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Dear Gabby is a weekly show where #1 New York Times bestselling author and international speaker, Gabby Bernstein, offers up real-time coaching, straight talk and BIG LOVE. Episodes include unscripted Q&A sessions where she coaches listeners through life-changing transformations, plus free-flowing conversations about personal growth and spirituality with unique and inspiring guests.

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Recent Reviews
  • fosterbabyxo
    Love love
    Starting my day with a positive pour (in the shape of this podcast plus other things) has been the change I desired love her and this podcast!
  • thisisanickname0411
    Love this little gem. Makes my monday mornings. Gabby is just the best, and it’s fun hearing her give advice and guidance to real people with real problems in real time!
  • CoreyDR
    I love this show!
    I’ve listened to the all the episodes multiple times, I love being guided by gabby’s voice and feeling her presence in my daily life!
  • MMS1969
    Stay still! 🙌🏻
    Today’s episode was a calling for me,i’ve been feeling called for a while now,i want to help other people and tell the world that it work! 🙌🏻
  • LaurenGrls
    Loving gut punches
    All the things you need to hear that you really don’t want to. She doesn’t pull the punches. Always exactly what I need to hear.
  • Kylie Minouge 21
    Stopped Resisting, Started Listening
    Each time I listen to an episode I learn something new. At first I thought this show wasn’t for me, but I was so wrong. This podcast has allowed me to open up in new ways. Love, love, love listening while I work from home. Thank you Gabby!
  • CarolinaOM
    The podcasts and the meditations help me a lot to improve myself and make me better.
  • kelsowilk
    Perfect show.
    I start my day by listening to this show every morning while I walk and it sets the tone for a beautiful day. The callers are vulnerable and Gabby gives helpful, relatable advice. I would 100% recommend to anyone!
  • crbodon
    Gabby is my spirit animal!
    Gabby really changed my life when "The Universe Has Your Back" just happened to "jump out" at B&N one day. Ever since then, I have read every book, I have joined her manifesting challenge two years in a row, and now this podcast! I have never been a "podcast" person but when I found out she had a show, I set the intention to give it a try at least once. I picked a good time when I was taking my dog for a long walk and knew I would be able to really absorb the podcast. Well, that was months ago. Now I listen every single week and it's amazing how I can get or take away something from every show. I will be forever grateful for all I have learned and I am learning from Gabby and the work she is doing in the world. I also really LOVE that the sponsors of this show all mean something to Gabby and tend to be very holistic in nature which says to me that she is only willing to promote what she actually believes in. Which obviously I should have known, but it's just a nice reminder whenever she talks about a different product. All in all this show has definitely blown past my expectations and I could go on all night with how much I am grateful for gabby and her team. 100 out of 10, recommended!!
  • She and aub
    Changing my life!
    I have started the podcasts from the beginning and every week is so amazingly applicable to helping me improve my outlook and energy. I am so thankful that I have found this podcast! Gabby, thank you so much for being such an amazing person putting so much love and positivity out into this world!!
  • janamn
    Change of life
    Gabby’s podcasts, advice, quotes, and tools have changed my life. With listening daily and relating my life to the individuals on her shows, I’ve been able to utilize the tools and advice in my own experiences. She makes my commute easier and she has opened my eyes to the world.
  • Tf346
    Dear Gabby
    Dear Gabby, thank you for providing resources for people to be able to relate too. I’ve tried several self development tools and this is by far the most beneficial one! with love the only thing I will say is you speak super fast it’s hard for me to relax and listen and not feel anxious
  • mandilajo
    My Go-To to Feel Good
    I know that every time I put on a Dear Gabby I will hear valuable information and feel better about how I am working on being a super attractor. She is a great guiding light! And I know my guardian angel’s name because of her! Yay!!!
  • michs2021
    Makes my work commute easier!
    I’ve been listening to Dear Gabby podcast the past several months on my hour long commute to and from work. The topics spoken about always seem to resonate. I just love Gabby and look forward to each new show.
  • JenneL13
    Delightfully consistent
    Helps me turn inward, reset my mindset, and find inspiration to keep moving forward.
  • parent,student and teacher
    Reminder of Vibrations
    This episode was just what I needed today. A reminder to check in with my vibration and raise it, not fantastically so, but incrementally. Shifting your thoughts, even just moving your body can raise your vibration to bring you closer to peace and joy in the moment, thereby helping you manifest your desires.
  • 123Steph54
    Amazing compliment to her books!
    Absolutely love and have been enjoying all podcast topics. It’s been a wonderful addition to be able to listen weekly and have that extra resource and guidance! Thanks Gabby!
  • C.B.W
    Love this podcast!!
    This podcast provided me with wisdom drops that changed my life! For the better ❤️❤️😃
  • christine dits
    This podcast could not have come to me at a better time in my life. I’m going through many life transitions (onset of bipolar episode, divorce, job change) and I am tapping back into the power and energy of the universe and its impact in my life and how I relate to others. I feel like Gabby does a wonderful job at exploring and teaching on these vibrations and energy is in the universe that we can tap into helping us live more full, honest, authentic lives. ❤️
  • kristinapasadena
    Authentic and Inspired
    Love to start my week with an inspired word from Gabby. I studied A Course in Miracles and she’s taken the wisdom and applied to a whole new generation of manifestors. Love love love!
  • Ric Bose
    Simply the best. A helpful tool to live a better life. Thank you Gabby. I love you.
  • Liz Pye
    Love this podcast!
    This has been so helpful to listen to and feel less alone, as I resonate with other listeners and can apply Gabby’s advice and resources to my own life.
  • Miss333333
    Grateful for Gabby
    You are so inspiring and truly have changed my life thank you!
  • SueC100000000
    If you are looking to be inspired, uplifted, and to gain some skills to bring more ease and happiness into your life, Gabby is the spiritual coach that you need! Love her podcasts, love her books, love her social media posts.
  • Elvisdog44
    Amazing Insights
    You were right…I clicked play for a reason! I listened to your podcasts back to back and then again to make sure I received all of your messages and wisdom. I can’t wait for Mondays and new podcasts to drop. In the meantime, I am reading your book Super Attractor AND use the Universe Cards so I can dig deeper! Funny enough, I was literally just listening to you speak about the Card that keeps appearing - “I Find A Deeper Meaning and Personal Growth Amid the Discomfort” and I decided to go to my deck to pick a card for the day. When I opened the box, this same card was facing up on the top of the deck! Universe, I HEAR YOU :) Thank you universe for bringing Gabby Bernstein to me when I needed her the most🙏 With Love from Shelley
  • cambam84
    Gabby is amazing. I strongly recommend tuning into her. She will help you make a difference in your life.
  • Kdooglr
    This podcast is amazing!
    I love Gabby’s books and message. This podcast gives me the doses that I need at the time I need them. I love listening to hear and hearing her message as I walk my spiritual journey and increase my joy and manifesting.
  • Monkey Emerson
    Always super inspiring in a way that is not over the top. She guides you to truly believe you and your vision are possible and awaiting you to step into claim them.
  • Argsitpz
    Gabby! You are everything we need you to be. As a mom of four in search of my self confidence as a wife, mom, daughter, & sister you guide me so often back to my breath. Thank you for teaching me through Judgement Detox, Super Attractor & The Universe Has Your Back. I am newly sober and look to you for guidance and inspiration. I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Thank you for helping me bring beautiful strong women into my life. Thank you thank you thank you for our children, thank you.
  • kins1212
    Highlight of my week
    My favorite walk of the week is listening to Dear Gabby. Thank you for the wonderful podcast.
  • higjnthjgrjhghkrfhirhgifh
    Thankful for Gabby
    Thanks for being so real and relatable!
  • Lea Durante FNP
    Step into Joy
    Super insightful and helpful podcast for raising my vibration, stepping into joy and moving into abundance. Every week the card she pulls is perfect for where I’m at.
  • KaylieRoo
    My go to for uplifting vibes ✨
    Dear Gabby is my go for inspiration and feeling good. It’s always such a great way to start the day listening to amazing encouragement and support from her. I have her miracle membership and listen to other workshops and Gabby’s picks. Whenever I’m in a funk I just put on a random episode or meditation and I swear the universe picks the right one every time. Big love to you Gabby! 💜💜
  • Gmsphigo
    So Grateful for Gabby
    I have read all of your books and you have helped me transform myself and become one with the universe and to be ready to learn through love.
  • birdlamp
    Thank you
    Thank you
  • Spiritual Novice
    A Gift
    Every episode gives you the gift of another tool or way of being that helps you become the best version of yourself. Thank you!✨
  • Courtneyblairs
    Uplifting and inspiring
    Love listening to this for a weekly boost and encouragement. Gabby is wise and nurturing
  • tmmm94
    It’s like listening to a friend
    This podcast has changed my way of thinking and living!!! Gabby gives honest advice and feedback to her listeners. It’s hard to open up but gabby gives you the best reassurance like she has known you your whole life :)
  • andrea0305
    Best way to start the week!
    I love this podcast. Every week I am left feeling inspired and a little more confident that I am not alone and everything will be ok.
  • AlissaBH
    Love it
    I’ve never been able to meditate or focus enough to relax and spend time with myself. Listening to these podcasts and her teachings has really helped me
  • K.Moore12
    Amazing Podcast for Spiritual Growths
    I love Gabby’s podcast! She has helped me so much in my spiritual growth journey because she makes it easy to understand and apply.
  • K'lyn D'Elia
    Transformation comes through her wisdom
    So grateful for Gabby’s insight and authentic wisdom that relies on truth! She has been a pillar in the self-help community and helped me believe again after letting go of fundamentalism Christian doctrines. Love her show!!
  • Stacey~
    Best support, guidances and energy shifting tools.
    Truly a must listen to podcast! Gabby is like the best friend you turn to when you need a trusted ear. She always acknowledges what you are dealing with, never judges, and helps you to see the how and why behind it. Her advice is simple and extremely up lifting. She leaves you feeling empowered and liberated. Each episode has a guest who I can relate with. It always feels like I was hanging with my girls by the end of the episode. My vibration is always higher because of the way Gabby connects with her guest and audience. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Gabby!!! I’m extremely grateful for your podcast.
  • Notsosubtle2019
    Came to this podcast through “Super Attractor”. Find it inspiring, and empowering.
  • MMPass
    Love love love these podcasts!
    Times are tough but I can always count on Gabby to pull me out of my funk. Thank you for all your encouraging words and strategies to create hope and resilience.
  • sfsfsfxfxfsfs
    I’m new to this but Gabby is the best resource I’ve found!
  • Emmavwl
    Honesty and inspiration
    I love this podcast because Gabby is so honest and so inspiring. When she coaches the callers, she does so by taking a stand for the truth about the universe being a positive place that nourishes us.
  • meg mil
    Raw & beautiful honesty
    Thank you Gabby for all of your wisdom & guidance for people with problems that we can all relate to. I love listening to this podcast at night to calm down and ground myself.
  • Mrsgarcia247
    Amazing, helpful, eye opening, insightful. My new go to for shifting my thoughts and feelings to a better place.
  • jennjetaime
    Always uplifting
    Gabby really brings the energy! If I'm feeling down or off sometimes, I like to tune into Dear Gabby. The message seems to always be on point, leaving us more grounded and uplifted than before we listened. Thank you Gabby!
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