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The Bear Grease Podcast with host Clay Newcomb delivers compelling storytelling through documentary-style episodes exploring the culture, traditions, and history of rural America. He’ll dive in deep with hunters, biologists, anthropologists, and hillbillies to learn about human nature and our ancient connection to the land. Bear Grease explores unique people, topics, and stories that reveal the incredible value of life lived close to the land. Part of the MeatEater Podcast Network.

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  • Leadbalz
    The dad gum Bear Grease
    Man I love this podcast, thank you Clay and your whole team who works hard to put together such a great Podcast. I look forward to this and the Render every week. I think you do a fantastic job telling these stories, so much energy and enthusiasm. Oh yeah and your Dad…. What a super cool guy, and a “ believer”
  • BauseBo1
    Well Done!
    My family and I love this podcast. It’s wholesome, uplifting and educational. A true audio masterpiece. Thanks Clay and company
    Akerns, Boone, Tecumseh, and Culture
    I’ve been listening since nearly the inception of the podcast when a colleague sent me the link and said I had to listen to this podcast on akerns. Been hooked ever since. I’ve loved the stories and appreciate the deep dives into our history of what makes us human, what has shaped our culture, and areas where we can use self-reflection. As someone obsessed with turkey hunting, I appreciated the turkey stories and outlaw podcasts and I wholeheartedly agree that we can judge a turkey hunter on owl hoots… I wouldn’t have thought I could have enjoyed a series as much as the Boone series. I felt a deep connection to the stories as I grew up in east central Missouri not far from the Boonslick Trail and heard stories in my youth about Boone and his family being in the area. Come to find out I killed my first deer on family land overlooking the gravesite of one of Daniel Boone’s grandsons-Joseph Scholl. How cool is that! But now I’m listening to the Tecumseh podcast and I have to say this is some of your best work. I teach a course on change theory at LSU and episode 2 really spoke to me, particularly the context of the role culture in change. The snippets about language-verb vs. noun focus-is fascinating and I’ll be talking about this in my class in the coming weeks. Thank you for the great listening material! While I’m here I’ll jump in the #letmistytalk bandwagon :)
  • Mike N from TN
    Great Listen!!
    I recently drove 17 hours each way to South Dakota for a coyote hunt and listened to this podcast for the entire 30+ hours. Every episode I learned something new, black panthers living in Arkansas for example…. Thanks Clay and the entire crew, really appreciate what you all are doing!
  • Bummed out hunter
    Too long between episodes
    Love the podcast. But I’ve gotta complain about the time between episodes. Mayb I’m the exception but 2 weeks in between one hour episodes is too long. Should just wait till you’re finished then drop the whole series on the subject.
  • PG Anderson
    More grease please!
    This is the best podcast! I love the regular show and the render I just wish they were longer episodes. I usually listen while I’m fleshing deer capes and the episode is over before I’m done. Maybe I just need to speed up. Anyway, love the show and don’t miss a single episode. Thanks to Clay and the whole BG crew
  • 568943788843
    New Fan
    I have never listened to podcasts before but last month I decide to see what they were all about. I’m a big fan of Meater and I seen y’all’s podcast and listen to one and loved it. I’ve listened to every episode in the past three weeks 😂. Love hearin all the history and huntin story’s y’all tell.
  • Big_Still
    My new favorite podcast!!
  • Carrier Jere
    Learning why things are
    Love this podcast. I'm not even a hunter. The way Clay and the gang weave in life meanings through social adventure is outstanding.
  • Jon Stokes
    Beyond great podcast!
    I was introduced to the podcast by my cousin, since then I’ve started at the beginning and have binge listened to 20+ hours of the shows! I am truly intrigued by the topics and information given! Absolutely love it!
  • mightyroady21
    Very interesting stuff
    All the episodes I have listened to, I find very interesting and easy to listen to, keep them coming!
  • Texit now Texit forever
    Keep it up
    Your latest podcast was awesome! Clay and company keep up what your doing. From your retelling of the great moose trip, game warden chronicles to your several dives into our history, all are entertaining and educating. Sincerely thank you. fYI…I believe!
  • Llllllc
    One of the best storytellers of modern day times
  • P.W. of FL
    Great Outdoor Americana!
    Fantastic story teller! This show is about more than just hunting. It’s about people, the way we live/lived, and a way of life. This show encapsulates outdoor Americana. Beautifully produced. Great audio. I only wish there was an episode everyday of the week.
  • Jfredell
    Way more depth than I expected
    First listened to the Boone episodes and really enjoyed them. So listened to a few more, then went back to the beginning and listened in sequence. Gotta say they are awesome! It’s my favorite podcast to listen to. It’s easy to not expect a lot from a mule ridin’, squirrel huntin’ good old boy from the Ozarks (yes, I AM showing my preconceived biases), but that would be a HUGE mistake. Clay’s innate curiosity and unique perspective as he delves into topics as seemingly diverse as dry land cougar hunters, Where the Red Fern Grows, green tree reservoirs, and soil quality make this thoroughly entertaining and educational. Clay’s faith, his passion for his family and love of this land are front and center in an open, non-preachy manner. So give Bear Grease a listen. You won’t be disappointed! #letmistytalk #jujuislistening 😁
  • Barkstrom
    Listen and you’ll love.
    I’ve been following MeatEater since it’s inception; when Clay came around I was intrigued, being a long time reader and follower of Bear Hunting Magazine. This podcast is pure backstrap and bear bacon.
  • Glenfromidaho
    Instant classic
    One of the better story tellers of our time, in my opinion. An absolute must listen too.
  • KyHillbillyClark
    I haven’t missed a single episode, best podcast out there! Really enjoy the history part’s especially when the historical figures walked through my home place ken-tah-ten(Kentucky). Going to town tonight and will be wearing my bear grease cap! Looking forward to the render. Y’all take care!!!
  • Cody_TheKid
    Spirit of the wild man
    Great podcast. Nice to know there are people out there keeping the wild within alive
  • cubncrkr
    Strong work
    I consider myself well educated but this podcast has exposed me to much greater depth about frontier history. Well done. Keep it up.
  • Fan of Kenton
    Thank You
    This series on the life of an exceptional human being, Tecumseh, is perfect for what Bear Grease exemplifies. Thank you for sharing this with those who may not be as familiar with a remarkable time in American history
  • michigan Todd
    Claude’s episode
    Man oh man I can’t say enough good about this episode,,, literally had me in tears. Forgiveness and repentance have the greatest power in the world!! Bar none it is the greatest thing we can give and the most powerful thing that creates change in the world. - I just thank u so much for bringing that to the front of your message and showing the fruit that comes from it. Claude is a great man for all he has done. The change he has made and the positive influence he has had on so many,,, probably far more than he will ever realize. Far beyond his family and friends he has made a difference in this world. Thanks so much for reaching out to him. U and Claude made me proud to be a part of this part of the outdoor community… God bless u all
  • slit lip
    Love native history
    I would give 10 ⭐️’s if I could.
  • TrapperTumlin93
    One of the top podcasts out there!
    Man I love all the stories you tell! All the American history stuff about identity is awesome! I listen to this podcast at work all day haha just wish you had more time to drop more episodes! All the outlaw episodes were great and how you got a different perspective on things! Keep up the great work Bear Grease! I gotta get me one of those hats as well! Also man I’m loving all the duck episodes keep ‘em coming! 👊🏼
  • tnw2020
    Best podcast ever!!
    I am an avid podcast listener but Bear Grease is head and shoulders above the rest. The stories draw you in and the Render makes you feel like you are sitting right there in the room with them. I enjoy it so much I have contemplated how I could move to Arkansas and become good friends with Clay and Brent. But since it might be weird for me to do so I will just keep the wild places wild here in East Tennessee. On an ending note I do want to say as a pastor and fellow believer it makes me smile every time when Clay does not halt at sharing his views on God! Keep up the good work!!
  • don'tlikethenicknamething
    Thank you
    Love the cast, you all are entertaining and informative. Thank you and keep up the great work.
  • Jarodm
    Great podcast for outdoor sportsmen and Arkansans
    Picked up this podcast on episode 1 and was hooked. Being from Clay’s neck of the woods just makes it even better because a lot of his perspectives and comments come from his Arkansas roots. I, coincidentally, started reading “Boone” by Robert Morgan right before I got to the episodes on the same subject and they were a great companion to the book. I’m also really proud that an old Arkansas boy like Clay can become a part of the Meateater crew and promote our state in such a positive way.
  • acwoods3
    Love it!!!
    Favorite podcast of all time. I don’t remember if y’all mentioned it but I read Warner Glenn took the only recent photo of in the U.S of A Jaguar in Arizona in the 90s
  • Chris,Gordon85
    Clay…. Love your podcast buddy! Especially the series on Warner Glenn. I would love for you to do a special on the history of mules and pack animals. I feel like they perfectly match your theme of “forgotten but still relevant.” Keep up the good work!
  • Cabsl
    Great podcast
    Never hunted a day in my life. But I just love the stories. Would recommend this podcast to anyone.
  • panjockey
    Story teller at its best
    This is a throw back to a new social movement… clay is a new age beatnik. Jack Kerouacs streets…Clays Arkansas mountains…
  • 26740277
    Best podcast out there
    I have loved every episode. I did not enjoy Sheri on episode 79.
  • Mr Dirt nap
    Awesome podcast
    I really enjoy Clay. Would love to spend time with him! Best podcast out there.
  • clauder2
    Top three in the network
    Hey man listen out of all the shows on the network this one is top three BUT I need a blaze orange believer or bear grease hat. Thanks for the great stories, they keep me going.
  • Baymf
    I LOVE absolutely everything about Bear Grease! Out of all the podcasts I listen to I love how this is set up! I never knew jack about the Cumberland gap before this! I am so sad I’m caught up on the whole podcast but my boyfriend and I look forward to listening every week! He’s even getting a bear grease hat for Christmas ☺️ Thank you Clay, Misty, and the entire crew -especially the render crew- Merry Christmas & Happy New Year🤟🏼
  • Dyl667891018273773819
    I’m a Bear Greaser
    Clay, I love your podcast and I think that the intentionality you display as a father, a husband, and a man in the stories you tell is inspiring to a lot of young men trying to establish a culture of hunting and closeness to the land in their own lives and families, myself included. The content you produce is important and has a positive impact on a lot of people. Thanks, Dylan Avid Bear Grease Listener Faithful Bear Grease Hat Wearer Aspiring Black Bear Hunter
  • walkswithwalkers
    I am a Morgan county Ohio man I was just 6 years old when red bud happened I’m an avid outdoorsman if the local people hold grudges against the people of red bud they’ve fooled me sometimes good people do wrong things and I believe a large majority of the red bud group fall under this category
  • Peter Ely,MN
    Well done Misty; you too Clay
    Thank you Clay (and everyone working together to make this podcast). I often pause episodes to make them last longer. The foundations and architecture of your compositions speak volumes. Well done, sir. That being said, we all know Misty is the real heart and brains behind it all.
  • Jonathan Williamson69
    Absolutely love the podcast, I find it very educational and entertaining, I can’t decide if I like the stories or the render best, but definitely love it as a whole!! Keep up the good work guys!
  • it is soo great
    Clay i so cool he has a good mind and it is clean he always bleeps out bad words it’s so interesting I don’t know how he gets ahold of all the pepole he interviewes but it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome
  • Studio109vt
    Always look forward to next episode!
    As the title of this review, I always look forward to the next episode. My son-in-law originally sent me a link to one of the episodes, ever since I have taken the time to catch up on past episodes and listen to the new ones. Remember, there are two versions “The Bear Grease” and “The Render”, I love them both. History, adventure, round table, story telling, and thought provoking, ANYONES ears can listen. Very refreshing and entertaining, thank you Meateater. Keep up the good work.
  • Rydogggggg
    Outstanding Show
    I’ve never found such a captivating podcast. The stories Clay finds and tells are so incredibly entertaining and educational. I love that he also takes the time to weave moral threads into each story.
  • Taken it Slow...
    Content and Character
    Wow! Was not expecting Mr. Maxwell’s interview! Captivating! Wouldn’t it be great if he and RT met up after all these years. I’d love them to pick that friendship back up. Think you could make that happen, Clay?
  • Toe Rogan
    Very good
    Good quality conversation and discussions. My new favorite podcast.
  • MicahB1990
    Bear Grease!!!
    This is a great Podcast!! I love the format, and Clay definitely does his homework to report the best stories in an entertaining way. Definitely give it a listen.
  • B. Mayday
    The Best Podcast
    Thoroughly enjoy this podcast. Started listening to it when I was all caught up on Meateater. Now I listen to Meateater when I’m all caught up on Bear Grease. He’s a great story teller!
  • MJ Bear Grease Fan
    Never Missed One
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since day one and have never missed one. Not even a Render! If you’re looking for a lot of entertainment with some education mixed in, this podcast is for you! As for the latest episode with Mr. Maxwell, it might be the best one yet! I listened to that wolf/caribou metaphor 4 or 5 times to take it in (and write it down). Keep up the good work, Clay!
  • Lolololokololo
    The Rest Of The Story
    Clay thanks for the rest of the story, it’s like icing on a cake. Keep up the great work, your my favorite podcast.
  • nanwes
    The best
    Best outdoor related content anywhere. Informative and wholesome.
  • Jdaveb
    Best yet
    First I am a fan of every episode but the Claude Maxwell follow up to the RT Stewart three-peat was the best series yet! Wow! Love the podcast and the render!
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