Animation Deliberation: Marvel Studios What If...?


A podcast dedicated to discussing and celebrating the best action focused animated series, cartoons and films.

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  • forestskywalker69
    Great cast
    Been listening to the MCU podcast for the past couple years, and recently started checking out Animation Deliberation for my boy J Scotty (Jay? Jaye? Jae? Probably J, but what does it stand for? I digress) Great coverage on What If… if you like Marvel. This cast actually makes me want to finally get around to watching clone wars like everyone has been telling me for the past decade.
  • Mcmcbeanbean
    Cartoons Considered
    This show takes on animation seriously and with fun takes. There are podcasts out there that analyze cinematography performances and pacing for live-action films. This pod gives animation projects the same type of in-depth look. The hosts are quick and smart with their comments and I’ll be back for any animation I’m watching or even considering.
  • LoveAndThunder
    Podcast Review
    As a fan of animated series, cartoons and films, this podcast is wonderful to listen to!
  • Joeboi100
    Don’t get me wrong I’m fine with language all throughout a podcast. But what I don’t love is politics. A few jokes here and there never hurts but I just hate hearing about politics when I’m trying to sit back and enjoy my escape from reality. I’m rather new so I hope it continues to be as awesome as it is now!
  • BigPro67
    Great podcast
    Been listening for only a little while but these guys are the best. Always help me pass the time at work when I load up these guy’s podcast! Keep up the good work! Really entertaining the whole time!
  • Manda404
    Fun In Depth Podcast!
    Found this after listening to the MCU podcast and watching the new What If… series. I’ve never been into animated shows much but I just had to find a show diving in to the MCU’s first animated series and this podcast delivered! Excellent work
  • Mr.R156
    Really Awesome
    This show has some awesome commentary about animation and I like how broad their concepts are.
  • mattee18
    Old Panda reaching for new bamboo
    I have been a fan of the MCU cast for years and I am finally dipping my toes in some of the other casts. I have always liked the Star Wars animation and now that Marvel has jumped it I gave this a try. My only disappointment is that I didn’t start listening sooner! If you like animation that is not just for kids, this is a must go to pod. Keep up the great work!
  • Prime liver
    So good
    Love this show. I’m new but adults talking about animation is something I need more of. High recommend
  • DaBears0520
    New to the Stranded Panda Universe
    Really enjoying all the great content throughout all your different podcast specifically MCU related so far. Looking forward to diving in to the other universes soon. Keep up the great work and thank you!
  • My Little Melody
    Fun Pod!!!
    Really enjoyed this pod! Cool way to look at animation! Hosts are knowledgeable and funny.
  • Decath30
    Great Addition to the Pandaverse
    I’m glad you guys added this show for those of us that have a wider scope than just the live action marvel movies. It’s great to know this will cover other shows like invincible that are also favorites of mine. I love the deep dives and attention to detail, because you get so much more than your typical recaps and reviews. Keep it up!!!
  • DanDMan1015
    It’s so good to know that animation is for adults too!
  • williamson97
    Love you 300000000
    You guys rock ! Love the break down of the what if episodes . Love the respect you constantly throw towards Chadwick Boseman.
  • Cmont
    What if… you gave this pod a follow?
    Genuine podcast that answers any questions about animated shows/films. I didn’t actually enjoy the first episode of what if on Disney+. I gave up on that show. Upon listening to the episodes here covering the next few episodes, I decide to give it another chance with some of the opinions here in mind. They got me back. They gave me the insight into why things were important in certain scenes and what specific things meant. I also always enjoy the speculation they provide for the future.
  • Arloly1
    I love this! I don’t really watch animated shows but when I do I love listening to this podcast to see what they say! Overall really great listen.
  • poojnan
    Great network!
    Like the energy of the hosts!
  • Bikingethicistrambo
    Just recently got into animation and I love having this show to discuss it, especially the Disney shows
  • raeliiza
    What If…?
    Hopped over from the MCU podcast when the What If show started releasing and i’m SOON happy I did.
  • Antiwhamite
    Great podcast. I look forward to every episode. 5/5 Would subscibe again
  • Gregadeth 666
    Animaniacs unite
    Star Wars! Young Justice! What If!! Its all there. J Scotty you need to watch the clone wars and review it too!!!
  • IsaacZefo
    Love this show!
    Being able to geek out about animated content is so fun! These guys really take stuff like What If for example so seriously and it makes me enjoy the content so much more!
  • shawn@horrorcommentary
    Not Stranded Not Pandas Just HILARIOUS!
    Love the passion for the MCU!
  • BioMajorUM
    New to animation and loving this cast
    Found this show for what if? And really enjoying the cast and episodes.
  • Chrisfromthesouth
    Fun podcast
    Have really enjoyed it so far.
  • r d not impressed
    Good podcast
    I heard about this from the MCU podcast and its really good
  • THE_Tony_Stank
    Animation deliberation podcast
    Hearing everything going on with the what if series makes my day! Thank you all so much for making these podcasts!
  • amazerAM
    Great what if coverage
    This show is great for all animation lovers and especially if you like the marvel show what if
  • OmegaGodzilla_66
    Great Ideas
    Lots of interesting ideas and thoughts. Coverage of What If is amazing!
  • DaveO_cala
    Love the detail!
    You guys do such a great job with attention to detail! I really appreciate all of your insight and banter!
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎🦾
    Love you 3000
    I got into this show with young justice and invincible, you do a great job and you even got a bunch of my friends to watch these shows. My friends didn’t like animated shows but because of you it is now something that I can share with them so thank you for that.
  • chayes35
    Cartoons are for kids (at heart)
    AD takes the Saturday morning cartoons of today and dives deep into them. Anime, dis+, Cartoon Network, fox ... all the shows are on the table and they know what's up! Check out what they are doing. It's a fun conversation you'll be glad you have!
  • TJ Stafford
    Continuing to impress!!
  • masonica16
    Perfect if you’re a nerd like me who isn’t an animator
    I’m no animator and my knowledge is limited to BTS footage and some YouTube videos. What these guys are doing is talking about the medium from the perspective of trying to get people to see it as a true medium for entertainment, not just a children’s thing. For that, they deserve a lot of respect.
  • Joe McDevitt
    Super great takes
    I love animation. I think it’s the best content out there and having this podcast to supplement it is great!
  • ZzzzzzWwwwww
    Juuuust a little obsessed with you guys..
  • Timmy._.Goodman
    What if… I found this podcast sooner
    I started this podcast with the what if based episodes and holy cow. The time and effort put into each episode is clear as day. As soon as I finish the episode on Disney plus I RUN to this podcast and refresh until I see the new episode. Great job!
  • Melody1234567890$&@
    Love their breakdowns!
    Very entertaining
  • BigBlueWildcat!
    Nothing better!!!
    Won’t find a better podcast out there!!
  • Of newsy
    Awesome podcast
    Just added recently. What a great show to find!
  • SeanJawn
    Awesome animation analysis
    These hosts really know their action adventure animation!
  • Joey Mitch
    Another great stranded panda podcast!
  • MrReal4Real
    “Drawing” new conclusions!
    I enjoy animation but u guys really upped my appreciation a notch. Keep up the great work!!
  • jcnaber
    Love It
    So glad y’all are doing this with Marvel. Keep up the awesome work y’all!
    I’m such a fan! It’s amazing and my friends know me as the resident animation geek
  • Tori Arnold
    Stranded Panda Army
    I love all of the Stranded Panda podcasts!
  • Ju@ncito80
    What if... ?
    This is the best show for their breakdowns.
  • Bmn33
    Great new find
    Just added this fun pod to my listen list. nixonbm33
  • Steviepooooo
    J Scotty is For Real!
    Really enjoy the show. Keep up the great work loyal pandas!
  • squishybob316
    Great show!
    While I don’t know much about animation besides Star Wars clone wars and marvels what if, this podcast has brought me further into the world of animation through those shows and others! Great show
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