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On this weekly advice show, comedian & author Chelsea Handler answers listener questions with the hilarious edge you know her for. Joined each week by celebrity and expert guests, Chelsea never shies away from giving her honest opinion on everything from love, sex and weed to family issues or losing a loved one. Every episode takes you on a ride from funny and informative to inspirational and heartbreaking – and back again.

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  • Adriankid
    The way I smiled ear to ear listening to s2 ep1. This was pure bliss! Chelsea and Jo are adorable and I love hearing the happiness in Chelsea’s voice. I truly had the dumbest smile on my face listening to this episode!
  • Xodus23896
    Where’s Brandon
    Chelsea and jo koy are so over the top I think I’m gna be sick. Still love u though chel
  • BayAreaToast
    Where is Brandon?
    Love the podcast and your episode with your lover was so funny! But…where is Brandon!?
  • gracie in denver
    Where is Brandon?
    Love you Chelsea; just curious where Brandon has gone?
  • KaytD1234
    Love it!
    This podcast is the best and makes me laugh. I would love for Jo to be a regular guest. Such a great dynamic and back and forth!
  • livilandrus
    New love
    Chelsea and Joe are going to make me cry! So sweet ❤️
  • lucyarq
    S2 E1 !!!
    S2 e 1🙌🏽🙌🏽‼️🥰🥰
  • Charityp
    Love love you
    I’m so happy you are with Jo Koy! I knew it would finally transpire!! 💕
  • MariaFA
    Chelsea is hilarious. I think the podcast got off to a slow start, but excited now that they’re revamping!
  • RoutineBat
    Love it but…
    What’s going on with the editing on the season 2 premier? It jumps all over the place, skipping some parts and looping back and repeating other parts. Love this podcast but I hope your editor can get it together!
  • cziiad
    joe and brandon
    Chelsea I have watched you since the mid-aughts… I wish you would be more transparent about what happened to Brandon? He was pretty great. But let’s get to the meet Joe Koy! he is so awesome I’ve always thought he was super cute -I think you guys can be in this for the long-haul because he has a heart of gold and you’re finally ready to except it. Good luck, but fill us in on Brandon please
  • Andrew0755
    Not good.
    Not that funny and just unbearable to listen to.
  • _reyes01
    Love it !!
    This is my weekly ritual with some of my other podcasts. Definitely love Chelsea and Brandon’s Dynamic.
  • lizbetch
    Love love love Chelsea
    Have always been such a fan of Chelsea. While this podcast is hilarious I love how they are not afraid to get deep and talk about very real subjects. Chelsea perspective in life is something we all need.
  • CurseofCass
    Are you kidding me?
    Dissing GGE… seriously Chelsea?
  • PZugas
    My guru
    I’ve followed tips and advice from Chelsea to great success! So she’s like my guru now :)
  • MagnetoMama
    So good!
    Funny with great REAL advice. It’s one of my new faves!
  • Fayiz Shaffaq
    So ideological It’s annoying
  • heretomorrowgonetoday
    Brandon no more?
    Brandon has a new job? After all these years? You sound annoyed with him chelsea. What happened?
  • It's awesome that I smile
    Absolutely love! Chelsea is funny and down to earth.
  • jaclyn.mir
    Thank you
    Love Chelsea and Brandon. You two always make my day better.
  • Gamer:-)123
    Chelsea’s The Best
    Love all of her work and enjoy her honesty. A real girl’s girl. 5 stars all the way. Don’t give 1-4 stars, not cool.
  • Karla w/a K
    NO 👶🏼 STOP!!
    I love this podcast… but questioning Chelsea about giving birth??? Just stop! There is soooo many other things to discuss!!!
  • blugvjjn
    Love it
    Honestly- This is so great, I just binged all episodes and really enjoyed it! Y’all are hilarious! Brandon is the best addition
  • Pinkpelican5000
    Did GGE so dirty.
  • Kingutd
    Such a great podcast. I think Chelsea might be my twin lost at birth. Keeps me very entertained at work. Only reason I gave 4 stars: Chelsea seems like she isn’t truly into it…like somedays she doesn’t care. Maybe she is taking Klonopin?? Also…quit calling each other sweetheart.
  • dgpaulsson
    Good advice, guys.
    Between the two of them, Chelsea and Brandon cover a lot of ground in their advice. Great job!
  • Dcbrze
    Love This podcast
    Love Chelsea and Brandon. Some of the reviews seem to be repeated (possibly) by the same person. Get over what she did on some other podcast, she’s a comedian and that’s what she does. She’s always supported women, I guess if she’s so bad and needs to be “cancelled” why are her shows still selling out? Satire people…
  • darbys mom
    Interesting and funny
    It’s crazy how each episode has related to my life. I am appreciative for the hard work Brandon and Chelsea personally share with us. Their dynamic is infectious. Love them together- smart thoughtful commentary. Please keep it going and see you in Denver in November!!!! Stay horny Chelsea!!!
  • taylerbmakeup
    Chelsea is my idol. Brandon and her really bounce well off each other. I love to hear advice from someone who has LIVED and grown. She has worked hard on hersself, and has done an immense amount oft herapy. That’s the only kind of person I wanna hear advice from.
  • deserthippie
    Thank you for this podcast!!! It’s GENUINE and REAL and FUNNY!!! I look forward to listening every week and sometimes won’t listen so I can binge listen. I can relate to most the advice on some sort of level and I really appreciate that.
  • hd0382&
    Love Brandon!
    Love Brandon! He’s so funny!!
  • RC's Mama
    Not therapeutic at times.
    On the episode where Farrah asked HOW to move on from friendships that were not working, Chelsea and Brandon spent all of their time talking about WHY or WHEN you should end relationships. If you are answering a voice or email question, ANSWER THE QUESTION. Still love you and appreciate that you want to help.
  • idkidkidk1111
    Love Chelsea
    Heard about this pod from my favorite pod (Pls Stop. Podcast) I love Chelsea so much. She’s hilarious and so real!
  • rloco
    Funny and witty!
    I love this show! The conversations are genuine and of course sometimes hilarious, it’s Chelsea after all! I love Brandon’s input as well.
  • Jrex86
    Makes me laugh on my way to work.
    There is nothing I don’t love about this podcast. Chelsea and Brandon are an amazing team and give great advice. I even may write in. I love how honest they’re.
  • Loo_Baby
    A 3.7 Rating? Y’all are TRIPPIN - 5 ⭐️!
    I love this podcast and look forward to it every week. Chelsea & Brandon’s banter totally reminds me of my BFF Garrett & I. The stories that have been shared are very relatable, and their advice is spot on! ❤️
  • Sarah annee
    Was always indifferent about Chelsea until she trashed GGE. Seemed very catty, also the podcast is boring.
  • Jeffnickdajow279
    No longer relevant.
  • buffalobrow
    Off the cuff but well meaning
    I would not compare this in any way to something like the Savage lovecast for advice. There isn't a framework or clear value system, but everything Chelsea and Brandon gives as advice is extremely sincere, if a little short-sighted. (I think the caller with a seven month long relationship had more to figure out than just whether she or her GF "should" propose marriage...)
  • qnrk24
    Great show
    This show is the perfect balance of Chelsea and Brandon back and forth and the advice/caller segments. Always loved Chelsea’s comedy and hearing her in a serious-ish 😂 setting is refreshing and a nice change of pace. Thank you Chelsea and Brandon for a great podcast!
  • Myrod05
    OMG is so funny this conversation is just what I need to. Amazing guys lol.
  • Mujo5
    I love it
    I love this podcast. Chelsea and Brandon are fun together and have a natural flow. I love their advice. They definitely give people some actionable advice with genuine interest in helping.
  • 99865336
    Less of the assistant please
    I love Chelsea and have followed her for many years, so I’m familiar with her and her journey. Her perspective has value to me because I know how much work she’s put into her personal growth. Also, she’s funny. Her assistant is just annoying and ruins the pod for me. Update: kept listening for a few weeks but, nope, that guy’s opinion and advice have no value and never shuts up. Finally had fo unfollow altogether.
  • hs2244
    Please never stop doing this podcast ever ever ever huge fan also I’m high
  • jheintz81
    Add this to your podcast library now!
    Everything Chelsea touches, turns to gold and her new podcast is no different. It’s funny, intelligent and a completely therapeutic listen. You won’t be sorry adding this pod, to your podcast library. I promise! 😀
  • ilbdb33
    Conflicted Chelsea fan
    I have loved Chelsea through her whole career. I have read and own all her books, her humor comes through so perfectly in her writing. I used to watch Chelsea Lately and loved it and I’ve seen tons of her stand up. I listen to this podcast because I love her but I feel like some of her advice is troubling. She claims it’s tough love but some of the eating disorder related or mental health related advice comes through a little out of touch. I will continue to listen for now in hopes they work out the kinks because I truly adore her and think she can make this into something really great. Additionally, I’m a huge GGE fan so I was excited to hear her on there but then her interview came through like she didn’t want to be there and then she trashed them briefly on her own episode the following week which I thought was a bit uncalled for.
  • Ashley Monster
    Love it!
    Genuine, honest advice from my favorite lady! I absolutely love her & Brandon together. They are an incredible team. Definitely will be writing in at some point, just debating what issues I want to share. You two are amazing!
  • tjake13
    When Macdonald’s taste good, you’ve had too much to drink.
  • tjs9435
    Usually Chelsea is hilarious and gives actual good advice sometimes but this podcast is not it… I loved everything she did on Netflix and her last book was amazing. She does not seem comfortable in this setting. If we’re being required to listen to all of the ads on this podcast, the least Chelsea and Brandon could do is their own ad reads so we don’t have to listen to random people in the middle of this podcast. It’s only 45 minutes and probably 15 minutes of the podcast are ads.
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