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Consider Molly Sims and her best friend Emese Gormley your new girlfriends on speed dial for all your pressing beauty and wellness needs. Is Botox a good idea? Should you try that new diet you saw on the Today Show? Molly and Emese have your back. With guests ranging from top health and beauty experts to their industry friends, you’ll get the scoop on the latest trends, which products and procedures to try, and which to run from-- and they just might be doing it all with a drink in hand. Prepare to be obsessed.

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  • LadyCVancouver
    The audio quality on this podcast is consistently poor. Maybe tech run throughs before recording could spot and alleviate problems. As a professional I was surprised the Lauren SD interview was even posted, it should have been scrapped and re-recorded later. As others have noted it’s often impossible to understand brand references and on Molly’s website the podcast pages only site the few product mentions that can be monitized.
  • Sllhb1977
    Best podcast
    Love love love this podcast! Never miss an episode!! Such amazing guests and beauty advice!!
  • Alaska_Allison
    Love this!
    I’ve always thought Molly was so gorgeous on Las Vegas. And the first episode I listened to pulled me in! Her and her bestie Em are such a vibe! It makes you want to call your girlfriends and have a drink and put on a face mask while doing it! Helps me get motivated and keeps me entertained to get cleaning done around the house while also learning so much about beauty, health and being a mom honestly! Love this you guys are awesome and make me want friends like y’all! 👏😄
  • geetripp
    Love this podcast
    I feel like they are my best friends!!! Love the honesty. Love the doctors on. Love the fashion and health. Love knowing what is new and best for hair and skin!!! OBSESSED.
  • Q16?g
    Self absorbed
  • MidwayDeb
    Love this pod!
    So glad I heard about Molly’s pod and listened in. Great guests and a lot of good info! Plus she’s a Kentucky gal! Congrats on #100!
  • tiffany20457
    Sound was bad
    Please improve sound!! Especially episode with Laura SD was so muffled :(
    The sound was very muffled
  • nntnyc
    Horrible audio!
    Was so excited for LSD episode, but couldn’t get past the horrible audio. So disappointing. LSD rarely does podcasts and it was impossible to catch a few of her recs. I think effort was made to correct here and there, but it was inconsistent and really poor job was done. It completely took away from the convo.
  • mojocapelli
    Lauren Santo Domingo episode quality was horrible. If you are giving advice and suggestions for beauty, skincare etc at least either spell out brands or include them in your notes. Otherwise what’s the point. Can’t understand half the time what are the brands you are talking about
  • swb200
    Love listening to Emese!
    She gives the best beauty suggestions, she takes her turn to talk and gives others the floor, and everything she says is intelligent, thoughtful and articulate.
  • NGG412
    Hooray for the fixed audio!
    Now that I can hear Molly and Emese clearly it’s great. I love hearing both of their insights on things and personalities and look forward to hearing more episodes in the future.
  • FLLaw32
    About time
    Finally, a beauty podcast with women who are comfortable being in their late forties! They are informative, speak with no vocal fry, and have realistic bodies and faces with flaws like the rest of us. Bravo!
  • MegRo1982
    A MUST
    Such a refreshing and real take on beauty topics that I’m always curious about. These two are a must listen for staying in the know and always give me a good laugh as well!!
  • LostGuineverre
    Top tier
    I love this podcast! I have been listening for a while now and while other podcasts soon fall off my list, this one is consistently awesome and stands above the rest. It’s pretty amazing how great these two are at interviewing and keeping a good conversation going. If only I had a bestie like Molly or Emese. So posh and pretty, but also down-to-earth and relatable. True stars!
  • Heathens13
    My new favorite podcast
    Love this podcast!! Found it on accident when I was searching for a new health podcast to listen to and immediately fell in love!! So informative and I’m learning so many new things. Have been binging ever since!!
  • Sara_Podcast
    This is getting redundant. Like they’ve run out of stuff to talk about. Plus guest audio quality is borderline unlistenable. Also- topics like hosting, or spending 800 dollars on a clothing item, aren’t relatable. Focus more on inner health than outward appearance.
  • Wnd1967
    My new addiction ❤️
    Love listening to this podcast, relatively new to my weekly staples. Thanks to you I am now addicted to Saie products, lol. Have been a super fan of Bobbi Brown forever, so that was funny , too. Love hearing you both keep it real and letting it all hang out!
  • DLWoll
    Love this podcast!
    Hi Molly, My sister mentioned this podcast to me in passing a few months ago and ever since I added it to my library, I have loved it! I am particularly interested in the health experts you have on. I find everyone and their findings so fascinating. I am curious if you’ve ever had someone on to speak about hydration/dehydration and how to properly replenish fluids in the body, especially for people who already drink a bountiful amount of water in day. If this already exists, please let me know the episode as I would love to hear it. I look forward to the next health topic! Thank you, Deidre ~ aspiring health guru
  • Norwegian hellcat
    Love, but please figure out your add breaks
    This is a really fun podcast that makes me feel like I am talking to my girlfriend. That being said, the are SO many ad breaks and the quality of the sound is terrible. I understand the need for ads but being a podcast lover I know there is a better way. Could you please keep them just a couple’s places in the episode and figure out how to improve the quality of sound? Thanks for the great content!
  • pebs2787
    Out of touch
    After listening to this weeks Podcast, I felt the hosts and guests were out of touch and un-relatable to most people who listen. They call $400 clothing pieces affordable. It’s like they’re always trying to brag about what designers they wear and one up each other on what brands they know and own. That’s just my take. Also, Molly mentions Macy’s a lot, who happen to be a sponsor. I don’t believe she actually shops there. That comes off unauthentic. Other than that, I like the Podcast when they talk beauty.
  • saradoane
    favorite pod for my afternoon walks.
    love the guests
  • FlamingoVA
    Favorite Podcast
    I have learned so much about health and wellness and look forward to listening to it every week. I love the way they summarize it on Mollys website so I can go back and find the products I want to buy easily. I generally listen while exercising and time just flies by.
  • Anniebananie747
    Light & Fresh
    Just discovered LOTR- listened to a couple episodes on my walk and workout- such nice vibes, great guests, digestible info with just a down to earth attitude. Thank you!!
  • Crisszee
    This is my first time listening to this podcast and I did like it however Molly interrupts way too much and it was getting super annoying. Let your guests speak, girl!!
  • alyssa_ny
    Please add a TW
    Please add a trigger warning if you speak about calorie counting… like in The Sami Clark episode. Please.
  • DCA6457
    Molly - Let Your Guests Talk
    I love this podcast but the hosts don’t let the guests talk! They are ON your podcast because you and your listeners want to hear what THEY have to say. I listened to the Stefanie Cove one today and Molly talked the whole time. They asked her several times for 3 ideas and they literally only ever let her get to maybe 2 before they chimed in and moved on.
  • woodymomma
    So informative
    I just love your podcast. You ask every question I would ask the guest. I look forward to each episode you do. Keep up the great work!!
  • STANserena
    Love this podcast
    Okay I loveeeeee this podcast. But I just need to say that Molly repeats a lotttttt of what Emese says! Emese will say something and Molly repeats it to whoever they are interviewing and I just don’t understand it! I love them both but sometimes I wish Emese could speak without Molly repeating or talking over. And I need to say this again, I loveeeee this podcast.
  • lem535
    Fun but sometimes annoying
    Love the podcast and all the insight and recommendations. Missed Emese when she was gone for a bit! Really value her insight and opinions, but sometimes Molly cuts her off and seems like she tries to one-up her. It can get annoying.
  • Jessicarrobbins
    I like the content but a few things..
    I love the content of this podcast and the hosts are so fun! I want to like it more but Molly will ask two/three questions at once and only let her guest answer one, and we don’t get to hear the other answers which is frustrating! Also the questions seem a little all over the place and the guests get cut off a lot by Molly bringing it back to herself, I get she maybe is trying to relate but at the end of the day it’s an interview!
  • eks0314
    Good but…..
    I do listen to this podcast semi- regularly however, im confused why Molly Sims not only cuts off her co-host (who definitely has good insight and perspective), but Molly repeats everything Emma says. Im not sure why, but it’s pretty annoying and cringey.
  • lindsayFruns
    Love the beauty recs, but hate the constant repetition
    This podcast is great when it comes to beauty recs & the hosts seem very easy to talk to, but molly is like a parrot & repeats EVERYTHING Emese & the guests say. Every other phrase or sentence is her repeating something & it is incredibly annoying & makes the podcast hard to listen to.
  • carolinearnottdress
    Like having a cocktail with your friends
    I love love love this podcast! Molly and Emese strike the perfect balance between keeping it real, honest, and making each conversation so much fun. I love the diverse voices they feature across some of the most credible doctors, social media influencers, gurus and business women. It feels just like gabbing with my best girlfriends. I've truly learned so much from these ladies and count down the days each week for a new release. I wish it were a daily podcast!
  • WendyJanda
    Let your guests speak!
    Learned about this podcast today, chose an older episode to listen to and couldn’t finish it. Hosts constantly interrupting guest and speaking over each other.
  • A different Molly
    BEST beauty (inside and out) podcast
    A friend told me to check it out, that it was better than the rest. So so true!!! It’s entertaining and fun but also insightful. I have found myself even taking notes on some of the podcasts! My new favorite products are LOTR recommendations.
  • Margaret Chaffee
    Chic Mom Guides
    Molly & Emese are go-to guides for chic grand millennial moms. It’s like grabbing coffee with your very down to earth, very chic and in the know, kind girlfriends. They keep it real and dish all the best tips. Love this podcast!
  • LP1009878
    Dream team!!!
    Love Lipstick on the Rim! Such easy to listen to and informative episodes. They break down topics on everyone’s mind and ask the questions I want answers to! Molly and Emese are relatable, fun, authentic and funny!
  • kc_sully
    Love this podcast!!
    This is my go to beauty podcast! I always love the guests , tips and questions/discussions. A must listen!
  • jalisebower
    Love these women. Gives us all hope and positive vibes. They make me feel excited about the future instead of the doom and gloom that comes with aging!
  • KShonzie
    Favorite Podcast
    I adore this podcast and all the knowledge they drop weekly!!! I get so excited every week when a new one comes out. Thanks for bringing me so much joy ❤️
  • 5678hello
    This podcast is my beauty go to!!! I have learned so much info and love listening to Molly, Emese and each guest!! Such a great podcast!!
  • musiclover0613
    All podcasts
    I learn something from every podcast!! So fun bc I usually share tips and notes with my 20 something daughters (who are big fans of skinny confidential) and they do the same 💕
  • no_bitch_bible
    In an ad about gut health she refers to the GI tract as the Glycemic Index tract when it’s actually the Gastrointestinal tract. Very cringey, not a wellness expert but not even close to a wellness enthusiast when she can’t even be bothered to do the smallest amount of research and fact checking
  • Jaclynn Rowenhorst
    A woman’s guide to being FABULOUS
    This podcast makes you feel like you are chatting it up with your best friends and spilling all the beauty tea. It’s a feel good listen, and will inspire you to be your best self inside and out.
    Something for Everyone
    Definitely a labor of love for these two lovely duos!! It's relatable and authentic. Simply resonates. Check it out.
  • MostdefiniteNat
    Fun, upbeat, and informative!
    Love this podcast. I’ve been a fan of Molly’s for years. She’s got a great sense of humor and her podcast feels like you’re hanging out with your chicest girlfriends. I love that Lipstick on the Rim covers serious/ important health topics with renowned doctors and also light, fun topics like beauty and fashion. It’s my favorite thing to put on after dropping my kids off at school. Thanks for the great podcast Molly and Emese!
  • courtneygoss
    My first and only podcast & I’m HOOKED!
    As a working mom of 2 I needed some “me time” so I started walking and listening to Moly Sim’s podcast. I prioritize this time because I can’t wait to listen to the latest advice from Mollys experts! She too is a working mom and I trust the people and products she has vetted. This should be every mom’s go to podcast!
  • alr0089
    I absolutely love these girls. Their friendship radiates through all the episodes, and their love for beauty is so genuine. All of the guests are amazing and I have learned so much!!! @alexisridgeway loves you!!!
  • NV23!
    Loving this Beauty Podcast!
    They talk all things beauty! I’m a skin care junkie and appreciate this podcast so much! They bring on all sorts of doctors including dermatologists… it’s so informative. Love, love, love! Happy 1 year!
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