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Recent Reviews
  • emich911
    Clear and Concise
    I love Dr McCullough’s honest and direct approach to a challenging virus. I am deeply thankful to this dedicated Doctor and his 500 peers!
  • John G. Adam
    12000 dead from vaccine? Not true.
    Where is the evidence of 12,000 deaths from vaccine?
  • mexico fund
    You will go down in history Dr McCullough.
    I will reach my grandchildren about brave doctors like you that put patients over profit. A voice crying in the wilderness in a time of great deception. Thank your family for sacrificing their time with you so that you can fulfill your obvious calling. Melissa
  • Thee Truth!
    Wow! Dr. Chris Montoya was excellent!
    Dr. McCullough, thank you for your courage to bring the truth to the world. And thank you for introducing me to Dr. Chris Montoya! This a another fantastic podcast!
  • rainfamily5
    True physician
    Thank you Dr. McCullough for all that you do and for all that you put on the line. Thank you for your leadership and willingness to speak truth. Thank you for not simply following a protocol handed to you. You are a true physician. You will go down in history as one of the greats!
  • NoeandLevi
    Honest and factual
    Thank you for all you’ve done to keep people out of the hospitals and treated at home. I’ve been following you from the beginning and have prepared in the event anyone in my family gets sick.
  • Poopadooda
    Informative, Honest and Truth
    Thank you Dr. McCullough for your direct, fact based and well supported information. So appreciate it and your calm approach to getting facts out. It’s truly a sad place and time in America to know that the government and media are being less than candid, and likely causing irreversible harm. The mantra of “safe” on medical science and injecting by all sorts of media/medical systems/government/Hollywood stars/average people is alarming.on what data and basis do they make these “fact” claims? Keep pushing. So many quiet people paying attention to your important information.
  • Tjassal
    Homecare nurse here and staying informed
    I’ve been trying to stay abreast of everything related to Covid vaccines ie side effects, benefits/risks, early treatment etc and this podcast has been a treasure chest for me thank you for your effort doc and everything your doing!!
  • Perch Luv
    God Bless You Dr. McCullough!!
    Thank you for your dedication, sacrifice and commitment to the truth. I have been following you since the very early days of your critical outpatient treatment messaging. You have been so empowering & informative and have helped me keep my family safe during this time of intense pressure for the shot. Sending prayers for you. I look forward to meeting you one day to express my gratitude!! God Bless!!
  • Rhonda Tville
    Thank you!
    A medical doctor we can trust!!
  • ftucker78
    Thank you for providing TRUTH
    I’ve been an RN for 20 years. Up until covid hit I had great respect and trust with the large circle of physicians I work closely with. However, once vaccines became available in the USA I started getting berated from the same physicians for not getting vaccinated. However, when I started asking these physicians questions like, how long does it typically take to have a medication FDA approved? Not a single one knew the answer. What about the fact that a mRNA medication has never been approved? I get a blank stare.... shoulders shrugged....followed by an attitude of “who are you to question me? I’m an MD, you’re an RN, stay in your field of practice” It breaks my heart that this is the attitude I’ve experienced time and time again. It’s very unfortunate. However, I will continue to be an advocate for my patients despite the risk of possibly losing my job. At least I’ll be able to sleep well knowing that I tried to only provide truthful and factual information concerning the vaccine and let them know that ultimately it is their decision.
  • Estela09
    Love this!
    Dr. McCullough is an amazing doctor and, more importantly, human being! His reporting is honest and thorough even when facts are hidden or obscured. Best of luck to him
  • freethought1985
    Real advice.
    So glad to hear experts trying to actually help people. The last two years feel like we’re trapped in an episode of the Twilight Zone.
  • Amber in Houston
    Beyond grateful
    Thank you for your dedication, honestly, and perseverance. You continue to have my support!
  • Chem Free
    Interview with Dr. Robert Malone, yourself and one other man.
    Interview podcast with you, Dr. Robert Malone and a third person. Would Love to have that to listen and share, as we all are battling this tyranny. It’s been a long while since I have heard it. It was an awesome interview. I always love seeing your input on the highwire. Thank you for all you do and continue to do! From the bottom if my heart...
  • Katsahmof5
    Thank you for your courage, boldness, and honesty
    I didn’t come across your podcast until the end of July. I hadn’t really looked into any medical or scientific evidence or studies about Covid 19 or the vaccines, but just had hesitancy towards the vaccine. I am a Mother of 5 and was scarred from what I heard from local and National news. We did 1 year of online school and pretty much stayed locked in our house. I thank God I found this podcast and have looked into everything your sharing. I know your being persecuted for sharing the actual science and truth, but keep fighting the good fight! God bless you and everyone who’s standing up for what’s true!
  • Blessed by Grace Alone
    Thank you Dr McCullough for the TRUTH!
    Hope you continue to speak the Truth to all the Public!!! Not just to us Americans but to all MANKIND!! We need to ALL WAKE UP to what’s going on! I applaud you and admire you for all that you are doing!! You are fighting for All of Us and I will be personally praying for your VOICE to be heard as well as your protection and safety!! God BLESS You!!!
  • feral feline
    Thank You, Dr. McCullough
    This is essential listening if you care about your health, your liberty, and your country. Dr. McCullough is a true hero and patriot. You are one of a handful of people I listen to regularly. You keep me sane and informed and give me hope and strength to keep holding the line and to take personal responsibility for protecting myself and family from the virus and the corrupt powers that are in control.
  • PasadenaDave
    God Bless Dr McCullough!
    The world owes this mean a debt of gratitude for being willing to stand up and speak truth. His podcast has wonderful guests that will make you want to study everything they’ve done. Fantastic podcast. Thank you Doctor!
  • totalfan18
    Thank you for bringing the truth and helping so many
    I truly appreciate all the time and hard work you put in to get the truth out. Speaking out and helping so many even when you get attacked. A lifelong fan and thank you is not enough. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  • Welder game
    I’ve been saying this for the past year and a half. Thank you for having the courage to shed light on this global human experiment. It’s corrupt and evil! Your podcast is amazing and spot on!
  • Danofsales
    Do No Harm
    What happened to going to the Doctor when you are sick and having the Doctor diagnose your medical problem and then use the appropriate medicine to treat you and return you to your life. We thank God for Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Simone Gold and Dr. Joseph Mercola as well as the Frontline Doctors who treated us with 100% Cure Rate Medications. Why not use Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin C and D, Ivermectin. There are many citizens Worldwide who are ALIVE TODAY thanks to God Given Medical Skills being applied by Doctors who live the Hippocratic Oath they took when they began practicing medicine. Jesus is the Healer who wants us all to LIVE and heals through our DOCTORS worldwide. Thank You and God Bless You!
  • fukhead01
    Doctor, Thank you for the wonderful fact based information. I hear you saying time and again on how early treatment is the key to successful outcome against this virus, but I also hear you saying that we the public aren’t getting the help we need until it’s too late. What am I supposed to do in the event I get sick, and my doctor won’t intervene early? I need answers, and I need a reliable doctor. I feel more nervous about my chances being I won’t get the necessary proper care. What can I do?
  • iPhoneinspirational
    Thanks but
    Too much background noise
  • buttboy5000
    I want you to know that I am praying for you. I appreciate your speaking Truth so that the world might know... it’s all terribly depressing, but we must pursue Truth and speak it to the death. We have learned so much from you. Bravo for being brave, Sir. 🙏🏻
  • Kerwood68
    Thank you
    Finally, a doctor willing to be brave enough to share his research with the country. Our health is not nor should ever be political… but somehow it has become so. We should be alarmed! Thank you, Dr. McCullough, for continuing to press on with your meticulous investigation and search for current COVID and Delta updates as well as aiding patients. Deep gratitude!!
  • GonzoFan
    Dr. McCullough is my Go-To Guy
    I have learned more about immunology, virology, and micro-biology than I EVER hoped to learn. Dr. McCullough has been a major source of information for me. He always carefully documents his statements. I trust his comments and advice implicitly. I look forward to every new appearance on the internet. I’m glad to find his podcast. There is a lot of misinformation out there, but it is NOT coming from Dr. McCullough. It’s very clear where it’s coming from if you bother to do the research yourself. Unfortunately, too many Americans are NOT doing the due diligence they should. Dr. McCullough is an American Hero. Thank you for all you do!
  • gidgetwashington
    Thank you
    Thank you dr McCullough 4 standing up & helping us. I just heard of your podcast via Frankspeech. Ty Sir 4 having a podcast. I’m sure u r extremely busy. 🙏🏼💜👍
  • Misinformation fatigue
    immediate inaccuracies
    I started to listen to the most recent podcast given recommendations of a friend, however on doing some simple fact checking on the first three points he made, they were all misleading in a clever way.
  • HKGunz
    A Silenced Hero
    My doctor suggested I look up Dr. McCullough when I was diagnosed with the virus and he followed his recommendations in my successful treatment. I now have natural immunity and will not be experimented on by the NIH and CDC. I’ve been paying attention since that time and find this man as one of the true heroes of this virus fiasco. People need to be held to account for the State sponsored genocide that has taken place over the last 18 months.
  • FlyingSJ
    A true physician, saving one life at a time.
    Dr McCullogh, I first heard you when a friend shared your Tucker Carlson interview. I respect that you always bring us listeners the facts with integrity and unbiased information. I’m in a slight rage right as I listen to your podcast and that the cowardly “pretend doctors” will attempt to quiet your freedom of speech. As a paramedic/nurse I’m seeing patients who are 2-4 months past the shot and getting Covid. It breaks my heart to look a patient In the eye and have to tell them, our hospital won’t and I say won’t do anything for you unless you can’t breath. Please keep your podcast going as I am most informed from you and can educate those I come in contact with. Bless you as you go about your days and know that you are making a difference.
  • Kurt. A
    A real service to America
    Thank you Dr McCollugh for everything you are doing to bring open honest discussion of the science.
  • Hannah Buz
    Excellent! Thank you so much Dr. McCullough. Very grateful for your wisdom, expertise and advice during this time!
  • AcetopgunKA
    Favorite podcast
    This is by far my most favorite podcast and I am anxiously awaiting each new episode Thank you Dr. McCullough and associates Whatever influence you and your associates can have on our government, FAA, and business leaders attempting to force a mass vaccination with these COVID vaccines that need taken off the market, Will be a life saving blessing for us all
  • greta sky
    A must listen for everybody
    Thank you so much Dr McCollough for everything that you are doing. I am trying to share your podcast with as many people as possible.
  • jtscmiller
    I was familiar with you Doctor, but was unaware you had a podcast. How incredibly informative you are! So rational and that is difficult to come by these days. Thank You. 🙏
  • Dallaschld
    Thank you Dr!
    Thank you Dr Peter McCullough! For speaking out and for sharing truth. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • QLB75
    Thank You!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us on all things Covid. This podcast is very needed right now. If you have family members, friends and colleagues who are skeptical of this shot or don’t believe the negligence that’s going on, have them listen to this podcast. Kudos!
  • Lead me to the Truth
    from a frontline intelligent physican
    He is honest and knows what is going on as he is on the frontlines treating patients. Highly intelligent and knows how to sift through the reams of data that are out there. He has published many papers. Listen to Dr Peter McCullough and turn your televisions off. The journalists are all lying to us as Big Pharma is paying for all the major TV stations now. First podcast in April is worth listening too as well for new followers.
  • ErinOfNC
    Fantastic Podcast!!!!
    If you’re interested in the TRUTH behind COVID, the treatments, the vaccine, new data, etc. - then listen to this podcast. You won’t regret it! Dr. McCullough is bold and courageous and brilliant. He explains medicine and science in a way that the average listener can understand. I love how in-depth the podcasts are and the wide variety of expert interviews. Keep up the great work!!
  • Logdigital
    Question the narrative
    To any reasonable person, this situation with key stakeholders and media today is borderline propaganda. At least someone, (with proper credentials) is brave enough to appropriately question the narrative.
  • Audiophilz
    Thank you for being brave and helping fellow Americans
    A patriot.
  • researcher from texas
    I have been following Dr McCullough for over a year now. Everything! And I mean Everything he has said and predicted has been true. I will certainly continue to take his advice. Thank you for all your timely words of wisdom and the knowledge you have shared with everyone who will listen.
  • Dan in Berkeley
    Thank you
    I am in the process of preparing a room for the daughter of a great friend who died 6 days after the second Pfizer vaccine. She is going to live with us until she graduates from high school. I do not believe her death and the timing of the vaccine was coincidental. Thank you so much for your bravery and willingness to speak about this topic. I deeply appreciate it.
  • brenanNEAL
    Great podcast…
    Really enjoying the podcast I have binged almost all of the episodes and I just discovered it today! I would really like it if you would debate a doctor (preferably in the same field) that believes we should vaccinate everybody. Keep up the good work!
  • parent123
    Thank you
    I love getting all these viewpoints from real doctors that are actively treating patients during this time! Thank you for speaking up and sharing all this information. It’s been very helpful to me. JH.
  • Jadamian75
    Real information without the partisan spin.
    Great information that is health data based and has the patients best interest in mind. Each person should decide based on risk benefit analysis what is the best decision for their health. Unfortunately real health information like this is not widely available even in the health care industry. It is very dangerous that politics, main stream media, and big tech have corrupted basic information from medical doctors that is common sense and has the basic rule of first not harming the patient. This information is silenced on YouTube and other platforms because when logical people hear it they may actually think for themselves instead of following a controlled narrative that does not have their best interests at heart.
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