Erotic short Stories and Sensual Roleplays


Hi, I'm Mia, welcome to Erotic Stories Podcast. Every Friday I upload a new episode and read a new story to get you in the mood. This a place to indulge and unleash your wildest fantasies. My stories and roleplays are full of different characters from naughty librarians to seductive spy's. If you would like to send me any sensual roleplay scripts or erotic short stories to read out, please send them to

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Recent Reviews
  • i really like the podcaat:!/@(
    It’s fine
    It gets kinda old but I still listen to it
  • Saltylife28
    Move along
    This podcast is everything that’s wrong with mens sexual health in the world. Nothing but stories about big dicks and supermodels.
  • Yesssssssssssd
    Narrator needs practice
    We listened to another podcast with this same narrator. Why doesn’t he read the script like you’d read a play? He doesn’t read with enthusiasm (just a flat monotone voice), doesn’t pause at punctuations or end of sentences, just randomly stops mid sentence. Hard to tell when one character stops talking and the next one starts. And I know it shows an “E” for the rating, but please... can’t someone read a story and make it sexually intriguing without all the porn language?
  • MarzWithAHat
    It’s- fine
    I like the story lines, I just dislike the narrator.
  • bullwn1
    good podcast
  • Poonslayer#1
    Great show
    Your show helps me pass the day. I never thought I would listen to a pod cast like this but I love it. Keep up the great job. My girlfriend is really looking forward to when I get home now that I’m all worked up when I walk they the door. 😜
  • hey.i'm.halo.
    okay, so, i haven’t listened to it but it seems like some people enjoy this type of stuff so i won’t judge it that much. i like how you added some lgbtq+ stuff in here. otherwise i don’t rly like the idea, but then again, i’m asexual soooooo
  • Bend me over.
    Cuffed and spanked
    Would love have the same thing happen to me but with a paddle instead.
  • dnatcher3
    Audio no no
    Love the concept but the sound is astronomically terrible.
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