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Tennis #13

Produced out of the state of the art Tennis Channel Studios in Santa Monica, California, host Mitch Michals takes you inside the world of professional tennis with the past, present, and future of the sport. Featuring Tennis Channel broadcasters, players, and many others who eat, sleep & breathe tennis. Stay in the loop and in the know with Tennis Channel Inside-In.

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  • Ciao for now!
    Ciao for now
    Mitch your interpretation of this lovely sport is greatly appreciated. Applause for your ability to draw out the stars of this beautiful game. Andrea you are such a bright star. You are truly brilliantly enjoyable when you are authentic. You are not a deep philosopher and the references to deep thinking is truly overwrought. You are not David Foster Wallace nor should you aspire to be a tortured genius. You be you and that is more than enough.
  • unclejamo
    Heads in the sand?
    I seriously cannot believe that this podcast has completely ignored the recent announcement of Simona Halep‘s four year suspension for doping… sure, it’s bad news for many, but it’s certainly a central issue affecting the world of tennis. The complete absence of comment/discussion of this situation seriously undermines the credibility of this podcast. are you guys journalists or PR tools?
  • MansonsMom
    Up there with the Best
    This is a great podcast - rivals The Tennis Podcast in my opinion … I just love this podcast - dude does a great job. Well done. Only thing I would change - post more podcasts; I need more of this greatness. Thanks!
  • Stephanie Dampman
    Peyton Stearns esprit de corps 🎾
    Thanks Mitch & Jill for applauding this WTA next-gen momentum player. Great to see her dive into 2023 Roland Garros-Allons-y❗️
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