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  • houston weaponx
    Most informative medical podcast available
    Great podcast, Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse is a wonderful guest. Please have her on again. Thank you for all the work you do!! This has to be the most informative and one of the most important podcast available. Thank your for this podcast Dr. M.
  • John 1 rangers fan
    Always a wealth of information.
  • thankful 'n glad
    Thank you so much
    Keeping you & your family in prayers
  • Havfunwlife
    Increase in Cancer Rates?
    Hi Dr. McCullough! I’d love to hear you discuss the possibility of a link between the Covid-19 vaccine and cancers that spread rapidly. Thank you!
  • Powhatan Fan
    Libertarian doctor
    She was very interesting and brought up points about Covid I hadn’t heard before.
  • Masonic Home
    Rock Star Status
    This is all life changing news.
  • ampenny3
    Always very interesting
    Yes, Dr. McCullough, please do a show on aluminum in vaccines. Your comment in the interview of Dr. Lyons Wyler about the difference between Japan’s vaccine low aluminum content vs. that in vaccine products in Canada
  • KerryN1218
    Data Driven Excellence
    As an RN, for 45 years, I knew there was something very wrong with what was going on in 2020 and the C19 virus. Since the beginning, I have relied upon Dr. McCullough’s data driven conversations to help me navigate through this crazy world of living in fear, soundbites, and poor policies which have harmed so many. Thank you, Dr. McCullough.
  • nfykbv123
    This is positive and great!
    Very useful response to the endemic. Bring in more APNs Support the best ones in defending against the ABIM Shines a huge light on the captured pharmopolitical squid
  • parler#1
    Thank you. I have gained knowledge from not only this podcast but my physician as well. Thanks to him, I was able to abstain from MRNA use and was treated once with “off label” meds. We live in scary times and I believe this “Must take the jab” mentality was the first step to see how many people would “comply.” And, an opportunity to collect huge amounts of cash from BioNTech, who started trading publicly October of 2019 at $16 per share, 5 months later hovering around $400 per share.
  • Blitz scream
    The best doctor!
    So thankful to have found Dr McCullough and America Out Loud.
  • EbethOs
    Follow the science
    So thankful to have found out about Dr. McCollough through Joe Rogan. It’s refreshing to find a provider, and many more through your interviews, that still use critical thinking and consider all forms of evidence when it comes to decision making around this touchy subject of C. Thank you for what you do!!
  • Bert*1
    Senators & Bio- Pharmaceutical Complex
    Great Podcast! I am very interested in any information on the MRNA Vaccines and the increase in Cancer, particular Glioblastoma Astrocytoma 😢
  • mich.Anne.lewa
    Thank YOU!!! Thank YOU!!!
    I love your podcast! Keep up the amazing factual medical information ! We really appreciate it :)
  • RootedGuy303
    Pure. Unadulterated. Science.
    Turn off the mass media and tune in to Dr. Peter A. McCullough to hear the full body of evidence as to what’s really been happening, and why the next pandemic should change how we all think about, prepare for, and deal with daily life during and after. This is real science—which is the pursuit of truth—no matter where it leads. If the sources we read about and hear are tainted with huge pharma dollars, it should give us many hints as to why things unfolded as they did before. Never again.
  • JVJ1975
    Bless this man.
  • SusieCasey
    Excellent podcast. Full of facts
    Great podcast! Dr McCullough follows the Hippocratic oath! Amazing Dr. with stellar credentials! Listen and one will learn. 5 stars He’s a brilliant physician with incredible guests and has sacrificed greatly to help stop these crimes against humanity’
  • KimWinship
    Great show
    Really appreciate all the hard work and dedication by Dr McCullough. He has great guests and timely information - keep up the great work!
  • akacd10
    I can listen to dr McCullough investigate people all day
    He has a great voice and is one of the smartest persons that I have come across in this journey of just finding others out there that just want to know and do it with a logical common sense evidence backed facts. Dr McCullough keeps it real and never says things about what he hasn’t looked into. These needs to be longer dr one hour is too short
  • redwolfhopw
    Is DR Yan predicting a new more deadly Pandemic
    I greatly respect Dr Yan’s great information(particularly on the CCP mindset) However the recent episode appears to portend a looming disaster. I heard Dr.McCullough try to explain/counter this. But,I’m left feeling a huge Tsunami is heading for the USA. Could Dr.McCullough share w/us more details on this? Are we due to repeat the Pandemic? PLEASE don’t leave us with:”this is why they want to destroy America “ Worried in Pennsylvania
  • Paige SC
    Very well done podcast and the information is backed by facts. Look forward to this every week!
  • Gal South
    China seems very scary
    Always thankful for your knowledge! Thank you for having her on! Heartbreaking what the Chinese people have to live through with their government. I can’t help but wonder why Xi hasn’t gotten COVID and why didn’t he get the deadly variant?
  • aristole503
    Best info on covid
    Love this podcast!! Hate politics especially nowadays.. Peter is doing such a wonderful job standing up against the machine..People who like this show might be interested in reading'thinking fast and slow' it is the psychologiy book their using against us.. the psychological warfare surrounding the vaccine and Jan. 6 is disgusting
  • Natalo
    The McCullough Report is my go to
    Thank you Dr. McCullough for giving us common sense strategies to battle a lab made problem.
  • FaithfulMom4
    Dr. McCullough is a hero!
    When we look back at this time in history Dr. Peter McCoullough will be listed as one of the heroes. He is smart, articulate, and able to break down complicated medical information with facts and scientific evidence so people can understand it. He has risked everything to share the truth.
  • Gabtiala
    The goodness of Peter McCullough
    Dr. McCullough is a true hero. He saved countless patients who said they had Covid. He is honorable and is a truth- seeker. He is brave and is not deterred from giving his best advice.
  • Ellison RN
    Learn something every episode
    I have nothing, but admiration for Dr McCullough. I enjoy every episode of the podcast and send them to friends when I think they will pertain to them. Thank you!
  • GongVibes
    I’m indebted
    Thank you Dr. Mcollough, Your courage to continually speak to what you know is huge! And thank you for reminding the world that science is a dynamic, ever-changing phenomenon which operates at peak level when a forum of experts is gathered and debate is encouraged. You inspire me (in this time of censorship) to carry that simple truth forward, and it’s shocking to see that so many people who used to know this, now view debate and critical thought as some sort of threat. It’s insane. God forbid that we should lose site of those essential truths. Every show we hear (from you) references to new papers, documents and truly unbiased peer-reviewed studies from all over the world, and I’m not aware of anyone else who does that. You’re doing amazing things for humanity, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Best wishes! EM
  • Pedsdo
    Physician Warrior
    Keep leading the fight to protect and treat our patients. The Battle is the Lord’s. Keep steadfast and strong.
  • laleebee
    Finally the truth
    Thank you for being a truth teller. We need more of this.
  • kkelso04
    Thank you
    My Dr. personally recommended I listen to everything you have to say on Covid. A lot more doctors align with you however are too afraid to speak up.
  • Anderkarin
    A Voice of TRUTH!
    Thank you, Dr. McCullough, for your courage throughout the last 3 years. In 2020, as I wondered if ANY doctors would stand up, I found you and this podcast. Your work has been a beacon of hope and a guiding light during these dark, divisive times. I know you’ve endured a great deal of derision and contempt from colleagues and you’ve lost licensures and professional positions. Your sacrifice is recognized by all of us who have followed you and have looked to you as a voice of TRUTH. Thank you! 🙏🏻
  • kiddosfun
    Dr McCullough emulates what medicine should be! Investigate, question, pull together best practice in literature, and don’t follow just because of threats. What a medical hero.
  • hullk
    Keep on telling the truth
    Thank you for telling the actual truth. I’ve been experience it for 3 years in the medical profession. This is unbelievable! I can’t even understand how this is even happening. It all intentional. Thank you again for everything. Your sacrifice will never go unnoticed!
  • ftvbhhyf
    The only MD I trust
    I have been following Dr. McCullough from the beginning of COVID and have been doing my best to take supplements on a daily basis to avoid and/or minimize exposure to any type of virus/bacterial infections as I have smoldering multiple myeloma along with immunoparesis. He is the only MD that I trust as I have had scare tactics used on me.
  • Small Time Dude
    Courage to speak the Truth
    Thanks for what you are doing! I’m surprised how many of my friends don’t know about you!. Amongst them are previous booster receivers, who have subsequently become infected! I’ve given some of them your iodine nasal swabs, which they’ve used successfully. It’s a shame, that our country has become so corrupt, both medically, and politically!!
  • wallyg703
    Latest episode.
    Excellent as always! My wife is an ER nurse and doesn’t really follow your show. However, having another nurse on may help her to further consider doubting the typical hospital narrative.
  • Lis376
    The doctor America needs!
    Dr. McCullough is the doctor I wish I had! The doctors now are all about getting a patient in and out quickly. Dr. McCullough is one of those doctors that I know would listen to all of your concerns and help. I have learned so much with his podcast! I had CV19 and did his protocol and believe me-it works! Thank you Dr. McCullough!
  • 7dwarfs
    Amazingly informative
    Dr. McCullough, I am a nurse practitioner and have employed evidence for my practice. Covid began to strain my credulity in the evidence in May 2020 and as I watched the tyranny employed by the CDC and FDA as well as governments around the world my trust failed. I think God everyday for you and the physicians like you willing to be the voices of reason. Thank you. Yours is my go to podcast for information.
  • ChicagoCarolanne
    Yes, C-19/ Variants CAN be treated
    I listen as a layman with no medical experience. The information disseminated by Dr. McCullough is expert, sometimes over my head, but most times information everyone must have. Covid is treatable and we all need to be thankful for the bravery and expertise the Dr. Peter McCullough possesses and shares.
  • jeff9909
    Excellent and getting even better.
    If you want the straight scoop from a real doctor who is on the front lines, who has integrity and backs everything up with data, this is your pod. Dr. McCullough should get a metal for his untiring effort and unflappable countenance. 7/10/22: UPDATE: I have not missed one episode. This is where the credible, cutting-edge information is. God bless Dr. McCullough.
  • zzzoorrro
    Love dr mccullough
    Dr mccullough one of the few doctors in u.s. with the guts to go against medical and actually treat C 19 patients. Where are the rest of the brave doctors?
  • Mbh70
    Great program
    I love listening to Dr. Mccolough and look forward to listening to his program every week. My husband and I are in the latter end of having Omicron, I personally used his Betadine nasal watch, gargle with Listerine three times per day and personally vouch this treatment been super helpful in preventing disease from getting worse. I am over 75 years old, have been diagnosed with Asthma and Emphysema.
  • CoachEnriquez
    Life Saving Facts, Data & Analysis
    Dr. McCullough along with a handful of others like doctors of, Dr. Mollie James (, Doctors Ryan Cole, Jay Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorff, Sunetra Gupta, Robert Malone, and others typically featured on Steve Deace Show (BlazeTV) Conservative Review Podcast with Daniel Horowitz, The Highwire with Del Bigtree HAVE ALL SAVED LIVES!
  • 208jewels
    Thank you!
    Keep up the fight! You’re on the right path.
  • Chess Freakazoid
    Dr. Mccullough is heroic
    Not a joke. Dr McCullough is a literal hero who has probably saved millions of lives. He should be considered a “righteous of the Earth.”
  • Q2w6kauai
    A Treating Physician
    Dr . McCollough will by applauded in history as one of the few brave doctors who actually treated covid patients and told us truths about the non- approved covid vaccines
  • Jdokejjrjkmkknnmmnsbbs
    Awesome podcast
    Dr. McCullough has been an inspiration thru the whole Plandemic. I’m not a Twitter fan so I was thrilled to find his excellent podcast. Thank you to Dr. McCullough for his amazing work!
  • saquangoat
    Riddled with disinformation
    It’s amazing how inaccurate this podcast series is, quite concerning that it showed up on my “immunonolgy” search. The idea that COVID vaccines prevent herd immunity is an impossible and uneducated statement. Even if the vaccine allowed 100% of people to still become infected this would STILL not prevent herd immunity. Peter and his no-name guests constantly refer to “published articles” without actually discussing the physiology and molecular interactions of these preposterous claims. It’s become evident that Peter and a few other MDs are exploiting this “alternative narrative” because it’s what brought them their publicity in the first place. Absolute disservice to science. Peter, stick to cardiology.
  • Mr Madrat
    Peter McCullough is National Hero and treasure !
    Here is a man who has stood by principles, science, applied knowledge and experience to medically treat Covid19. He has dared to save lives with the art of medicine while the national / worldwide standard was to wait till you are so sick you end up hospitalized. I had the luck of finding him in 2020 and had complete confidence in what he was sharing. Finally someone with some experience in success in treating Cove 19. He others medical professionals produced documents to share with both doctors and individuals for home treatment. While other television doctors were quickly dispelled and quieted, Dr. McCollough was unstoppable and still is with his knowledge and willingness to discuss treatment options and medical science. Do yourself a favor and bookmark. Follow him share his information as it is in the service to others. Much gratitude to Dr. Peter McCullough.
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