Lipstick on the Rim


Consider Molly Sims and her best friend Emese Gormley your new girlfriends on speed dial for all your pressing beauty and wellness needs. Is Botox a good idea? Should you try that new diet you saw on the Today Show? Molly and Emese have your back. With guests ranging from top health and beauty experts to their industry friends, you’ll get the scoop on the latest trends, which products and procedures to try, and which to run from-- and they just might be doing it all with a drink in hand. Prepare to be obsessed.

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  • syd2921
    Great guest interviews!
    Overall love the guest interviews and find the content real and informative, like the kind of stuff I’d be able to quiz my best friend for and expect honesty, but also informed and good info.
  • vantiki594
    Here for Devin
    Here to listen to Devin! Love hearing her story
  • ClaudiaRoseCara
    Fabulous podcast to listen to in the background while doing some light house work or professional work. Keeps me entertained, grounded and inspired!
  • Weller17
    Great Guests
    Learning more about health and beauty than I ever knew I needed from your conversations with your incredible guests!! Thank you!!
  • Ms. Macro
    My favorite podcast
    Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m talking to my best girlfriends. I love how real and raw it is. I also love the choice of guests and all the information you learn from listening. Thank you and keep em coming! XOXO
  • Leslie Browning
    Go To Podcast
    So fun to listen to and makes my mornings brighter. All things beauty and keeps me out to date! Love love love.
  • Scandinaviababy
    The. Best.
    It’s funny how listening to two girls on a podcast could make you feel like you’re in “their real friendship circle” when we haven’t ever met, but that’s how I feel. Maybe one day I’ll actually meet them (since I am from KY 💙), but for now I love laughing, learning and being inspired by these two incredible mamas, women entrepreneurs and friends. When I listen to one episode and I’m caught up, I can’t wait until the next episode comes out. I’m always eager to look up the products they mention. Fun fact: I’ve had incredible long hair my entire life. How I swam in college with it everyday is still a mystery. Since having kids I’ve been losing hair the past two years….I have tried everything. I feel like I’m losing part of my identity. I’ve cried many a nights about it especially when my hair dresser says we need to cut a few more inches to make it look healthy and not stringy. What?!? How did it get this bad?!? What if I lose all my hair?!!! I know it’s NOT my identity but it does make me feel beautiful when it’s healthy. I never thought that I would ever have an issue with hair. Because of THIS sweet BEAUTY podcast and the talk about losing hair and finding a endocrinologist, I asked for bloodwork to test my thyroid and iron. I had no idea I would be borderline anemic and that could be linked to my hair loss! Thank YOU Molly & Emese for being so raw, honest, entertaining and informative. Thank you for covering this topic and introducing these guests. It really means the world to me and has helped me get back on the track to feeling beautiful again. I don’t have my long hair all back yet, but I’m working on it. I know it takes time. Due with baby #3 here in about 2 weeks, and I’m so so SO glad I learned about iron deficiency and prepping before I lose more hair nursing and adjusting with a newborn again. Sending so much love and praying for so many blessings for you girls and your families! Annnnnd you best believe I’ll be having a Paloma after this baby girl is born to celebrate!! 💖🙋🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️
  • britt steel
    Coolest girlfriends
    I love this podcast. It’s like the best part of girlfriends - honest, authentic, helpful and focused on bringing out the best in us all.
  • LindseyB77
    Love this podcast!
    I so enjoy listening to this podcast. It does make me want to buy allll the beauty products, so I just have to pick and choose which ones I need the most! I can relate to so much in the podcast and always look forward to the next episode!
  • janet.jane
    Love this podcast 💋
    Nothing I look forward to like a new episode of lipstick on the rim!!! The best!!
  • lgprincess
    Love this podcast so much :) look forward to every new episode. Thank you ❤️
  • megan@podcastingyou
    Amazing Content!
    Molly and Emese do such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be entertained and informed!
  • strove44
    Vapid, fatphobic. So much about weight loss, dieting, etc. it’s 2021 let’s do better!
  • 2bhoney
    No thanks
    This was difficult to listen to because of the constant interrupting and self-absorbed chatter by the host.
  • Q16?g
    Great guests but the hosts tell too many stories about themselves. Also way too much cursing in the Collins interview
  • MaddieY9
    Was excited but this isn’t great.
    So much interrupting, cursing, and pretty self absorbed. Molly constantly talks and won’t let anyone get a word in.
  • Jennyg1234
    It’s her right to be self-centered
    But it’s not enjoyable to listen to. Vapid and vain, the opposite of smart and empowering content. The guests are good but the hosts are not. I’m sure Molly is a lovely person but her own issues and insecurities cloud the podcast too much.
  • Choxigurl
    Great guests but…
    Stop interrupting them so we can hear them speak! 3 stars for the guests
  • Jencooks21
    Too many “like”s!
    Tried to listen to the latest episode and the guest saying “like” was unbearable. I’m from CA and I understand the urge to use “like” but this was painful. Had to turn it off. Good news is Molly has improved on her use of the word “literally”.
  • Linda4109
    Humble brag
    Had to stop listening, too much about their fab life but slightly trying to tame it down 🙄
  • Charlotteljarrett
    Let the guests speak
    The most frustrating podcast I have ever listened to. You don’t let the guests speak, constantly cut them off with commentary no one cares about- what is the point in asking guests questions if you don’t let them answer?! I wanted to hear what the endocrinologist had to say and especially what he eats in a day- but you cut him off and never let him finish then jumped on to the next stupid thing about yourself. This podcast has potential….but if you want it to be all about what you have to say- don’t have guests.
  • ShannonBT
    Beauty Obsessed!
    I love it! This podcast is fun and informative. Who cares if it’s not all relatable? Take what you want and leave the rest. Enjoy two friends chatting and enjoying each other and their guests.
  • Raising Helene
    So close
    I think the hosts have great personalities and their topics and guess are on point. I am right smack in the middle of their demographic. I really want to love this show. BUT What is the point of having amazing experts like Dr. Geller and barely letting him get a word in? Really really wanted to hear what he had to say (even more than I wanted to hear random, unrelated tidbits from your personal life). I hope the feedback is helpful, I really do!
  • xoler9191
    Almost there…
    I feel like this is the podcast I have always wanted to listen to, all things beauty and wholistic health. I’ve been following Molly for years and I love her content. As other reviewers have shared, it can be frustrating as a listener when the guests don’t have an opportunity to answer. I so appreciate all the questions Molly and her friend bring to the table, but they often interrupt the answer and get off topic to where it’s never answered. I’m not giving up and I’m sure it’s a learning curve but I do hope this improves!
  • angis1111
    Too many F bombs
    There are times and places where using an F bomb are appropriate, but every sentence. It’s just filler when you don’t have the vocabulary to express yourself. Hard to listen to because it distracts from the conversation. Not a fan.
  • kvart1215
    Why Bother with Guests?
    Molly interrupts her featured guests with unsolicited, personal and oftentimes, pointless commentary. The concept behind this LOTR has great potential. Too bad! If you’re into the content of this podcast, check out Breaking Beauty.
  • Clever and entertaining
    Know your audience
    I started following Molly on her you tube channel and loved every episode. I loved her down to earth approach while sharing all things beauty and insider tips. On this podcast with her best friend - there is a little more obvious distance that they are wealthy and mot the every day woman. Her best friend references her nanny frequently reminding us that she is not your every day working mom which puts distance between a "them" and "us" that was never present on her you tube episodes. Some good info exists but sometimes topics go off topic and get awkward.
  • petitesparrow
    Needs to stop mumbling
    Please speak louder into the mic and enunciate. The context sounds good but hard to hear at times btw you and the guest.
  • Bgoodman123
    Let the guest speak
    So hard to listen to this…..I was so excited to hear the guest speak but he was lucky to get two sentences out before being interrupted. So frustrating.
  • meegirls1111111
    Dr Geller
    I like you guys but you did not allow Dr Geller to answer a single question. It was very informative info and you continually cut him off with commentary. Please have him on again and allow him to address topics.
  • EliseSeaton
    LOVE Molly but let the guest speak!
    I am a huge fan of Molly and absolutely love the concepts she brings to her podcast but as a listener it’s frustrating to want to hear what the guest has to say but Molly keeps cutting them off. I am sure this is just a learning curve to hosting a podcast but I am hoping she hears it because this podcast could be pure gold!
  • Gracie6293
    Let the guests speak
    I really liked the first couple of episodes but the one with Dr. Geller about hormones was extremely interrupted and he was never able to complete his explanations. I think it’s something you have to learn as a new podcast host to speak less about what you’re own experience is (as the host) and ask more questions about what you feel the audience will benefit from. I will keep listening but I hope more comments like this will improve the pod! Love Molly and all her social media content
  • Quietstormkay
    Absolutely the best information, looking for a doctor immediately. I have all of these symptoms no one believes and never was encouraged to see this type of doctor, and taking my husband. Also getting rid of Plastic!! Love you girls!! Keep it coming!!
  • ckajfftx
    It has potential buuuuut…
    I have listened to all the episodes and I really like the guests, but some how every single episode they talk about losing weight. I’m sure we all want to lose weight, but it’s just excessive at this point. Like I would have loved to hear more from the endocrinologist (hormonal imbalances, markers for thyroid issues, what to watch for, etc.), but instead a ton of the episode was about what he eats in a day…?
  • pawdcast
    So much interrupting
    The content really has potential but it was hard to get through half an episode because Molly interrupts to talk about herself. She needs to learn how to interview and remember this is a podcast and viewers are interesting in hearing the guests.
  • ETZ21
    I’m torn…like the content but needs hosting work
    Molly whispers at the beginning so I turn up the volume but then my ears get blasted when anyone else starts talking. Then she goes on to speak normally throughout the rest of the show. Strange. She also interrupts the guests all the time. She interrupts them to tell some story that isn’t related or doesn’t make sense. She also speaks on health related matters without doing much research. Keep it to the experts (the guests you have on). I will keep listening in case she reads the comments and the show gets better… as I love the content.
  • lexielooooo
    Love the honesty!!
    Love Molly’s realness and honesty! Topics we all want to know related to beauty and Heath!! Love it!! Like hanging with your besties!!
  • xomegandoh
    Love you guys!
    Love this show so far! Always looking for new content to consume. My only suggestion is to be careful about interrupting your guests. This latest episode drove me crazy because you wouldn’t let the doctor answer your questions without interjecting! Besides that you guys are so cute and have great guests :) <3
  • bluue20
    Let the guests speak!
    This podcast has good bones and I love the topics but Molly doesn’t let anyone speak, always shoves her own personal life in while the guests are trying to speak and always talks about her weight and how skinny she only wants to be. While I’m sure it’s what we all want, it comes across badly and might even be sending a questionable message.
  • Shan023
    My new favorite podcast. The best product info and advice, paired with awesome energy. I love listening every single week.
  • Lara B11
    Love all things beauty
    This podcast is right up my ally. I can talk beauty all day. I have loved every episode so far and I hope they continue with the amazing content. Love you ladies.
  • lovelife29
    Terrible Episode with Dr Rady
    I’m not averse to plastic surgery but this episode was so terrible! Talk about upholding unrealistic body standards for women. Dr Rady (who I should note is male) was body shaming women after giving birth saying that their stomachs “looked like an alien came out of them” I am all for looking and feeling your best, and if plastics work for you that’s great. But the name calling over postpartum should have no place in 2021 on a woman hosted podcast.
  • Jayne "Sunny" Bauman
    They Interrupt Constantly!!
    OMG...seriously? The guests should be allowed to answer a question and finish a sentence without being interrupted.
  • kellbranv
    So fun!
    This podcast is so fun to listen to!! I love the interesting people they interview and they keep me laughing
  • Katbev
    Let your guests talk
    I binged 3 episodes and really like Molly and Emese’s interaction, topics, and guests. I noticed with nutritionist and author Ilana M, they would ask her a question but either not let her answer or interrupt her answer and never let her finish. I truly think they were just excited to talk to her and didn’t keep in mind it wasn’t just the 3 of them having a conversation. All of the listeners want to hear what she has to say, too.
  • Kbenaby
    I love the inside skinny on their lives --great guests and tips!
  • Sunshineandwine
    I’m loving this Podcast! As a former assistant beauty editor at Mademoiselle Magazine I’m obsessed with everything beauty! It’s so great to listen in with Molly and Emese. They are so fun, knowledgeable and honest. Im also, loving the guests, super informational, I listen with a pen and paper, (and a Paloma)! I highly recommend tuning in!
  • Christiflan
    Molly Sims. Seriously...everything she does I love.
    I love Molly’s candor, lightheartedness & info. I think everything she does is just fabulous. 💖💖
  • Clearlily
    A mom/beauty/friends/fun/honest podcast that doesn’t take themselves too seriously in a time of so much seriousness. Much Needed. Thank you 💯♥️!
  • aanon875
    Stop interrupting your guests !
    Good guests, but the hosts continually interrupt them to talk about themselves. Ouch.The hosts could really use some media training.
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