Tales from the Stinky Dragon

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A D&D podcast from Rooster Teeth! Our brave adventurers have answered the call...to be interns for the super hero group, the Infinights! Little do they know that the Infinights are in danger and our hapless interns may be their only hope for salvation. Can the interns save the Infinights AND master a triple shot vanilla almond latte with extra foam?

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  • Caderade092
    Thank you!
    I’m in love with the quality of the show. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. I can honestly recommend this to absolutely anyone and everyone. It was a joy to binge this show and I was lucky enough to have the VERY last episode (bonus) come out as I was finally getting caught up. I’m excited to switch over to waiting for my show every week now that we are on a new tale. The cast are easy to like and their friendships and chemistry come out so well. Micah’s story telling is PHENOMENAL. This is so on the fly and yet so very very detailed and meaningful. I legit got emotional for several parts of this in my car like a complete nut. Gus is perfect for DM; perfect balance of knowledge and leniency, role play and tagging in on jokes. Love to the Stinky crew and looking forward to the next adventure! Thank you for the laughs, thanks for the distraction, thanks for the lore, thanks for fleshing out an entirely new world I could escape into when doing chores or driving in my car, Thank you.
  • AnyGDNickname
    LOL What?!
    The end of episode 84 had me shouting “What?!” so loudly that my husband came to check that I was alright. Such amazing writing and everyone makes the story shine!! Can’t recommend this podcast enough!
  • gquailer
    My favorite podcast!!
    I listen to a variety of podcasts and this is by far the most entertaining and my favorite overall. This show is road trip gold. The production and writing of the show is fantastic (shout out to Mika and Ben)!! The chemistry of the team is great, making for tons of laughs and Gus does an amazing job as DM!! Hope this show doesn’t end anytime soon, I’m in it for the long haul!!
  • KitsuneGem
    Love it!
    Recently came across a clip of one of their puppet shows from a scene in this show. I enjoyed it so I found out it was a podcast and started listening to it. I’ve been using it to hype myself up for the work day, and to decompress on my way home from work. It’s a really fun podcast and a great mood booster.
  • TehWhiteMage
    A fun ride
    Love it! I just started getting into D&D and it’s a fun, light hearted and easy to follow listen while not knowing too much about how to play. Entertaining and funny, I totally recommend.
  • Gennychavana
    Love it
    I love this podcast! Best dnd podcast for someone who never played but loves the story telling and the interactions between the players, like me! Cast is amazing and everyone is hilarious and sweet all the time!
  • radman79
    This podcast is now my happy place.
    I will frame my review by saying that I have never written a review for a podcast in my life. Having said that, this is arguably, my favorite podcast I have ever listened to. The quick banter and D&D-centric fun of this podcast. It reminds me so much of the adventures my friends and I would have when we would take time to game together. Not only is this a delightful trip down memory lane for some of the most laughter-filled evenings of my life, but the fun story presented in the podcast itself, and the actions of the players has left me in stitches. I have literally laughed out loud at every single episode. Not like “laughing out loud” where we sort of snort through our nose. No. I am literally laughing out loud like an buffoon. Lamentably, this frequently happens while driving or in public venues, so I have received several strange looks as I am doubled over with guffaws. Totally worth the public humiliation. I cannot recommend this podcast strongly enough to anyone who is curious.
  • Jen13088
    Now I want to play
    This show not only inspired me to want to play D&D a task that seemed scary and daunting but I’ve also gotten back into original character cosplay creation based around D&D classes!
  • Rt Sinister
    Love it!!!!
    This is one of the greatest D&D story telling I ever listen to and it’s by RT so it makes it better and funny!!
  • NeptuneTheUsurper
    First D&D pod
    This is a great podcast for someone like me, someone who got obsessed with D&D but couldn’t really get into other shows like Critical Role.
  • Finn 22
    Love it
    I can never find enough people to consistently play with (curse you adult responsibilities) and this allows me to live vicariously through other players. Very entertaining and accessible to the casual listener.
  • bckbrry gingerale
    Loooooove it
    Everything i could want from a D&D podcast. Funny, entertaining and immersive! John/Mud’s laugh is contagious. This podcast brings me endless joy. You’re all my heroes.
  • Noweeeezy
    So funny and entertaining!!
    Teaches me about DnD and keeps me entertained in the car!!!
  • Taylor211243
    Awesome Awesome Awesome
    Awesome podcast!
  • johntnaumann
    Funny and informative
    It’s very funny and it is teaching me about D&D
  • SamTheRocker885
    Easily the most enjoyable D&D podcast I’ve found. Beginner friendly.
    This podcast has been my rock and my pillar of support since launch. I listen every week. It’s what I look forward to. The mixing is great. Storytelling is top notch. Characters are hilarious and deep. If you’re still pretty new to D&D start here. What’s even better is how the podcast interacts with its audience. NPCs are named after people who interact on social media. Magic items come from the community too. The sheer number of people who voice characters for this is astounding. I found this podcast more accessible than Critical Role, because the players involved are not super seasoned players, so as the story progresses, you kinda learn the mechanics and everything with them. The DM is kind and understanding. Also if you are already a Rooster Teeth fan this is a treat. But if you don’t know them it’s equally as enjoyable. Great writing, great music and production.
  • LET8
    Great Podcast
    I have never played D&D before, but I love the podcast for the storytelling and the hilarious party members.
  • JDanger10
    I love this podcast
    I'm about 5 episodes in, and I have enjoyed it so much. All the party members are funny, and interesting, as well as blending together so well. There's lots of great comedy, but you still get a serious, intriguing story. My favorite character is gum gum! Can't wait to see how the story continues.
  • Ardenlycan
    My second favorite rooster teeth podcast
    I love DND as is i love the lore behind the podcast
  • caleb jackson pugh
    You should make it a tv series
  • silvermage3
    Very funny
  • c0te podcast
    Worth it!
  • ImNoops
    A DnD Delight!
    As a fan of Rooster Teeth and a relatively new DnD fan, this podcast has it all! An engaging story, a rag tag crew that will keep you laughing, and a DM that will keep you on your toes! Definitely worth a listen.
  • Mike Trevino
    Aww, great show, bad producer
    Welp, I have listened to three awesome episodes. I wish I could listen to more but I will not help Rooster Teeth anymore after learning about it’s abuses today. If y’all, get a different producer, lemme know. I would love to listen to y’all more. Sorry, y’all have to suffer the bad decisions of Rooster Teeth as a company.
  • sever_516
    If you love DnD you will love this podcast
    I’ve been listing to this show for a while and I love the world building, the characters all feel unique and interesting. The comedy is A+! Hands down one of my favorite podcasts
  • Lan Danzo
    What a ride!
    I’ve never played D&D and am fairly new to RT, but this has become my go to podcast for driving. From the story writing to Gustavo trying to manage insane party actions, it’s a great listen even if you have spend half your car ride listening to the group complaining over wether or not another “Roll for backflip” was needed!
  • erin lantain
    Have listened to this three times!
    I have to do a lot of driving for work, and I’ve listened to this podcast start to finish 3 times already to pass the time. It is enjoyable every time I listen to it! (I don’t even play DnD)
  • TophT1
    I’m hooked! Binged it all within 2 weeks and am chomping at the bit for more!
  • Auhdayleeyuh
    No D&D experience? That’s fine!
    I stumbled upon a reel on Instagram that featured audio from this podcast. I then went to find the podcast and needless to say, I’ve been binge listening to it ever since. I haven’t played D&D but have watched/listened to my husband play. But this is so entertaining to listen to even for someone like myself. So if you’ve never played, this is still a podcast for you!
  • tman8133
    Top tier
    Found this podcast yesterday and every episode is full of good laughs and great action sequences. Looking forward to the stories already told & to the ones yet to be. Keep up the good work.
  • Joeton
    Binge worthy
    I listened to all 60+ episodes (at the time I’m writing this in about 2 weeks. Absolutely worth a listen, even if you’ve never played D&D.
  • vintage-girl86
    Favorite Thing About Wednesdays
    This show is the funniest D&D podcast I’ve come across, I literally have laughed so hard during episodes that I’ve almost peed my pants. The characters are absolutely amazing (i.e. delightfully dumber than a bag of hammers but with a ton of heart) and their beginner approach to D&D is inspiring to people like me who are interested in learning to play. The story writing and role play are top notch. It’s hard to adequately describe what absolute giddy joy I get when a new episode drops. I am fully invested in the story and I can’t wait to see where each arc goes. Thank you so much for being the funnest part of my Wednesdays!
  • acstanto
    Generally Like But…
    I really generally like Rooster Teeth productions and anything Gus is a part of, and I happen to love D&D. This seemed like a no brainer, but there is something so grating about how Chris’s character is treated by others (except for Barbara’s character) that it almost makes me stop listening altogether. There’s nothing worse than a group of players who don’t treat each other like a team. This just kind of leaves a “meh” feeling for me even though I really want to like it more :/
  • MainlyRaine
    Funny and helpful
    I don’t have much experience in Dungeons and Dragons, I like that they explain a lot of the mechanics. The chemistry is great too! I will say I am sad that it isn’t animated…
  • J-Rad4Life
    Best DND podcast ever!
    I knew nothing about dnd going into this podcast, I just love Rooster Teeth so I knew it would be a winner and man oh MAN was I right! The voice acting and sound effects are amazing and the hilarity of the group keeps me laughing through the whole thing! Telling all my friends about this podcast! Also Bart is my favorite 🤘🏻
  • Volsung0224
    Pretty awesome buuuuuttt….
    I really enjoy this podcast it’s all I’ve been listening to when I put my AirPods in but episode 53 is a repeat of a between the tales so I have there’s kind of a gap. Once this is resolved I will give 5 stars.
  • Dalentino66
    Episode 54 Kyborg song
    Micah Risinger just made the best workout song I’ve heard in my entire life. Had the unbelievable fortune to be working out when this song came on unexpectedly. Bravo Micah Bravo Ps: it’s like you write songs like this with only one arm ;-)
  • AngelAnarchyx
    Showed my friends
    Every time I get the car with my friends, I lock all the door and force them to like to Tales From The Stinky Dragon. They seem to enjoy it, they laugh, one like the idea to roll to fall in love, the other likes when Corbin thinks he’s a bird cuz sometimes my friend thinks they’re a bird too. Unfortunately they only listen when they’re with me, only on the account that imaginary friends cant physically do things on their own.
  • Jordan G 123456
    This is my favorite podcast makes D&D sound so much fun. Also Kyborg FINALLY got his own song too well deserved.
  • MuchSoUnimportantDropTheStock
    Favorite podcast to listen to!!
    I don’t know nothing about D&D but still makes me laugh through lots of it, worth the listen! 55 episodes later still has me laughing and hooked, always first thing I listen to when I start the day on Wednesday, keep it up!
  • Mellotainment
    That song
    That was the most amazing song in episode 54
  • Chocolate Octopi
    Best DnD podcast
    The edits, the players, the characters, the story design, the dm. It’s all perfect. I’ve never enjoyed a story so much from dnd that I’ve never played. Fantastic job everyone.
  • MajorDX25
    A great D&D romp!
    A bit of a foreword, I am a longtime RT fan and have been listening to their shows for years now. That being said, I have been really enjoying Tales of the Stinky Dragon! It’s a fun and hilarious D&D show with a great cast and phenomenal detail in the editing! A definite good time!
  • MrAndyMeyers
    I want to play!
    I have never played D&D but this show makes me want to play so bad! Gum Gum is to good for this world. I appreciate Gus allowing things to play out and run off the rails. Makes it very entertaining. I want to be the player that breaks the game so bad
  • Schoepdog
    Amazing story
    The story is just enticing. Every episode I listen to entertains me. The only downside is waiting a week in between each episode!
  • jessicadc87
    This is great!!
    I’m loving this! All the characters are amazing and I loving just all of it!! If you haven’t started listening to this you don’t know what your missing. Episode 52 left me screaming!!!
  • Dnlvickers
    Piton is pronounced “PETE ON”
    I’m a climber, and I’ve been listening to everyone mispronounce piton for like 45 episodes. It’s a hard “E” sound, not a hard “I”. So it is like saying “pete on” not “pi ton”. Otherwise great podcast, 5/5.
  • Alexander2567
    Ahhhhh yes, this is like my first experience in the DnD world and they make it very easy and fun to get Into, I look forward to work on Wednesday so I can listen to this show
  • cora_the_explorer
    Endless Laughs
    I’ve never played D&D before, but I thought I would give this podcast a listen anyways because I listen to Black Box Down and absolutely love Gus & Chris. You literally don’t have to know anything about D&D to listen. You eventually catch onto how the game works (I completely understood everything by episode 2). I have binged 27 episodes in roughly 3 weeks. This podcast makes me laugh harder than anything else and immediately puts a smile on my face. Mud & Bart are probably my favorite characters. Also, a side note, I don’t know which host has the extremely infectious laugh but I really want to find out. When he starts laughing, I can’t help but join in.
  • Sosyozheuxjzltsydxbyzyd
    Hey, everyone! I absolutely love and adore each and every one of you and what you all do at AH, RT, and everyone that has joined your extended family! I’ve been following all of your content since probably 2012 or maybe a little earlier and this podcast has been one of my absolute favorite things you guys have ever done. I am always wishing the episodes were longer and that there were hundreds more before I was caught up. I was wondering though.. I looked on iTunes and YouTube and couldn’t find Mud’s song or the morning song for Gum-Gum anywhere. I was just curious if they were available for purchase anywhere. Mud’s song is freaking great and I would love to just have it on my phone whenever I want to listen to it lol. Anyway, love you all and I can’t wait for more of the amazing content and wholesomeness you have created for years :)
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