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Dear Gabby is a weekly show where #1 New York Times bestselling author and international speaker, Gabby Bernstein, offers up real-time coaching, straight talk and BIG LOVE. Episodes include unscripted Q&A sessions where she coaches listeners through life-changing transformations, plus free-flowing conversations about personal growth and spirituality with unique and inspiring guests.

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  • Paulie6588
    Spirit guides
    I have been journaling when I can and I felt once and believe it was spirit coming through. Been having having troubled dreams a couple weeks ago. Maybe something wasn’t lined up I took notes after I woke up. Thank you for your spirit guides episodes. It’s appreciated. I also use an archangel tarot deck. It’s really beautiful. Have a great day! Thank you for your show!
  • ABW1111
    Excellent! Don’t miss this one
    I’m obsessed with this podcast I get something great from every episode. Gabby was put on tgis Earth to help people and boy does she deliver! Love this!
  • SunnyXOXO1
    Gabby’s the real deal
    I can’t thank Gabby enough, and I recommend her to everyone I talk to. Two years ago I was at rock bottom: lost my job, had to move back in with my parents, little money, no love life, no self-esteem - you get the picture. I found her books, started applying her teachings to my life, and although it took some time, my life has greatly improved. I now think positive, meditate regularly, pray, release fear, and take spiritually aligned action. I’ve lost 20 lbs and counting, regained my confidence, and landed a new job that doubled my income. Folks, the mind and spirit really do come first, and everything else follows. Peace and love XOXO
  • Snoopy in DC
    Right wing
    Her guests keep quoting right-wing personalities admiringly: Russell Brandt, Jordan Peterson, etc I certainly wouldn’t take guidance from someone who admires these horrible people.
  • gryffindorg
    Great podcast!
    I love this podcast for all things spiritual. I just wish it was longer and had less ads.
  • Kelly U.L.
    Changed my life
    Dear Gabby has changed my life. It has helped me align with the Universe in ways that I never thought possible. This podcast truly helps you to achieve your greatest desires by changing your relationship with life. For the Dear Gabby team: My question is, “How do you act as if, if you do not have the financial resources to do so?” Thank you!
  • Tibear
    Not much content in episodes
    This is 30ish minute podcast and Gabby and/or her guest only actually speak for about 15 minutes. This podcast is HALF ads and Gabby speaking about her own app or herself. It’s barely any content. I want to hear what her guests have to say but I’m really becoming disenchanted with this podcast.
  • KylaP
    Too many ads — Follow your own INTUITION!!
    Much love to Gabby. She has been a light and has Introduced me to so many modalities. But this podcast has gone down a lot AND I have a word of caution. Everyone has already stated the ads are obnoxious with them taking about 25% - 50% of the episodes and I can’t tell what Gabby stands for anymore. It lessens the authenticity for me. Plus as has been said, the content of the episodes has gotten much shorter, especially since the format has changed from the “Dear Gabbys” lecture plus Q&A to the current format of a short interview with a notable guest. Word of Caution: I also want to say to everyone…. no matter what any teacher tells you ALWAYS listen to your own intuition. Learn to act on your INTUITIVE INSTINCTS and inner guidance system. I did Gabbys manifestation challenge two years ago when “allowing” and “surrendering” were cornerstones of her guidance. It worked really fast but I surrendered myself into what became a manipulative, domineering, and hurtfully imbalanced multi-partner relationship with the man with whom I had been in love with for years (and friends with for even many more years). A man of such wisdom and spirituality that it was easy to fall to his influence when in a flow of “surrender” and openness. When it ended the whole situation almost killed me. I was never as depressed nor as suicidal in my entire life. This is not blame. This is a cautionary tale. I would not wish that dark time in my life on my worst enemy. But that deeply deeply suicidal time brought me to one valuable place.. I finally came to this truth…that I want to live. So I put any bit of strength I had into surviving, so I could help others. So consider this review a start: So I say to you…. Do not surrender yourself into something that is not aligned with you. When manifesting and you cant discern what God is telling you, go with your gut. Two reasons I got in that situation… #1 ”Surrendering.” The guidance at the time was, “when you feel like taking an action, you need to surrender MORE.” This was teaching us to ignore our intuition. And then, “even if what comes into your life isnt what you said you wanted, surrender and allow the flow of the universe” because you don’t know how it may be bringing you closer to the life you really want. This stuff is dangerous guys!! The problem with this is that you MUST know when to walk away. This was not talked about much in the manifesting challenge with Gabby at the time. You do need to go through unnecessary trauma!!! By surrendering and allowing, I gave up my agency. I became much more supple and maleable and a strong, very convincing force was able to direct my outlook and mind. I am a strong minded person. So if it can happen to me. It can happen. So instead of Gabby’s mantra, try this: “If you feel like taking an action, get deeply in touch your body and determine if that is your inner wisdom or fear.“ Ask yourself: Is this old programming doing what it has always done, keeping me where I have always been as protector mechanism. Or is this my wisdom guiding me to the best choice for me? Secondly, #2 I didn’t get as clear as I needed to be on what I was a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ for. At the time of the manifesting challenge, I thought I was super clear and specific! But I was soft around certain areas like monogamy. I always pictured just two of us. But I had not explicitly wrote that in my visualization. For me the communal aspects genuinely sounded really really nice to me and I wanted to explore that, but I did not believe that my partner had enough compassion to do it in a healthy way. So I did not get clear on how much compassion and equity I needed in my relationship. The latest manifesting challenge hinges more on clarifying Deal Breakers. I wish that was a stronger component a few years back. But I learned a lot. I am clearer on what I want. And most importantly, I fiercely and mercilessly listen to my INTUITION in all areas of my life. I don’t do a thing without checking in with my body and listening for that feeling of yes or no. For me, it came at heavy cost… lost 3 more years off of finding my mate at the twilight of my child bearing years, lots more trauma to heal from, and just such intense pain. So I say to you all, teachers are just people. Gabby is wonderful and is a great guide. But no matter what, learn how to listen and ACT on your own intuigion. Even if it means walking away from a deep desire. Peace and love and blessings to you all. You are special and meant to be here and to shine your light. Thank you Gabby Bernstein for your lessons and work!
  • julieq03
    90%+ Advertisements, Very Little Info
    I’ve been a long time listener and the information the episode is actually about has decreased substantially. This morning, trying to listen to a 25 minute episode and had to stop 13 minutes in because she had only talked for 1 minute about her topic and the rest was a continuous loop of advertisements. Yes, I understand shows needs sponsors but this is out of hand. So sad to see Gabby’s work has become ALL about the $$$ first and not about her mission.
  • apippiw
    Good info but a little off putting
    I like Gabby's content but she has this habit of calling people she doesn't know by endearing terms: "love" "gorgeous". I find it distracting and insincere. I struggle to stay focused when she uses these terms for her guests.
  • Merc0306
    Amazing KW Interview
    Listened to this podcast for the first time because I’ll literally listen to anything Kerry Washington has to say. I did not expect to cry my eyes out. I loved this interview so much! Gabby certainly brought something very special out in this interview. OP to decompress resonates so much with me. I learned something really interesting about my self today.
  • 10 Feeders
    Gabby! You have life changing views; youve lived life and the universe respects that, sooo encouraging!!! im just one of those old souls that your wisdom touched, and definitely then some! Thank you! Just please please please, less commercials. Lawdy!! Just a thought. :)
  • StephE999
    Great podcast but way too many ads!!
    The amount of ads in contrast to the content is out of balance.
  • Coconut2222222
    Justice for Miracles Now lol
    Love Gabby, have read (almost) all of her books and rarely hear her reference Miracles Now. This book has been a godsend for me when I need relief or a quick tangible practice to implement. Team Gabby-I think it could be a super impactful add to the podcast to share a random skill from Miracles Now at the top and/or bottom of the episode. Similar to how she used to pull a card each episode. Love and appreciate you all!
  • Marie20065
    Used to love it…
    This used to be such a good podcast. Now it feels like Gabby is rushing through each episode, content isn’t as great or insightful, feels like there arent any takeaways but way too many ads. Wish it was how it used to be!
  • ellie dillon
    It’s a commercial every 3.5 min
    I wanted to listen more but the constant plug or tie into her online app is every 3 min then there are commercials for her sponsors or she is talking about buying her book. I know there is so much goodness but for me I just skipped so much to get to the content it wasn’t worth it.
  • FormerFan408
    Too many ads for random products
    Maybe put all ads in the beginning or towards the end? So many ads throughout is a bit annoying. Content is great but could get to the point faster at times.
  • notjoebuck1
    Love Dear Gabby, but…
    6 Ads in a half hour episode is ridiculous.
  • Flowermama11
    Way too many adds
    The last episode on manifesting had way too many adds of Gabby promoting things. Also, I am a Gabby fan from way back and you sounded very rude to your guest today. What happened to Gabby!?😢
  • Shaski82
    I am really enjoying this. Trying to absorb it all so I don’t have a lot to say. Just that I’m trying to be better and this gives me a lot to think about.
  • Sarahkates
    I have never felt more connected or understood than I do when listening to your podcast. Yesterday the universe gave me a sign when you spoke of your Grandmas Fritz’s passing… my maiden name is Fritz. Life is hard however listening to you provides the guidance, love, & understanding that I need. Bless you soul I’d love to have an opportunity to be on the show.
  • amggratitude
    18 year sober episode
    Thank you so much for this episode and congratulations on 18 years. I have a feeling I am going to come back to this episode again and again 🙏🏻
  • Dern79
    I like Gabby but …
    I have found Gabby’s podcast and meditations to be so helpful. I struggle with how much she needs to praise and brag about herself - comes off as having an ego. I could do without that FOR SURE but I benefit so much from her work that I will keep listening.
  • Lift for life
    So thankful for Gabby!
    Love everything from Gabby! She is my favorite spiritual teacher. The coaching app had changed my life!
  • Ko3k10
    Thank you so much!
    I never write reviews but I had to reach out and say thank you so much for your Big Talk with Maria Menounos! I’ve always really admired her, all the way back to her Channel 1 days (IYKYK lol). Listening to her story about finding meditation and how much she just wanted to do it all the time, really resonated with me so much. The way she explained her journey to finding peace, health, and even more happiness was so beautiful. I’m happy that she and Kevin finally have their precious baby! ♥️
  • sera.sera.
    There’s an ‘S’ in Emotional Freedom TechniqueS
    Gabby—I love your content, books, podcast, etc. but 1) wayyyyy too many adds: it’s redundant & disruptive & brings down the energy *le sigh* and 2) it’s not emotional freedom technique but TECHNIQUES (with an ‘s’—there are multiple techniques used in the EFT Tapping). Why not bring on an up-and-coming certified EFT Practitioner to highlight & share in the overflow while gifting your audience a deep & transformative Tapping session? That’s abundance, yes? 🤩 also, would recommend inviting EFT experts like Jennifer Partridge or Brad Yates to share the love.
  • Jsjejjwkkbvc
    There are just too many ads!
    Gabby has so many great insights & tools to offer- but this podcast is so full of ads!! I would say charge more for the collaborations and include no more than 3 advertisements throughout the podcast- and shorten them up a bit!!
  • Painter-gal
    I am so grateful I have found Gabby’s books, & podcast… this is a game changer. Fan for life! I needed her ‘ she’s here! ❤️🙏🏻
  • BearerOfBeautifulThings
    Love Gabby
    Dear Gabby popped up in my podcast feed as a suggestion and I have been binging everything Gabby! I just finished Supper Attractor and I love the messaging. Thank you.
  • theDis04
    Too many advertisements at inconvenient times
    There are so many random ads/endorsement breaks by gabby. Sometimes it’s even hard to know what is an ad because it’s gabby talking. The problem with these ads/endorsements in the middle of the show is the bad timing. For example, today there was an ad in the middle of a manifesting exercise. Totally disrupted the flow of what would otherwise be a very effective exercise.
  • hanksndkc ck dmc
    Listen to the 5min meditation !!!!
    10/10 recommend her 5 min meditation podcast ((specifically)). I’ve listened to this everyday for like 2-3 months. I just turn it on whether I’m getting ready, in the car, etc. I used to really sit and meditate and now I turn it on in the background even if I’m on the go. It’s just as powerful!! Since I started listening, I’ve attracted my dream job, SO much abundance, and more miracles I can’t even begin to list them all 🥰
  • Jlamende
    Just what I need!
    I’m so thankful I gave this podcast another chance! I really didn’t enjoy it last time I tried, the whole thing was just kinda jarring and I hated the live callers, I just wanted Gabby time! Now it’s so much more relaxing and helpful, I love it!!
  • Twinmomma1230
    Love Gabby but…
    The ads are taking over. I’m so excited to listen each week and I feel her messages and her energy really resonate. I feel myself really engulfed in an episode and then an ad pops on pulls me out of it. More Gabby, less ads please!! 🙏
  • Noorsaavy
    Mind Opening
    This show has really changed my thinking
  • just another daddy gang member
    Where is the substance?
    “One of our best episodes ever” a quote from #150. This entire episode was ads. Gabby, what???
  • Stopaskingmetoratethis!
    Too many ads and sales pitches
    Love gabby’s podcasts!! Do not like that literally 15 mins of a 30 min episode are ads and sales pitches for other content.
  • Lbindz
    I love Gabby but the ads are too much
    I have followed Gabby for almost a decade. I love her books and everything she touches. I really wanted to love her show but it has become too manufactured. I feel as though I am constantly bombarded with ads and lose sight of what the episode is about. I’m happy for Gabby to get all these advertising opportunities, however, I come to the show hoping to get some spiritual teaching and peace. I’m not getting it from her on this show anymore. It doesn’t feel genuine. Good luck to the show, I hope it stays true to her original message and continues to help people.
  • emieemie
    I Keep Coming Back
    Dear Gabby is SUCH a wonderful reference point that teaches and inspires me to further my spiritual journey. I’ve come back to episodes over a year later, because they were just so impactful and plain ole good!
  • comebackgirl2019
    Loved the Telling The Truth Episode!
    I am going to work on Clarity is Kindness. This is an important piece to everyday conversations and being clear is something I’m working on. To use my clear and straightforward words can make any conversation that much smoother. Thank you for bringing this topic into the light! Love all your wise and thoughtful episodes!
  • Heavenisnu
    Too many ads!
    Please limit the commercials — Glennon and Abby do a nice job with this on their podcast. I feel like 1/2 the show is advertisements. You could easily jump to 5 stars by cutting back on the paid ads. There’s other ways to make money — set some boundaries with the advertising.
  • Entrancing79
    Telling the Truth Episode
    Dear Gabby I love this episode! It was truly needed at this moment in my life and I’m so happy that you did this one. I can wait until you on another episode like this one. I love you podcast in general it has helped me so much in my over all life. I’m aim the whole process and beginning to tell the truth and living in my truth!! ♥️♥️🫂♥️🫂
  • Monica_Cast
    Truth Telling Episode
    The night before this episode came out, I was having a meaningful but difficult conversation with my mom & cousin (2 of my best friends) about how it is important for me to start speaking with radical honesty. We come from a long, long chain of alcoholics and speaking the truth has not been a part of the way our family operates. I woke up to the email about this episode & I just knew it was Universe confirming we are on the right track and I sent it to them right away. Thank you Gabby for pushing this extremely important message out into the world 💕 with so much love, Monica.
  • Marina Lukin
    How to manifest with a severe, chronic illness?
    Love your show and “Is Manifesting Real” was an excellent episode! I meditate daily and believe in the power of harnessing your energy and directing it towards the life you want to live. That said, I have an autoimmune disease and the discomfort and symptoms pop up sporadically (no cure). When I’m in pain and exhausted, I don’t know how to manifest my way into grace and acceptance. Any suggestions? Even meditation and journaling doesn’t help during these rough days.
  • JohnBGolfing
    Love the message, but….
    I love how Gabby focuses on vibrating high and maintaining a positive outlook to attract like minded people into your life. However, frequent dropping of F-bombs is totally counter productive to that message. I would listen more if that small change was made. Thank you John
  • MsLoveMyBoys
    Manifestation is REAL
    I first discovered Gabby in January, after she appeared on my social media feed. The first book I picked up was Super Attractor and it so deeply resonated with my journey. While reading, I felt myself crying tears of genuine gratitude again and again. I had never experienced this reaction to any other book, and told myself “if and when Gabby speaks in the US, I will be there”. I knew nothing about her schedule when I put this intention out into the Universe. I came across this podcast shortly after that. Fast forward a few months, not only did I get to hear her speak in person this weekend - I had an opportunity to ask a question, and she ended up gifting me one of the two books she had on stage. Gabby confirmed our actions are been a massive statement to the Universe, the Universe “feels” our authenticity and delivers. Our true power is real, it is within each and every one of us. 💗
  • Hvski7
    Too many ads
    I love Gabby and her message, but I have never heard a podcast with so many ads, it’s so distracting from the message she’s trying to deliver.
  • BandMadi
    Beyond Grateful
    I am so grateful that I found Gabby. She is so inspirational. I’ve grow so much from everything I have learned from her. Beyond Grateful for Gabby!!!
  • lblseattle
    Peace and hope
    I found Gabrielle on Audible and am thrilled she has a podcast — of course she has one! Such practical advice to help maneuver the storm our world is in. Thank you Gabby for bringing light durning a difficult time. I am reconnecting to my faith and am so grateful for your voice.
  • Messa Jessa
    Thank you!
    So incredibly grateful to have bumped into this podcast.
  • Johfsxvhhudx
    5 minute meditation brings me miracles
    I have been listening to the five minute meditation that Gabby promised would change my life since December 2nd and she was RIGHT!! It has become part of my morning practice and the miracles keep on coming. I have had $70,000 in loans forgiven, have the potential for a promotion that Ive been waiting for and am learning to feel and see all the signs from my angels and spirit!! I had to comment to let others know the power of this practice. Thank you Gabby for sharing and guiding me in learning where to put my focus and let go. I am excited to see all that the universe has in store for me— I AM READY and this practice is why!!
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