole Lapin— the only financial expert you don’t need a dictionary to understand, New York Times best selling author of Rich Bitch, and host of Money Rehab— is here to rehab your wallet, so you can get your financial life together once and for all. Episodes are just ten minutes-ish... no frills, just bite-sized tips and tricks so you don’t waste any time. And Nicole wants to hear from YOU! Email the money questions you want answered to and Nicole will help–and you could even join Nicole on the show for a one-on-one intervention.

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  • UFO Hugo
    Hfs was a great night and a good
    The only way I could ever find out how much they have been in the app and the new update I am so glad that they have
  • shop door
    Dhgyuuuyyy and the other guys were ok
    Mai chi m a qua cod and the game is the game of thrones and it works great and it is great to see
  • SamiaParl
    Regular Motivation
    In this episode, Nicole sits down with Oz Pearlman, the Wall Street Mentalist, who shares his journey of leaving his stable finance job to pursue a career in magic and mentalism. Oz provides valuable insights on the steps he took before making the big leap and how he overcame the fear of the unknown. He also shares a mind-boggling magic trick that left Nicole and listeners amazed. The episode is inspiring and a must-listen for anyone considering a career change.
  • gary vee colt
    THE BEST PODCAST! especially for beginners!
    If you're looking for a podcast that will help you conquer your tax fears, look no further than Nicole's podcast. She's a fantastic host who knows her stuff and makes everything sound interesting. The reprise of the favorite interview was a real highlight.)
  • TeacherReviewer_033
    Love 💗 the Show 💕
    Nicole's podcast is perfect for anyone who's feeling lost or confused about taxes. She covers all the bases and leaves no stone unturned. Her reprise of the favorite interview was such a great reminder of why I love this podcast.
  • Sophie Wedd Rainear
    Interesting Content!
    Nicole's podcast is the best thing to happen to tax procrastinators like myself. She makes everything sound so easy and approachable, and her reprise of the favorite interview was such a nice bonus.
  • tdp510883
    If you're a fellow tax procrastinator like me, then you need to listen to Nicole's podcast ASAP. She answers all of the questions you might have about taxes, including the dreaded 'do I really have to file?' Her reprise of the favorite interview was so heartwarming, and it was great to hear it again.
  • J. Sewell Dev
    Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 👏👏👏
    Nicole's podcast is a must-listen for anyone who's feeling overwhelmed by taxes. She breaks everything down into manageable pieces and makes it all sound so easy. Her reprise of the favorite interview was a nice trip down memory lane and made me smile.
  • Carlos-SanAntonio-TX DL
    My go-to podcast
    I used to dread doing my taxes, but now I feel like I have a secret weapon in Nicole's podcast. She's so knowledgeable and approachable, and she really knows how to make taxes sound interesting. The reprise of the favorite interview was a real treat.
  • SaverrKateuys
    Incredibly Worthwhile
    I never thought I'd say this, but I actually enjoyed listening to a podcast about taxes! Nicole is a fantastic host who makes everything sound interesting and understandable. Her reprise of the favorite interview was such a nice touch and made me appreciate the podcast even more.
  • nosvol720
    Nicole is the tax guru we all need in our lives. Her podcast is incredibly informative, and she explains everything in such a way that even a tax novice like myself can understand. I was particularly interested in the reprise of the favorite interview, and it was just as good as the first time.
  • A Writing Teacher Adward
    Excellent Perspectives
    As someone who hates doing taxes, Nicole's podcast is a godsend. She's knowledgeable, articulate, and has a great sense of humor. She doesn't make you feel stupid for not knowing something and genuinely wants to help you. I particularly loved the reprise of the favorite interview.
  • Tara Rig 7732
    Essentially Essential Podcast! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Nicole's podcast on tax procrastination is an absolute lifesaver. She breaks down all the complicated tax jargon into easily digestible bits and answers every question you might have, including the age-old one: do I really have to file my taxes? Her reprise of the favorite interview is the cherry on top.
  • GuyreliBen
    Inspiring and Empowering
    This podcast with Gabby Reece was a great reminder that taking care of yourself doesn't have to be complicated. Her tips were so practical and easy to implement, and I feel inspired to prioritize my health.
  • charlotte5544
    One of the best
    I loved this podcast with Gabby Reece! Her tips on wellness and health were so practical and easy to implement, and I feel like I learned so much.
  • AlicVenfer
    Top Notch Podcast
    This podcast was so inspiring! Gabby's advice on taking care of yourself even when you're busy at work was so practical and helpful, and I feel motivated to prioritize my health.
  • Kat-Ev Aiyan
    Great series
    In this episode, Nicole dives deep into the topic of rising gas prices and provides listeners with an insightful analysis of the situation. Her ability to break down complex economic factors and their impact on fuel costs is commendable. Additionally, she shares practical strategies that can help individuals save money despite the impending price hikes. If you're looking for a podcast that combines analysis, explanation, and actionable advice, this one is worth a listen.
  • RPSmith88137
    Fantastic program
    Nicole's podcast episode on the upcoming gas price jump in July offers priceless advice to anyone concerned about their budget. Her clear and concise explanations make it easy to understand the reasons behind the increase. What truly sets this episode apart is the treasure trove of money-saving advice she provides. From car maintenance tips to exploring fuel-efficient vehicle options, Nicole covers everything you need to know to save at the pump. This episode is a gem and definitely worth your time.
  • Toril TSM VG
    Nicole's podcast about flood insurance exceeded my expectations. She tackles a topic that may seem uninteresting at first but unveils the hidden dangers it poses. With her engaging storytelling and deep insights, Nicole highlights the rising occurrence of floods and the difficulties in securing proper insurance coverage. Her ability to connect with the audience and make them realize the gravity of the issue is truly commendable. Don't miss out on this podcast—it's a game-changer!
  • JenH1995
    Wow! Nicole's podcast on flood insurance is an absolute wake-up call. She breaks down the increasing frequency of floods and the alarming challenges faced when trying to insure against them. It's a topic many overlook as a "not now" issue, but Nicole's delivery is so compelling that it forces you to pay attention. This podcast is a must-listen for everyone because understanding the risks associated with floods is crucial. Take action now and tune in!
  • Maddsssss020
    Nicole's podcast on flood insurance breaks the stereotype that it's a boring and irrelevant topic. She skillfully highlights the urgency of the issue and delves into the challenges faced by those affected by floods. Her ability to connect with the audience and make them realize the potential consequences is commendable. Additionally, Nicole's coverage of Pride backlash and student loan advice adds depth to the podcast. Give it a chance, and you won't be disappointed!
  • brif Carl
    Superb, I couldn't recommend it more!
    Don't underestimate the power of Nicole's podcast on flood insurance! Her ability to captivate the audience while discussing a seemingly mundane topic is commendable. She sheds light on the increasing occurrence of floods and the growing challenges faced by those seeking insurance coverage. This episode is a wake-up call for anyone who believes flood insurance is not a pressing matter. Nicole's expertise shines through, making this podcast an essential listen for everyone.
  • kiezeni220_j
    Beyond grateful this exists
    I'm grateful to have come across this podcast episode just in time before the gas prices skyrocket in July. Nicole's explanations were not only informative but also delivered in a manner that kept me engaged throughout. The tips and tricks she shared to save money at the pump were practical and easy to implement. If you want to stay ahead of the game and make smarter choices when it comes to fuel consumption, this episode is a valuable resource.
  • Sniff Thact
    Empowering and Actionable
    Nicole's episode on the upcoming gas price jump in July was truly eye-opening. She delved deep into the factors driving the increase and presented a comprehensive analysis. What stood out was her ability to offer practical solutions for saving money on fuel, even in the face of rising prices. I found her insights incredibly valuable and would highly recommend this episode to anyone concerned about their budget and looking for effective strategies to mitigate the impact of higher gas prices.
  • margurtVel
    This is fantastic
    I stumbled upon this podcast episode titled "We'll be honest, we have some bad news: gas prices are going to jump in July," and I must say, Nicole did a fantastic job explaining the upcoming changes. She not only provided a clear understanding of the situation but also shared practical tips on how to save at the pump despite the impending price hikes. The episode was informative, well-researched, and definitely worth a listen if you want to stay ahead of the game.
  • Amandamsanc
    Awesome and Honest
    This podcast episode on raising money-minded kids is a game-changer! The host, Nicole, invites Money Rehabber Reyna, who shares her wisdom and expertise. The conversation dives deep into the shortcomings of traditional education when it comes to personal finance. Reyna's advice on teaching financial literacy to children is eye-opening and empowering. It's refreshing to hear practical solutions and actionable steps to ensure our kids are equipped with the necessary financial skills for their future success.
  • elche Maxim
    One of the best podcasts out there!
    "Because personal finance isn't taught in school," is an enlightening podcast episode that sheds light on the role of parents in teaching their children about money. Nicole did an excellent job of inviting Money Rehabber Reyna, who shared practical advice on raising money-minded kids. I appreciated the actionable tips and strategies discussed during the show. It would have been even better if they had included some real-life examples, but overall, it was a great episode.
  • michealkheilin
    You’ll learn so much!
    Listening to "Because personal finance isn't taught in school" was like a wake-up call for me. This podcast episode emphasized the need to address the lack of financial education in our school systems. Nicole and Money Rehabber Reyna shared personal anecdotes and actionable advice on how parents can take charge and ensure their children are equipped with money management skills. I appreciate the awareness this episode brings to an issue that often goes unnoticed.
  • perdesivno
    As a parent, I've always felt a lack of guidance when it comes to teaching my kids about personal finance. "Because personal finance isn't taught in school" is a podcast episode that addressed this concern perfectly. Nicole's conversation with Money Rehabber Reyna was eye-opening and provided valuable insights into how parents can cultivate money management skills in their children. I found the episode highly informative and would recommend it to all parents and educators.
  • karsen murzhac
    I LOVE 🎅
    I am grateful for stumbling upon "Because personal finance isn't taught in school." Nicole's conversation with Money Rehabber Reyna empowered me as a parent to take an active role in shaping my children's financial future. The episode covered various aspects of teaching money management skills, from basic concepts to instilling healthy financial habits. It was informative, engaging, and left me motivated to implement the advice shared in the episode.
  • Tubkar00
    Good energy
    As a denim lover, I was thrilled to discover Paige Adams-Gellar's podcast. Her expertise in the fashion industry shines through in each episode. I enjoyed learning about the process of creating PAIGE jeans and the challenges she faced along the way. Her emphasis on trusting her gut is a valuable lesson for entrepreneurs. Fantastic podcast!
  • ColleenNedwiva
    Fantastic resource
    I was hooked from the first episode of Paige Adams-Gellar's podcast. Her story of overcoming personal trauma and building a fashion empire is captivating. I appreciate her honesty and vulnerability in discussing her journey. The power of asking for help is a key takeaway that I will apply in my own life. Truly empowering content!
  • carelizterc
    Paige Adams-Gellar's podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in the fashion industry and entrepreneurship. Her insights into building a successful business by trusting her gut are truly inspiring. It's refreshing to hear how she navigated through difficult times and used her intuition to make important decisions. Highly recommended!
  • coptonaer
    Thanks Nicole!
    I can't recommend Today's Money Rehabber enough. The episode featuring Kevin's Listener Intervention was a breath of fresh air. Nicole's budgeting expertise and her understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with irregular income were evident throughout the episode. The practical advice provided gave me a renewed sense of hope for my own financial situation.
  • JenM14561
    Great finance podcast
    I have been searching for a podcast that addresses real-life financial struggles, and Today's Money Rehabber exceeded my expectations. Kevin's Listener Intervention with Nicole was eye-opening. Nicole's budgeting tips and tricks were not only practical but also adaptable to different income sources. This podcast has become my go-to resource for financial advice.
  • Makneb077
    Short, sweet & to the point - just how I like it!
    Kevin's Listener Intervention on Today's Money Rehabber, guided by Nicole, was both inspiring and informative. The podcast showcased the real-life challenges faced by individuals like Kevin, who rely on inconsistent income sources. Nicole's budgeting advice was practical and tailored to Kevin's specific situation. It was empowering to witness Kevin's transformation as he embraced a budget that provided financial stability for his family. This episode left me motivated to tackle my own budgeting struggles.
  • Jeff93117
    Love it
    Nicole's podcast episode on making dough from dividends is a gem. She breaks down the process of generating income through dividends in a way that's accessible to all. I appreciated her emphasis on building a diversified portfolio and the long-term mindset required. This episode is a valuable resource for anyone interested in achieving financial freedom!
  • Kadnikoo
    A must-listen for anyone
    I've been searching for a podcast that delves into the world of dividends, and I finally found it with Nicole's show! Her episode on making serious dough through dividends exceeded my expectations. The content was well-structured, and she offered practical strategies that I can implement right away. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in financial independence!
  • AM0228*
    This show has been a game changer for me
    Nicole's podcast episode on dividends is a goldmine of information. Her expertise on the subject is evident, and she shares a wealth of insights that can help listeners make smart investment decisions. I appreciate how she emphasized the long-term benefits of dividends. I highly recommend this episode to anyone looking to grow their wealth!
  • HTCLCC9925
    Enjoying the show (mostly)
    Nicole's podcast episode about making money from dividends was both informative and inspiring. Her enthusiasm for the topic shines through, and her step-by-step guidance makes it accessible to beginners. I particularly enjoyed the real-life examples she shared, which brought the concepts to life. Don't miss out on this valuable episode!
  • chelsea32cc0266
    Informative and Entertaining
    Today Nicole's podcast on making money through dividends was an eye-opener! Her insights and tips on how to generate a passive income stream were invaluable. I appreciated how she broke down the concept in a simple and understandable way. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to make some serious dough!
  • hanmlact
    Katie is blowing my mind!
    This podcast episode perfectly captures the anxieties faced by many Americans when it comes to retirement savings. The hosts' acknowledgement of these concerns helps create a sense of belonging and reassurance. Nicole's three tips were practical and accessible, offering a roadmap to begin the journey of financial planning. While I would have loved additional resources or tools, the episode was insightful and left me feeling motivated to take charge of my retirement savings.
  • RichGirlDreeknif
    Good content
    "It is not easy to build up retirement savings" is a podcast episode that offers hope and encouragement to those struggling with saving for retirement. The hosts effectively address the prevalent feeling of falling behind and provide three valuable tips for kickstarting financial planning. However, I would have liked to hear more about long-term investment strategies and alternative retirement options. Nevertheless, this episode is a positive step towards a secure financial future!
  • Thkjfknvc
    I ❤️ this podcast
    This podcast episode provided a fresh perspective on the challenges of building retirement savings. The hosts effectively conveyed the prevalence of feeling behind on savings, making listeners like Andy feel understood. Nicole's three tips were straightforward and easy to implement. What I appreciated most was the underlying message of empowerment—encouraging individuals to take control of their financial future. I found this episode both enlightening and motivating!
  • That Bitch783
    "It is not easy to build up retirement savings" addresses a common concern faced by many Americans. The hosts' use of survey statistics helped establish the significance of the issue. Nicole's three tips provided a great starting point for listeners feeling overwhelmed. While the episode lacked in-depth discussions on investment strategies, it successfully instilled a sense of hope and encouraged individuals to take charge of their financial destinies. Worth a listen!
  • aliauthor0927
    A favorite!
    Nicole's podcast continues to impress, and this episode on the Mt. Gox hack is a standout. Her knack for explaining intricate financial concepts with clarity is admirable. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced investor, this episode will broaden your understanding of the risks associated with digital currencies. Don't miss it!
  • mommaspi
    Quality show
    "It is not easy to build up retirement savings" shed light on a subject that often causes stress and worry. The hosts' compassionate approach in acknowledging the widespread feeling of falling behind on retirement savings was comforting. Nicole's three tips were well-explained and seemed feasible for individuals in various financial situations. I appreciated the practicality of the advice given, and it motivated me to take action towards securing my financial future. An excellent episode that deserves a listen!
  • jen1866
    Highly recommend
    The hacking of Mt. Gox remains a significant event in the history of cryptocurrency, and Nicole brilliantly explores its impact in this episode. Her ability to present complex topics in a relatable manner is truly impressive. I appreciate how she connects the dots between the incident and its implications for our wallets. A thought-provoking podcast indeed!
  • mariasandovf
    Thoughtful and smart
    Nicole's podcast episode on managing your 401(k) after leaving a job is a gem in the sea of financial podcasts. Her knowledge and expertise shine through, providing listeners with the tools they need to handle this often-overlooked aspect of retirement planning. The step-by-step approach, combined with Nicole's friendly and relatable delivery, makes for an engaging and empowering listening experience. Don't miss out on this fantastic resource!
  • ilystmihmh
    Need More of These Discussions 🙌🏼
    Nicole's expertise shines through in this exceptional podcast episode focused on managing your 401(k) after leaving a job. Her ability to break down complex concepts into manageable steps is commendable. She covers all the essential aspects, from rollovers to investment strategies, providing a comprehensive toolkit for listeners. Whether you're a financial novice or a seasoned investor, this episode offers valuable insights to safeguard your retirement savings.
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