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Join clinical psychologist and mom of three Dr. Becky Kennedy on her weekly podcast, as she takes on tough parenting questions and delivers actionable guidance—all in short episodes, because we know time is hard to find as a parent. Her breakthrough approach has enabled thousands of people to get more comfortable in discomfort, make repairs after mistakes, and always see the good inside. You'll gain the tools to embody your authority while developing a stronger parent-child connection, helping you become the parent you want to be and helping your child develop the skills necessary for life success.

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  • Sherry Ann Marie
    As a momma & a seasoned preschool teacher you are SO spot on and have a way of keeping things simple. Appreciate how aligned you are to our school philosophy! Will you do an episode on separation anxiety for parents of preschoolers? Your chapter in your book is great but these parents are busy!! Listening might be more accessible. Thanks
  • Debooroar
    Sandwich Generation
    Oh wow. Spot on. I have been caregiving in both directions since having my first son, 7 years ago. I feel like “my life” is on hold a lot. I LOVE caring for my loved ones and I am so tired. Was a relief to hear about another’s experience.
  • SakuraySol
    Back to School Anxiety
    Thanks, Dr. Becky, for your pertinent and timely episode on back to school anxiety. My child has been very emotional about going to child care as I return to work and it has triggered my own doubts and insecurities. I love the quote about being the pilot of the plane. Thanks for these scripts/mantras I can use in my own scenario with my own child.
  • Lucky Lucky Lindy
    How to talk to your kids about money …
    As the host of my own podcast called, How To Teach Your Kids About Money, I was not expecting the recent episode on this topic to be as truly profound as it was. Dr. Becky opened my eyes in a way other parenting podcasts haven’t, especially around the idea of money. We focus on helping breakdown the walls that keep parents from talking about what they often feel is difficult. We focus on tools to help. But I so appreciated Dr. Becky’s take on the focus we parents need to have on self-worth with regards to these conversations. I appreciated how she discussed the important aspects of making sure our kids are getting satisfaction from within, and how the importance of downplaying comparisons between what they have, and what others have. In fact, I’d love to have Dr. Becky expand on these ideas on our show! Our audience should hear her take, and I would love to hear for my own home!!! Kudos to Dr. Becky and team …
  • NinaChristine14
    Best parenting podcast 💕
    I am a pediatric psychiatric provider, business owner, and a newly single mom of a 4yo. As both a parent and a mental health provider myself, this is hands down the best parenting podcast and moreover, the best foundational approach to parenting. I think the simplicity of it and scripts she gives make it so much more realistic and doable than many of the other more complicated programs out there meant to address various concerns. As a provider who has read all the books in the pediatric mental health section, I think Dr. Becky does an exquisite job of teaching parents how to find that perfect balance of empathy and validation while also setting firm boundaries. I think this is where so many parents classically struggle as they tend to feel you have to pick one side or the other. As a mom myself, I use so much of this with my own child on a daily basis and can vouch for the short and long term benefits. The circumstances and events following my divorce have been hard, including ongoing concerns about what happens at his dads. I know all I can do is continue to be the stable, loving parent I am and do my best to teach my son the language and skills I know he needs to build resilience. I love hearing my 4yo speak these words and come to adopt these approaches in his own way. I don’t know if there is any greater comfort to know he has these skills and thought process already. Hearing him get curious and start to verbalize things that didn’t feel right about various events that happen, especially at his dads, and knowing I’m creating a space where he is comfortable to do that is such an invaluable gift. I know it undoubtedly contributes to the amazing bond we continue to share. It also gives me permission to be human, which I think every mom in America needs right now. Recently, we were playing the always fascinating role reversal game where he was the parent and I was the kid (highly recommend it) and I was pretending to have a tantrum and making threats to hit him. His continued response was “I won’t let you (hit me/throw the toy)”. He even said it in the same authoritative but calm voice I use. He also has shared many examples where he set limits with others in situations where he knew what he needed despite others not liking it. Many of which would have been hard for most adults to do. For example, recognizing he needed space from a younger cousin at a family reunion, telling her that, and then going in a different room and shutting the door when she kept following him, even when she stood crying outside the door and other family members were trying to say he should play with her AND feeling solid in his decision when he told me about it later. Absolutely amazing. I could give 100 other examples. Highly recommend for every parent. What an amazing world it would be if every kid was raised with these skills 🌎💗😊
  • Hotwheels44
    Immediately relatable!
    I just put on the clean plate club episode and I was sobbing before the 10 minute mark feeling like you were reading my mind 😭😭 the advice that followed could change everything for me. Thank you for this 💞
  • fxscare
    Not just insightful but actionable
    Compelled to write a review since this is a fantastic podcast with not just insightful examples but actionable scripts for everyday scenarios that as parents you would otherwise just react to. Lot of mindfulness to put them into practice but at-least I have a starting point.
  • Katlyn @ Run-Resilient
    Actionable guidance without being preachy
    Listening to the podcast and now Dr. Becky’s book is on the top of my booklist. Her guidance is actionable and parent action focused. She manages to deliver her message with some light humor and in a reassuring way that even our not so hot moments as parents are all part of the process. The guest interviews keep the topics fresh and I loved the recent episode with James Clear.
  • Surviving somehow
    What I’ve spent years looking for
    This podcast is absolutely amazing. Every episode I listen to feels like therapy/parenting guidance/effective strategies/emotional support/my village all wrapped up in one invaluable experience. There’s literally an episode for every single struggle I’ve had in my 8 years of motherhood. Every parent should follow this show. In the 3 weeks since I’ve discovered it and been binging the episodes, my outlook on my life has improved drastically and I feel so much stronger emotionally and mentally. Dr. Becky and her team are truly amazing. ♥️
  • ZKEH27
    I love this podcast! I listen to Dr. Becky every morning on my way to work, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have learned so much about parenting and myself through listening to this Podcast. Thank you Dr. Becky!!
  • Jenni Franz
    I love this podcast as a professional & mom of 4 … perfect podcast
  • Sneedle
    Best Parenting Podcast
    Dr. Becky models the behavior she is teaching by not only providing scripts but also by showing empathy and compassion to her listeners’ parenting struggles. 10/10 recommendation from me!
  • Nely Guzman
    Easy to follow and implement
    I love listening to your podcast! Thank you for providing easy to follow examples that we can do.
  • no nicknames joanna!
    Dr Becky is a resource that I wish I had when raising my children
    Dr Becky is a wonderful resource for parents, grandparents, really anyone who comes in contact with children. As a new grandmother I’m trying to have a beginner’s mind with my granddaughter. As I’m learning new ways of having a relationship with my granddaughter, I feel closer to my adult children.Thank you Dr Becky!
  • Mamma Bird2
    Good for Nana too
    My daughter and I listen to you regularly and I marvel at the tools she now has in her toolbox as she raises her own daughter. Thank you for allowing an option to give a gift membership bcz I just gave one to her. I wish I had this info 34 years ago when she was born but it’s never too late to refine my own parenting skills and help her as she reparents and raises my granddaughter.
  • 15hcooper
    A big thanks
    Navigating being a solo-working-mom without a village can be hard. Thank you Dr Becky for all of the advice and help! XOXO.
  • cathpopp
    Reparenting with the in-laws
    Such a good listen and so informative for my husband and I as grandparents and trying to learn new strategies for our terrific grandchildren! Great way to change the world one family at a time. LOVE Dr Becky.
  • Tiffany Dameron
    Healing and insightful
    I love this podcast! I find that Dr. Becky puts parenting on such a way that makes it relatable and honest. No one is perfect and embracing all the good and learning from the bad while trying to be our best selves is an honest, approachable and attainable way to be. I’ve cried listening to this podcast on certain topics because it reaches my inner child and says the things I always needed to hear. I hope to do that for my children and following her advice moves me in the right direction.
  • Adeangelo
    10 stars
    Dr. Becky is the embodied goddess every. Single. Human. On. Earth. Needs on their side. Her work, advice, ideas, and support is an invaluable resource and is changing my life in so many ways. If you aren’t part of the membership, take the plunge. You *will not* regret it!
  • Raphaelle TZ.
    No exaggeration , this podcast is life changing
    Yes, this is a “parenting” podcast, but it is also so much more. In connection with pursuing my own therapy work, and learning about and healing myself, this podcast provides me the support and insight I need to be a better version of myself, to (re) connect with who I am, and in so doing makes me a better person, friend, mother, and wife. Dr Becky’s professional view insight, coupled with her own personal challenges and the insight of her varied guests always resonates with me at least on some level. I was a bit skeptical at first, but my sons have a lot of anxiety and I wanted to help them and gave this a chance. And I’m so happy I did! Try it!
  • G222011
    One and Done Episode
    Thank you so much for shining light on this topic! For me, it wasn’t about the journey of becoming pregnant, thankfully, I was blessed it have had an amazing pregnancy and no issues conceiving. When asked, most anticipate a response that I had miscarriages or fertility issues. That wasn’t my story, it was a choice due to our families circumstances. Knowing exactly what we needed and being able to make that decision for our family and our overall well being. Maybe it was age too, life experiences and being more “aware” - either way, having the conversation is such a positive step in the right direction, thank you!
  • Aimee Nal
    Life changing
    Dr. Becky, I cannot thank you enough. Your book and podcast have changed my life. I suffered pretty severe post-partum depression and anxiety. I had so much pent up guilt from various childhood issues and new found mom guilt as well. This podcast has done just as much for me if not more than my own therapy has. I went from never wanting to leave my child to carving out the time I need for myself and my relationships guilt-free. I’ve learned so much about myself and the parent I am/strive to be. Thank you thank you thank you! I recommend you to anybody who will listen!
  • MaddyTurenshine
    Dr Becky is EVERYTHING
    I meant to write a review sooner but couldn’t figure out how 😂 This podcast is life altering. My parenting went from a 5 (of course I loved and cared for my kids) to a 10, and only made my life easier. I re-listen to several impactful episodes over and over. I feel like you could re-peat some of your episode themes but with new people calling in- the information never gets old and it’s so important to keep listening and learning to maintain the skill. Thank you Dr Becky!!! You have seriously changed my life and my relationship with my children. I can’t do enough to thank you.
  • Elenabeau
    Life changing
    Dr Becky has changed my life and introduced joy and pure happiness back into our lives. We waited 18 years to have a child and we’re truly blessed with the healthy baby boy. However, it was a big adjustment and I was constantly struggling with guilt of enjoying my baby and at the same time missing the life we had before. Listening to her podcasts, put things in perspective and brought balance in our lives. I’m learning so much from each episode and cannot thank her enough for discussing so many important topics in each parents life.
  • KBskander
    Listen 5 times :)
    I could listen to this episode so many times-it’s so rich! I also plan to use this information as I navigate my reparenting journey, telling my little self these things. Thank you for this!! 💛
  • Ashley Bartanen
    Dr. Mate feels out of touch
    Love this podcast, I find it very useful as a parent to 2 toddlers. This episode with Dr. Mate is very irritating. His stance on sleep training feels out of touch with parents who are in the thick of it. He’s creating a lot of guilt, shame, and unrealistic expectations for parents who need to sleep.
  • Rev BK
    Becoming Wise
    Dr Becky offers wisdom we ALL need, in a way anyone can understand. Her strategies and scripts have positively impacted my relationships with others including myself. Wanna be a better person? Help yourself to some Good Inside.
  • cminer03
    Love it!
    Thank you for such practical application. The empathy and passion is so genuine. Appreciate this podcast!
  • She Who Rides Far
    Unlock your best parenting yet!
    Dr Becky is such a treasure. Her podcast is so soothing and relaxing. I feel like the amazing parent I was meant to be after listening to and taking her advice! We don’t get a manual when we become parents, but thankfully we have Dr Becky!
  • DreaWA
    So wonderful!
    I'm an adoptive parent of a kid from a very hard place. She was neglected and abused for the first five years of her life, in the foster care system for three years, and by the time I adopted her she had many struggles related to her early years. I would love for Dr. Becky to focus an episode on that (and also on big kid kiddo is now 13 and still raging like a little), but I also benefit from the conversations about neurotypical kid problems and the issues that we moms have in raising healthy, self-aware people when we're not fully there. Thank you, Dr. Becky!
  • Patroz
    I am not even a parent and I feel so touched by this podcast P.S I am only a kid
  • ashleybray
    I don’t even have kids and I love this podcast
    I’m not a parent, I don’t even know if I want kids, but this podcast heals my inner child.
  • alexandriamy_
    Meaningful Strategies
    I often find myself amazed by the insights and perspectives this podcast provides. It changes the way I approach parenting in the best way- my husband and I enjoy talking about the strategies Dr. Becky shares. Thank you!!! The Raffi episode made me cry…just so wonderful!
  • ErinMHall
    Absolutely worth 5 stars!
    Thank god for Dr. Becky’s scripts! I’d be lost without them!
  • kt-lucc
    She gets it!
    Love Dr. Becky!! Really appreciate this podcast as a neurodivergent mom of 2 under 5, who is trying to keep her head above water, I love this podcast!!
  • Pixie Johansson
    So good
    I don’t even have kids or plan to have them, but I listened to quite a few of these episodes after reading Dr. Becky‘s book because it was interesting to look back to my own childhood and think about it differently.
  • Maxcraft430
    Great advice
    Just found your show last night and I've been binging. Such great and calming advice. Especially loved the show about teens and tweens and would love more about teens. Your advice feels better than any therapy I have had. I found your show because it was mentioned on "community news by Paul and Sasha" show. So glad they mentioned you. I'm going to listen to all your old episodes.
  • Cichon522
    Helpful strategies that work!
    I listened to the podcast episode about kids being afraid for my daughter who was having a hard time starting gymnastics class. I implemented the strategies Dr. Becky shared and to my amazement, the next week she thrived in class! Fully participated with a huge smile on her face. It made me feel so proud and happy for her. Thank you SO much for sharing your wisdom, and know it makes such an impact!
  • jennahsn
    One episode and hooked!
    Thank you for your episode on deeply feeling kids. I understood mentally … but never found tools that worked for us and therefore was questioning everything, including myself. Cant wait to take advantage of all the wisdom you offer!
  • wylder dolan
    Life changing
    Good Inside has helped me immensely as I navigate being a mother of 3 little ones. Thank you!!!
  • aubadoo
    Thank you Dr Becky
    We love you!!
  • Rebcri
    One of my best friends as a parent
    I have wept through a number of these episodes, so relatable gentle and encouraging. Makes you realize you are not alone in just about every situation in parenthood, even the times when you just lose it. Helps me see myself as good inside and my children as good inside and all of us as working through things altogether as a team. Love Dr Becky, love her guests. GREAT podcasts for all the parents.
  • meganmariee22
    Eating out in a restaurant, why do it if your kids can’t behave?
    Interesting podcast. Part of being a parent is understanding what your child is capable of in terms of behavior. If they cannot sit still for more than a few minutes because they are too young, then please do not put them in a situation they cannot handle. It isn’t fair to them, to the other people around them and clearly the parents had a miserable time at dinner. I do not understand putting you or your child in this situation. You can practice go out to dinner at home and once they can sit down for about 30 minutes, then try it in a restaurant. This way everyone is set up for success. In the meantime, get takeout.
  • recisw
    A great parenting support
    Parenting in today times is hard... Listening to Dr. Becky’s podcasts give me weekly motivation and support to keep trying to improve and stay on a healthy path. Private therapy is expensive and Dr. Becky is an excellent filler to work on things in life. She breaks it down with scripts and strategies that make it easier to implement. I do believe she will change you as a parent and I only wish she was around when I starting having kids 10 years ago.
  • Father Joel
    Dr Becky has changed my parenting and changed my life! I’m so grateful. My marriage, my relationships with my kids, my relationship with myself have all changed for the better. Even transformed!
  • LMWEvans
    SO GOOD!
    Dr. Becky and team are amazing. I love listening to this on my commute. I quickly don’t feel so alone in this HARD thing called parenting :) It’s really made a difference with how we respond with our 2 kiddos.
  • Clam Chowder in a Bread bowl
    It’s never too late
    Sitting on the bench with my teens is my new favorite things! Gosh, how I wish this had been around when my kids were little. Thank you for encouraging us to repair! You offer so many useful and amazing parenting strategies! Xoxo
  • Pd314
    Changing Patterns
    I didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of my own parents but didn’t have a lot of great modeling to follow up the theories about emotionally intelligent parenting. I so appreciate the constant use of examples and explanation of those examples. You’re changing an entire generation of parents and children and we thank you.
  • hankkb
    More please
    I love listening to Dr. Becky as I navigate a teenager with anxiety. I find her episodes tangible even with older children. Would love more content on teens and tweens as this feels like the hardest stage yet. Thank you.
  • hagayh
    Parenting Podcast Done Right
    What an amazing parenting podcast! I feel so encouraged and heard when I listen to Dr. Becky’s Good Inside Podcast
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