Out of Character with Ryan Satin

Wrestling #35

Out of Character will allow fans a more candid look from the people behind the characters we see on TV each week. Join Ryan Satin every Monday as he talks to your favorite superstars for in-depth conversations. Plus, much more!

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Recent Reviews
  • Leigh611
    The Best!!
    Love listening to Out of Character with Ryan Satin. He interviews people really well and gets great insight.
  • chasing glory
    Out of character
    Ryan you are doing a fantastic job I love that you get to interview wwe superstars for a living my favorites have been edge, Charlotte flair, Natalie Eve Marie, keep up the great work Ryan
  • Aaawasaa
    Amazing Content
    Just amazing content done by someone who you can tell is super passionate about this world. Highly recommend.
    Ryan Satin is the source to go to for WWE Breaking News and his guests every week on this podcast is nothing short of amazing . Love listening to this podcast and I secretly wish I was as cool as Ryan
  • HomeboyDaBoss15
    Great Look Behind the Curtain
    Been a fan of Ryan’s for a while now and this podcast gives us a great insight into how these superstars perceive their own careers & the big moments in them. Great stuff for fans who want to know the person behind the character!
  • scottyk50
    The review
    I just did it for the follow 😉
  • MattBug3
    Out of Character Is great
    Anything with Mr Ryan Satin is great it gives u a weekly great podcast that explains how to go out of character not everyone does but it’s something to check out!
  • itsburgan
    Huge fan!
    I’m a huge fan of Ryan’s work in wrestling! It’s very fun listening to how the wrestlers themselves have insight on what goes on in their lives, and their connections with the other wrestlers
  • Bills Knows
    Definitely a fan of Ryan!
    I was a big fan of Ryan’s work on The Wrestling Sheet podcast & I love his work with this new “Out of Character” show even more. Great format & Ryan does a wonderful job on every single episode. Very happy to see him being successful in the wrestling industry, he deserves it.
  • anaaakd
    I love how comfortable and easy going Ryan makes the interview seem with the wrestlers. Easily one of my new favorite wrestling podcasts, never a miss.
  • bigshow_66
    Insightful interviews abound
    Ryan does a tremendous job each week giving you interviews that you can’t get any where else. Brings another dimension to wwe you can’t get anywhere else.
  • itzZRB
    A must listen for wrestling fans!!!
    This show is such a cool listen on the ins and outs of the superstars of WWE! I have learned so much about all the guests this far, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. All the guests have been star studded and amazing interviews. Give it a listen and you won’t look back.
  • Jtimm13
    Simply the Best
    Ryan loves WWE wrestling, and he makes that obvious in his interviews. He gets these folks to talk about their careers in an entertaining and fascinating way.
  • Matt Costigan
    Great interviews
    I am looking this podcast. Great interviews with interesting WWE superstars.
  • Ok ok uncle
    An historic moment in wrestling podcasting.
    Purely on grounds of performance alone, this is one of the finest wrestling podcasts of recent years. Ryan Satin brings to wrestling the microscopic care and acumen that have made his former podcast recordings so exquisitely thought-provoking and satisfying. As with all of Satin’s recordings, however, this podcast is something of an event. The occasion is a new guest, familiar to wrestling fans, each week. The result: tantalizingly enjoyable recordings. Satin’s much-maligned filling-in of the Wrestling informational torso has lately enjoyed a resurgence in its acceptance by the scholarly community – not that it has ever been supplanted in the hearts and repertoires of wrestling societies and podcast lovers around the world. The vogue for stripped-back and reimagined conversational tactics is on the wane and Satin’s attempts, for all their perceived inconsistencies and inaccuracies, are once again in favour in the crucible of wrestling podcast criticism. Satin has returned to the earlier stars of the work: Rob Van Dam, for instance, which even so soon after his work’s genesis was already manifesting accretions and errors that place us at a further remove from his perhaps original intentions. For all the textual emendations this engenders, the actual difference as far as the general listener is concerned is likely to be minimal; while we wrestlephiles quiver with delight at each clarified historical wrestling detail, to all intents and purposes what is presented here is the Wrestling podcast as it will be known and loved for centuries. It is Satin’s minute attention to details, though, that makes this such a thrilling performance. This reviewer highly recommends.
  • They Call Him Saint
    Out of character yet outstanding
    Solid podcast with a solid interviewer. Looking forward to more to come.
  • #trustthepoopsess
    Ryan is cool
    Fun podcast. Ryan asks questions from a fan perspective with journalism involved. I still don’t know who bad bunny was prior to wwe, but I am old.
  • racersmurfette
    I highly recommend this podcast. I love getting the behind the character look at the superstars we watch on tv!
  • rplusk4L
    Must listen for Wrestling fans
    Ryan Satin is such a great podcaster that comes off as great at making the wrestlers feel comfortable within the interviews. These podcasts are great listens if you enjoy hearing these guys be interviewed out of character, this is the podcast for you!
  • akeem56
    Amazing show
    Amazing podcast. I get to to learn new stuff and see different sides of my fav wrestlers. Awesome stuff !!
  • Serg421
    Loved the Podcast
    Loved hearing how Ryan can get pick the brains of different superstars & wrestling personalities to have ever stepped inside a ring. Definitely a great podcast for trips or long commutes!
  • Sarahbean1333
    Great podcast
    Loved the podcast. I recommended to some of my friends and they loved it too. Keep up the good work.
  • mctrayvis
    Solid podcast for wrestling fans
    I’ve always enjoyed Ryan’s podcasts. He has a great way of making it feel like you’re just listening to your buddies talk wrestling. I used to listen weekly to his old podcast and am glad I can add him back to my weekly listening routine.
  • DFrank3723
    Great show.
    Ryan’s great and it’s awesome to see behind the curtain on the personalities.
  • Fallen Skye
    Outstanding podcast
    Really great insight into the minds of the people behind the performer. I enjoy getting to know people “out of character” and hearing their own thoughts on their own characters.
  • An Xbox Dude
    Ryan is awesome
    Been following Ryan on Twitter for a few years now and he has the best Twitter account for pro wrestling news!
  • Waiting on ESPN
    Great Podcast
    Ryan does a great job with his short form interview show with Superstars in the WWE. It’s worth a listen if you want to know a little more about your favorite superstar. Ryan bring on some more legends and the ladies! Thanks!
  • Nudgetallica
    Most Heart n Fun
    I’ve been listening to and following Ryan for a long time. Listening to him feels like I am listening to one of my friends chat passionately about the good stuff in the WWE Universe. Though I’ll miss his banter and weekly in depth wrestling coverage, I know he will pull out great stories from amazing conversations with WWE Talent. I’m all in for this new Ryan adventure!
  • Waelr
    Love it!
    Ryan’s podcast is really good! Great insight into our favorite wwe superstars, well worth a listen 😃👏
  • BigP304
    Always glad to see a new wrestling podcast that doesn’t rip the product, but has fun with it. Excited to see what the future holds for this podcast!
  • Alexbooth
    Solid listen from a big fan
    Ryan has been a great follow for a while and his reporting on WWE is top drawer, obviously a lifelong wrestling and WWE/F fan like many of us. The pod is a solid listen and a cool concept about characters of wrestling.
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