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Helloooo!!! Thank you for listening.
🌸 Every Sunday I make an episode to comfort or just entertain you guys.
🌸 I also have polls to get a clear answer as to what to post next.
🌸 I post everything in Nonbinary Y/N and I don’t do 18+ stuff or Lemons. Only fluff :).

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  • Larichai
    ♥️So Good!♥️
    So good keep it up! I love listening to you,and your voice,it’s so calming!I have a request for you, but can you do a Shoto todorki x listener female? Thanks,Keep it up!
    More edit audios??? Awesome podcast tho
  • mr.Ducky?
    I love this so much Can you do more anime tik toks Please :) Also when you where singing cake it sounds really good you should sing more songs Also I can tell why it is explicit it’s because there i a chance of smut ,angst, triggers, 18+ content, and some swearing ,also can you do a hawks x non- binary listener please :D Update : 9-13-23 Sooooo I’m kinda obsessed with miraculous ladybug 🫣 Can you do a tik tok compilation but with them?? Ty
  • Madoria_todoroki💕
    Can you do a deku x listener. I've wanted to make my own for a while but I'm not confident enough to do it. Thanks
  • ♥️ TD2
    Request ❤️
    Can you do a inuyasha X non binary listener It’s my favorite show and I’m hoping you can do it!
  • dog fry Frito run
    Hi I love this :)
  • nacho_cheeselover
    imagine how quackity would feel 🙍🏻‍♂️🔫’ (Still i like the tt audios)
  • Bukise2768
    It’s bad to
    Bro put helloooo from miss.Doubtfire in the about 💀
  • 🇳🇴🇵🇦🇵🇳🇷🇪🇸🇲
    I love this podcast
    ☺️😊🥰 you right i am horny but Iida is so hot 🥴
  • Tubbo_likes_bees_
    Hi !!
    Don’t get me wrong, I love your podcast!! But, could you add more edit audios and more writing tip compilations?? If so, that would be awesome!! Have a good day or night, and thank you!
  • ohdatsjustsunni
    Ohmigosh I’ve missed listening to your podcast
    I’m so glad that your making more podcasts the audios are amazing and if you ever decide to quit yes I will be sad but it’s your choice and I will respect that if you end up making more podcasts I have a suggestion maybe you could make at least two podcasts for on week and you can have the rest of the week off try to go at your own pace and make sure you don’t get stressed because it will only make you feel worse (I’m not try to speak for you or tell you what to do I’m just suggesting this you don’t really have to read it) thank you for your amazing podcast!
  • unkown bhjdh
    Outstanding 🤩 but…
    It is so good but can you do more villain edit audios pls 🥺🙏
  • Tomanypodcadttolistento
    I love this
    I love this podcast great to sleep to love background music keep up the good work!!! Also what background music do you use it’s so soothing.Update: heyyy I understand if you want to quit it’s understandable people move on.Hope you feel better!
  • Popcorn-puff
    Your voice is so pretty!! I love listening to your podcast, I find it really comforting and soothing. ♥️
  • hfdbhdhrhrjtjrv
    This is so cool
    Omg this is the best it’s really amazing 🤩
  • Belgian:Waffle🧇
    I love your voice sm.
    Q: How much times have you listened to the podcast just to hear her voice? A: Yes. Whenever I turn on your podcast, I forget whatever I was doing. I forgot to bathe my dog.
  • Yurio Fukushima
    Dear Person who made this podcast channel,
    Do you wanna keep this channel going? I know people are like “I love this Podcast, so PLEASE don’t leave”. In the end of the day it is not their opinions that matter it is yours, if you feel like you are not achieving anything other than entertainment for your audience with your content then maybe you should focus on something else. I did like this podcast channel, I do hope IF you leave that you find something you will always be interested in. Sincerely, Yurio Fukushima.
  • cuppppp~
    Can you please do a toga x listener smut if thats ok? If not its fine! I really like your podcasts!
  • KittyLanks on Roblox
    Wow! :)
    Your amazing I love to listen to your podcasts and your a good singer.I totally recommend listening to you. Lots of love :)!
  • violetevergardenlmao
    Request!!! 🖤
    Do you think you could do a Eddie Dear comfort audio from welcome home OR a reverse comfort kirishima? (Reverse comfort is the listener comforting the person/character if ya didn’t know) THANK YOUSSSSS 🖤🖤🖤🖤
  • reeheewee
    I love this pod!!
    I love this podcast smmm!! It’s so calming to listen too while I work! (Also could you do a Hanta Sero X Non-binary Y/N pls?)
  • adehvim
    Can you please can do Bakugo
  • My hero academia fan kid
    My favorite my hero academia character’s
    Toga toduroki izuku ochoko dabi all might denki because he is funny when he uses to much of his quirk tenya tsuyu tokoyami momo eri tomura mt.lady
  • 🫠kika🥹
    I love these and I love the audios
  • 10294648392736!:8375!;'
    I love your work, next time you make a song can it be resistance please?
  • As static
    Amazing work
    Love your work it makes my day so much. And I listen to the edit audios when I ride the bus. I love u too our audio so much!!!!!!!!
  • Roxi 🌸
    You’re awesome!
    My birthday was last month and I’ve been forgetting to comment, I love your podcast and I don’t know if you do shoutouts but if you do maybe can I get one? ❤️
  • peyton89765465
    Love the edits
    Could you add more edit audios please the are really awesome 😁😁😁😵‍💫😵‍💫
  • Its me cake 🍰
  • Starwarsruleforever
    More pls 😌
    One word: AMAZING. Your podcasts are amazing love it and can we get more MHA x listeners like fem listener or male/nb if you can. Can we get like more Todoroki with like angst things pls and ty. Love ur podcasts keep up the amazing work and ur voice is so SLAY!
    Do Todoroki
    He is my favorite
  • Jdawgg9001
    These song are just so good I am a super villain now
  • its too cute☺️
    Ur voice is so calming and I absolutely adore the toga Himiko one! and obviously she wanna drink my blood😂 I literally just can’t get enough! keep making this beautiful podcasts ✨ request: can u make a hanako x female lister (from toilet bound hanako kun) it would make my day☺️
  • Shrek-san👹
    I love it! But it’s mostly mha- I’m not complaining! But if I could suggest a few other animes, that’d be great!^^ 1. Deathnote 2. Hunter x Hunter 3. Naruto 4. Fairy Tale I know you mostly do anime, but can you pleeeeaaaase do more Genshin Impact?🥺 And maybe a few Twisted Wonderland and Obey me oneshots? If you could do one Mha one as a yandere Ochako x female! Reader/listener, that’d be great!! And if you do a Deathnote one, can you start Love Note(found one wattpad)
  • cat of justice
    I just wanted to say that THE STUFF YOU MAKE SLAYS and just a little request could you do a toga x fem listener, THANK YOU EVEN IF YOU DONT MAKE IT CAUSE IT DOESNT MATTER BECAUSE YPU ALREADY HAVE SUCH AMAZING CONTENT
  • -anime-fnaf-queen-
    Heeeey! :D
    Ik that this is an anime pod so I have a request. Could u do a yuri (from ddlc) x fem listener or a toga x fem listner?
  • . ;-;
    AhHhHh iTs ThE BESt
    So amazing! I listen to this before I fall asleep every night!!! Could you do asawia x listener (i totally spelled it wrong didn’t I lol)
  • hey_gurl^-^
    I love your voice! Just hearing it makes you seem like a nice person!👍🏽😊👍🏽
  • ^Milo Yumi^
    You slay <3
    I really love this,keep up the good work!! But I have a ~^Request^~ (For when you get time)..Can you do another Tomura Shigaraki x NB! Listener? I really liked the last one except for the ending- Thanksss 💞
  • 💕✨your_safe_place✨💕
    ✨Do you like dekuxbakugo✨🎋and demon slayer🎋
    So I love the podcasts you are powerful
  • volleyball grl 13
    I love this!!❤️
    You are doing a great job with this!! It always helps me calm down and I love to fall asleep listening to it. I’m not sure where we are supposed to send requests but if you could do a Kirishima x se!f h@rm listener that would be really nice. Keep up the great work!😁
  • t(*bt(tyh
    OMG I flippin love you
    Hi my question is when is your birthday because I want to throw a party 🎉 for me,you and your fans
  • 💚💙HxH & ANIME FAN💙💚
    Beautiful queen
    I love your singing voice omg btw who do you ship-??? Also the anime x listener is kinda calming during the day/night-…
  • Kayla-never give up
    Make more Dabi
    Can you please make more that have Dabi in it please?
  • NotTodayGirly
    I wrote my review like, forever ago. 😥😓. Why u saying no to me? I’m confused. Also, love your nickname. Nvm. I realized. What would you ship then? God I swear Uraraka and Deku will kill me!
  • Metal sonic🚨 r
    “BakuDeku Monster AU”
    NigHtmAre LoVe… NO.
  • unicorn girl spit
    Great voice, cute cover
    Love ur voice~😽 U sound like Millie Bobby Brown a little bit XD sorry~🙂 Keep going!~⭐️ ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎ ❤️
  • dum😅
    Abt your new post :`
    I am mostly like you I really love mha make more post plz anyway Me myself I’m a libra XD anyway FULL SUPPORT <3 can’t wait for you to start posting again
  • Doctor_axolotol
    Love this podcast
    Do you think you can do some more Tenya Iida stories he is a my favorite character you don’t have to but it would be cool. I really love this podcast I listen to it when I am doing homework keep up the good work. 👍
  • smallchild37454
    Hii I’m Autumn
    I’m also a lEsBiAn lol I’m and Aquarius I’m 12 years old and I was wondering if we could be friends lol
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