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The Bear Grease Podcast with host Clay Newcomb delivers compelling storytelling through documentary-style episodes exploring the culture, traditions, and history of rural America. He’ll dive in deep with hunters, biologists, anthropologists, and hillbillies to learn about human nature and our ancient connection to the land. Bear Grease explores unique people, topics, and stories that reveal the incredible value of life lived close to the land. Part of the MeatEater Podcast Network.

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  • The1dc
    The way things used to be. The Edwards bros.
    I came from a family that was close to the Edwards brothers. These stories hit very close to home for me. Although I was surprised to hear some of the details in those episodes, I can stand behind my forefathers and those practices because they truly “lived off the land”. I’m glad to hear that his son/grandchildren are evolving in their game management practices but these stories are still valuable. They’re from another time. Thank you, Clay, for shinning a light on a piece of our history!
  • Alaskan Seth
    Re: Genuine Outlaws - Rough Men, Part 2; Footwear Specifically
    Hey Mr. Newcomb, I just wanted to say that I’d rather and have done a 100+ mile backpacking trip in trail running shoes than in boots. These guys were hunting every day, constantly. That’s a lot of miles and a lot of steps with a wet bit of fabric on the long end of your leg. Shoes just dry faster than boots too. Anyway, absolutely love the podcast, and you do amazing work. Keep it up!
  • Lolololokololo
    The Real Poachers
    IMO the real poachers of the world are some of the game and fish departments that use the deer as a cash cow and do not care about other wildlife. I can show you conservation land that I use to squirrel and raccoon hunt on that had the most beautiful stands of timber but now has had the timber raped of all den trees and mast trees. Their reasoning behind it is the thicken the forest up to allow better deer and turkey nesting habitat.
  • banjerpkr
    Grade A Large!!!
    My favorite podcast. I love the depth of research on the regular episodes and I love the wholesomeness of the render. I feel so connected to these folks because I can tell we have many shared values. I am from Johnson county, Kentucky. Home of "Boons Camp", and "Greasy Creek" where Daniel Boone was supposed to have camped, and skinned a bear making the creek greasy with bear fat. Keep it comin!!!!!
  • pine thicket predator
    Bear Grease
    Clay Newcomb is a gem. Thanks dude.
  • rmcolorado
    Best in the MeatEater Family of Podcasts
    Great interviews, thoughtful and honest. Really appreciate Clay and the Bear Grease Podcast!
  • Andy Mc in Tn
    Awesome Show!
    I’ve laughed, cried, been entertained as well as educated by Clay. Every session feels like home and the people I live around.
  • 1swipp
    Edwards boys
    Really disappointed to hear the glorification of a couple of drunken criminal hillbillies. Should have been in prison instead of continuing to run the hills and committing assault. Not a good episode
  • do it outdoors
    Love the outlaw episodes
    Growing up, where I grew up, it was understood that it was okay to break game laws if the person used the meat. Later as a young man I knew “hunters” that thought skirting the law made it more fun. Some would go out of their way to poach when hunting legally would be easier. Of course, as a 20 plus year volunteer hunter ed instructor, I’ve never broke any game laws. I understand Brent’s position as a lawman. But, maybe the officer shouldn’t have threatened the man’s dog. Keep up the good work Clay and company.
  • RGr12
    Not a fan of the outlaws
    Poachers rob from all of us and I don’t care if you give the game to those who are on fixed incomes. These men were violent and had hair trigger tempers and picking up guns or claw hammers to shoot people or bash them in the head is criminal behavior. I have three grown sons in their 20’s who are law abiding sportsmen and honorable men. I did my best to raise them the opposite of these outlaws. I love your podcast but I am really disappointed that you are glorifying these men and think they are men to look up to. Not a fan at all of these episodes and your condoning their actions.
  • Jrotert19
    Really entertaining podcast
    I really enjoy this podcast. The “Where the Red Fern Grows” episodes were awesome.
  • Emily Ellias
    Good Stories about Good People
    My boyfriend is such a massive fan of Clay’s and Bear Grease, and we listen together. I appreciate the way that Clay and his guests show such reverence for other good men. In todays culture, I think it’s so important to tell stories of good men and good lifestyles. Thank you Clay for the research and bringing untold stories to light in such an engaging and thoughtful way.
  • db lundgren db
    I haven’t missed an episode. This is a great documentary type podcast that revolves around the great outdoors. Render; is Clay and his friends shooting the breeze about the previous episode. I discovered bear-grease when Clay was on Joe Rogans podcast. Loved the first outlaw podcast. I just recently read the stories of Charlie’s Beaty, who poached the King and Kennedy ranch’s in Deep South Texas. As a Texas native I would love you y’all to cover the prince of poachers in an episode. -Cole
  • Tom Gobble
    Bear Grease
    I really enjoy the podcast. Clay needs to research Claude Dallas. I was shocked when he said he had no idea who he was. But I don’t know about any of the guys he talks about. Guess that’s what happens when East meets West. Good job team and keep them coming. I look forward to each podcast each week.
  • Billy star crystal
    Engaging Podcast
    More than just a podcast about hunting. Touches a part of everyone’s life. Very entertaining while also being relevant and educational. Appreciate all of Clay’s time and hard work to create high quality content.
  • SwampNinja1987
    Georgia boy
    I absolutely love this podcast. The stories are great and I have learned a lot from the different topics. Continue all the great work you guys do for our beloved past time so our future generations get to enjoy the same love of the outdoors we do God bless and guard the gate. Sincerely SwampNinja1987
  • Patty es nohan
    Mustaches, mustaches all around
    Absolutely love this podcast. I’ve been waiting for MeatEater to finally get someone from the south on and the gang represents well! Not only is it informational, but it’s just like hanging out with all your best buds. Telling stories, cracking on each other, laughing and having a good time. Nothing keeps me more entertained than listening in and feeling like I am a part of the team. Honestly feel like everyone on the show and myself are cut from the same material. Would be a dream come true to meet Clay, the whole gang, and learn how to get such a sweet stache….
  • Dylan.d.15
    Amazing stuff
    Jaw dropping episodes
  • Aaron from Utah
    Ep.13 render podcast
    I absolutely love this podcast, Clay, his friends and family are wonderful people and I think their culture has been somewhat lost in this day and age much like bear grease itself. I hope someday to meet these good people or at least emulate their character because I admire this podcast as much as anyone else. So listening to Ep.13 render they talk about how snake anti-venom is made, when I lived in kalamazoo I was in ROTC at WMU and we were invited to the Pfizer building on that side of Michigan for very and day to do color guard ceremony for the veteran workers. Well we got a tour there, they have a mile long underground hallway that was disorienting to look down and I saw this process, Clay’s description is spot on. They had horses and a ton of snakes and they were making anti-venom via injection to hoses. I’ve told people this and I’m not sure they believe me but I hope this podcast reinforces my story. Fun fact they’re making viagra at the same plant haha.
  • Adventurer Chris W.
    Daily inspiration!
    Every episode inspires me to take a deeper look at the beliefs, activities and life I am living. In a time where the world is more focused on where we’re going, Bear Grease is a refreshing moment of my day that allows me to reflect and investigate deeper into the pursuits of the past and present. Keep up the great work!
  • JonathanRushing
    In a word….sensational.
    The first time I binged this podcast, the top 2 buttons of my shirt spontaneously popped off and a glorious mustache manifested. High speed car chases, bites from lethal pit vipers, attacks from vicious roosters….all it’s missing is explosions - but I’m pretty sure they’ll get around to that. All of this awesomeness is brilliantly contrasted by expert panelists in the fields of anthropology, biology, history, etc. Well written, well produced, and well executed. And, an excellent reflection of my great state of Arkansas. Keep up the good work Clay!
  • turkey ridge
    Completely enjoy everything
    Appreciate this podcast so much. Tells stories of people that are the backbone of our country. Most importantly, it’s clean. I can let my kids listen and learn about men and wild adventures. Thank you!
  • Hardwoodkennels
    Bear Grease
    Best Podcast I have heard . I look forward to a new one every week
  • Viktor1244
    Each episode gets better than the last.
    Yo clay! Your latest episode is fantastic! You’ve inspired me to become a poacher and run from the law. Just kidding, it reall was interesting though and I appreciated learning about Louie dale and Charley Edwards. Each episode is interesting and full of information! The work you do is sublime. This is a side note but along with the classic bear grease hat and the believer hat. We need a hat done in that style that says guard the gate. These hats start conversations and what better conversation to start than guarding the gate and predator managements value to conservation!
  • liznaatz
    Greatly Educational & Entertaining!!!
    This podcast, both the Render and the documentary style have been my favorite since stumbling across it!! I’ve throughly ignored all my other podcasts since finding it. Clay Newcomb’s voice is easy listening along with his lovely wife MISTY in the Render. Greatly Educational & Entertaining!!! Lake Sakakawea Shout out EPS 39!!! GO ND
  • Rooster Redfish
    Wholesome entertainment
    Clay Newcomb is a talented story teller who works diligently to deliver some of the most interesting documentary style stories of outdoor personalities of past and present.
  • Generrrr
    One of the greats
    Clay has found a niche. I’m not entirely sure where I originally discovered this podcast. While being from Colorado, I might not agree with his pronunciation of “akerns”, I do throughly enjoy Clays perspective. One of my favorite things about this podcast is that we get the refined version of his thoughts and research one week and a raw version on the render the next week. I must say that one of my favorite moments was the eulogy for Captain the rooster. From soil conservation to the country wide love of Where the Red Fern Grows Clay bring us along on a journey that is both educational and entertaining. I look forward every week to the new episode! Keep up the great work!!
  • Kemosabe330
    My Favorite Podcast
    Finally it’s time for me to wire a review so buckle up for a juicy one. I decided to wait until I was completely caught up on EVERY episode of Bear Grease and The Render in hopes Clay would read this and give me a shout out! I started a new job in the beginning of March that allows me time to fully listen and digest media in podcast form. So being a big fan of The MeatEater and all of its platforms, having watched countless episodes on Netflix, YouTube and buying books it was an easy choice. I chose Bear Grease to start because I knew Clay was a naturally funny guy when he broke out TUNA and crackers as his mid hunt snack on the YouTube series he did with Mark Kenyon and the others. Having listened to the podcast I now know his angle on “scent control” and I think he has a point, but at the time it struck me as bold, odd and funny all that the same time. As I’ve listened to every episode I really feel like I’ve gotten to know Clay and his crew in a way that it feels like I’m in the room with them during the render. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve probably been caught looking like a weirdo in my visibly car laughing out loud in traffic. On a serious note though, I have learned so much from this podcast. Aside from fishing and football I wasn’t brought up doing a ton of things outdoors, especially hunting. So when I decided I wanted to learn, the Meateater crew was there and they’ve made a profound impact on myself and my outlook on conservation. Clay specifically though, brought things to my attention I never would’ve thought to look into. Soul, Acorns (I’m an Ohioan, it’s not Akerns), Waterfowl, The Folsom sight and the list goes on. All the being said this podcast is informational, serious at times and hilarious at times. The guests are always amazing people to hear from and I love the render crew, speaking of that…. WHERES DR DAN BEEN?? I just wanted to express my appreciation for Clay and everyone involved with meateater. I truly can’t put into words how much I respect and admire you folks. Thank you for creating great content, thank you for teach us, thank you for everything that’s been done and is being done toward conservation. Maybe one day I can meet some of you, or ideally, work for meateater as a company (I’m being serious, I’m watching the job postings and I will uproot my family if that were to come to fruition). Anyway, keep up the GREAT work!
  • carrok2
    Hardest working host in the business
    Beargrease is the most anticipated podcast that I subscribe to. Clay Newcomb is a down to earth woodsman with a nose for great stories who doesn’t get in the way of the people and places he’s learning from. Clay puts in the time to produce these podcasts , respecting his listeners in the process. So we get to enjoy the ride and learn a thing or two at the same time. Beargrease and Meatester have raised the bar for everyone else. Hit follow and join the fun.
  • Ndjskssksksjdndn
    Couldn’t do it.
    Tried hard to like this podcast. I’m sure it’s hard coming up with podcast ideas (why I don’t have one) but man this is hard to listen to. Clay seems knowledgeable and decent topics but I can’t take this podcast anymore. He is a typical hunting douche thinking that everything he does is the best and no one is better. And his stories never get to the point. He could make a 4 hour podcast about drinking water.
  • Michael Studdard
    Have not disliked a single episode. From Boone to turkey stories, would love to hear multi-part series about modern bow hunting, from bear to Fitzgerald! Let us give a metaphorical rose to those who inspired us, and to those who are inspiring young archers of today. I know it would be a great show! God bless.
  • fiddlegun89
    Turkey stories was fantastic!
    What an excellent episode!
  • RocOak
    Get in the truck!
    I have been a Rinella fan for a long time, I’m so thankful y’all were able to come together. First podcast review I’ve ever left, so I’ll keep it short. Besides the bear scuffle the meat eater crew got in Alaska podcast, (and all your other ones were great), the turkey stories by far was my favorite! Even though I’m tagged out, these nostalgic memories had me grabbin my keys to get in the truck and head to the woods!
  • Longhornssuck
    Ya know
    Ya know, I listened to the turkey stories ya know, and it was interesting ya know, even Clay liked to ya know, say ya know during his stories ya know. He sounds ignorant enough with his southern accent but when he says ya know, he really sounds ignorant, ya know.
  • jblalock21
    Chivalry is dead 😂
    Janis’ wife has 2 awesome encounters with turkeys her first time out. She even roosts one that evening.the next morning, he does what any red blooded turkey hunter would do- he shoots the turkey she roosted. Reminds me of the time I shot one out from under my wife on her birthday no less. There is no chivalry in turkey hunting I guess.
  • mWf3205
    Turkey tales
    Nobody can spin a yarn like a hunter. Although I’m not much of a turkey hunter I really enjoyed the stories. Even the true ones.
  • Fishbuddy32
    Being from Arkansas, it is enjoyable to hear opinions on wildlife management based on science. As well as, the Christian influence that Clay and the gang exhibit on mainstream media. It’s fun to learn about historical influences in the wildlife spectrum and their influence decades later. I also enjoy hearing Brent’s perspective from SE Arkansas as I too am from the area. I look forward to the next show!
  • Brennenh
    It’s Clay Newcomb’s fault
    I just bought my first mule and Clay Newcomb is to blame. 10/10 podcast. I’ve listened to all of them and will keep listening!
  • Lucas Backs
    This podcast is my favorite notification during the week even as an 18 year old outa AZ it got me started bear hunting w/o dogs and doing more research into the food supply’s the animals in my area are using. Love it please keep doing y’all’s ways of life
  • aeo79
    A FANTASTIC podcast for the hunter and non-hunter alike
    Clay Newcomb, and all involved, do a great job of exploring so many topics from a new point of view. Even if a particular episode seems very hunting focused, he always has something that a non-hunter can learn and relate to. I have just learned to hunt as an adult, and Clay’s approach to topics are much more relatable for me than a lot of the other media available in the field.
  • Footlongdaddy
    I miss the bear hunting podcast !
    I really enjoy the cast , but feel like meat eater kind of took the shine out of the setup - I miss all the great hunting information that we used to get - history is cool but the hunting is the meat and taters!
  • Ben/CO
    Good Vibes
    Clay you bring joy to my life every Wednesday. Thank you Sir.
  • Big-D67
    Fantastic content
    I feel like Clay Newcomb is the Ken Burns of outdoors podcast. Great content, wonderfully told stories and topics that’ll keep you coming back every week.
  • PatDurk
    Consistent quality
    I respect the study and interviews that Clay puts into each podcast. Quality content. He never mails it in. I always learn something worthwhile.
  • Old Breed Outdoors
    Love the story telling
    Clay. Keep up the awesome work. You are a heck of a storyteller and always enjoy listening. Can’t wait to see where you take this.
  • dixiedawg80
    Well done
    Clay and his team get it. Well done and may your tribe increase!
  • Wilson the believer
    Can’t brag on this show enough
    My wife and family are probably sick and tired of me talking about this show every week. Back when Clay started appearing on meateater and their podcast I would just want the whole show to be Clay talking. Well ask and you shall receive and now since episode one this has been my favorite podcast.
  • ajbercier
    Great podcast.
    This is a great podcast very informative and easy to listen to I enjoy all parts of the show including the render. It doesn’t even bother me that he doesn’t know how to properly pronounce A-CORN.
  • papawheeliedon
    Clay, I’ve seen a Black Panther!
    I was headed west on Route 50 coming out of the Cheat River Valley about two miles east of Fellowsville, WV, one evening about dusk last spring. The Panther crossed the road directly in front of us from left to right. No house cat, this Panther had a tail that looked two feet long and from the nose to the tip of the tail was very nearly as long as the width of the lane I was driving in. No house cat, and black as coal. I loved episode one but it stung a little. Thanks for reading. Bear Grease is terrific. The production value is very high. Each episode is polished and very entertaining. Educational, clean and uplifting. When I’ve listened to all the episodes, I’ll go back and listen again and again.
  • Treeshine Brother
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    Really enjoy the content. Anyone who likes hunting, history, dogs , mules and music will probably like this show!
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