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The Bear Grease Podcast with host Clay Newcomb delivers compelling storytelling through documentary-style episodes exploring the culture, traditions, and history of rural America. He’ll dive in deep with hunters, biologists, anthropologists, and hillbillies to learn about human nature and our ancient connection to the land. Bear Grease explores unique people, topics, and stories that reveal the incredible value of life lived close to the land. Part of the MeatEater Podcast Network.

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  • Big Creek Ben
    Hall of Fame
    Exceptional podcast! I think Mo Sheppard should be in the Beargrease hall of fame
  • TurkeyKiller2
    Reminds me of my Family.
    I grew up in a large family, with a large extended family as well. My dad ran hounds as often as he could. We live in northern Pennsylvania, we live a life similar to the Bear Grease crew. It’s almost like we are from the same neighborhood. My dad help to start an organization called Pennsylvania fox and coyote hunters. This organization is still going strong even after my dad has passed away. There are a large group of Houndsman that belong to this organization and have been instrumental in some of the states decision about hound hunting. He also called the nuts from an oak, Akerns . I discovered on an Ireland trip, they also use the word akerns . There are other words pronounced differently in Ireland that have been deemed Appalachian hick by my teachers. The words are part of my heritage, they remind me of my Dad every time I hear them. Thank you for your superb story telling. Jim Ross
  • Ozark_FL infidel
    What every podcast aspires to be. Exceptional in every aspect. ( 2 stars-lol)
  • Toogoodoo Creek
    Holt !
    Well done Sir, well done!
  • DeltaCabinets
    Enjoy your show. I especially liked the Holt Collier series as I am a resident of Washington County, MS, have a signed copy of Mr. Minor's book and hunt every year on the Holt Collier NWR. Keep up the good clean interesting episodes! Come visit our Wildlife Heritage Museum in Leland, MS sometime, you will enjoy it.
  • Hardwoodkennels
    Bear Grease
    I have listened to all your podcast & they have all been top notch but the Holt Collier ranks amongst the best ever . I hunt on the Sunflower WMA & I have often wondered if Holt Collier had hunted these same grounds . Great story
  • Dan Wig
    An educational time machine journey through rural Appalachia I doubt you’re going to want to miss.
    I’ve been listening to Bear Grease since it’s origination and unlike most podcasts, it continues to sweeten like dandelion wine. Growing up in the central parts of the Appalachian Mountain range where there is no shortage well documented historical stories of great significance, it is refreshing to learn hear stories I’ve never known. Clay delivers the stories is a suspenseful and proficient way that is captivating and easy to listen to. This podcast is a must listen educational and entertaining journey into the untold past of a place I’m lucky to call home. Thanks to the Clay and the Crew for the entertainment.
  • loplophottop
    a Mr. Clay Newcomb believer
    How to describe a podcast that is now a staple of my life. If you want away to enrich your life, then listen here. Clay Newcomb, the historian, the coon hunting, mule wrangling, blue grass singing, spiritual being, owl hooting, turkey gobbling, point scoring, grease boiling, bear seeing, master dozer driving, rooster taming, story telling, black panther proving and beloved husband and father, will take you on the next journey of your life. Just trust me! I just re listened to the entire series again that’s all 73 episode so you can take my word for it. As a man with distain for facial hair, I’ve debated growing a mustache now. Now that being said they did the render (my favorite part) with out clay, episode 72 this just shows how needed the ceo of meater South is. Everyone on this show I absolutely love! You all are amazing! But clay is the crust the crust to a delicious apple pie, delicious filling but the crust, well I mean it’s the crust if you know you know. Your biggest NJ FAN Timothy Fred
    Love the multi episode stories
    Keep ‘em coming!
  • AwesomeShaman
    Let Misty Talk
    I know Clay is going to try to try to undermine the her success after Misty led the latest Render, but it was honestly the most enjoyable one to date. Everyone actually got to talk, and be heard. Clay’s great with the interviews, not so great in conversation. Maybe he’s just insecure around so many great conversationalists. Let Misty talk.
  • juliesroberts
    Enjoyed the story as always.
    This episode of the second part on Holt Collier was another great listen. My interest really perked up as I heard the name Ben Lilly mentioned. His name is intertwined with several lore type stories I’ve been told. I wrote in to BG several months ago recommending the book “The Big Thicket”. I wonder if you have had the opportunity as of yet. I’ve heard several stories passed down of my kin living in Texas as a lawman, possibly Sherriff” and possibly hunted on this hunt. I’d love to find out if any is known that could confirm this.
  • Footlongdaddy
    I miss the bear hunting podcast !
    All the host trying to yap over each other I gave up - Used to be good -
  • Eager2Try
    I just started listening 3 weeks ago. A dear friend of mine said, and I quote, “You have got to listen to this Daniel Boone podcast”. I said… I’m in!!! I obviously did, and then I had to go to episode 1. Then 2. Then 3….and now I am on 40 at the moment. I am like a Large Mouth Bass that cannot resist the temptation of a buzz bait on a chilled, cool morning of August. I am being affirmed for my ethical efforts of the animals I have harvested, and the efforts towards conservation, that I believe in. I will NERD OUT… all the way through. Thank you, and God Bless you all
  • reysolana
    One of the greatest podcasts ever made
  • CrosspointBakersfield
    Bear Grease, yes please!
    Love the podcast, love the Renders, but Isaac needs to not talk so much.
  • Scrubby Dutchman
    It just keeps getting better!
    Hands down the best hunting podcast out there. Top shelf production value. Gratitude to all who are making it happen!
  • Nduya77
    Can’t beat it.
    I look forward to Wednesday morning. I love how your telling American stories. Keep up the great work.
  • Ben/CO
    Love it Clay! Proverbs 29 v21
  • caseymartin123
    I love bear grease!
    Bear grease podcast is my absolute favorite and I love hearing about people I would have never found without this podcast ! Great job and my only complaint is u don’t have more than one a week lol keep it up clay and woo pig!
  • PSC Lizard
    24.7 hunt
    Can you do a podcast with the dudes from 24.7 hunt? Would be awesome!
  • Cnh1294
    Ep.69-70 Holt Collier
    This was very interesting! The fact that he was a African American man in the confederate army is not as big a deal as It may seem to some . People attach to nations ,regions ,north place etc.. and will fight for it simple because that’s where they are from . People today join the army and ship out to Afghanistan or whatever simply because that country has been identified as the enemy! There were plenty of union soldiers who had no problem with owning slaves also but battled to the death. Holt was a survivor who’s loyalties to people with condescending views toward his race was the same act of survival a abused wife shows to protect her kids and economic comforts. Holts love was to his life style and the privilege he was able to manipulate. He showed his tendency by manipulating kids for neihi soda and chew for a story as he got older.To mistake it for love or true loyalty is condescending to a man who mastered survival in a world that hated him. He simply did what he needed to do! He protected his life style even if it meant shooting some one who threatened it by harming his master. Yes he was a sell out , outdoorsmen , and survivor at any cost. As most blacks had to be in a world that only served death and humiliation to those not willing to play the game! Holt was a Professional Player!
  • Meeeyouuuu
    So here it is, I literally cannot get enough of this podcast. I love hunting, I love anthropology, archaeology, primitive studies and just about everything that is linked with those topics. Clay Newcomb you do an awesome job on this podcast and it has quickly become my favorite podcast to listen to. Oh and by the way I usually love the render but since he started the Collier series I just want to hear part three now do the render after lol great work!
  • CASH-fan
    Big idea!
    Clay! I know you’re an idea man - so I got one for ya. After Holt Collier pt. 2. You referenced where to buy the book. My busy life doesn’t allow me to sit down and read books (kids, ministry, etc.) but I listen to them on Audible, and would love for a copy of Holt Collier to be available. What if the render crew regulars narrated a copy of Holt Collier on Audible - everybody doing different voices as needed. (Even Tavin if there’s a spot for him) And the proceeds go to some form of wildlife preservation. There something about you, Mrs. Newcomb, Brent, the land bridge and ole black panther Gary reading aloud the Holt Collier just sounds right. Anyways, just an idea! Enjoy the podcast every week ! Thanks !! Luke
  • forward2255
    Big fat review
    This podcast is quite informative and helps keeps the primal side alive while stuck in my 9-5
  • Charlie 131313
    Love the show. Need to hear more Tavin. That guy is great.
  • Tatertot14575)8
    Great Podcast
    My husband and I have been listening to the Bear Grease podcast the last few months. When my husband told me about it, I was hesitant since I’m not really a hunter. But I started listening with him and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The podcasts are always interesting and informative. The renders make me laugh with a bit of eye rolling because Clay and my husband appear to have much in common. So, I can relate to Misty’s side of things a lot. All the rest of the guys on the podcast are hilarious as well. We’ve been playing catch up on all the podcasts from the beginning, so we have it playing almost every time we get in the vehicle. So much so, when my 4 year old son hears Clay’s voice either on podcast or a video on tv he asks “is that Clay Newcomb?” Awesome job, we look forward to listening.
  • Swagsnipin
    One of the greats!!!!!
    Probably one of the best podcast ever but I do gotta say Mrs. Newcomb comes off as a little preachy and judgmental especially about tattoos. Still seems like one of the most welcoming ladies on earth though and her content on Instagram inspires my fiancé
  • Marketeers
    I love this podcast!
    I gotta say I like this podcast more than the Meateater Podcast, and I really like that one. Clay and his crew on the Bear Grease Render are great. The stories told and conversations had resonate more with me being from rural Oklahoma. I’d love to mee Clay one day because I have an epic rooster story as well as my own problems with the acorn vs akern debate. I actually lost my 5th grade spelling bee because I spelled acorn the way we pronounced it (akern). The biblical discussions and the obvious deep faith Clay has takes this podcast from being good to great. Keep it up. Keep talking about wild places and things forgotten but still relevant. Also: I don’t know who this Tavin guy is.. but where can I find his podcast? That dude is hilarious!
  • dzimm92
    Great information & entertainment
    Clay goes out of his way to find educating & entertaining topics. From Folsom points to Davy Crockett to snake bites wonderful.
  • Chance Cody
    Gas station taxidermy
    As soon as this one started, I was on my way home from Idabel, and thought, “Man I sure hope he gets to see that deer in Antlers.”
  • Goldtopdeluxe1
    Fantastic, best of show
    The best POD in the Meateater Franchise.
  • dad the builder
    How have I never heard of Holt Collier?!?
    Been listening since the beginning and this week was hands down the best yet! Way better than the Boone series so far! I really enjoyed getting in-site from so many diverse backgrounds especially since most of holts story has been lost to time,. we all need more perspective different than our own or we will stay divided. It really made me think about how complex some of these stories can be. Where can we find the book on Holt? Long live the beast…
  • Jabo Ythd
    Best darn podcast for a man that loves the outdoors, appreciates history, understands some roosters aren’t worthy of life and accepts everyone, even believers of the black panther.
  • Good292
    Entertaining, educational, awesome!
    Absolute best podcast out there right now. The stories Clay tells are incredible pieces of inspiration, history, southern culture, and archaeology all wrapped into one. The render with Clay’s family and friends is just as good and Brent Reaves is the man!
  • stonecomuleman
    Good stuff!
    Clay, you bring such interesting stories every week. I recommend you to my group, your standards are at the top. Keep telling more good stories you are an Arkansas stare treasure my friend God bless you and your bunch Eddie Pryor. Stone county Ar
  • for real hoser
    Great show
    Love this podcast. The rural emphasis/perspective is very important today. Integrity is clearly a core value here. Stories and story telling with lots of facts data and expert perspectives. The render is also a lot of fun
  • Bluelightshiner
    Turkey Salmon
    Greatest podcast of all time!!! Clay is a great father, husband, and all around woodsmen! He has made changes in my life based on how he conducts himself. Love the content!
  • GPSenko
    Sing a song
    Love the show, I’m not sure if you’ve heard it but it would be awesome to hear you all do a version of Sam by Sturgill Simpson it’s an awesome song about a coon dog! Or anything from the album The Ballad of dood and jaunita
  • RussHogFan
    I don’t know who Tavin Dillard is or why he is on the render, but please please give us more Tavin Dillard. Insert owl hoot here.
  • Johnbnnll
    Holt Collier
    Great job Clay and thanks for telling Holt story. I read a chapter in, “The Bear Hunter’s Century Profiles from the Golden Age of Bear Hunting.” about Holt Collier. The way you bring a story to life and bring the listener into it. The best podcast hands down. Cannot wait for the render gang to talk about this podcast. Keep it up the good work
  • aaaaaa1221
    Whomever you are that gave this podcast less than a 5 star review obviously have some personal problems to work out with yourselves! If bear grease were more easily obtainable I’d lather you up in some and tie you to the nearest pine tree!
  • Wayne Musgrave
    Holt Collier
    Hey man just wanted to say the first Holt Collier episode was pretty darn awesome! Keep up the good work!
  • SweeeeeetTea56
    Thumbs Up
    I still listen to MeatEater but Bear Grease is by far my favorite!!! Love y’all
  • sdccj7
    Great guy sharing great information
    Update: episode 66 & 67 Man I really connected with this one. I have struggled with this in my younger life, and trying to guide my teenage Son through it currently. Clay, I truly appreciate the way you and your family approach life! And if your ever near the birthplace of basketball (northeast Kansas) I’d love to take you all hunting, fishing or ballin…or at least touring the museum dedicated to it! Keep it up all!
  • Rhoadgunner
    Best yet!
    It’s been a while since I have laughed this hard! Keep it up.
  • Pondwater751
    This past render
    Y’all need to have Tavin back on the podcast. I need more of him in my life 🤣 y’all are great!
  • Ol' Watson
    A refreshing journey through forgotten times
    Not many folks appreciate simpler times anymore. I thought I was a dying breed until I watched an episode of Meateater and saw a country boy hunting squirrels on a mule. I knew immediately I’d like whoever that feller was. My journey to discover more about this fellow “old timer” took me to Bear Horizon on Carbon TV. Then I discovered the Bear Grease Podcast and I was immediately hooked. Although I don’t know Clay personally, I can associate him with so many people I do. It’s like listening to my cousin talk around a hunting camp open fire each time I listen to a new episode. I’m a simple Appalachian American who appreciates good story telling. If you are like minded, you will love this podcast. Carry on Mr. Newcomb.
  • DS Caesar
    Your humility does not protrude from you with great force
    I love this podcast, both the original and the render. The topics, the depth, the lessons, all of it. But Clay can sometimes be very hard to listen to, as he dominates all his guests attempts at contributing. It’s not a joke, let Misty talk. Let Josh and Dan flesh out their thoughts. Stop talking over everyone. You’ve been hanging out with Steve too much. PS Brent’s one-liners are the star of this show. The bathroom door comment was hysterical. Did anybody catch it? Probably not cause Clay was talking over him.
  • mav_ball
    Outdoors & hoops
    This is the most unique podcast episode I may have ever heard. It’s almost as if there’s a stigma against being actively involved in mainstream sports & enjoying more outdoors than your average hike. This episode highlighted the value in having both while the Newcomb family seems to live that well-rounded life. Very well done.
  • WildcatFanLAE
    YES, Let Misty Talk!
    I love the show, listen every week and am always entertained and learn something interesting. But I must add my voice to the recent reviewer who said, “Let Misty talk!” Otherwise, keep it up!
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