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The Bear Grease Podcast with host Clay Newcomb delivers compelling storytelling through documentary-style episodes exploring the culture, traditions, and history of rural America. He’ll dive in deep with hunters, biologists, anthropologists, and hillbillies to learn about human nature and our ancient connection to the land. Bear Grease explores unique people, topics, and stories that reveal the incredible value of life lived close to the land. Part of the MeatEater Podcast Network.

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  • Country Life Render
    Country Grease
    I never saw myself listening to no podcast. I was driving down 1-30 and heard an advertisement on the radio about The Bear Grease Podcast. My first thought was this is probably a bunch of yuppies from some big city making fun of country folks. I had no interest in trying to figure out how to even look for a podcast. A few weeks later I was at Taco Villa in Russellville (amazing food by the way) I saw a ol’ boy wearing a Bear Grease shirt. I thought that feller looks country, and if he’s sporting their shirt I orta figure out how to listen to it. I did. I was born and raised in Arkansas, traveled most of it. From the Ozarks, The Ouachitas, and The Delta areas. I’ve learned a lot about Arkansas through this podcast. This podcast makes me reminisce older folks that have since passed on, the way I was raised and it takes me back to a time that only lives on through stories. Both Bear Grease and This Country Life are outstanding!! It took some time, I’ve finally listened to every episode. Both Clay and Brent have a way of telling a story that you have no choice but to be captivated by their words. Keep up the amazing work gentlemen, and maybe one day our paths will cross.
  • Brilonote
    Pure GOLD
    This has quickly become my favorite podcast… hands down! Just regular bubbas doing what we truly enjoy, and throwing in great info, & some belly laughs along the way. I find myself waiting impatiently for the next installment. Keep it up gentlemen, this brings a smile to MANY.
  • Arkansas Homeboy
    Bear Grease
    Drives me to research my own understanding of wild. Love both episodes, render and regular. Keep up good work
  • Blackwoood
    Great podcast
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast, and country life ! Very interesting stories
  • carrok2
    The Beargrease podcast is the cleanup hitter in the Meateater lineup. Don’t miss it.
    Beargrease is the most anticipated podcast that I subscribe to. Clay Newcomb is a down to earth woodsman with a nose for great stories who doesn’t get in the way of the people and places he’s learning from. Clay puts in the time to produce these podcasts , respecting his listeners in the process. So we get to enjoy the ride and learn a thing or two at the same time. Beargrease and Meatester have raised the bar for everyone else. Hit follow and join the fun. This Country Life is the icing on the Beargrease cake. Always a good way to end the week. 👍
  • T-Reese87
    Bear Grease
    I’ve been listening to Bear Grease for the last year and I look forward to each and every episode every week! Bear Grease and This Country Life have made me a better person and better outdoorsman! Keep doing what you do!
  • Bill K Homes
    I have listened to this podcast from day 1 and am finally giving a review. Thank you so much for the work you guys put in to this show. The delivery is as if we are friends and your conversationally telling me a about a certain topic. I look forward to Wednesdays to hear what Bear Grease has in store. Keep up that commitment to excellence Clay!!
  • walkswithwalkers
    Out of state
    I agree clay residents should have propriety over non residents I live in Ohio and we are over ram with out of state deer hunters a large amount of our local hunting spots are being lease up and the locals are losing ground to hunt I know people will say pull out your wallet and lease it then but our local economy won’t support lease cost and living cost both
  • Pino2009
    Great extension of Meateater
    Never have enough of the Meateater pod and started listening to this sometimes. Huge fan of the topics and well spoken hosts.
  • Colton Dowlet
    Love the new episode about the Russian snag, but Clay, Oklahoma is not the Midwest!
  • OkieJim95
    Thank you guys!
    This is by far the best podcast out there! I appreciate all the hard work Clay, Brent and the whole bunch put into these podcasts. They are one of the biggest highlights of my weeks! I’ve listened to a ton of great outdoor related podcasts but this is the only one where I find myself replaying episodes multiple times. This show (both Bear Grease, and TCL) is good hearted, educational, entertaining, and has a way of bringing me back down to earth when work has my life beyond busy. This Country Life is my absolute favorite! I’ve heard it said that Brent has a way of making you feel like you are there in person with him and that’s so true! I could listen to that dude read labels off of soup cans. 😂 Bear Grease is unmatched by any other show in the quality of the conversation and topics discussed! Clay is an old soul but also obviously ahead of his time! I can’t tell y'all how much I love this podcast. Thank you guys for all that you do! -Julih Reckner
  • $kipG
    Really worth listening!
    I haven’t hunted lions or bobcats but it is obvious these people will be attacking all hunting. I sent the link to this podcast to 10 people who I know hunt in Colorado but don’t live there. I told them all that I donated to help with “our” fight. Praying for success in this battle.
  • Bluegrass 101
    Rekindling The Fire
    Clay, I was introduced to Bear Grease several months back by my uncle Lee who sent me the Genuine Outlaw’s episodes. I must say I was hooked from the start. I travel for work as a lineman and get to see a lot of the country side. I reside in southern WVa and have been described as country as cornbread. I decided to back up to episode 1 and as I travel to and fro Im listening to your podcast. Im currently on episode 163 with ole Brent, I feel that I actually know y’all. I’ve always had a love for law abiding hunting and fishing (taught by my late dad Jerry) but work has kept me out of the woods and streams for several years. This podcast has definitely rekindled the fire in me to take time for my son Gage 21 and my grandson Greyson 2 to get them out and teach them as much as I can about nature. Love the fact that I can listen to y’all with my family in the vehicle and never worry about the content. Give everyone a big howdy from Southern WVa!! And keep it up man, what you’re doing is awesome! Sincerely, Jason Rayburn
  • I'm A Bison Not A Buffalo
    Hunters supporting Dan Gates is like…
    Hunters and outdoorsmen who support Dan Gayes are like the hunters who drooled and frothed at the mouth to vote in the 50-some Republican representatives who all sponsored a bill to end P-R. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black and shooting yourself in the foot.
  • annoyed with new apps
    Brent has a twang that I love
    I’m from northern Illinois and have never hunted. I now live in central Wisconsin, white tailed country, but I still don’t hunt. Brent has a voice and opinions that I love hearing! I’m a city boy. I wear a bear grease hat to work several times a week, I listen to every podcast from clay and Brent. Mr reeves is my favorite cop! I bought 3 shirts and a hat from meateater for bear grease. Bear grease for life!! Although I’ve never killed or tried bear meat. If you can spare a pint of bear grease I’d love to try it! I can’t buy it so it would be a donation for a fan. Thanks for all the content:) Tom
  • Cory Weideman
    Just listened to the Unashamed podcast and Phill saw a black panther lol!
  • jkbiggs
    Time to split
    It’s time to split Bear Grease and This Country Life. TCL is a true gem of a show and wholesome good listening for folks of all ages. Contrasted with that petty little man, Clay, and Bear Grease, which is a complete waste of time. I find myself so horribly disappointed when my feed updates and there is a new episode of BG. I can’t mark as played quick enough just to make this little bridge troll go away.
  • nanwes
    Great episode.
    Best outdoor related content anywhere. Informative and wholesome.
  • Dani_55
    I’m hooked
    Very intelligent conversation for a bunch of bear hunters. 😂
  • Travvy Tanninen
    Do you think panda poop would be big or small
  • Brad-1281
    5/5 Every Time!
    Love the podcast guys, keep it up! I’ve listened to every episode. Would love if you guys had video for the podcast, would’ve loved to watch your snake episode!
  • Ibwhnt
    Great story telling the whole family can enjoy. Along with some knowledge you didn't know you were missing in life.
  • Critter hitter
    Excellent podcast. Always informative and entertaining.
  • jcodyj
    To much in one feed
    I listen to about one podcast a month on this feed because there is too much going on. I don’t listen to render and the ex cop turned country boy talking about God knows what. I miss Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast.
  • Matt Coolidge
    Awesome Podcast
    I love this podcast! My fiancé listens with me sometimes and really enjoys it as well. It has diverse subjects that anyone can listen to and enjoy.
  • ThomasElvin
    This podcast is the best thing ever! I can’t wait for Wednesdays to roll around to be able to hear it. I have not missed one episodes since it started and I’ve gone back and listen to many of them a second time or third time. Also have introduced some of the more epic podcast to friends who have really enjoyed them.Great work, Clay!
  • Thicket Original
    Great Podcast
    Great stories and information. Love that I can listen with my kids!
  • #45 Awesome
    Very interesting and good story’s
    This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to and am super excited to go to their live show in May We love This Country Life it is funny and has great morals please make them more often!!!!!!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
  • ESJ13*
    Great Outdoor Podcast
    Love the great content, Clay! And Brent! Bear Grease, the Render, and This Country Life are at the top of my podcast list! Love recommending this clean outdoor podcast to my friends!
  • Southern mass archer
    One of the finest podcast
    This country life podcast is without a doubt the finest collection of stories told by a southern gentleman with an incredible talent for telling stories. I have laughed out loud, teared up, laughed again. Brent is great and a wonderful addition to meateater. There is only one thing I can think of that is wrong with this podcast, it’s not long enough Can we start a petition to have Brent make these wonderful episodes a bit longer. 25 mins goes by to fast. Much love from Massachusetts, Jeff
  • Slade Fairchild
    My Go To Podcast
    I’m not a big podcast guy but this has completely changed the game for me! Keep up the good work!
  • pragmaticwolf
    In your third installment of the Wilderness episodes some of your interviews talked about how we weren’t managing Wilderness and that we can’t. One thing to remember is that the Wilderness Act does allow for administrative action. It just requires that the agency evaluate the “minimal tool required” and use that. What we need to do is motivate the agencies to manage them with that minimal tool. Those guard rails are there to keep from large scale actions that aren’t considering ALL the characteristics of Wilderness. Think about the tamarisk tree. It was put in place to address erosion and it worked. It worked so good that now we have a genetically modified beetle to address it. The Wilderness Act put those guardrails there to slow action, not to stall it. Great series, keep it up. You all are doing amazing things.
  • Spaceknight Bil
    Clay and crew have become ambassadors of culture.
    I wish I was articulate enough to fully express how much I love this podcast. There is an underlying pleasantness and optimism to be found here that I find wonderfully out of sync from all of the angst and anxiety of the world. It truly is as advertised, preserving ideas, histories, and stories that must not be forgotten.
  • TN Surf and Turf
    American Wilderness
    I absolutely love Bear Grease and I have listened to every single episode, but these wilderness episodes were hard to make it through for me. I always enjoy learning something new and retain a lot of information that I have learned from Bear Grease, however I would have failed these lessons. I found myself thinking about squirrel hunting and fishing plans for the upcoming weekend and the podcast just turned into background noise. Keep up the great work with the show. Side note: Bear Grease and This Country Life has become a go to for me and my nine year old hunting buddy. It’s great to have a good family friendly show to listen and learn to together.
  • Everett501
    Really makes you think
    Love this series! I’ve listened to every episode religiously since the bear grease podcast started and this series really made me think about what I’m leaving for my future children. I’m 31 and from central AR. Just in my short time I’ve seen urbanization creep in on places that I use to think were just the wildest places ever (my world wasn’t very big in the late 90s early 2000s.) It hurts me to see places I thought held the biggest deer in the world now have subdivisions. Prosperity comes with a cost and most of the time it feels like it’s land. Since listening to bear grease I have joined several organizations that help save and create habitat and hope that I leave something better for future generations.
  • DMC503
    This American Life for Hunters
    Great long form story telling with quality production. Clay is a great storyteller, maybe because I’m a yankee and his accent is charming. I don’t care for the Render episodes or This Country Life.
  • T.Scott54
    Great podcast
    Keep em coming This country life! Love it Y’all some great people! Wilderness pod was super boring!
  • Hoping for Love and Community
    Great Show
    Awesome Show(Bear Grease) love listening. BUT, enough with the TV Show “Tracker” Not To Good!!! No way y’all are watching that! I hope yall are being paid well to endorse Tracker.
  • Sjmeowwww
    Country life
    My goodness, I could listen to Brent reeves tell stories forever. One of my favorite things to listen to and always has me laughing!
  • Drchevy66
    Love some bear grease
    Love the show. My daughter is always asking to listen. Gerstaecker is my daughter’s favorite one. I’m a believer that in that black cat. Haha
  • Wimpy 😊 kid
    Best Podcast
    A constant & consistent travel companion
  • roostercruzier
    Great podcast
    Best podcast I have ever listened too! Love the stories, facts and humor!!!
  • Z71polarbear
    Good story teller, good topics
    Clay is great story teller and keeps a great circle of friends.
  • Nelsondj0
    Love it, except…
    I really enjoy the podcast. I listen faithfully. My only criticism is: Clay refers to the Bible pretty often (which I like) but then will push evolution (macro) and millions of years (men came evolved from animals and then rocks or whatever). This atheistic perspective is very concerning to me. I am a young earth Bible believing creationist and from my perspective you don’t have to believe in macro evolution (as opposed to micro evolution which is changes within a species) to come across as knowledgeable and intelligent. Thanks for hearing me out.
  • BonsaiMan75
    The best thing to ever happen to Podcasts!
    I have been listening to the Meateater podcast for several years and started from episode 1 to the most current. I had heard Clay and Brent several times on Steve’s podcast and it was always at the back of my mind to start listening. Well, I finally gave it a shot a few months ago and I have been binging it ever since. I have learned so much from this podcast about American history and about people in general. I recently reached Brent’s podcast and I am in awe of his story telling. I don’t know what it is about how he tells a story but no podcast has ever brought tears to my eyes like his. It’s not because it’s sad but because of the happy moments of his life and he pulls you right in. I hope he continues for many years to come. Thank you Brent, Clay and the whole MeatEater crew. I always look forward to listening.
  • Woodyqb22
    Warner Glenn, an American icon!!!
    Great Podcast! I’m on episode 22, so looking forward to the other episodes!! I do have a question though and I hope I don’t offend you when I ask this but… Has anyone ever told you that you remind them of a young Sob Schneider with a mustache (awesome btw!) and a cowboy hat? 🤠 😬 Love the rendered episodes too!!!
  • Mike Z 96
    Great podcast
    You can’t tell me the beeping in the render isn’t you guys making microwave burritos. It’s not the computer. 11/10
  • Lolololokololo
    Loved the Donnie Baker Podcast
    Clay, this podcast is right at the top and might be the best one yet. Thanks and keep them coming please.
  • CCM75BuckHunter
    Final Donnie Baker:
    Clay that was probably your best work ever. What a story. A compelling tale of life, decisions, regret and loss. Thanks for your efforts…..
  • jjredraider
    Best Outdoor Podcast!
    Great Show! How many hot pockets are y’all gonna eat?
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