Financial Coaching for Women: How To Budget, Manage Money, Pay Off Debt, Save Money + Paycheck Plans

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Do you make good money but have nothing to show for it? Tired of using your bank account & credit card balances as your budget? Want to get debt-free but don’t want to sacrifice everything to do it? Ready to save money and build generational wealth?

You’re in the right place!

We’re telling you exactly how to budget, pay off debt, save money & stop living paycheck to paycheck.

We’re Shana & Vanessa: BFFs, business partners & Dave Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coaches (and unofficial marriage counselors). We’re glad you’re here.

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  • CLA.3020
    When i didn’t know where to go for help.
    It was the tipping point. I spent 3 times what I initially intended to on a pot for my plants. And what I have been suspecting for a while stroke me. I had to stop. I was spending way over my budget every month. So, I looked up on apple podcast: How to save money, and Ideal Balance came up. It has been just the support I had been looking for. The step by step. The how to start and beyond. Since listening to Ideal Balance I have not only been improving my finances but also my everyday habits thanks to Vanessa and Shana’s recommendations.
  • RachaelGroll
    So so good 🩷
    Love the female voice speaking into this space. Thank you for this resource!
  • CNJ1020
    Love it!
    Love it! Would recommend a shorter intro if possible 😊
  • rebelmom875
    Umm hi!
    Obsessed w podcasts and was browsing for new ones when I came across a familiar face! Binged a few episodes and I have to say, “Way to go girl!” So happy for you and the journey life has taken you on so far!
  • mama cabinet
    Super motivating!
    These ladies are so fun but also very helpful! My family and I live off of one income and I have been wanting to know more about how to delegate that money well and make sure we are being good stewards of what has been provided but did know how and in what ways I could Improve, these ladies showed me how! Their methods are very doable and the information they share is so helpful for budgeting and managing finances! Thank you ladies for all your wisdom and helping a STAHM be better!
  • KellyAnnnCan
    Smart women
    I’ve been working with Vanessa for a couple months now. After following this podcast for a while I took a chance and a signed up for personal coaching. It has been a game changer for me. Vanessa goes above and beyond to help me manager my finances and spending. I appreciate the bi monthly organizational homework. It’s making me accountable and I feel super empowered.
  • Emsaylu
    An answer to my prayers
    I was praying for more financial guidance that is scripture based and this is it!
  • aubreyblmt
    I needed this
    I love how you guys partner up for this podcast, it’s super refreshing and you make all of these big money issues seems so simple. I absolutely love that.
  • Mary // The Made To Be Podcast
    Your Go-To Podcast for Rocking Your Finances!
    Alright, so I stumbled upon the “Ideal Balance“ podcast, and let me tell you, it's a real gem. These hosts totally get it – they break down the money stuff, making budgeting and money management feel less like a chore and instead, a real source of empowerment. I love that this podcast zeroes in on those money challenges we all face and their down-to-earth advice makes taking ownership over your finances so approachable. Seriously, whether you're just dipping your toes or you're a money pro, you gotta tune in. Thank you Shana and Vanessa for dishing out this fun, empowering money wisdom! 🎉
  • aloha kerri
    Breathe! Relax. You can do this.
    Best financial coaching podcast I’ve ever listened to. I feel like I have two new friends who have my back and believe in me as I work on this road of simplifying and rethinking my money mindset. Thanks for the light touch on a rough topic but also a candidly saying what I need to hear. I’d give this ten stars!
  • FaithLivedOut
    Insightful and informative
    Insightful and informative. A must listen if you’re ready to get your financial life in order!
  • AngelaBolton
    Love this podcast and the coaching!
    Earlier this year I wanted to learn about money and budgeting and that’s when I found Ideal Balance. It is so great to listen to two women, who are friends, who obviously adore each other, who are so supportive toward each other and their families, talk about money, how to budget, how to get out of debt, how to stay out of debt, and how to live abundantly. After only a few months of coaching I can now see how these things can actually happen for me and my family. Even before doing the coaching, I learned so much from their podcasts. Thank you Shana and Vanessa!
  • jesraye
    3 ways to stop impulse spending
    So needed to hear this! I can't wait to implement all I'm learning and get back on track! Good buy impulse buys and guilt! Hello budgeting and joy! Can't wait to hear more!
  • BYFamily94
    A WEALTH of information!
    Wowzers!! So thankful for you ladies going so deep to share your wisdom with us! I have lots to learn from y’all! -Bekah
  • Jen Rogers, Stepfamily Coach
    Practical, fun, relatable, realistic 💯
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️So good. Honest convos about the challenges of managing money. This show is all about quick wins to gain momentum!! Financial freedom is possible-get there faster with this podcast! Great work! Jen~Bold & Blended Stepmoms Podcast
  • Let’s Unpack That w Alex&Grace
    If you love Dave Ramsey, you’ll love this show!!
    My husband and I looove listening to The Ramsey Show - and what a GEM this podcast is, that it’s from the perspective of women who are business-savvy, money smart, while also prioritizing their faith, personal lives, and families on top of it all. In a world where women hold so many roles and responsibilities - with pressures on every side (including from ourselves) - but ironically are very rarely properly EQUIPPED on how to actually do and navigate through it all (and from a biblical lens!), this podcast is so refreshing and such a rich blessing... no pun intended :) Cannot wait to keep listening and learning through these episodes!! -Grace from Let’s Unpack That with Alex
  • Anna-YT
    Great meal planning tips!
    Just listened to the episode where Shana and Vanessa talk about menu planning and grocery shopping. Really appreciate the tips and system that Chelsie shares around having the family help with the menu planning for the week with the index cards! Thank you! ~ Anna
  • Her Holistic Healing
    Great information
    This is good information for managing money! I love Vanessa and Shana's energy and encouragement.
  • JConner0623
    Love the content, hate the sound quality.
    I really struggle with harshness of the sound quality on this awesome podcast. It sounds like there’s an echo and makes it really hard to listen to. If you’re not sensitive to this, like me, give it a listen, these women know their stuff and the episodes are CHOCK FULL of incredibly helpful and insightful content.
  • The SHE IS Podcast
    Great Resource!
    This podcast is a must listen for women! Love the wisdom and practical tools shared for us to thrive in our finances!🙌🏼
  • Texas_Meg
    For the ladies...finally!
    Why is there so much "man splaining" in the financial space? Thanks for offering relatable, financial advice that any woman can use!
  • Tim Maudlin
    Want Financial Peace of Mind? Listen to This!
    These two BFF’s can literally finish each other’s sentences. That’s how in sync they are with each other. And that’s how in sync you will be with your finances when you listen to their podcast. Check out Ideal Balance with Shana and Vanessa. Highly recommend!!!
  • Catch Your Breath with Inga
    Practical and Useful
    I am so thankful for this podcast becasue Vanessa and Shana really make financial management seem so doable and way less intimidating. You leave each episode feeling like you can actually manage your money without the stress!
  • mike10032
    Love the budgeting tips
    So much helpful tips and info on budgeting and money management. Your financial advice is 🔥!
  • LindsayWalk
    So Much Goodness!
    I love how this podcast breaks things down and gives practical tools and resources to help with financial overwhelm! As a working mom who deals with the majority of my family’s finances, this podcast is the support and encouragement I need! Lindsay, Faith Led Working Moms Podcast
  • Kris Tip
    So relatable and encouraging!
    Ah this is so helpful! This is exactly what I need- understanding where I’m at but also challenging me to move forward! I also love the feel of joining these two at a coffee shop and chatting about real life. I’m ready to learn and grow! Thank you for being here!
  • Jubeeju
    So helpful
    Loving all the money management tips!!! So valuable!! 🔥🔥🔥
  • Melinda D V
    Ideal Advice!
    Let Shana and Vanessa show you how to budget and balance, create systems and organize! Such a great show for everyone who makes money. Mel Vandevort | Choose Your Next Yes and Empowered Educator Podcasts
  • Kerri MWCL
    Learning so much!!
    We’re looking to make some big financial decisions this year and this podcast is exactly what I needed to help provide guidance, tips and insight!!! Can’t want to binge!!! Kerri | Mom Wife Career Life podcast
  • Tx99_nf
    Such helpful info on money management and becoming debt free! This is a must listen podcast!
  • Jesse's Girl 1979
    Fun and helpful
    These ladies have a great dynamic. You can tell that they are best friends, and they share lots of common sense budgeting tips. I like Dave Ramsey‘s method, but I didn’t really like the way he came across. You ladies are much more fun, and you understand a lot more about my budgeting needs than he does. Great work!
  • Growing Glowing Green
    Better Balance with Shana and Vanessa!
    Thank you ladies for teaming up to tackle these tough topics!
  • Bloginow
    Shana + Vanessa are experts at what they do
    Shana and Vanessa are obviously experts at what they do. The episodes featuring their clients are my favorite, because they showcase the amazing financial (and life) transformation clients go through without increasing income!! Putting aside thousands of dollars toward debt or savings every month without increasing income is freaking impressive, finance-ninja level stuff. Plus, Shana and Vanessa are super relatable and down to earth to boot. Listen to them, learn from them, hire them 😊
  • Tabby9584
    SO needed!
    So much value with actionable step-by-step approach!
  • BrooklynBea
    So helpful!
    While I do love rice and beans, I love these tips even more. Shana
  • JBrumley
    Love this topic!
    I came across this podcast today and am loving it. Vanessa and Shana offer so much value when it comes to providing practical financial advice and even tips for managing life, health, and home. Their upbeat approach is addicting. Can’t wait to continue listening! Sarah Brumley | Mama Business Podcast
  • An-joy B
    Totally need this!
    Love the tips and tricks in this podcast --I'm ready to get out of debt and stay out! Sharing this with all my friends too! Thank you!
  • Sashastar4
    Financial Balance
    Such important stuff being talked about here! So grateful for the information that Shana and Vanessa share and the way they go about sharing it! I get to be better at budgeting and I am grateful that I have them to lead me in this! -Sasha Star Robertson, Intentional Momlife with Jesus Podcast Host
  • Katie | Content Marketing Mom
    Love the tips!
    Love the tips on budgeting, getting out of debt and saving money. -Katie Flores
  • Shan Shan 1
    Great for Marriage Too!
    Awesome tips to achieve my goals! Finances are so important in marriage, so I am glad these ladies teach us well! Shannon Ali-Keys to Kindergarten Readiness Podcast
  • Armed to the Heart
    Oh man need these tips!!!
    I’m so here for working on the skill of managing money with more confidence, and keeping God at the center of it all. Thank you for these amazing tips to get more organized with budgeting, and how we can build God’s kingdom with our stewardship as a family! - Megan Gephart, Armed to the Heart
  • Robin Rhine McDonald
    Clear path to financial stewardship!
    Shana & Vanessa are reading my mail with the tips they bring to this podcast! I’m grateful for biblical support on my finances!
  • TracyHoth
    I’m recommending! 👍🏼
    So much value here! Keep up the amazing work getting this information into the world. I love your episodes! - Tracy Hoth | The Organized Coach
  • My Atmosphere
    love this podcast!
  • LS Wellness
    Yes please!
    Budgeting is my new best friend! I used to think it would be too constricting, but never realized how freeing it actually is until I started it. So good!
  • DaniPGP
    Get out of debt
    I struggle with keeping a habit of making my finances and this podcast is saving me and my checkbook!
  • Play_DR22
    Thank you Shana & Vanessa
    Thank you for being the budgeting and systems "Go to" for us! Wow! I am learning so much! What great common sense and joy along the way! Dinalynn Rosenbush |The Language of Play podcast
  • AlaynaClem
    love it
    all the helpful tips for how to get your finances in order and get rid of the financial stress, highly recommend - Alayna
  • Money and Mental Peace
    So helpful!
    While I haven't listened to all the episodes, what I see thus far is great! You're going to help so many pp! (: Love money advice! DAVE RAMSEY IS THE WAY TO GO - Kara from the "Money and Mental Peace" podcast <3
  • R Alejandro
    Sooooo needed!! Soooo good!
    This show is a blessing, so needed! Keep it going ladies!💖
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