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Golf is a very simple game that tends to confuse smart people. In 'Off Course' we look to simplify it for you and teach you a thing or two along the way. We'll host conversations with the best players in the world and successful personalities from various industries about why they love golf and what makes them successful in their trade of choice. There will be plenty of golf and plenty of other stuff every week in 'Off Course.'

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Recent Reviews
  • Lexi Minnow
    I’m not sure I even like golf…but I like this!
    Despite having little interest in the game of golf itself, this podcast has been interesting to listen nonetheless. Conceptually, there are a number of parallels to other industries/topics, which makes the conversations and advice shared, relevant, regardless of how/where you choose to apply it. Give it a listen!
  • Wakele
    Phenomenal golf podcast
    Best blend of entertainment and golf substance of any golf podcast going. Claude keeps the interview engaging and enjoyable, but does a great job of focusing in on providing knowledge and benefit to the golf enthusiasts listening in.
  • bigdavebrown
    Next Level PodCast
    By far my favorite weekly Podcast. I’ve listened to many over the years and as a golf fanatic being able to relate golf to real life events and cover things from development to the mental side of it all is pretty amazing.
  • Dan Weedin
    Best golf podcast
    This is the best golf podcast going. Great guests and Claude is an excellent interviewer. It sounds and feels like he’s been doing it all his life as opposed to coaching. I don’t miss an episode.
  • Gpetelaw
    Great podcast
    I didn’t know I needed to listen to another golf podcast, but I was wrong. Claude brings in current, relevant guests, and offers good instruction towards the end. I get something out of all of these that I can use.
  • Garymbenson
    Found this because another golf podcast mentioned it. It is great. I have listened to 12 episodes already. Claude does a great job with the guest and with the Q&A at the end.
  • stephen j wells
    Great pod. The intro music choice sounds like soft core porn music though. “Mm ts ch ts mm ts ch ts”
  • ForTheKing614
    Great podcast
    I thoroughly enjoy this podcast
  • Playing Pro
    Best Golf Podcast 🙌
    Claude is a master of instruction. His insights, guests and knowledge makes this podcast a joy to listen too, and very addictive! I’m always looking forward to the next episode. Thanks for creating it. Highly recommended.
  • Mark I Werts
    Claude’s keen eye.
    Bravo‼️‼️‼️ Claude’s keen eye, human sensibility and humor make this the BEST golf podcast around in this new emerging form of media. Entertaining and informative, CH3’s unique role on the PGA TOUR gives him inside access unlike no other……not 5 star but 10‼️
  • jaylbogey
    Awesome Interviews
    As a golf fan I’ve always respected Claude’s work from a distance. It’s awesome to get a front row seat to his golf knowledge and more so what he gets out of his guests. Keep it up and look forward to more great episodes.
  • jbsgolf
    👍👍 show!
    Great episodes that any golfer will enjoy
  • gaorbyd
    Great podcast!
    Very interesting!
  • PdxPlaya
    Outstanding Podcast
    Being fortunate enough to have had a few lessons from Claude Harmon III I know what he can do as an instructor. Obviously him being with Tour players says it all, but he knows how to communicate with the common player. He had me hitting it on a rope. Podcast is good and I learn something every time. Congrats Mr. Harmon.
  • Teddy Bugs
    Awesome listen
    Love CH3. Such great guests!!!
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