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The Bear Grease Podcast with host Clay Newcomb delivers compelling storytelling through documentary-style episodes exploring the culture, traditions, and history of rural America. He’ll dive in deep with hunters, biologists, anthropologists, and hillbillies to learn about human nature and our ancient connection to the land. Bear Grease explores unique people, topics, and stories that reveal the incredible value of life lived close to the land. Part of the MeatEater Podcast Network.

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  • Docvfr
    Always learn something new
    The Renders are a nice touch. I enjoy the writing and Clays ability to make it sound like he’s not reading.
  • barno1136
    Wonderful stories
    I really enjoy the wealth of information and history told in this podcast. Well worth listening to
  • runswithhishorses
    Hey Niehbor, I’m Lynn Thompson in Natural Dam AR. I found you though Daniel Vitalis ‘Wildfeed podcast’. I'm starting at the beginning and can’t wait to get to the Daniel Boone episodes! Thank you for your voice. I have a mule also that I’m beginning to start, any tips would be great, thanks again, Lynn
  • RonWanders
    Entertaining and Educational!
    This podcast is put together so well. Valuable information is weaved together with engaging stories to create a narrative that leaves me wanting more at the end of it. I chewed through seven episodes on a long drive without thinking. This one has something for everyone!
  • kingpin reels
    This pod cast is a family adventure.
    Clay has done it again!! His panel of experts on the topics hit a home run on the pod cast network !!! Not sure about the land bridge guy but we will see . The Pod cast of DB have my teenage kids asking more questions about Daniel Boone and now we are watching videos as a family on him. To get teenagers interested in anything you know it has to be good. Question maybe a pod cast topic ? Can baculum length on a boar be used in aging a bear ? It takes in NY over a year to get tooth age results. Just wonder if there was something we could tell by length . Keep up the good work!!!
  • James4ENC
    Love the show, depth and stories
    Hey man, I’m fairly new to the podcast. Love the show! Currently listening to the Daniel Boone episodes and renders. Hearing about the white panther reminds me of a whitetail I harvested in eastern NC about 5 years ago. It is on my Insta page if you care to look at it. Not begging for followers just don’t know anyone that has seen or explain anything like it. Thanks for the show keep up the good work!
  • adamscr
    A Must Listen
    This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to, and I’m not a man or a hunter. Clay is funny with a voice that is very easy to listen to. His descriptions of things and people are creative and artistic. The people he interviews have long family histories and values that they pass on to generations, and I find that I want to be more like them and instill values like theirs into my life and family. The people he talks to, including his wife and friends, are so also fun to listen to. My husband and I look forward to each new podcast and listen to them together although it’s common that we may listen to each one multiple times independently because they are so enjoyable. We both agree that you can’t be in a bad mood when you listen to this and if you start in one, you won’t still be on one by the end. I do not typically write reviews so this one is like a book for me. I highly recommend.
  • jamesonrog
    The best!
    This podcast is an excellent example of what hunting, the outdoors, and history mean to so many of us! It is truly inspiring to listen to clay. You can really hear how much he loves and appreciates what he does. There isn’t a lot of content on the internet that makes you examine how important your relationships with nature and the people in your life are like this one. Thank you very much clay and crew!
  • billy123h
    Great podcast
    So glad I found this podcast, as a fellow Arkansan I can relate to a lot of the stories so far, growing up we had a rooster named foreman that ran the barnyard and would flog the crap out of any human or animal that challenged him, my cousin and uncle love telling the story of how their hillbilly relative (me) who was never snake bit catching numerous snakes but was bit by a cottonmouth playing golf
  • Cyrus333
    Incredible - Malcolm Gladwell mixed with Bear Grylls (no association there)
    This podcast is a beautifully produced and highly researched episode every other week. I can’t wait to hear what Clay is going to bring us next. The “off-week” Bear Grease Rendered episodes are hilarious. It will make you want to be part of their circle and share this camaraderie. Behind Malcolm Gladwell, there is nothing better than this. If Clay isn’t hosting a TV show in the next two years I’ll be amazed
  • Ddubleu
    Top notch
    One of the best outdoor media podcasts out there
  • Wrthfxdhjnnhv134467
    Bear kills a bear
    Man what a podcast! The last Dan Boone, Bear killed a bear were some emotional moments. I don’t know Bear but as a hunter I know he just had a life changing experience. His threshold for what he can accomplish has just been doubled. Kudos Bear! Also that sixth finger Dr. Dan, he’s smarter than a whole tree full of owls. Y’all got something special here. Thank you. Dave From southwest Virginia
  • white collared woodsman
    Good stuff!
    Love the approach and highlighting the origins of our hunting heritage. Really enjoyed the Boone series.
  • Alaskan Ozarkain
    Applegate review
    Brother. I’m 41 years old. I’ve Lived in bush Alaska for the last 14 years.(came here to hunt) But grew up in the ozarks. I love the place I come from. But also greatly appreciate where I’m at. I just want you to know That what you’re doing on BEAR GREASE has truly touched me . I’ve found myself longing for the Ozarks and it’s people in way that I haven’t experienced in over a decade. I’ve found myself missing the squirrel, rabbit,turkey and Akern deer as much as I ever have.. and LORD to hear a Banjo in the same room as me right now?! That would be similar to walking up to a wooly mammoth tomorrow morning at daybreak. Thanks Clay for what you’re doin:)
  • steray81
    Wild and real!
    Matt Davis met me on the USS MIDWAY and got to talking guns and hunting. Asked if I listened to Podcasts (love Dark to Light with Frank & Beanz) and I replied affirmatively. He insisted I give Bear Grease a try. He’s on my Christmas list now. Clay and his guests/friends almost transport you into the wilderness yet leave you with a deeper respect for the folks you meet along the trail. Deep, humorous, and refreshingly real. Thanks.
  • Curtis Waters Harrison, AR
    Blue Ribbon
    Love the podcasts and so great that he is a local. JR
  • Leviu13
    Love the podcast
  • Ohboy!!!
    My weekly fix!
    Hey, just stopped by to say I appreciate the podcast. The narration mixed with some old and some new is right up my alley.
  • Hackhunter606
    Story about Mr. Steven Rinella
    February of 2020 my wife and I went to the NWTF Show in Nashville, TN. We were in the middle of having a miscarriage with our first child. It was a trip to try to take our mind off the heartbreak. We talk to a few of my “hero’s” in the outdoor world. Mainly THP and other Youtubers. I was so let down by how they acted. They could careless about what I had to say. But when I meet Mr. Rinella, he was so down to earth and so engaging with us. He and Cal were so great and outgoing. It made the trip for us. Then Nov. 21st 2020 God Blessed us with our first child. A beautiful little girl name Charlee Grace. Please do a story on Steven Rinella and his taking over of the Outdoor World!! He is a great role model. We now watch a lot of Mr. Newcomb as well. Thanks from this Hillbilly from Kentucky Brandon Hacker Ps. I just subscribe to Bear Hunting Magazine!!
  • BrianReno
    Dam great podcast
    So much historical information and education on this podcast I can’t get enough. Keep up the great work, interesting stories and guests. I can only hope to one day make it down in your neck of the woods to dip my toe into the area and see some of the interesting things you have talked about.
  • Another_steve
    Great storyteller
    Heard Clay on Joe Rogan and started listening to the podcast. He really is a fantastic (the best) storyteller and I love the deep dives he does into culture. I grew up in the big city, but Clay is making me want to jump on a mule and go hunting.
  • Lukeely
    Five stars
    Talking about being the last to hear of the assassination of president Kennedy because of being so remote reminds me of the Buffalo hunter Billy Dixon. In his autobiography he writes about being out west and not hearing about Lincoln’s death until a year later and wondering to himself if it even mattered to them on the prairie. They were so remote it was almost another world. Thank you for continuing to be entertaining and inspiring your insight really makes me think about the way I view the world.
  • juglineman
    Look forward to a new one every week. I’d love for you to do a cook book on your wild game recipes
  • kbro2021
    My new #1
    This is my new absolute favorite podcast. I enjoy the style and the incredible writing. I am also very happy I can listen to this with family without being concerned with foul language or inappropriate content.
  • ckbailey97
    Truly enjoyable.
    I have grown to truly enjoy this podcast and look forward to listening to the next episode. Thanks for interesting content that’s well delivered. The right questions always seem to get asked and respect always presented. Clay is truly a great role model for folks we all meet today who could take an extra second to learn about local histories and ask questions with respect. Well done! The only recommendation I can make is more Misty! She’s a great addition and I enjoy hearing her voice and eloquent and intelligent addition to the episodes she’s heard on.
  • Thomas.A.P.
    Insightful and Surprisingly Convicting
    I admit, I resisted listening to the Bear Grease podcast when Clay transitioned as I was a fan of the Bear Hunting Magazine podcast and, even under the MeatEater brand, figured it couldn't be as good as what Clay was producing. I started listening a few days before Episode 22 was released, and it's been the only podcast I've been listening to until now that I've caught up. I love the production and the topics so far, and the guests Clay assembled for the documentaries are top notch, and the renders are a hoot. I listen to a ton of podcasts, and it's been a while since I've been this excited about the next one to drop. I wasn't prepared for how convicting some of the topics have been. At the risk of getting to personal, I'm a combat veteran that left my midwestern home at 18 to serve. After separating from the military, I've lived in Washington, Oregon, Texas, South Dakota, and though we moved back to the Northwest a few years ago are now considering another move in search of a culture we'd rather raise our 5 children in. While listening to the 'bacca, akern, and Daniel Boone podcasts specifically I was literally moved to tears as Clay & his guests talked about the importance of belonging to a culture, the ways your culture informs you how to trust people, the connection many Appalachian natives have to their land, culture, and generational families, and Dan Boone's foundation and in some ways continual seach for cultures he created. In listening, I realized for perhaps the first time that I've not felt at home in my landscape and culture, perhaps ever, and while I've always enjoyed moving around, finally was able to identify certain pangs of discontent in my own heart as that which yearns to belong. connect, and know and be known the culture you live in. I hadn't realized just how taxing being a cultural nomad can be, and I had never valued as I do now what it means to be comfortable and connected to one's own culture. Who'd have thunk a podcast with a flashy mule in the picture could have helped answer such deep questions in one's life? Thank you all for the content you are obviously passionate about creating; it's benefiting more people in more ways than you may ever know.
  • MacRyan34
    The Best MeatEater Podcast of All!
    I’ve listened to most of al the podcasts produced by MeatEater, but there’s no other like this one. Matter of fact - of all the podcasts I’ve ever listened to (and that’s a lot as it’s ALL I ever do during my work day) this has to be right up at the top, if not the best overall. Clay tells a story like no other - I’d seriously put his narration skills up against those of Morgan Freeman. Seriously, do yourself a favor and check this Podcast out. You won’t be disappointed - matter of fact, you’ll be addicted from the first episode.
  • Nick65kpt
    The best podcast out there
    Clay Newcomb does an absolutely incredible job with this podcast. It is thoughtful, well-researched, and entertaining. As a fan of history I particularly enjoy how every podcast ties in the story of the past in some way. Clay, and the whole gang, if you read this, thank you. I am a young physician from NE TN, and listen to you in all the spare time I have. Keep it up brother.
  • BCBarrett
    Better than Steve
    I started listening to the Meateater podcast, from the beginning, a few months back and it has been my favorite but Bear Grease has beaten it out. Plus, how much can a person trust Steve - aCORN Rinella anyway.
  • thewestisthebest11
    My favorite podcast on the (podcast) market!
    Thanks for taking the time to tell these stories. I have been a lifelong lover of American history, culture, and the frontiersman. I grew up reading about all the famous pioneers and especially loved the Daniel Boone podcasts.
  • joebradley53
    Bear Grease
    Clay Newcombs’s Bear Grease is a must listen for any outdoorsman. I love it!
  • Hyperhaus56153883
    Listen to these dudes!(and Misty)
    Not much of a podcast guy… But the way these are put together is so entertaining and informative. Love the way Clay presents information in the main podcast. Love the conversation and “looser” atmosphere in the render. If Forrest isn’t singing on the side, he needs to. His rendition of the Tennessee Studd is better than the original!
  • Lilith Shoe
    Mixing great stories and informative context
    Such a fantastic podcast that looks deeply into personal stories and the science behind them. Mixing experts in their field with cultural significance keeps you hanging on for more and more 🙏
  • J7874467
    Best there is
    I have been listening to meateater since podcast number 1. But I have to say this is the best podcast I have ever listened to. I love all the dog talk. I started hunting both deer with my dad and also bear with my cousin in Idaho. My cousin runs plots for bear, cougar, and bobcat and he was a huge hunting mentor for me. On the day I listened to the cougar hunting podcast in Arizona I found out my cousin passed away. I want to say thank you for telling hunters stories. I deeply appreciate this podcast and it helped me greave on a very tough day. Thank you
  • lawmanbran
    I have a love/hate relationship with roosters
    I feel like I had no choice but to leave a review since Clay emphasizes the importance of reviews during each podcast. I am interested in finding out why podcast reviews are so important. On my farm growing up I had a ornery rooster that would launch itself from the hay loft, spurs brandished, to attack me. He didn’t taste very good when we ate him. I also had a 12 year old turkey that would frequently have heart attacks and seemingly come back from the dead. Clay isn’t a great story teller, but for whatever reason I have absolutely fallen in love with this podcast. I listened to 18 episodes last week on my trip to/from Wyoming for a hunt. I can’t get enough of it. It is brilliant, and it sure helps that Clay surrounds himself with intelligent and dang interesting people. Love it. I even started pronouncing a-corn as akern because it just makes more sense. Keep up the great work!
  • frostysloane
    This ain’t no background noise podcast!...Akern!
  • Cnh1294
    Love that Clean Bear grease!!!
    I start with i enjoy your podcast immensely! First thank you for purposely avoiding the foul mouth cursing and dialog many have assumed is needed to “man up” a story as if the beards , boots dogs guns and stories of danger dont do that on its own. Secondly i enjoy the way you tell a story it is as if Matthew McConaughey and Jace Robertson had a baby and names him clay!your cadence draws the listener in with all your pauses and modulations at almost awkward points in the sentence! Its great and i will continue to be a listener. It really makes for a great and sincere story teller. I drive 1hr up from Cleveland county to LR daily and your show has kept me listening both ways of my trip. I appreciate your diverse cast of guests .i can only explain it as your ability to invite people to see differences “speech,culture!”etc..and challenge them to delve into those differences as an experience good or bad ,But walk away having learned something! Also… its ACORN NOT ACURN!😂 no Black panthers in Cleveland county but just had a big bear show up down town Rison! I enjoy learning and am new to arkansas and have a love of foraging , hunting , fishing etc. ill be listening. Thanks for keepn your grease clean!
  • Dave T NC
    Real Nice
    Clay does a great job of providing an entertaining an educational podcast to people from all walks of life. Not bad for a guy who mid-pronounces “acorns” and believes in black panthers.
  • Alces gigantus
    Keep up the great podcast!
    What incredible podcasts! The stories, the information, research, songs, field visits with your family, even the render episodes - all great. At this time when intentional misinformation and alternative facts dominate a great amount of our society it is so refreshing to hear about natural history, ecology, human history, and our spiritual connection with the land, wildlife, and each other. I just got done with Episode 20 - From the Earth - and I think it was my favorite yet. What was presented in this podcast needs to find its way into the ears, heart and soul into not only humans in America, but across the globe. For my final review statement, I really love how you’re one of the first podcasts I’ve found to incorporate your kids into certain episodes. I distinctly remember the Cumberland Gap and taking your daughter on a night running hounds. Awesome. Now we need a family mule trip to make its way into a podcast!
  • MSU-Bulldog
    Like sitting around with my Buddies
    I figured I would like the podcast but I must say I enjoy it more then I originally thought. I have listened to every episode over the past 4 days and caught up. Bear Grease is informative and interesting. And Listening to the render reminders me of sitting around with my buddies talking about life and giving each other a hard time. Brent is just like my cop buddy from Sunday school that is over the bomb squad here in town. If there is anything I dislike it is how everyone likes to say mmmm every time someone says something interesting. Not sure if it came from the JRE podcast or meat eater podcast because Joe and Steve do it too. Maybe it’s a podcast thing. But it won’t keep me from listening. I really enjoy the regular podcast, and the render podcast feels like I would walk in the room and visit with these folks and in an hour it would be like we knew each other for years. Keep of the fair to moderate work! JC in MS
  • DBS7
    Too short and not enough episodes
    If you don’t listen to this podcast we could never be friends.
  • I Like Nutrition
    Inspirational, educational, and entertaining.
    The whole family loves your podcast! My husband and I look forward to the podcast every week and discuss it. It’s become one of the influencers in our home. My 6yo laughs at jokes and even our almost 4yo insist on listening to this instead of a story for naps! The Bear Grease and Render on soil is probably the most inspiring of the always uplifting and encouraging discussions you guys bring to our home!
  • InTheWoods18
    Favorite podcast currently
    Clay, I was listen to the ep. 17 render, and heard misty talk about how we like to call out peoples faults and it made me think of a quote from a sermon book I read years ago. I’ll paste it below. Hope you like it. "Along with our higher education came a sort of national debunking contest. It suddenly became smarter to revile than to revere- more fashionable to depreciate than to appreciate. In our classrooms we no longer worshiped great men, we merely took there dimensions and ferreted out their faults. We decided that it was silly to say God sent them for any special task. They couldn't help being what they were.... they were merely "creatures of their time"... the products of their environments. We failed to realize that when we were denying the existence of great men, we were also denying the desirability of great men."- Dr. Peter Marshall
  • tmm al
    Bear grease review
    I recently the bear grease podcast. I find it truly enjoyable. Never felt anymore connected to friends I have never met or really know. You do a great job.
  • ddog3
    Episode 14 Daniel Boone, Bear Grease pod cast
    Enjoyed tremendously. I appreciate all the work that has gone into this. It’s something my whole family can listen to and enjoy. Just listened to episode 23 An American Cowboy. Epic in every way. Couldn’t stop listening, can’t wait for the “render” to hear others perspectives on the episode.
  • Yay autos456
    Keeping America alive
    Clay (and bear grease crew) have a great grasp on how we all got to this point in life and where the future may take us. He walks that line between the past days that we fantasize and the reality of the days we are in. Thank you.
  • carrok2
    Hardest working host in the business
    Beargrease is the most anticipated podcast that I subscribe to. Clay Newcomb is a down to earth woodsman with a nose for great stories who doesn’t get in the way of the people and places he’s learning from. Clay puts in the time to produce these podcasts , respecting his listeners in the process. So we get to enjoy the ride and learn a thing or two at the same time. Beargrease and Meatester have raised the bar for everyone else. Hit follow and join the fun.
  • lrwiggins94
    Truth, history, folklore
    Love all of it! “Keep wild places wild! Cause that’s where the black panthers live” -Luke
  • 25creedmore
    Warner story
    Thanks for interviewing common man keep it up I love it our kids need to hear this to show them there are many of common hard work honest and humble people.
  • Jerry at Down Range Calls
    Story telling done right.
    Clay and team, great job on the series and the Render. I would be doing a disservice to you to say that you are just a great story teller. Although you are, you are a better teacher and educator. It’s great to have a representative that can articulate the traditions, history and reasons we live the way we do. I truly appreciate your ability to put together a production that sheds so much positive light on the lifestyle we love so much. I’ve enjoyed every episode and their is no doubt that anyone who listens wouldn’t be a little better off afterwards. Being confident in you and the gang, I play every episode at our outdoor store and am not worried about offensive language or the like. Keep up the good work you’re doing and I’m looking forward to the next episode!
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