Honeymoon for One

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The very first story from RomComPods! Meet Claire, a 28-year old Chicagoan who seemingly has her life totally and completely together... until she catches her fiance cheating on her the week of their wedding! Heartbroken (and broke), Claire decides to go on her non-refundable honeymoon — a romantic couple’s tour of Italy — alone.RomComPods is Co-Written, Produced, and Directed by Rachael King and Becca Freeman. More at romcompods.com.

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  • Cewjane86
    Loved it. Thank you for the great story!
  • teeebirdie
    An easy listen!
    I was recently introduced to Becca’s Instagram through a friend for book recommendations and soon became interested in her BOP podcast and then learned about RCP from that. Honeymoon for One was my first series listen from RCP and I LOVE it! It was too cute, had fun characters, and was the perfect about of idealistic romance. I have already recommended to several other friends to listen as well. Can’t wait to listen to the other shows!
  • Canada484
    RomComPods Are Amazing
    I have been listening to these for the entire pandemic and they take me away from the world right now and I owe all my life right now to the cast and crew of all the RomComPods. The best part of these are the way they express the things such as people and places. All the cast is amazing and they do their jobs so well. I like Showmance the best but I like Honeymoon for One too. Vote for love doesn’t have a very interesting storyline. Some of my favourite characters are Casey, Oliver, Matteo, Lincoln and Clair. Please make another season!! Waiting is kinda driving me crazy! Also, for anyone who is reading this, RomComPods is PG-13 for anyone under age. Thanks for reading!!
  • BriibriiXoXo
    Doesn’t play
    I’ve tried to play this on multiple streaming apps and it won’t play any episodes
  • thevanvannnnn
    Painful to listen to
    “The guests all of a sudden want a +1 at my wedding!” *whiny tone* …Don’t wedding guests usually want a +1? It’s not just the overacting, but the unrealistic writing. I found myself thinking about how some things make sense instead of what’s happening in the story. I’m sorry. I just can’t. ):
  • Jessica_2029
    The podcast was a bit heartbreaking when they left but overall wonderful podcast.
  • christi1432
    Painful overacting
    I love the other two series from Romcom pods - but the overacting in this one was too painful to listen to. I couldn’t make it through the first episode 😢
  • bberger2020
    Sad it over
    I loved the story!! I was so sad when it’s over.
  • sebey henry cohen
    Best romance podcast ever
    I love this podcast makes me dizzy with excitement it’s so amazing
  • Dbazor
    Great story
    Loved the story and the acting was top notch. Can’t wait to listen to the next one. This one makes me want to go to Italy.
  • Sissy816
    Literal LOLs
    This is excellent storytelling, immersive and entertaining, and it’s probably the only podcast that makes me literally laugh aloud. I can’t wait for new stories!
  • CTXYZ2015
    But WAY too cheesy and unrealistic.
  • Carlydeebs
    I think this first season is still my favorite of the 3 thus far, but every season is so much fun! I’m constantly impressed by how smart and funny the writing is, how spot-on the casting and acting is, and the production value is really setting the bar high for other fiction podcasts.
  • crutch99
    I am thrilled to find Rom Com Pods. I am enjoying this one so much and can’t wait to check out the others. Such an amazing idea and exactly what my podcast lineup was missing!!
  • riley_of_oc
    Cute story. Could help but binge it!
  • LuckyCat21
    So fun!
    A wonderful story! Made my heart happy!
  • ape1960
    Good story
    Well written story. The weakness is in the voice actors. They don’t sound believable, especially the accents.
  • anxioushippie
    So good!
    This podcast is sweet, sexy & funny — so great!
  • mayra snow
    I love this
    This is honestly unexpectedly cheesy and cute and I love it. It is as if I’m reading a book, listening an audiobook, or watching a rom com movie but in a podcast. Honestly I love this.
  • awignarajah
    I live for these! Especially during quarantine
    I am from Trinidad and we are still in lockdown due to COVID-19 cases and honestly these podcast are getting me through this. I love reading and watching romcoms but having these to play while I’m cooking or workout are the best things ever! Please keep writing and creating more stories they are compelling and captivating - @awignarajah
  • jammerp15
    A perfect escape
    So much fun, and a perfect sweet escape as we are coming out of the pandemic and itching to travel. Wonderfully cheesy, but has more substance than a hallmark-type movie. I loved it!
  • EW2016
    I love these characters!
    I’m not much of a romcom fan but I started listening to this on a whim one day - it’s fantastic! The story is great, but it’s the ensemble of characters that really kept me clicking from episode to episode. They’re all funny, well written, and delightful to spend time with. The voice actors are super engaging, and they bring the great writing to life and make it all feel lively and real. Can’t wait for more RomCom pods!
  • breplus_three
    So cute
    I absolutely love this it was so cute and adorable. And I can’t want for more stories.
  • pw122456
    Very cute
    Very cute, acting and production awesome
  • Scrlt85
    Heck Yes!
    I absolutely adored this podcast. I looked forwarded to hearing the latest chapter every week. The story is fun and cute and a great companion for any walk or commute!
  • Eliza76
    Loved! Like listening to a great audiobook but the characters come to life!
  • librarian abby
    Audiobook enthusiasts- this is for you!
    Like your favorite romance novel on audio....but even better!
  • meglyn2
    Such a fun escape!
    I loved season 2 but for some reason had missed season one. This was such a delight to go back and listen to! It has me longing for my own Italian adventure!
  • Seattle@heart
    Fun and sweet!
    This show hits all the spots - it’s sweet, funny, and listening to it feels like a mini vacation to Italy. If you love romantic comedies, give this a listen!
  • trackstarbass87
    So fun!
    This podcast was such a breath of fresh air! I loved it.
  • CKH8
    Delightful commute listening
    Fun episodes! Great story and perfectly sized episodes for my commute/subway ride.
  • EA2829
    Such a fun listen!
    Light and cheesy in the best way. Listened to the whole season while organizing my closet!!
  • Jlm2z
    Love the first season of RomCom Pods so much
    Every time I see a recipe for cacio e pepe, I sigh a bit thinking of this sweet couple. I love the settings and the characters and the story. Highly recommend checking out this first season bc it’s really well done! Thank you for the effortless getaway!
  • sarahadriane
    Such a fun listen!
    What a great idea for a podcast! Love that each season is a new story line too! This was a great listen to pass the time while driving, I loved the characters and story.
  • LMH 835
    Looked forward to every episode
    Loved listening to this on my summer pandemic walks. Chic lit for your ears
  • betches fan
    Loved this season, the perfect escape!!
  • priyasamant
    So much fun
    Love listening to Claire and mateos story. Perfect start to rom com pods . it took me back to a romantic vacation in Italy.
  • kl1231
    Love it!!!
    Such a fun listen! Felt like I was transported to Italy :) very fun to escape during quarantine!
  • Caviandra
    This podcast so good - it’s funny and romantic and really sets the scenes well. I love that it has all the background sounds you would typically hear in a movie or imagine while reading a book! Don’t sleep on it!
  • MEL_190
    The Best Podcast! It’s Ear Candy
    This is my favorite podcast. Love the storylines and characters. I call it ear candy, because it’s a literal treat for your ears. Such a delight to listen to!
  • eu2103
    Perfect escape!
    I listened to this season multiple times, it was such an enjoyable escape during 2020 when we couldn’t travel. Love the descriptions of places and food, great background sounds/music, and (of course) the romance. Hated Claire episode one but she evolves and I liked her by the end.
  • SPC-87
    Must listen
    One of the best listens of the last year! Highly recommend!
  • Finleydara
    A total transport!
    This made me fall in love with the idea of a fictional podcast. In a time I was isolated at home this totally transported me. I loved each episode so much and the two creators who developed it are so very talented!
  • LL Cool J 91
    This season was fabulous. I finished it so fast. I want all the rom com stories!!! If you haven’t listened you need to ASAP!
  • deniseadelek
    rom com pods = 😍
    I’m not even a fiction podcast person (or even podcast person tbh besides Bad On Paper) but I LOVED THIS SO MUCH!
  • JessicaP20
    A great escape!
    If you love reading or watching rom coms you have to check out this podcast! I hadn’t listened to a fiction podcast before and I’m so glad I checked this one out. It’s better than an audiobook!
  • DC based listener
    A fun and cute romantic story
    I loved listening to this podcast—I had never listened to anything like it before and I find it super unique and interesting. It is perfect for people who like reading romance or like watching rom-coms. It’s a little cheesy at times but that’s what makes it endearing! I especially loved the sounds and different voice actors that made it feel authentic and as if you were there in Italy experiencing the moment.
  • lizzies35
    A fun listen!
    Loved it, so cute and fun! Can’t wait for more seasons!!
  • EmmyK12
    Wonderfully entertaining pod!
    Loved this fictional podcast! So cute and a charming story, very fun to listen to.
  • Stayinvibes
    Super fun listen
    Exactly what my ears needed! This is such a well produced romcom that’s breezy, fun, and sugary in the best ways. A great escape!
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